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Suspension Problems of Ford Escape - part 1

Ford Escape owners have reported 281 problems related to suspension (under the suspension category).

car image   Suspension problem of the 2010 Ford Escape 1
Failure Date: 12/09/2014

I was driving on a service road and was entering the freeway when the transmission started slipping. This caused my vehicle to start jerking. The vehicle behind me almost ran over me as I was loosing speed due to the transmission slipping. I managed to pull over and after a couple of minutes the transmission started working again and I was able to pick up speed and continue driving. This incident also caused my braking and steering to be erratic. This happened 3 times on Dec 9, 2014. This is unsafe as it nearly caused a major accident in heavy traffic going south on interstate 35 out of austin. By my estimation there would have been no fewer than 5 to 6 vehicles involved in an accident had I not managed to pull over.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 2
Failure Date: 12/08/2014

Heard thumping noise on passenger side rear. Took it to check it out and wheel well completely rusted out and unsafe to drive.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 3
Failure Date: 12/02/2014

The contact owns a 2004 Ford Escape. The contact stated that the rear passenger side shock mount was rusted and fractured. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 162,000.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2003 Ford Escape 4
Failure Date: 11/28/2014

Seems we own a Ford Escape 2003 which needs a cross brace for the sub frame. The reason for the recall is that the sub frame corrodes and the brace will keep the two sides from breaking apart and splitting them into two halfs. That is because it can rust and break. The top of the sub frame of the Ford Escape is rusted and looks very unsafe. Ford would not replace the whole sub frame because it does not effect where they can attach the brace. Problem solved Ford will not cover the top of the sub frame only the bottom where the brace is installed. Question 1: would you or the owner of the Ford corp have his daughter and/or his grand daughter drive down rte. 495 doing 65 mph with a rusted-out top sub frame? question 2: I have a brand new Ford Escape 2014. How long are the iron frame parts of the car good? should I sell it at 5 years or 6? I know that 10 years is too long.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2006 Ford Escape 5
Failure Date: 11/26/2014

The rear shock mount failed due to rust. This appears to be a common problem with Ford Escapes built in the years 2005 and 2006. It seems this failure is a design flaw. Ford refuses to pay for the cost of repair. When the failure occurred the vehicle was no long operable. I had to have the car towed to the repair shop.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 6
Failure Date: 11/26/2014

I was driving my 2005 Ford Escape when I started hearing a banging noise coming from the passenger side rear of my vehicle. After a few days the banging got louder and my Escape seemed to be hitting hard in the back like my shock wasn't working. Which my husband had changed them about 3 or 4 months prior so I thought that was odd. After driving her today and the banging getting worse I had my husband look at my back fender wall. When we did we seen it completely rusted out. I can touch the inside of my car. But the worst part of this is that is what holds my shock in place and it is all gone. I came inside frustrated and decided I would see if there are parts to fix it before my shock decides it is going to go for a free ride and destroy everything under there. To my surprise I have not found a fix nor a recall but I did find numerous people having the same issue. This is a safety hazard and no one seems to care. I am very surprised that no one has made Ford recall the Escapes and fix this issue. Can you imagine if I was on the freeway going 70 mph when this broke and the damage it could do to not only my Escape but my family, myself, and other drivers if I lost control of it because my shock is no longer attached to my SUV? I am very disappointed in Ford and everyone else that is in charge of recalling vehicles. They have put my family, me, and all the other drivers on the road in danger and no one seems to care. Maybe I should buy a Toyota because at least they recall their vehicles and fix them when they have an issue. Ford does not seem to care about anyone's safety.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 7
Failure Date: 11/25/2014

Sever rust right rear shock tower unsafe to drive.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 8
Failure Date: 11/13/2014

2005 Escape. Load banging in rh rear over even very small bumps. Found shock tower in wheel well had rusted away. Top of shock not connected to anything; moving around freely. Loud banging noise is from the top of shock hitting the body while driving. Undriveable, shock could punch through the body. Local frame shop has repaired six 2005's in the past year. Cost will be $1200, however, part is not available. Vehicle parked until the part can be obtained and fixed.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 9
Failure Date: 11/12/2014

Severe rusted out rear wheel wells causing the passenger rear shock to break. Called Ford and they stated no recall for 2005 just thru 2004 and they could not do anything. Still owe money on this vehicle and not sure what it is going to cost for large repair. Needs to be recalled. Look up this google and you will find tons of this.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2006 Ford Escape 10
Failure Date: 11/04/2014

Vehicle got very loose and lost control due to rear strut mount rusting all the way apart and no control of rear suspension.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 11
Failure Date: 11/03/2014

I had to avoid a bicyclist and ran up over the curb at a speed of about 35, I noticed right away upon driving away that there was a great rattle in the right side rear suspension. I had it looked at by my insurance company, they told me the upper strut mount broke off. Because of the rust noone will fix it. The car otherwise is in perfect shape, no other rust present on the car. This obviously is a defect in the Ford product, Ford will not return my calls!.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 12
Failure Date: 10/27/2014

Severe rust in the passenger side rear wheel well- where the shock mounts. Shock is about to push thru the rust into the inside of car. Rust was disguised by undercoating by previous owner or dealer. Loud noise when going over bumps, etc. Unsafe to drive.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 13
Failure Date: 10/27/2014

I heard a rattle in right rear of Escape. When I inspected the right rear, I found the wheel house and shock tower is completely rusted out. The rest of the Escape shows no rust. I was told by a mechanic not to drive this vehicle. Parts for this repair are back ordered and I can,t get part until December at the soonest.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2006 Ford Escape 14
Failure Date: 10/25/2014

I was driving home going about 45mph and all of a sudden I hear a loud noise coming from the left rear of the vehicle. Though it could have been the tire, so I pulled over to check and the shock is completely rusted and apart.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 15
Failure Date: 10/16/2014

I was driving down the street when I noticed a banging noise coming from the rear of the car. When I parked the car and investigated I realized that the passenger side rear wheel well was rusted out. My shock is not longer attached to the car and every time I hit a bump it slams into the car.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 16
Failure Date: 10/09/2014

Had my 2005 Ford Escape in for service and mechanic stated that there is severe rust on undercarriage and rear wheel wells. Mechanic stated that the car will not pass inspection because of this safety issue and that the rear shock mounts are rusting through. I contacted Ford and they stated that only the 2001-2004 models are covered under the new recall and to keep my receipts for any work I have done to fix it. I am the original owner with no accidents and under 50,000 miles on the vehicle. I have researched this problem and have read hundreds of people with the same problem. .

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 17
Failure Date: 10/08/2014

Driving at highway speed my Ford Escape 2005 started to make loud banging noise from passenger side, behind the back seat. When we stopped the strut had completely broke away from car body and was loose and banging in the wheel well. I contacted my local dealership and they informed me a recall was done for 2000-2004 Ford Escapes for this issue, but no recall is available for the 2005. From recall information, it is the exact same wheel -rear passenger side in all the affected vehicles. This is a design flaw, and unsafe.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 18
Failure Date: 10/03/2014

Tl-the contact owns a 2005 Ford Escape. The contact stated that the vehicle was taken to a mechanic for inspection where it was diagnosed that the rear shock mounts were covered with rust. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the defect. The failure mileage was 86,000. The VIN was unavailable. Ss.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 19
Failure Date: 10/01/2014

Noticed a burning rubber smell. Found that rear shock tower had rusted through and shock was rubbing on tire.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 20
Failure Date: 10/01/2014

The right rear wheel well is all rusted out and the mount for the shock is barely attached. This is suspect because no other wheel wells on the car have corrosion like this.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 21
Failure Date: 09/26/2014

I have previously filed a complaint after taking the above car to a body shop when I noticed some rusting in the wheel well area. The body shop (x3) explained this was a known issue with Ford (prior to the 2001-2004 recall). I contacted Ford via e-mail, and filed a complaint here. The wheel wells in the rear of the vehicle were peeling, and I was told the shock mount would eventually punch through to the inside of my vehicle rendering the vehicle unsafe. This weekend, this exact thing happened. Ford has never acknowledged my issue, and I noticed the complaints on differently online forums have increased significantly since I first noticed the issue. My vehicle is well-cared for with all appropriate maintenance completed. The body shops I went to did not want to fix my vehicle because they felt Ford needed to acknowledge the problem.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 22
Failure Date: 09/22/2014

Passenger side rear wheel well is rusted out an several places to were that strut mount is loose an falling apart, an will cause an accident if not fixed. This is a known issue on that exact tire an the exact year in thousands of Ford Escapes. This is over $2000 and is apparent on drivers side as well. Vehicle failed safety inspection and with 2 small children to transport and no funds to replace vehicle. I have read thousands of post online of people having the same issues and with recent recalls for similar body/suspension part failures in Ford vehicles of similar years feel this is a recall issue. Please look start investigation and protect the consumers. Thank you.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2006 Ford Escape 23
Failure Date: 09/22/2014

The right rear fender wall has totally rusted out to the point the shock is not even attached to the frame. Internet search has shown this is happening on many many of these 2004-2006 Ford Escapes. We we're lucky to discover the defect before someone was hurt.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2013 Ford Escape 24
Failure Date: 09/20/2014

I had a tire repair for a nail in Aug at the dealership. Sept 20th ran over a rock~ 8-10 in on the dirt road and sustained a flat tire. I had the car toed. Spare applied, bought 2 new front tires and was told that the left rear shock was totally torn off near the top, this work was done at belle tire who advised me to take to the dealership as it appeared to have frozen up to have caused that much damage and should be under my warranty. Also, I had not been in any accidents. Ford told me that the technician did not feel that it was defective. Reading that there have been problems with rear suspension mounts I question whether the mount problem could have contributed to the shock braking.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 25
Failure Date: 09/13/2014

Right rear strut mount completely rusted through to where mount had nothing to mount to. Strut banging on wheel well.