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Service Engine Light On Problems of Ford Escape

Ford Escape owners have reported 20 problems related to service engine light on (under the engine and engine cooling category).

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2016 Ford Escape 1
Failure Date: 08/16/2017

Safety hazard and serious life threatening situation exists when this problem occurs on the highway and especially in front of a semi tractor trailer truck doing the speed limit. Numerous times, (12 times between 14,000 and 15,363 miles) the 2016 Ford Escape has had complete power loss during acceleration causing vehicle to abruptly begin shaking, lose power, lose steering, lose braking and immediately shudder to a stop. Service engine light comes on, message reads: engine fault service now. (see attached photo) engine remains running. If one tries to continue driving the vehicle stumble and won't shift from low gear without a very hard torquing sound. This Ford Escape broke down in front of a Ford dealer and the code read by this dealers computer is p0322-pcm. According to an internet search the p0322 code definition: if the pcm (powertrain control module) detects an erratic, interrupted, or otherwise unexpected input signal from the distributor or the crankshaft position sensor, it will store the p0322 code, and the check engine light will be turned on. On this vehicle the code is only active when the fault occurs, and the engine is running. The codes do not store in memory. Ignition can be shut off, the warning message disappears and many times the car is able to be driven again for miles before reoccurring. The leasing dealer states they have a process to follow in order to fix the problem. They have to replicate the problem or they do nothing. Using my printout from another dealer with the code is meaningless to them, even though they know the source of the problem and that the condition is life threatening. They say that if I feel the condition is life threatening then do not drive the car. A formal case has been opened with Ford customer assistance, however they only notify the service manager that there is a problem, which he already knows.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2016 Ford Escape 2
Failure Date: 11/08/2016

Engine shuts down while driving and the service engine now light come on. I was in the passing lane doing 65mph this morning when it cut out. I was lucky to make it into the breakdown lane without getting hit. I put the car in park and the engine sputters like it is only running on one cylinder. If I shut it off and restart it, the service engine now light go out. The car only has 11,000 miles on it. I took it to the dealer and was told that unless the service engine now light was on, they cant fix it. This issue has happened 3 times over the course of two weeks. I am afraid I will get into an accident when this happens.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 3
Failure Date: 06/08/2016

The contact owns a 2013 Ford Escape. While driving 60 mph, the vehicle overheated and lost power. The accelerator pedal was depressed, but the vehicle failed to accelerate. The service engine warning light illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the wires in the engine needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The contact was aware of NHTSA campaign numbers: 15v813000 (electrical system) and 14v495000 (electrical system), but the VIN was not included. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 78,000.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 4
Failure Date: 12/07/2015

Tl- the contact owns a 2013 Ford Escape. The contact stated that the service engine warning light kept randomly flashing. The vehicle was taken to a dealer who diagnosed that there was a short with the wires and the engine wiring harness. The dealer replaced the parts. The contact was not included in NHTSA campaign numbers: 15v813000 (electrical system) and 14v495000 (electrical system). The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 42,612. Dyd.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 5
Failure Date: 10/26/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2013 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while driving 35 mph, the vehicles low coolant light became illuminated. The vehicles temperature started running hot and the service engine light became illuminated. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the thermostat and hoses needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired, however the failure recurred. The manufacturer was made aware of the issue. The failure mileage was 71,000. Ed.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 6
Failure Date: 04/08/2015

The check engine light came on; manual did not have cautionary information. Further upon checking, there was a technical service bullentin(TSB) issued by Ford #-09-13-83. Faulty premature failing parts on multiple Ford models including Ford Escape, Mercury mariner, Ford fusion and Mercury milan. What occurs is variable cam timing solenoids (2) fail causing the service engine light to go on. This could result in catastrophic engine failure as these parts control the timing of the motor. Ford acknowledges that there is a problem but is not issuing a re-call nor giving any compensation to customers requiring this repair. Based on discussions with various dealer maintenance departments and forum on the inter-net, this is a much more wide spread issue that Ford is willing to acknowledge.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2008 Ford Escape 7
Failure Date: 09/20/2014

The contact owns a 2008 Ford Escape. When the contact started the vehicle, the abs, traction control, brake, and service engine warning lights illuminated. The contact stated that the vehicle was serviced under NHTSA campaign number: 14v284000 (steering) and felt that the recall remedy was the cause of the failure. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 22,000.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2011 Ford Escape 8
Failure Date: 05/06/2014

During rush hour traffic on a busy highway, my 18 year old daughter was attempting to accelerate from a legal right turn on red. With traffic approachinhg the gas pedal become unresponsive, she began quickly losing speed, she was in the right hand lane thank god with a turn lane and was able to pull over before slowing to a complete halt. Had she been in a center lane or on a stretch with no shoulder, there could have easily been a severe accident. The gas peddle just became totally unresponsive as she came to a stop. When she was completely stopped noticed the service engine light, a red batttery light and wrench light all came on. Waited 10 min for me to get to her. We restarted car seemed fine. I took to Ford dealer last night. Ford dealer called this morning as advised fuel throttle problem and said no problem warranty extended on that problem to 150,000 miles 10 years, you will not have to pay. Christ I'm not worried about paying. I"m worried about getting my family or someone else's famile killed. Shame on Ford for not recalling after all the complaints I have seen now. Something must be done now before major accident with deaths involved!!!!!.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 9
Failure Date: 03/11/2014

The car stalls intermittently. The first time 3/11/2014 was the day following my service for oil change and tire rotation. I was pulling away from my house and the car just stalled. I put it into park and the car restarted. The next time was 3/17/2014, again I was pulling away from my house and the car stalled, started beeping and a service engine now light came on. I restarted the car, parked and called the dealership. A towing company picked up the car and took it to the dealer. The dealer informed me that nothing showed up in the memory and they could not do anything because it wasn't happening for them. They kept the car for several days before I picked it up. Approximately 2 weeks later the car stalled again while I was on the freeway on ramp. I tried to call the dealer but the phone would not work. Ford took the car again and could not find anything in the memory. Within 2 weeks this happened again while getting onto the freeway. In addition to the stalling problem, the sync system has reset itself, the compasses are not functioning properly, the external temperature gauge doesn't work all the time and now the phone randomly starts calling people. I was given a phone number for corporate by the dealership. I called and after playing phone tag for several days the representative (joshua) told me that if it stalls again that I should not attempt to restart the car and I need to call the roadside assistance number and wait for them to come. In addition, he said under no circumstances should they attempt to restart the car because if they do it will reset the memory and Ford cannot fix the problem. I asked about the recalls on my car and was told there were none; however, I was on the website and there are 2. I asked why Ford did not send me a recall notice and he told me that Ford doesn't do that. I am afraid to drive my car. Its been to Ford 7 times now. Help!.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 10
Failure Date: 10/27/2013

As I was driving down the interstate with the cruise control set at 70mph, the vehicle turned the cruise control off and decelerated almost immediately to 60mph which caused an uncomfortable thrashing forward of myself and my 2 children. We had our seat belts on, so we were not injured. The vehicle continued to lose power, so I pulled off the highway and placed the vehicle in park and turned off the engine. I noticed a little wrench had appeared in the left corner of my dash display. I looked up this symbol in my owners manual. I then decided to go ahead and try to continue driving as I was a good 75+ miles from home and I was in a very remote area. When I started the engine, I noticed the service engine light came on and did not go back out. I proceeded down the interstate approximately 2 miles before the vehicle did the same thing. This time I attempted to accelerate and with the gas pedal to the floor, had no success. The car just continued to lose speed, so again , I pulled off the highway and this time I let the vehicle proceed as far as it could without applying the brake. As the car was nearly stopped, it started to shake as if it were about to shut off. I turned off the engine and again, restarted after a short break and was able to make it the rest of the way home.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2011 Ford Escape 11
Failure Date: 10/17/2013

About 12:30 pm October 17th I was attempting to pull out of a parking lot onto the feeder road of a freeway. As I stepped on the gas to pull out, I got a surge and then my car stalled leaving me stranded on the side of a busy road. The wrench light came on and while my car still had power, it would not accelerate. My vehicle was almost hit 3 times by drivers who were not paying attention. After about 10 minutes I was able to get the car restarted and I drove to my destination. About 7:30 am on October 22 this happened again in my neighborhood as I was driving down the street going 20 miles an hour. Wrench light was on. October 28th about 11:00 am, I was doing 40 mph down a two lane road and the car did not surge, but I did lose all acceleration and had to stop and turn my car off and wait about 5-10 minutes to restart. The wrench light was on. October 29th about 12:30 pm, I was making a right hand turn onto a busy street and the car stalled and I had to turn off the engine. The wrench light was on. I restarted the car and less than a mile later it happened again, but this time the service engine light came on.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2011 Ford Escape 12
Failure Date: 09/19/2013

As I was driving down the road, all the sudden without notice, the vehicle went to 1 rpm and 5 miles per hour. Tried to accelerate and it would not, then the wrench light came on. I put on my flashers immediately so I would not get rear ended by cars coming fast behind me. Then, the vehicle stalled out. The check engine light never came on. Sat there in the rain for a few minutes. Then, started the vehicle back up again, to get it home. Then, I was afraid to drive it, called the Ford dealer to get my vehicle in, they could not look at it until Monday of the next week, so had vehicle towed on Saturday to dealer---extra cost involved on a 2 year old vehicle. The service department looked at it, they could not duplicate the problem. I pick up the vehicle on 9/25/2013. Drove the vehicle for 4 days, then happened again on 9/29/13 and it had been raining. Then, drove the next day 9/30/13, again threw the wrench symbol after going to 1 rpm and 2 to 5 miles per hour and bucking, could not accelerate at all. It was dry on this day. Again, put my flashers on this time was going 30 mph on a narrow two lane road. Remember the service engine light never came on, but they were able to find a code this time. They said it was the throttle body, so I began asking more questions as to why Ford has not recalled this since so many across the USA are having issues. No one knows, so as a consumer on a tight budget --like many of us these days. . . . Gets to figure out all the money pieces. I guess I will need a third job just for vehicle repairs on a two year old vehicle. This was a very scary experience and Ford needs to do something about this before anyone else is seriously injured or killed. This problem should not be happening with a two year old maintained vehicle. Now because it is over the 36,000 miles more money out of pocket. . . . Geez.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 13
Failure Date: 08/09/2013

My 2009 Ford Escape XLT (this is my third Escape, and the only one that has ever caused me any problem) has never accelerated as it should, from the day I drove it new off of the lot. It has always hesitated, lurched, lunged, jerked; most frequently when accelerating from a full stop or a rolling stop. It had never "limped" until at approximately 50k miles, when the throttle body failed twice while traveling at approx. 50mph (wrench symbol lit up). After having the throttle body replaced by my dealer in late June-early July 2013, the lunging, jerking, hesitating continued. On 8/8/13, when accelerating from a rolling stop, the vehicle died while attempting a "michigan left" onto a 4-lane highway (this time the battery light and service engine lights came on). If the traffic signal for oncoming traffic had not been green, I was at risk of being struck by several vehicles traveling at rates of speed up to 70mph. I was able to let the vehicle roll back into the turn lane; turned it off and then back on; but acceleration is still not operating as it should. The rpms are all over the place. I feel as though I am driving a "death trap". This is a very urgent issue and must be addressed and repaired by Ford swiftly and at no cost to the consumer. I had to pay almost $600 to have the throttle body replaced (including a rental vehicle). This is unacceptable and extremely dangerous. If this problem is not satisfactorily repaired at no cost to me when I attempt to take it to my dealer again (I'm considering having it towed because I'm so afraid to drive it), I will never purchase another Ford vehicle.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 14
Failure Date: 07/14/2013

Driving with cruise control set at 60mph, cruise disengaged, stepped on gas no throttle response pulled over and shut vehicle down restarted and proceeded home. Next day went to my Escape started vehicle and service engine light came on and remained on throughout the day. Called my Ford dealer to set up appointment to bring in the car for inspection. Was given a appointment in 3 days time (July 18,2013 @11:30am) was told by service advisor that it would be okay and safe to keep driving the car. Following day went to a meeting with my car, service engine light did not come on. While driving home the vehicle lost power and once again no throttle. Dealer service called and reported that the throttle assembly required replacement, asked if this was a known problem with the Escape and was told that there have been issues with the throttle assembly but no recall to date was told to keep the paid bill once the work was completed in case of a recall and reimbursement.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 15
Failure Date: 06/11/2013

I was driving under normal driving conditions on the expressway when the car suddenly jerked and I no longer could accelerate and the service engine light on the dashboard began flashing. Fortunately, I was able to get on to the shoulder and call a tow truck. It was due to a faulty throttle body. Per the dealer where my vehicle was towed to, the part needed was on Ford's national backorder list and they did not know when the part would become available. It took 5 weeks to get the part. It has only been about 7 weeks and my car did the same jerk on the expressway again today. I was able to continue driving to work as no service lights ignited on the dashboard, but I will be taking my vehicle in to get checked again.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2006 Ford Escape 16
Failure Date: 04/19/2013

Driving down the interstate I found that the vehicle was losing power. There were no service engine lights or any indicator warning lights of any kind that were on previous to the incident or that lit up during or after the episode. I had to pull over to the side of the road. The accelerator seemed to stop working and there was no power to the engine. I restarted with no issue and continued to drive. The vehicle did this a second time. There were additional incidents at lower speeds driving around town.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 17
Failure Date: 04/10/2013

Vehicle cut off while traveling in traffic at about 45 mph, wrench light came on. The engine cranked back up, continue on my way. 2nd incident happen while traveling to work, engine kept running but, could not give engine gas, coast to a stop. Wrench light came on, engine was idling rough, turn vehicle off, engine cranked back up. 3rd incident engine surged and cut off after taking off from stop light. Another incident engine cut off while traveling about 40 mph, engine surged, stumble . Wrench light came on. Engine cut off , wrench light and service engine light came on, and stayed on for two days and then went off. Vehicle is out of warranty. Dealer thinks throttle body.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2009 Ford Escape 18
Failure Date: 03/16/2013

Car stalled while moving forward after backing out of parking space. Car had operated for 15 minutes before pulling into space, then immediately backing out without stopping engine. For approximately a year and one half yellow service engine light intermittently comes on then goes off after few driving cycles. Car also hesitates and jerks during acceleration randomly and frequently. Service dept of used car dealer where purchased car has detected no defects and has not replicated problem when car left at shop.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 19
Failure Date: 01/16/2013

The contact owns a 2010 Ford Escape. The contact started the ignition and an unusual noise emitted from the engine area and the service engine light illuminated. The engine was shut down. Upon restarting, the vehicle was able to resume normally. The failure occurred while idling or when the ignition was started. The vehicle had not been diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the malfunction. The failure mileage was unavailable.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 20
Failure Date: 11/26/2012

For several months, my 2010 Ford Escape would stall while driving down the road. There were times that I was going 45-55mph and my vehicle would stall. I lost power steering as vehicle shut off. I had to slow down and pull off the road and re-start the vehicle. This was very dangerous and scary. This happened probably 10-15 times until I could no longer get the vehicle started. I had it towed into a Ford dealership and had their service department analyze the problem. I first took it by an advance auto to check the service engine light. The code that came up I believe was 9000. It had something to do with emission, fuel system concerns. The service department put a throttle body and motor assembly part on it. I haven't had any problems since. They also did an eec test p2111 and found etb to be at fault and replaced. I had to pay $356. 52 including labor for this. I feel from reading other information on 2010 Ford Escapes that there has been a lot of issues with stalling. I feel I should be reimbursed for my expenses.