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  Recall of Honda Accord (94V155000)

Recall of Honda vehicles (94V155000)

Date Owner notified by MFR Aug 10, 1994
Date: Received Date: Aug. 16, 1994;   Recorded Date: Aug. 19, 1994;  
Campaign Id: 94V155000
Recalled Vehicles: 1994 Honda Accord
Component: Tires:valve.     Manufactured by: American Honda Motor Co.
Affected Vehicles: 37
Recall Summary: The tire valve stems were damaged during the assembly process. This can cause the tire to lose air pressure.
Consequence: Significant air loss can result in steering pull,tire overheating, and eventual tire failure which could result in an accident.
How to Fix: Dealer will inspect all tires to determine if the valve stems were damaged. Any damaged tire stems will be replaced.
Recall Notes: System: tires; valve stem. Vehicle description: 2-door coupe and 4-door sedans. Note: all vehicles have been inspected and tires with damaged valve stems havebeen replaced. This campaign is completed.

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