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Equipment Problems of Ford Edge - part 1

Ford Edge owners have reported 672 problems related to equipment (under the equipment category).

car image   Equipment problem of the 2016 Ford Edge 1
Failure Date: 10/08/2016

Both back lights and back mid light compartments are not sealed . The water retains in there that creates electrical shortcut ,. The sales man said he saw already several cars with the problem,. My car had at least 1 or 1 1/2 inch high water was in there- all 3 back lights . Danger for car fire and possible explosion from electrical short cut from water in the back light.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 2
Failure Date: 10/07/2016

The door adjar light stays on constantly has been constant problem since we bought car in 2012. First time was under warranty and local dealership saiid they fixed it. However within weeks of warranty expiring the same problem on same door happened and has been constant since then.

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car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 3
Failure Date: 10/06/2016

The drivers side door ajar light comes on after the door is closed and the alarm sound comes on warning you of the door problem. This happens about two times a week and sometimes times you have to close the door about five times to correct the problem. Sometimes this happens when the car is being driven and I have to stop the vehicle to reclose the door.

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car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 4
Failure Date: 10/04/2016

Left front door ajar. After closing the door door ajar warning light still stays on and cabin lights on. Need to close very hard couple of times to get rid of "door ajar" warning light and cabin lights to off.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2012 Ford Edge 5
Failure Date: 10/03/2016

Door ajar light remains on, even though the door is properly closed. Doors will not lock while the door ajar light is active. Interior lights will not go off while the door ajar light is active.

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car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 6
Failure Date: 10/03/2016

I have been dealing with this door latch sensor issue for the duration of my ownership on my Ford Edge. I don't see how it is possible that our vehicles meet NHTSA standard federal motor vehicle safety standard (fmvss) no. 206, door locks and door retention components. The testing for that standard would have been done in a laboratory, and it is apparent that contaminants out in the field are making their way into the door lock assembly and compromising the sensor - it is not a stretch to consider the latch itself may be deteriorating as well. There is no way to know if the door is fully shut. The interior lights coming on while driving at nighttime from the unpredictable sensor. I just replaced a battery 10/3/16, failed from the sensor draining it repeatedly, bought the largest capacity oem replacement I could get for it from from the dealer. While parked, even for hours and days on end untouched, the car will periodically sense the door is opened and closed (though it hasn't been), and the parking/convenience lighting will come on and go back off again.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 7
Failure Date: 10/03/2016

Door ajar lights staying on and will not go off when door is closed! they go on and off while driving down the road. Can't lock the doors, alarm will not set, interior lights stay on and run battery down constantly.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 8
Failure Date: 10/01/2016

Door ajar light remains on even though door is obviously closed. Interior light stays on until car accelerates beyond 5 mph (?) and door ajar light stays on for length of trip. 'shift to park' yellow warning appears whilst driving but stopped at a light. When closing and locking door after parking, car honks twice signifying unlocked door. Light stays on, possibly draining battery.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 9
Failure Date: 10/01/2016

Low oil engine pressure at all times indicated, olmost since purchase 2 yaers ago. When vehicle is in motion on a city or highway .

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 10
Failure Date: 10/01/2016

Door ajar latch not functioning properly. Door is closed but light still on.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2012 Ford Edge 11
Failure Date: 09/28/2016

Second time door ajar indicator came on in 1 year, drivers door and driver passenger door had to be replaced to the amount of $ 650. 00. When this happens the inside light stays on, which in turn drains the battery. Obviously this happens a lot because there are self help videos to disable the mechanisms. I am inquiring as to being reimbursed for the above amount. I believe there is a problem due to the fact that the mechanism went bad on the same side. Repairs were made at timbrook Ford rr3 box 3280 keyser,wv 26726 p#304-788-7900 this happened sept. 2015 & sept 2016.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 12
Failure Date: 09/26/2016

The door ajar light remains on for the driver side door although the door is latched properly. This happened and was "fixed" with a new sensor 1 yr ago. Now it has started again. While the light is on the doors do not automatically lock while driving (especially dangerous with 2 kids), the lights inside remain on after the car is shut off (although I cannot prove it is related to this I have already changed the battery once on this car), if the car is locked while off at times the sensor trips itself and then the alarm starts going off on its own randomly, therefor now I have to leave the car unlocked so that the alarm does not bother my neighbors in the middle of the night.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 13
Failure Date: 09/23/2016

The doors always show ajar. The dealer has worked on our car at least 3 times now it's out of warranty and they want to charge us to fix it. The is a safety hazard and it ruins the battery. My daughter drives this car and the light won't go off until you get moving down the road.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 14
Failure Date: 09/20/2016

The driver door is ajar light comes on and the door is completely shut.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 15
Failure Date: 09/19/2016

The driver side door sensor is bad. The vehicle is unsafe because the sensor remains on all the time even when the door is closed. So if the door is ever open, you would not know because all the sensors are bad so you assume it is just an error message. Also - on this vehicle - the brakes feel spongy at times and are not good, even though having the brakes looked at and they have checked as confirmed sound with new rotors and pads.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 16
Failure Date: 09/16/2016

The door ajar error appears on the dash, even when the door is fully closed. The alarm cannot be properly activated because of this. The door was not hit in an accident, it just developed one day intermittently and is now constant. I am having to replace the door latch to resolve the issue.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 17
Failure Date: 09/14/2016

The ¿door ajar¿ warning light on my 2011 Edge periodically comes on and stays on. The warning indicates that various doors are open. Sometimes it¿s the driver door; other times it¿s the left passenger door or the back gate. Each time the doors were closed properly, however the sensor thinks that the doors are open. This malfunction causes the interior dome lights and the exterior lights on the side mirrors to remain on, which drains the battery. Originally, I thought this issue was a problem specific to my vehicle. However, in an attempt to understand the problem, I conducted an internet search and discovered that the ¿door ajar¿ warning is a common and well known problem with Ford products including the Edge. This problem is not a result of use or wear and tear of the vehicle; it clearly is a mechanical /engineering flaw with the vehicle. I feel that this situation is a safety issues and should be corrected by Ford motor company. On September 19, 2016, I sent an email to the Ford motor company customer relationship center (crc), explaining the problem and seeking help. I was assigned a case number (cas-10612005-p1f4g7) and was told to contact a local dealer to diagnosis the problem. On September 27, 2016, a service department representative from beau townsend Ford informed me that the problem was with the door latch and the cost to repair is approximately $385. 00 per latch. He also informed me that Ford motor company would not pay for the repair. Next, I called the crc to appeal the decision. I was told that the problem was not a recall item and that Ford would not repair the vehicle. I was also told that I had no further recourse regarding this issue.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 18
Failure Date: 09/11/2016

The rear driver side door ajar light stays on all the time and the door is not open. The interior lights stay on at least 5 minutes after turning the car off, therefore running down the battery. We just had to put in a new battery. The doors won't automatically lock while driving because it thinks the rear door is open. It doesn't matter how many times you shut the door, the door ajar light stays on. Very frustrating!! so many other complaints about this same problem, it needs to be recalled!!!.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 19
Failure Date: 09/06/2016

Driver's door ajar light stays on when door is closed.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 20
Failure Date: 09/05/2016

Driver's door sensor is bad. Vehicle does not recognize that the driver's door is closed and will not lock or automatically turn off interior lights. At night, I have to back out of a long driveway only being able to use the backup camera. Once in forward motion, the light will eventually turn off but the driver's door will not lock. What is to prevent someone from walking up to and opening my car door while stopped at a traffic light?? on one occasion, the door ajar icon did not come on when starting the car but came on about 8 miles down the road. Also, when you park the car and lock it, it still does not recognize that the door is shut and does not automatically turn the lights off again. The Ford dealership wants around $600. 00 to fix this issue, I paid them $65. 00 to "clean the sensor" because the guy said that it might correct the issue or at least hold it off a while. I picked the car back up 3 days ago and now that door ajar light is on all the time. Before, I could at least open and close the door about 3-4 times and the light would go off.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 21
Failure Date: 09/02/2016

The sensor for the driver door ajar keeps popping up. I have to close the door numerous times before it will allow me to lock the car. If I don't then the interior dome light will remain on. This happens while driving or when parked. If I am driving then the dome light remains on until I can get the sensor to turn off.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 22
Failure Date: 09/02/2016

I was on my way to work on 9/2/16 making a left hand turn when I loss acceleration. The car was still running but I had no gas pedal. I was able to limp to the side of the road, thank god I did not get rear ended. The panel showed a wrench. I was towed to a shop and they cleaned the throttle body and said I should be good to go. Well yesterday got up to go to the grocery store and the same thing happened, no acceleration. It took me 20 mins to get around the block and back into my garage. My car only has appx. 40,000 miles and I feel it is unsafe to drive. Upon researching this problem I am not the only one having this problem. . Read more...

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 23
Failure Date: 09/01/2016

Driver door latch assembly became faulty at 53000 miles. Car doors would not lock automatically as designed when the vehicle reached 15 to 20 mph. . The vehicle had to be driven with doors unlocked at all times. Stopping at an intersection with doors unlocked created a safety situation. Audio alarms kept going off as the vehicle was in motion. The audio alarms indicated the driver door was ajar which was not true. Instrument panel displayed false visual alarms while vehicle was being driven resulting in driver distraction. Driver was instructed to place the vehicle in park while vehicle was in motion. Engaging the brake pedal at a stop light or stop sign resulted in the vehicle audio alarms going off once the brake was released. Audio alarms were annoying, distracting and frustrating to driver. Vehicle latch was replaced by private mechanic, computer was reprogrammed for a total cost of $454 out of owner's pocket. Owner was informed by mechanic that Ford had issued a technical service bulletin so Ford was aware the issue was common.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2011 Ford Edge 24
Failure Date: 09/01/2016

Driver door ajar stayed on. . . . Interior lights stayed on. . . . Doors would not stay locked. . . . High beams would not turn off. Could not drive my vehicle at night. All safety concerns. I just paid Ford motor company for new switch assembly and door latch assembly and labor. Total cost was 833. 19 for parts and labor. When I took my car in I mentioned to the dealer that I had seen numerous complaints online with the same issue. They didn't care at all. I had no choice but to pay to repair.

car image   Equipment problem of the 2013 Ford Edge 25
Failure Date: 09/01/2016

My vehicle begun having problems on the drivers side door at around 40,000 miles whenever I would open and close the door. It would flash "door ajar" and the interior light would stay on when I started to drive. Once I would slow, the dash would also have a "shift to park" warning flashing. The doors would no longer lock when I was driving, and I was unable to secure the vehicle when it was parked. The interior lights would remain on. It took my local Ford dealer almost 2 weeks to fit me into their schedule to have it looked at, and it cost me over $500 to have it replaced. This has been reported as a common problem in these vehicles and should be treated as a safety hazard. It was very distracting and unsafe when you can no longer secure your vehicle, especially someone with a child.