Brake Electric Antilock problems of the 1998 Dodge RAM - part 1

41 problems related to brake electric antilock have been reported for the 1998 Dodge RAM. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 1
Failure Date: 07/09/2001

Severe brake pull to the right. Worse when uneven or rutted road. Have taken the truck in 5 times and have been told that they can recreate the problem. Dodge needs to fix this safty hazard before it cause someone to be killed.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 2
Failure Date: 03/30/2001

When applying brakes they locked up, resulting in extended stopping distance, causing a collision. Minor injuries sustained.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 3
Failure Date: 12/01/2000

Brakes lock up while driving, pedal feels hard when pushing down. Has not contacted dealer ship yet.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 4
Failure Date: 03/17/2000

When brakes are applied vehicle pulls to the right. Dealer has inspected and repaired vehicle several times, and the problem still exists.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 5
Failure Date: 11/26/1999

Intermittently when brakes are applied pedal becomes hard, resulting in extended stopping distance. Dealer has duplicated problem, but doesn't have a clue what is causing it.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 6
Failure Date: 10/10/1999

When applying the brakes on wet pavement/gravel/snow or ice, anti-lock brakes locked up and vehicle kept moving without stopping. Driver was involved in a rear end crash because of the brakes. The problem was reported to the dealership. Dealer tried to correct the problem numerous times. However, problem continues to exist. . Et.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 7
Failure Date: 10/05/1999

The vehicle makes right turns upon braking, at any speed. Of course the faster the speed the more dangerous the problem, esp. If you are also making a right turn or there are any imperfections in the road such as dirt, gravel, bumps, or holes, at which this point the steering wheel jerks, sometimes completly from your hand, whih was experienced buy the tech. Dodge asked to test drive w/ me. I was told Chrysler is aware of the problem but is unable , ( does not know how ) to fix the problem, they will put my name on a list and when they figure out how to fix it and to engine noise they will call me. I asked them to put in writing my truck was safe to drive ( knowing it isn't) they refused but again said Chrysler is aware. When I bought the truck we were aware of this problem, but they assured me they would fix it 5 times in the shop now they tell me they can't, and will not talk the truck back, I'm out 26,000. 00$ and I need a truck for my business. I just want my truck fixed or replaced, or them to purchase it back so that I may purchase yet another truck.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 8
Failure Date: 08/29/1999

Vehicle was in the shop being repaired for brakes when the entire brake system, including rotors went out, and truck was pulling to one side.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 9
Failure Date: 07/20/1999

I returned several times to have my truck repaired yet they failed to repair the brakes to date. I had to replace the tires due to the several panic stops they made while servicing my truck. They kept guessing what could be wrong and they never corrected the problem. The truck still pulls to the right and they clame they don't have a fix for the problem. I have had several near miss situations where there could be an accident. I live in the mountains where the roads are covered with black ice in the winter and I have no doubt that sometime this winter I will hit the gard rail while applying my brakes. Ive also had other panic stops where the truck has ended up in the right lane out of control and ive ended up on the shoulder of the highway under a hard brake. I was in the truck while the dealer service personel test drove the truck and we ended up off the road on the shoulder. I was told that my truck had a dangerous problem and they can't fix it. That same trip to the dealer, the service manager told me to just park it and get a lawyer, "we can't fix your truck". Ive also been told to park it in a bad part of town with the keys in it and hope that it will be gone in the morning. It still pulls. As for the fuel sender, ive had them replaced so many times its hard to say how many. They have lasted as little as 1 week and as long as 4 months. One went out the morning we were headed to l. A. On vacation, 4 days after they had just replaced it, and the service personel told me it would be 10 days before they could look into the problem, so I should just "turn up the stereo" so I don't hear the warning ding, ding. It was hell driving the 1500 miles with the noise of the low fuel ding and my kids in the back seat. I have tried the customer arbitration board, yet they don't seem to think I have a bad enough problem. I was rejected. I now own a truck which I have over $38,000 invested and am afraid to drive for fear of an accident.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 10
Failure Date: 01/31/1999

Brakes locked up two times; second time caused an accident.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 11
Failure Date: 11/23/1998

Anti-lock brake malfunctioned. Yh.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 12
Failure Date: 11/07/1998

Consumer was driving on street at approx. 35-40 mph, normal road condition. Consumer applied brakes in an emergency situation, vehicle was delayed in stopping, causing consumer to hit the rear end of another vehicle. Dealer/mfr. Notified.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 13
Failure Date: 09/17/1998

The consumer has been experiencing problems with anti-lock brakes. When consumer applies the brakes hears a screeching sound. The manufacturer has yet to be contacted.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 14
Failure Date: 08/27/1998

While driving about 5 to 10 mph and coming to a stop the brake pedal went down to the floor, vehicle did not stop. Dealer and manufacturer have been notified.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 15
Failure Date: 08/18/1998

While driving at normal highway speeds and the brakes are applied the vehicle pulls very hard to either the left or the right, causing the vehicle to go into other lanes. Dealer has been contacted.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 16
Failure Date: 07/10/1998

The truck pulls to the right all the time, but very severe when braking.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 17
Failure Date: 07/01/1998

When brakes are pressed hard and sudden car will automatically steer to the left. Dealership has fixed the problem temporarily on 3 different occasions. This could cause consumer to have an automobile accident.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 18
Failure Date: 06/01/1998

When brakes are applied vehicle pulls to the left or right. One of the front brakes locks up and skids, anti-lock brakes then does not work. This vehicle is dangerous to myself, my family and to the public. Seeking arbitration under minnesota lemon.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 19
Failure Date: 06/01/1998

Severe brake pull, nearly uncontrollable when braking from highway speeds.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 20
Failure Date: 05/21/1998

While driving vehicle about 35 mph consumer tried to step on the brake pedal and stop vehicle. Vehicle did not stop, and kept rolling a few feet away/also lost control of vehicle. Dealer and manufacturer had been contacted.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 21
Failure Date: 04/01/1998

The vehicle has only abs on the rear brakes,when the brakes are applied the vehicle skids. As a result, 2 collisions have occurred. Dealer says there is no problem.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 22
Failure Date: 03/30/1998

When hitting a bump, a pulsation in the brakes occurs, when putting foot on the brakes, and hitting a bump the brakes do not seem to work. Dealer contacted three times, and will not respond. Consumer states when right front tire hits a bump, with slight foot (brake) pressure, the truck feels like it is free wheeling, dealer informed consumer that is the way the brakes engage.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 23
Failure Date: 03/20/1998

The brakes pull to the right when applied creating a very dangerous driving hazzard. The truck has been to three different Dodge dealers in a total of seven (7) times in an attempt to obtain a satisfactory repair. The dealers have done steering alignment and replace brake parts on many occausions. However, the problem is a factory design deficiency which is not repairable at the dealer level. Dodge should be forced to redesign the front brake - steering system to correct this problem in a nationwide recall. This problem has become a joke in the automotive industry. The dot should proceed to force Dodge to redesign the brake system and correct the problem. This brake pull problem is a serious driving hazzard which causes the vehicle to steer unexpectantly into other traffic lanes when the brakes are applied. The dealers admit that they cannot make a satisfactory repair given the existing parts available from the factory. The other dealers have been: valley boulder Dodge, 2100 30th street boulder, CO 80301, tel: 303-381-1184 and prestige Dodge, 200 alpine street, longmont, CO 80501, tel: 303-651-3000. The colorado "lemon law" is not effective since the amount given is trade is less that normal trade-in negotiationed amounts. The dot should proceed to recall all Dodge 1998 Ram pickups. Sincerely, kent r. Rieske, 5086 cottonwood drive, boulder, CO 80301. Tel: 303-530-1551.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 24
Failure Date: 02/01/1998

Brakes were grinding, a lining was replaced, and since then four sets of linings have been applied. Dealer contacted, and are aware of the problem, vehicle was not under warranty, dealer did not repair. Another dealer contacted and replaced the rotors at owners expense.

car   Brake Electric Antilock problem 25
Failure Date: 01/01/1998

Vehicle does not stop in a panic situation when brakes are applied, extended stopping distance occurs. Dealer contacted, and states brakes meet manufacturer's specifications and cannot remedy the problem. . Et.

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