Carburetor problems of the 2001 Dodge RAM

One problem related to carburetor has been reported for the 2001 Dodge RAM. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

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Failure Date: 07/01/2001

The servicing dealer, danbury Dodge, 100b federal rd, danbury, CT 06813, phone 203-825-5900 has had my truck in the shop 10 times for the induction failure, which Dodge has stated is a common problem with my truck model because the induction seals were manufactured out of the wrong materials. Yet the service advisor made this statement, "fortunately for Dodge, most owners don't recognize the problem until after the warranty has run out". On the last attempt, paul traina the service manager stated that detroit will no longer allow them to work on this problem. Even though their own technician verified that there is a problem and that it is a mechanical failure that their computers cannot detect. When traveling at highway speeds and the truck looses power I am an accident waiting to happen. Yet they refuse to fix my truck. They will not even talk to me about this. In regards to the steering column, danbury Dodge has had to put 3 steering columns in since I bought the truck. They have told me repeatedly that it is defective parts from the factory. In regards to the front end assembly, I put my truck in the shop for repairs when I hit the brakes on the highway and it pulled so hard to the left that it put me on two wheels. Dodge did absolutely nothing to fix this. However, it has been in the shop for this 4 times now and they still haven't fixed it. They will not even answer my calls. This is a definite roll over hazard, as I have been on two wheels twice already. I have no other vehicle that I can drive to work every day. I cannpt avoid driving on the highway as that is the only way to get to work. Dodge cannot attest to the safety or drivability of this truck. Yet every time I sit behind the wheel not only am I at risk of an accident but every one around me is as well. All because Dodge refuses to stand up to their warranty. If you can be of assistance on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.

Other Gasoline Fuel System related problems of the 2001 Dodge RAM

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