Defogger Heater Problems of Dodge Ram 3500

Dodge Ram 3500 owners have reported 1 problem related to defogger heater (under the visibility category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

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Failure Date: 10/01/2003

The problem is in a 2002 Dodge ram van, still under the original warranty. I've had it in to the dealer many times to fix the heater/defrost and they claim it is working fine. The windows become fogged upon using the heater and it is difficult to see out the windows, which is very scary to drive and the van is to big for the driver to reach the windows and clean them off manually with a paper towel. If you put the defroster on high the front window clears up, but the side windows never clear up and you freeze because there is no heat coming in. It is imperative for driving these big vans that the side windows be clear as the mirrors are your only way to see behind of next to you as the van is very big. This is impossible when the windows are all fogged. It has been an ongoing problem and Dodge will not try to fix it as they claim it is working properly. We feel that this is a safety issue as we are fearful of driving this vehicle, especially at night when visibility is worse. Your feet are like blocks of ice all the time. There is something wrong and Dodge claim that it was designed to work this way. I think if this is true that there is a severe design flaw that should be researched. I'm not sure what my next step of recourse is. Please advise or help if you can.

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