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Engine Oil Leaking problems of the 2005 Ford Escape

Three problems related to engine oil leaking have been reported for the 2005 Ford Escape.

car   Engine Oil Leaking problem 1
Failure Date: 07/01/2015

This vehicle was maintained regularly. . . There were no leaks/ no burning. . . . No warning. . . The oil magically disappeared. . . Lucky we were only traveling local and and a low speed. Simply put . . . The engine blew/ceased with research I have found many owners having the exact same problem. I was am shocked at the sudden engine failure and that others have the same issue, means we didn't do anything to cause this problem.

car   Engine Oil Leaking problem 2
Failure Date: 02/25/2012

Our 2005 Ford Escape has been meticulously maintained at the dealer where it was purchased. This can be verified by checking the service records at dale jarrett Ford, indian trail, nc. On 2/25/12, the vehicle was diagnosed as having an oil leak between the main engine block and the crankshaft cradle. The seal between these two foundational structural parts of the engine is a simple applied bead of silicone sealant, rather than a fixed gasket. Because of the location of the leak, we were told that the most cost effective repair is to completely replace the engine, rather than incur the labor charges of totally disassembling the engine to repair this seal. The projected cost for this repair is $4,000. 00 to $5,000. 00. We feel this is a premature and catastrophic failure of a design component of the vehicle's engine. Ford motor company, by direct communication, has offered no assistance in the repair of this problem, per their company policy. Our contention is that this is a defect in design and workmanship on the part of Ford motor company and warrants a recall for vehicles found to have this problem.

car   Engine Oil Leaking problem 3
Failure Date: 03/12/2007

I have had my oil pan fixed 3 times and I only have 21,000 miles on my vehicle. Today it is in for the third time. Also now I have to get oil spots off my driveway. I never though I would have to worry about my 2005 Ford Escape leaking oil on my driveway.