Parking Brake Related Problems of the 2008 Ford Escape

Table 1 shows one common parking brake related problems of the 2008 Ford Escape.

Table 1. Parking Brake related problems of Ford Escape

Problem Category Number of Problems
Parking Brake problems
Parking Brake problem

The vehicle was parked in a flat parking lot and the parking brake failed. The first time, the parked car rolled backwards and hit a sign. No person was injured. I thought that pehaps the pedal was not fully depressed. The second time, about 3 weeks later, the vehical rolled backwards and hit another vehicle. I had to call the insurance company and file a claim. I intend on bringing the car to the dealership, however after doing a bit of research on the internet, it seems to be a common problem, and I wanted to make sure to report it, because it has the potential to be fatal.

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