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Electrical System Problems of Ford Escape - part 1

Ford Escape owners have reported 456 problems related to electrical system (under the electrical system category).

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 1
Failure Date: 12/23/2014

Tl-the contact owns a 2009 Ford Escape. The contact stated while driving at 15 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle was towed to a dealer. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 47,762. Sa.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 2
Failure Date: 12/22/2014

Started off from a light and the car hesitated concerned gave it gas and it stuttered,I rolled to a stop and had it towed to a repair shop. Evidently the powertrain computer module is bad several complaints that Ford put the wrong spark plugs in this Escape which after time ruins the pcm. Seriously why hasn't a recall been issued for this problem? had I been traveling faster would have been an accident as I was in morning traffic. Now looking at a $1000 in repair bills. Ford needs to fix this problem.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 3
Failure Date: 12/13/2014

Making a turn, my car jerked and could not accelerate. We had to cruise to our destination which was close thank god. I called Ford and they told me to bring it in. I told them I was unsure if it was drivable. He then told me he couldn't tell me what it was til I brought it in. Then told me I could take it in today but won't get checked til Monday. He got my name and number. We went to various auto places for opinions and solutions. We thought we figured it out but a few hours later it did it again. My husband went back to pep boys but was told they could not run diagnostics because the light was not on. I was looking online and noticed a compliant was made about this issue and went to the Ford website and saw it under the recall under my VIN. My husband called the dealership and talked to a manger asking why I was never notified. He explained its not really a recall but had an extended warranty if it meets the criteria. We explained that the first man never mentioned anything nor did he bother to look up my information to see if I had the recall. The manager apologized and said for me to take it in Monday and he would handle my situation. I'm appalled that I was not notified. This is very dangerous, especially because I have my 2 year old daughter in the car with me most of the time. God forbid my car would have stalled on the highway and I would have caused an accident because my car lost power all of a sudden. I never got any notification from Ford about the recall nor the warranty. I think this is very inconsiderate as people's lives are at stake. I pray that no accidents, injuries or deaths occurred because of Ford's negligence. My vehicle fits the warranty criteria so I hope I won't be charged for repairs. I hope the manager keeps his word. The only money I have is for christmas. If I have to pay for repairs, I can't buy gifts for my family or my daughter.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 4
Failure Date: 12/01/2014

Tl- the contact owns a 2005 Ford Escape. The contact stated that the vehicle stalled with no warning and the vehicle was towed to an authorized dealer who diagnosed that the pcm needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was not available.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 5
Failure Date: 11/23/2014

Tl-the contact owns a 2005 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while driving at approximately 55 mph the dash board light up and the vehicle suddenly stopped. The vehicle was towed home. The vehicle was not taken to a dealer to be diagnosed. The manufacturer was not notified. The contact feels like it was an electrical defeat. The failure mileage was 160,000. Rwk.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2002 Ford Escape 6
Failure Date: 11/21/2014

Neighbor woke me saying my car was on fire. Car wasn't on, the key was not in, and it had sat overnight. Called fire department and fire put out. Car is totaled because the firemen had to break into the engine compartment. Engine area burned with nothing but metal visible and a melted battery. I have pictures.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 7
Failure Date: 11/20/2014

The vehicle will just die when driving, it is off. Very dangerous. There is a recall for the smaller engine with the same symptoms. The dealer has spoken to Ford and they do not know what it is. It died on them twice. They now believe it could be a dropoff in pressure in the fuel system which makes no sense. The cat justs stops running.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 8
Failure Date: 11/20/2014

The vehicle had been turned in to brown daub Ford in nazareth, PA where it was reported to have died twice on the road. They then reported it died on them twice also. They replaced the engine fuel pump as this is the ecoboost there are two pumps (one at fueltank one at engine) and returned the car. It drove for 30 minutes and died again in an intersection where it almost caused a serious accident. The dealership wrote up the complaint as car wants to stall which is not what was said. They were told it died and was dangerous, they returned it with the same mileage as they took it in so it was not test driven. This is a very dangerous problem and will cause a death. The none turbo engine has a recall for wireharness splices not done properly and that is what this sounds like. Please look into this.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2008 Ford Escape 9
Failure Date: 11/13/2014

Throttle body actuator system failure. Surging, unnecessary revving at low speeds. Inconsistent acceleration and gear change. Trouble code "p2112 throttle actuator system stuck".

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2008 Ford Escape 10
Failure Date: 11/11/2014

Driving down the road the power cut out to the vehicle, and the throttle stopped responding, the engine continued to run but very labored. At the same time the wrench light lit up on the dash. Using the forward momentum I was able to pull the vehicle over, where it stalled. I was able to re-tart the engine where it ran labored again, and stalled out, the throttle was not responsive during this time at all. After approximately 10 re-starts with the last coming after the vehicle sat awhile, I was able to re-start it and drive it normal. Throttle response returned, and the wrench light was off. This issue occured for my wife again on 11/12 with asimilar result.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 11
Failure Date: 11/10/2014

While slowing down for a stop light on a busy state highway, and without warning vehicle stalled. Loss of electric temporarily. No collision bc vehicle behind me was able to swerve.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Ford Escape 12
Failure Date: 10/29/2014

While driving along my Ford Escape suddenly refused to accelerate, I was holding the gas to the floor and it wouldn't budge. It was idling strangely and surging. A wrench symbol appeared in the screen on the dash. I was on a hill and was unable to pull of the road. Luckily, no one was behind me. I waited a few moments and restarted the Escape, it went and then continued to decelerate once again. I will be taking this back to the dealership to be fixed. But I am very concerned, upon researching the issue I found many more complaints online. Why hasn't this issue been recalled? it is highly dangerous and it is only a matter of time before the Escape cuts off at the wrong time and gets someone killed. This needs to be addressed before it become an epidemic like the chevy cobalt.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 13
Failure Date: 10/29/2014

The first time this happened I was coming to a stop during rush hour traffic in Feb 2014. I was slowing down to stop when I noticed the red battery & wrench light come on. When I tried to accelerate the vehicle wouldn't move & the engine was off. I attempted to restart the vehicle several times with no luck. The dash lights & radio would work but it wouldn't start. I had to be pushed out of traffic. While waiting for the tow truck I tried again & it started (approximately after 15 min). I immediately took it to the Ford dealer. They "supposedly" fixed it under a recall. It just happened again (oct 2014) to me while coming to a stop during rush hour. Again the lights turned red and the engine died. I attempted to restart several times without any luck. The dash lights & radio worked but it wouldn't start. Finally after several attempts it started again. I'm waiting for my appointment with the Ford dealer. This issue needs to be reviewed before someone gets seriously hurt given that the engine dies without notice. Plus the "repair" didn't work!.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2014 Ford Escape 14
Failure Date: 10/18/2014

I was driving along with cruise control on at 73 mph, when I could no longer accelerate, my Escape just died with no warning lights, stall out or anything. Just as if someone turned it off. I had to coast to the side of the road. I waited a few minutes and tried to start it again with no luck. When I turned the key over, it seemed like it wanted to start but was not getting the gas to. I tried 3 more time and finally called Ford roadside assistance and had it towed to the nearest Ford dealership. I am waiting on a reply (with no loaner etc) the reason I buy new is for peace of mind. Not even , 10,000 miles on the car and it brakes? what gives. I have already taken it back to the dealer once (the day after I bought it) because it tries to stall when switching from reverse to drive, but the dealer made some excuse and said to watch and see if it continues. I am just glad that I was within cell phone signal range because I had just not been a few minutes before (scary).

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 15
Failure Date: 10/16/2014

After beginning acceleration from a stop light, my vehicle began to sputter and stalled out even though it was moving. I had to put it in park, turn the ignition off, and then turn it on in the middle of traffic. The gas tank was 3/4 full and the battery is only a year old.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2012 Ford Escape 16
Failure Date: 10/15/2014

Engine died while making a right hand turn onto another street.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 17
Failure Date: 10/15/2014

Door ajar light stays on so does dome light and alam goes off every so often on its own.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 18
Failure Date: 10/13/2014

I have the 2009 Ford Escape, I noticed about a month ago that the only way I could start the car was to push the key in really hard. At first, it would start after one hard push but gradually it got worse. It got to the point to where I would have to push harder and harder to get it started. Now after returning from the authorized Ford service department to fix a recall electrical issue it seems to be worse, it doesn't start on the first try and then you have to push hard and upwards and it can take 5 or more times to get it to start. . I switched to my spare key, thinking the original might be worn. It did start easier the first few times but now it's back to almost not starting at all, and takes a few tries, again you have to have the key just right or push just exactly for it to start. It has taken up to 15 minutes to get it right sometimes. When the car does start there is a burning electrical smell that is emitted from the vents. I'm worried each time I shut it off that it might not start again, leaving me stranded somewhere. Really? my Ford Escape is only 5 years old, this should not be happening! I have read many other owners having the same issue, this should be a recall as well.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 19
Failure Date: 10/11/2014

The contact owns a 2013 Ford Escape. The contact stated that the transmission was shifting abnormally in and out of gears and there was a sudden increase in engine rpms. The dealer was unable to duplicate the failure. During a second appointment, the technician determined that the computer needed to be reset. The vehicle was repaired, but the failure recurred. The vehicle was taken back to the dealer who repaired the throttle body, the motor, the assembly control, the assembly transmission, and the gasket. The remedy failed to repair the failure. In addition, while traveling 45 mph downhill, the vehicle stalled and caused another vehicle to crash into the contact¿s vehicle. The contact sustained minor injuries and did not seek medical attention. A police report was filed. The contact received a recall notice for NHTSA campaign number: 14v495000 (engine). The vehicle was towed to the dealer for diagnostic testing. The manufacturer was notified. The approximate failure mileage was 25,000.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Ford Escape 20
Failure Date: 10/08/2014

As I was driving my car lost it throttle. The engine continued to run but I had no ability to accelerate. I pulled the car over. Turned it off, then back on and the car appeared to show no issues. About two weeks later the issue appeared again. Same solution. From my research this appears to be a common issue and could very much endanger anyone in the vehicle.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2008 Ford Escape 21
Failure Date: 10/04/2014

As I was exiting a ramp, the car stopped accelerating completely. . Forcing me to pull over, as I continue on it does not accelerate when gas is pushed completely down. Wrench light came on but leaves when car is off. Driving aprox. 3 blocks before wrench light comes on again. . .

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 22
Failure Date: 10/03/2014

September 10 2014, vehicle was serviced at henry curtis Ford in petaluma California for recall 14s05. Prior to this recall, we had no problems with our vehicle. October 3 2014, vehicle stalled at 65 mph driving on highway. My wife was driving up hill on the highway in the far right lane and was able to pull off the highway to the shoulder. Vehicle towed to repair shop, unable to find any error codes. Vehicle towed to henry curtis Ford dealership in petaluma California where the vehicle was purchased new in 2008. A $145 diagnostic was done and only one error code was reported by the dealer. Code b1239 ( air flow blend door driver circuit failure). Vehicle could be driven as there were no check engine lights on at that time. We picked up the vehicle from henry curtis Ford, and drove home. October 10 2014. Rpm's shifting up and down while driving on the highway at 65mph. Had vehicle towed to repair shop in san francisco. Serviced and replaced parts for b1239 error. Mechanic test drove vehicle and now another error code displays code p2112. P2112 Ford - throttle actuator control system error. The mechanic is replacing the throttle body and reprogramming the pcm. I called the Ford dealership and was told my VIN is not covered under any recalls for p2112. When I asked about consumer satisfaction program 13n03, I was told my VIN is not included. We had no problems with the vehicle prior to bringing it in for the recall 14s05. Now after that service we are having several problems and I have read that other vehicle owners are also having the same p2112 error. Ford should include our vehicle in this problem and see if the other two incidents we have are related some how. Everyone I spoke to at Ford did not want to help, but continue to charge me more diagnostic charges and repair. Thankfully we have an honest mechanic that is helping us out.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Ford Escape 23
Failure Date: 09/26/2014

Entered left turn lane to approach off ramp, truck stalled. Appx 40mph. Turned off and restarted, drove home. Had noticed jumping response from idle to reverse to drive, particularly upon first ignition of day, for about a week. Have contacted dealership for repair of noted throttle body issue, which is scheduled for 1 week from today.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 24
Failure Date: 09/24/2014

Vehicle has had issues with the dashboard gauges locking up while driving, took to Ford dealership and they could not identify cause of issue. If I hit the dash it gauges would start to work again. When gauges were not working, a/c would stop working as well. Most concerning is the last two days my car has stopped accelerating while driving it, I can put the gas all the way to the floor and it still won't accelerate. During that time a/c stops blowing cool air and if I apply my brakes the entire car will start to shake as if it is going to die. I turn off the car and restart it and it runs fine, however it does take a sec longer to turn over when I start it at that point. I am taking it to have it looked at today. I have had multiple repairs to this vehicle pertaining to the sensors.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 25
Failure Date: 09/12/2014

Engine fault service now message displays on information center. Dealer says to turn off car, open door, close door, count to 10, turn car back on and message is gone. Message repeated 2 days later.

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