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Check Engine Light On problems of the 2010 Ford Escape - part 1

44 problems related to check engine light on have been reported for the 2010 Ford Escape.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 1
Failure Date: 09/02/2014

The contact owns a 2010 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while driving approximately 45 mph, the throttle failed and the check engine light illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnosis. The technician was unable to diagnose the failure. The vehicle has not been repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The VIN was not available. The approximate failure mileage was 40,000.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 2
Failure Date: 06/07/2014

The first incident occurred approximately 2months ago (April 2014) as I was driving on a state road (new circle rd in lexington ky)at around 60mph during my morning commute around 8am. The vehicle seemingly stalled but all the systems were fine (still had power steering, lights, radio, braking system etc) with the exception of the accelerator which didn't do anything when I put my foot on the gas. I was able to coast over to the side of the road turned the engine off, sat for about 5 mins & was able to continue on the road without further issue (the check engine light didn't even come back on). The most recent date was 06/07/14 with my family in the car as passengers. I was at a stoplight turning left when, as previously, the engine stalled as I was turning. Again, all systems registered and were working but when I put my foot on the gas nothing happened. Again I was luckily able to coast to the side of the road and turn off the engine. This time after waiting roughly 5 mins and turning the engine back on, nothing happened after I hit the accelerator. I turned the engine back off and waited an additional 5 mins. This time I was able to give the car gas and as my home was nearby was thankfully able to make it to my house. The check engine light however did not go off as it had previously. I took the car to my dealership on 06/09/14 and they confirmed that it was the throttle body.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 3
Failure Date: 01/20/2014

Was driving lost all power at first then was able to move at 2 mph when gas pedal was fully depressed, car started to shake. Heard loud pop then engine light came on dash. I was able to creep along to get out of moving traffic. Drove at the side of the road until I tried to get into a parking area which required me to make a left turn with traffic coming waited and waited then from a complete stop I make the turn into the lot which has a slight incline I was flooring the gas pedal still with out any power of more than 2 mph worried I would slip back into moving traffic. Parked called a tow truck. Turned off engine went into work. Came back out of work restarted car no check engine light and everything seem to work fine after that. Frightened I could have caused a serious accident for other and myself.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 4
Failure Date: 12/22/2013

The contact owns a 2010 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph, the check engine light suddenly illuminated. The contact took the vehicle to an independent mechanic, who performed a diagnostic and stated that there was a problem with the evaporative emissions system. In addition, fuel was leaking into the charcoal canister caused by a purged solenoid. The vehicle was not repaired and the manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 37,456.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 5
Failure Date: 11/25/2013

Our 2010 Ford Escape has had the exact problem described in the NHTSA case number pe 13003. Our vehicle has 43,000 miles on it and driving to work on a fast moving city street at approx 45-50 mph and the car lost all throttle control and went into the described "limp mode", no warning or check engine lights came on. We had a very difficult time controlling the car and getting it off the road while trying to Dodge traffic. Limp mode does not describe the available power. At 900 rpm you can walk faster than the car will drive. . . The transmission is also acting as an engine brake and slowing the car even faster so I popped it into neutral and was able to coast to the side of the road. We turned off the ignition and restarted and the car started fine. Put it in gear and accelerated to approx 20 mph and it went into limp mode again and this time the small wrench light came on in the dash. A gearbox or transmission problem? luckily we were still on the side of the road so we again turned off the car and restarted to reset (wrench light went out) and it worked fine for the next 14 miles as we were going to the Ford dealer. Just as we were arriving it did it a third time, this time the check engine light came on and they were able to retrieve the dtc code of 2112 and diagnosed a defective throttle body assembly. The service manager was not aware of any recall and charged us $589 dollars for the repair (part, labor, diagnostic test and calibration of the computer). We have been the only owners of this car and it has had all of its normal service done. At 43k miles it is, for all purposes, still a new car. Lucky for us it happened on city streets and not at highway speeds. Hopefully Ford will issues a recall on these to repair them.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 6
Failure Date: 11/06/2013

While traveling at a relatively low traveling speed the vehicle seems to lose power and I can no longer accelerate. The tool light/check engine light will come on and I can coast to a stop. Once I stop the vehicle I turn it off. When I restart the vehicle it hesitates for approx 6 seconds and then turns over/restarts with no further problems. This has occurred four times since 11/6/13.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 7
Failure Date: 10/11/2013

Occassionally, when the vehicle accelerates, usually between 0-50 mph, the gas pedal locks, the engine stalls, and the check engine light appears. The vehicle must then be placed into park and turned off. When turned back on, the check engine light disappears and the vehicle functions normally. This has occurred three times in three months, once while merging onto a highway and twice while accelerating from a stop. Ford service explained this could be due to a failed throttle body part.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 8
Failure Date: 10/03/2013

I was traveling @ about 40 mph when it sounded & felt like the engine quit. There was a wide shoulder so, I pulled to the side of the road. The engine was still running but running poorly and wouldn't rev up over about 1000 rpm. The check engine light came on along with an orange "wrench" light. I switched the engine off, restarted it, and it ran fine for about 1/2 mile. Then, the same thing happened again, and again, and again. In the next 2 miles the same thing had happened 3 more times. After almost getting rear-ended by a ram truck the last time it quit, I pulled into a parking lot and called my mechanic who came and towed it to his garage. Almost $400 later, my mechanic had replaced the electronic throttle assembly. He told me the Ford dealer parts person said he knew the part number by heart because they had replaced so many of these parts.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 9
Failure Date: 09/24/2013

Vehicle stalled while driving on the freeway at approximately 55 mph. Initially the check engine light came on, followed by the "yellow wrench" light, at which point the vehicle accelerator no longer affected the rpms and no propulsion was possible. Vehicle was turned off by driver, and later restarted and functioned normally, I proceeded to drive it to a dealership, it stalled again enroute to the dealership, the same process of turning the car off, and then on again to continue was administered and the vehicle made it to the dealership. As reported by ourismann Ford dealership, the vehicle throttle box failed and needs to be replaced. It was confirmed this had nothing to do with the driver, operation or maintenance of the vehicle, it is a design/manufacturing defect. This is not covered by the powertrain warranty, unfortunately, this part was only covered by the bumper to bumper warranty which ran out on my 3 year old car which was purchased as a certified pre-owned Ford less than 2 years ago. This is a serious safety issue as the driver loses all control of acceleration unexpectedly, I was lucky I was not rear-ended on the freeway.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 10
Failure Date: 09/11/2013

While accelerating and switching from first gear, engine slows to rough idle, no throttle response, wrench light comes on, no check engine light though. Seems to be able to creep to the side of road but no real power or control of throttle. Idle and rev the engine after restart are ok but seems to have trouble under the heavier load of pulling second gear then rather than switching back to first the software crashes or something. Stupid way to handle a problem on Fords end.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 11
Failure Date: 09/07/2013

1st - vehicle was refueled with 87 octane and just drove one mile down and up a hill were it stopped at a red light. Light turned green and the throttle was applied and vehicle lurched and stalled. 2nd - vehicle was driving around neighborhood going 20 mph and started to sputter and hesitate 3rd - rush hour traffic were it was stopped then throttle applied and lurched and stalled 4th - using cruise control driving 75 mph down parkway, vehicle hesitated and then quickly slowed down to 20 mph and stalled 5th - driving to dealer to figure out hesitation and stall, accelerated from red light and hesitated and stalled 6th - still enroute to dealer, check engine light is now illuminated, and vehicle stalls again only 300 feet from last stall. Engine has rough idle. Police officer suggested throttle body problem because his Ford expedition recently had the same problem and symptoms. Dealer diagnosed a bad throttle body. Vehicle did not have any check engine light illuminated until the last 6th stall. Every time vehicle experienced problem there was no throttle response and restart in neutral led to re-stalling. Vehicle had to be stopped and re-started after transmission was placed in park. Engine sputtered and was resistant to acceleration after 6th stall but slow smooth acceleration proved effective. All stalls were experienced with light to moderate acceleration.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 12
Failure Date: 08/24/2013

While drivin about fifty the car just stopped going, the wrench light came on, I tried to push the fas pedal but nothing would happen it just slowed to a stop. So I put it in park and turned it off waited a few seconds and it started up and I drove off. A couple of days later it happened again at about 35 mph, so I did the same. Thought it was a fluke and/or the weather being the problem so I called Ford dealer and they said it sounds like the throttle body. Well for the past month it happens everyday while im driving 65 or 15 just all of the sudden it stops going and I have to pull off the side of the road put it in park and restart it sometimes it goes a few feet and I have to do it again sometimes it just starts and goes and now the check engine light comes on every third time in a row that it happens stays on for a couple days and then goes out for a couple days and so on, just do the recall we have all been reading about it doesn't take a genius like you people to figure this out . . . . . . . . Hear let me help you dooooo the recall.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 13
Failure Date: 08/21/2013

I had just left work yesterday 0821/2013 and was driving maybe 40 mph. My 2010 Ford Escape just died on me. I had driven but a half mile. I coasted into a parking lot, turned it off. I checked under the hood and all looked ok so I tried starting it. After some hesitation, it did start. I drove it straight to my mechanic. He could not find anything wrong so I picked it back up. This morning 08/22/2013 it did it again when I was turning through an intersection, not a mile from my house. I was almost hit by an oncoming car. It did it again, on the highway, about 10 miles later. This time the check engine light came on. I drove it straight to my mechanic because I knew he should now be able to pull something up on the computer. He was able to confirm that the throttle needed to be replaced. He did tell me to call the Ford dealership to see if there was a recall but there wasn't. He felt bad and gave me a great deal, $410, to replace it. Ford needs to do something!!!.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 14
Failure Date: 08/20/2013

Vehicle abruptly stalled with check engine light on, at highway speed. An accident was barely averted. Car was taken to dealership and diagnosed as a faulty throttle body. The defective throttle body was replaced. Vehicle only has 32k miles. Research shows that this is a common problem.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 15
Failure Date: 08/19/2013

While driving at approx 65mph on freeway, the vehicle's throttle dropped to idle speed. The accelerator would not allow the car's rpm's to increase despite pushing it to the floor. The car did not stall, but rather was in a sudden state of idle. The "wrench" icon flashed on, then "check engine light" and my car went from 65 to 5mph in a matter of seconds. After car's ignition was shut off, the car restarted without problem. However, the incident happened again after reentering freeway nearly causing a serious accident. Dealership was able to confirm that the throttle needed to be replaced, but not under powertrain warranty. Research shows that this is a common problem. This is very dangerous and needs to be recalled ASAP.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 16
Failure Date: 08/07/2013

Driving my 2010 Ford Escape on highway at 55 mph in heavy traffic when the engine stopped running. Was lucky to get off highway. Tried to start car for 10 minutes, finally started. Went a few miles and motor cut off again in heavy traffic and costed into shopping center. After another 10 minutes it started and was able to get it home. I was lucky that I was near home and not on a trip. Was able to get it to Ford dealer where I was told it was the throttle body assembly and not covered under factory warrenty even though in the owner's guide the light for the "wrench" (which came on with the check engine light) indicates "throttle control/powertrain". My powertrain warrenty is still in effect. I was told that "they" had seen this before and just got a shipment in with many "thottle bodies". The cost to me was $761. 62 (parts $432. 02). I talked to my mechanic and he said that he has seen this a number of times on 2010-2012 Escapes and sent everyone to Ford because he can't fix it. Not only is this an apparant recurring problem it is also a safety issue.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 17
Failure Date: 08/01/2013

We were driving down the highway as a family with 4 total people in the car. The engine and motor lost total power. You could put your foot to the floor on the gas pedal and the engine would have no power and not rev up with no rpm. We almost got rear ended and blasted from behind by a semi-truck. The semi-truck had to take evasive action and if the outside lane had be blocked and he was not able to change lanes then he would of hit us as he showed his displeasure by blasting his horn at me and my family as he skated by. We had to coast over to the shoulder of the highway. Once on the shoulder with cars zipping by and children scared in the car we was able to turn the vehicle off. Then reset it and re-start the car and everything would be fine again for a while. The check engine light comes on but after you reset and restart the car the light goes off till the next time. This started as a random thing but has developed into a daily deal and become very dangerous in the middle of traffic. This happens daily now while driving at a speed of 25 mph plus and has no warning sign. Being told it is a faulty circuit board in the throttle body by the dealership and a $500 plus deal to fix. This occurrence is risking the health, livelihood and safety of my family and kids. Wear and tear maintenance on a vehicle I am ok with fixing but a factory faulty circuit board is not one of those parts and is on the liability of Ford motor company as a manufacture defect.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 18
Failure Date: 08/01/2013

The contact owns a 2010 Ford Escape. The contact stated while traveling 40 mph the vehicle stalled. The contact stated the check engine light and wrench light illuminated on the instrument panel when the failure occurred. The contact had to pull to the side of the road and they were able to restart the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to a mechanic where the code indicated the starter actuator was stuck in the open position. The mechanic cleaned out the throttle body which helped the contact drive home before the failure occurred again. The failure and current mileage was 49,000.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 19
Failure Date: 07/21/2013

This is the second incident on vehicle, which occurred on Aug. 13,2013 while driving approx. 35/40 m. P. H. Everything was almost exactly like the first incident, except this time the check engine light stayed on until the next day when I returned it to my Ford dealer for repair. The Ford dealer replaced ( not for free ) the throttle body & motor asy. They said it was a loss of communication from the tps sensor inside throttle body. Anyhow the car is back on the road tonight , Aug 15, 2013 & seems fine. Hope it stays like this. Ps -- as an after thought the Ford dealer couldn't have been nicer.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 20
Failure Date: 07/08/2013

Tl-the contact owns a 2010 Ford Escape. The contact stated while driving 35 mph, the vehicle suddenly stalled. The contact was able to restart the vehicle however, the failure recurred several weeks later with the illumination of t he check engine warning light. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer for diagnostic testing. The dealer stated that the throttle body was defective. The dealer replaced the throttle body. The failure mileage was 36,783. Kmj.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 21
Failure Date: 07/03/2013

I was driving on i35 e in lewisville, TX when the vehicle suddenly stopped accelerating, I had been travelling at approx 40 mph in rush hour traffic. The vehicle/engine was still on but I could not continue forward. I exited the highway and glided into a parking lot ( after nearling being killed by a large truck on the service road) the wrench light came on as well as the engine light. I pulled into a parking space and the vehicle started to violently shake. I put in park and turned the vehicle off. I waited a few minutes and started the vehice with no issues. The vehicle idled fine and I could rev up the engine. I drove around the parking lot with no issues however the check engine light was still on. I tried going onto a residential street and when I accelerated above 20mph the vehicle would no longer accelerate and had to pull over and had the same before mentioned results. I called a tow truck and had the vehicle towed. I called a local Ford dealership and I was advised it was most likey an electronic throttle body issue and they have them come in all the time. This needs to be recalled immediatly as this very well could have cause a major accident.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 22
Failure Date: 07/01/2013

While pressing the accelerator the car shuts off and comes to a slow stop. Your are not able to accelerate. The wrench light comes on first. I stop the car, turn it off, wait about 10sec and turn the car back on. It starts fine. I travel about 6 miles and the car stops again, this time jerking back and forth a little and then the check engine light comes on. I stop the car and follow the same steps on turning it back on. I am still able to break and steer off of roads. However, not with much time before it completely stops. I took it to advanced auto parts and got the vehicle diagnosed. The code was p2112/throttle actuator per the representative. This is highly dangerous when traveling on the highway or any busy roadway during rush hour traffic everyday to and from work.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 23
Failure Date: 06/30/2013

Vehicle lost power while driving. The wrench light came on and the the car died. The check engine light came on and it was showing code p2111 for the throttle body.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 24
Failure Date: 06/27/2013

Leaving home check engine light and throttle lights came on and the vehicle was jerking and would allow me to give it any gas.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 25
Failure Date: 06/22/2013

On Saturday, June 22, 2013, I drove 2. 5 hours north for one of my best friends weddings. I was on the interstate with cruise control set at about 70 mph when suddenly my car lost power. I was in the left lane with a semi behind me. Luckily the semi driver was paying attention and was able to move into the right lane before rear-ending me. I was able to move on the shoulder of the interstate and come to a stop. As I did, my Escape acted as though it was going to die but did not compltely. I noticed an open-ended wrench in the bottom left of my instrument panel and my check engine light was on. I turned the car off and looked through the manuel to figure out what the wrench light meant. It said throttle control/powertrain. I was running late to begin with so I started freaking out. I turned my Escape back on and everything seemed to be fine. Both lights went off so I put it in drive and got back on the interstate without any more problems. At first I thought maybe it was cruise control going out so I didn't use it the rest of the way. Once I got off the interstate, I stopped at a light and when the light changed I proceeded through it with my Escape stalling as soon as I turned, along with both lights back on. I knew it was something other than the cruise. Once I got to the nearest town, I stopped at autozone and had them test it. Their computer showed tps/throttle body failure. I immediately started doing some research to find this part since autozone doesn't carry it. I was surprised to find out that no one can get this part and Ford has been on back order for quite a few months. After the wedding, I drove back home with my car stalling many more times. Since then, it happens at least once a day, if not more. Twice, my car has stalled in the middle of a very busy highway intersection on my way to work, freaking me out I was going to get hit. Help needed soon!.