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Suspension Problems of Ford Escape - part 1

Ford Escape owners have reported 250 problems related to suspension (under the suspension category).

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 1
Failure Date: 09/13/2014

Right rear strut mount completely rusted through to where mount had nothing to mount to. Strut banging on wheel well.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2003 Ford Escape 2
Failure Date: 09/06/2014

This vehicle is part of the Ford recall 14s02 (nhtsb #14v165000 ). I had the recall directed cross-brace installed in June 2014 (3 months ago). I was turning a corner at about 5-10 mph, heard a pop in the right front of the car and then heard a scraping sound and had difficulty steering. I had the vehicle towed to the dealership who found that the cross-brace had failed because the subframe gave way. I was told that the brace was only to provide an envelope of safety if the subframe failed but it was not meant to prevent frame failure or correct frame weakness. I was also told that the subframe repair was not covered as part of the recall and that the repair would cost about $2000. I don't think that a quality vehicle would have a frame failure after only 10 years. I think this is a design flaw and that similar to Toyota, Ford is trying to say they put in a fix but not really fix the real problem. I believe that my frame was severely weakened before the cross-brace was installed and that the subframe should have been replaced instead of the patch fix designed in the recall which Ford admitted to me was only to help prevent injuries, not to fix a known design problem. You would think the mechanics would want to protect customers from potentially lethal structural failures. Maybe they do but management is only concerned with profits. Failing to stand behind the quality of their product will cost Ford; they certainly have lost me.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 3
Failure Date: 09/05/2014

The right rear shock tower rusted through and the shock has come through the plastic moulding. The car drives but is unstable and unsafe.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 4
Failure Date: 09/05/2014

The right rear shock broke loose as a result of extreme rust in the right rear wheel well around the shock tower.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2003 Ford Escape 5
Failure Date: 09/05/2014

On June 9 2014, I took my Escape to the Ford dealer to have recall 14s02 performed. We had recently purchased the car and had gotten the recall notice. The service writer called me to say that "the car wasn't safe to drive" because of the rust spots that had eaten through the engine cradle. He warned me that if this went unrepaired, the frame could collapse under the weight of the engine. He reassured me that he was working with Ford to replace the engine cradle as part of the recall. He took pictures (twice) of the car and submitted them and a request to Ford for the repair. On July 13 2014, more than a month later, the service writer let me know that Ford had rejected the repair claim, saying that "they didn't think the rust was significant, it was surface rust, and the car was actually safe to drive. " the dealer installed a bracket across the bottom of the rusty cradle. I understand that the bracket is part of the recall. I picked the car up on July 14 2014 and was told that it was safe and not to worry about the rust. We subsequently spent over $1,500 making other repairs to the car, believing it was a good investment. Less than 2 months later, on September 5 2014, my daughter experienced a catastrophic failure of the engine cradle, bending the drive axle on the passenger side and rendering the car unable to drive. The service writer had been correct, it was unsafe to drive and it did fail. We had the car towed to the nearest dealer. On September 9 2014, I was told that Ford had again rejected the claim to repair the (broken) engine cradle. This time, the reason given was "they had already done the recall" that was meant to address the cradle damage from rust. I have appealed the rejection through Ford customer care and through the special services group and they continue to reject the repair. I would like Ford to repair the vehicle at their expense.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 6
Failure Date: 09/01/2014

Right, rear wheel well is completely rusted out. Shock has become detached. Loud banging noise. Shock poking through to the trunk. Unsafe to drive.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 7
Failure Date: 09/01/2014

On a trip to upper peninsula, michigan this past week we experienced a failure of the front subframe crossbrace, a near catastrophic event as the piece broke. We were in grayling, michigan and were stopped near an independent service provider who showed us the damage and attempted to find a used part. The one he found had the exact same rust and break as ours and thus he ordered a new one from Ford. In the meantime we were forced to rent a car and continue on to our vacation destination. After we returned home I learned that there had been a recall of these vehicles for just such a failure. I took the car and the broken crossbrace to mike castrucci Ford in alexandria, ky where the warranty officer informed me that our Escape was not part of the factory recall. She was able to tell me why and was very helpful although clear that nothing could be done. The argument was presented that the failed part in the recall was made by a particular manufacturer and used in certain plants or vehicles. I get the point but I have a car that failed in exactly the same way due to excessive rust and presented the same risk of catastrophic failure that we narrowly avoided by luck. The repair replacement cost over $1000 plus labor. I believe vehicles like mine should be part of the recall. Our front wheel could have totally collapsed while we were traveling at high speed.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 8
Failure Date: 08/30/2014

My wife was driving her 2005 Ford Escape and noticed a loud noise coming from the passenger side rear of the vehicle. The noise happened when she was hitting bumps in the road. Upon inspection of the vehicle, I notice a hole rusted through the wheel well on the rear passenger side. I removed the interior panel to discover the wheel well completely rusted through around the shock mount. This is an extremely dangerous situation!. I thoroughly checked all of the other shocks on the vehicle. This area is the only one affected.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 9
Failure Date: 08/28/2014

Tl- the contact owns a 2005 Ford Escape. The contact stated that the right wheel weld rusted thru and punctured the suspension. The vehicle was taken to a independent mechanic diagnosed the wheel weld needed to be replaced. No repairs were made and the manufacturer was made aware. The failure mileage was 135,000. Sr.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 10
Failure Date: 08/25/2014

I was driving when very loud banging start in the rear trunk area. I thought it was a worn shock. It was much worse than that. The shock mount was completely rusted away from the body. There is a large hole in the trunk area where you can see the tire from inside.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2003 Ford Escape 11
Failure Date: 08/25/2014

Tl-the contact owns a 2003 Ford Escape. The contact received notification of NHTSA campaign number: 14v165000 (suspension) however, the part to do the repair was unavailable. The contact stated that the manufacturer exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair. The manufacturer was not made aware of the issue. The contact had not experienced a failure. Ne.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 12
Failure Date: 08/22/2014

Rear upper shock mount blew through the wheel well and into the vehicle interior leaving the vehicle unsafe to drive, looking at the complaints this needs to be investigated immediately!.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 13
Failure Date: 08/22/2014

Noticed a loud banging coming from passenger side rear wheel well. Looked from outside and saw a large crack in the framework of wheel well. Removed the interior panel and found the entire wheel well had rusted through and around the strut. Strut is only held by lower section of metal but flexes enough going down the road that it bangs on the interior panel which is the only way I knew I had an issue. If I did not stop and look I may have been driving and the strut could have bbroke completely free which is a huge safety concern.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 14
Failure Date: 08/22/2014

The right rear wheel well is rusting out so that the shock to break loose. I was told it's unsafe by several mechanics/body shops to drive. This is the only car that I have to transport my three children and it's not going to be a cheap fix. This needs to be recalled before someone gets injured or worse!!!.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 15
Failure Date: 08/21/2014

While driving the 2005 Escape a noise was starting to come from the right rear of the car. Suddenly there was a loud clanking when ever a bump or even slight change in the road occurred. Almost ran off the road it was so sudden. It sounded like something was coming through the back of the car. When I got to work I couldn't find anything, but it continued. Finally I had someone look it over closely and they found that the right rear well was rusted out and the shock was not connected to anything on the car as there was nothing for it to connect to. Took it to 2 different body shops to check on the repairs needed one quoted $3-$5,000 the other said at least $3,000. Both said they had seen this exact same problem on this year vehicle several times in the past month! what is going on? the Ford dealership acted like they didn't know anything about it. Come on! something is up. Very disappointed in Ford. We have always had Fords, all of our vehicles are Fords and until recently we had not had any issues. Now we are questioning our loyalty, big time.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 16
Failure Date: 08/20/2014

There started to be a banging noise in right rear area of vehicle. After inspection, I found that the right rear shock had separated its mount from the wheel well due to excessive rust.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 17
Failure Date: 08/20/2014

Noticed loud rattle, knocking in rear of truck. Stopped to have mechanic look at it. Discovered severe erosion in rear wheel well and shock mechanism completely separated from vehicle. Appears to be very common for 2004-05 Escapes.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 18
Failure Date: 08/17/2014

The contact owns a 2005 Ford Escape. The contact stated that while driving at approximately 50 mph, there was an abnormal noise coming from the vehicle. The contact discovered that the upper shock tower was rusted. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and an independent mechanic for diagnostic testing, who stated that the failure was unknown and recommended that the entire rear end of the vehicle needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 113,238.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2012 Ford Escape 19
Failure Date: 08/14/2014

Please forward to appropriate personnel, on Thursday, August 14th at ~5:45pm a clear day: our mom/mother in-law had just dropped of my daughter after shopping and was making her way home thru the windy back roads less than two miles from our home. As she climbed a hill a few blocks around the corner from her home and stopped at a stop sign on the crest of the hill. The 2012 Ford Escaped lurched/surged forward uncontrollably. As from her description, she heard loud rumblings coming from the engine; the Escape shook and launched her forward while she had her foot on the brake. The Escape propelled her uncontrollably forward crashing into a large boulder, she then ricocheted across two lanes up hill, over an embankment /wall, just missing a tree, collided with another parked vehicle pushing it approximately three feet, passed that into another small wall just missing the house. We are thankful on many levels; that our daughter was not with her, that our mom was not severely injured and no one else was injured. I was researching online and there was an investigation open for this vehicle at one time. A recall is needed for this vehicle model before there is a fatality involved. We are very concerned knowing that many other family members and friends drive Escape models. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We have many pictures from the scene for you to review. Kind regards, sam m.

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car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 20
Failure Date: 08/08/2014

I discovered that my rear passenger wheel well has completely rusted through. It is also rusting the frame of my Ford Escape. Rust seems to be a common problem with the Escape and there was a recall on the 01-04 models. Not sure why 05 is being ignored. This is a very very dangerous situation. My shock does not appear to even be connected at this point. There is nothing that I did to cause this problem. I took pictures and can send them to the proper person. I took it to a body shop and they told me the car is very dangerous to drive. I really have no choice at this point. If something terrible was to happen then I guess my next step would be to talk to a lawyer. I hope that this matter is looked into on the 2005 Ford Escape and the proper recall is placed immediately. I am not sure what is causing the rust and corrosion issue on the Escapes, but I can assure you that the 2005 models are just as damaged as the 2001-2004 models. I am very nervous to drive my car, but I also have to go to work to make a living and pay for the car. I hope this message gets to the right person and I hope immediate action is taken. A wreck, injury, or fatality can be prevented if something is done about this now. Please contact me for pictures of my wheel well and rust on the car. I hope to hear from someone soon.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2004 Ford Escape 21
Failure Date: 08/04/2014

After investigating a loud noise. I found out that my right rear shock tower was rusted out and making the noise. After researching the problem I found out that there are many people out there with the same problem. This is a very costly fix that Fords should have do do as a recall. This is also dangerous. If this part breaks while driving it could cause a accident or worse. Please consider this problem and as a safety issue. Recall this problem with Fords. The car is undrivable.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2003 Ford Escape 22
Failure Date: 08/04/2014

Driving vehicle and heard a loud pop and sudden loss of steering. Limped the vehicle home and took to dealer who contacted Ford for further instructions. They installed a cross brace that does not fix the problem. Ford will not do anything to the subframe because it has not fully detached. There is no steering control at all over 15mph and in their eyes it is safe to drive. Service manager at the local dealership drove the vehicle and experienced for himself that there is no control over the vehicle. The recall has not fixed the problem at all.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 23
Failure Date: 08/02/2014

The vehicle had exceesive rust especially in the wheel wells. This rust was so excessive that it caused the shocks and struts to break away from the car body itself. Multiple body shops and car dealers infomred me that there was no way to repair the card since the rust damage was so severe there would be no way to correct the damage.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 24
Failure Date: 07/21/2014

I own a 2005 Ford Escape. The right rear wheel well shock mount support has rusted away and now there is a loud banging noise coming from the back. Same issue that it appears many individuals are having. $2200 is the estimate to get this fixed. Back left wheel well is just fine.

car image   Suspension problem of the 2005 Ford Escape 25
Failure Date: 07/15/2014

Passenger rear wheel shock support and uni-body frame has rusted out to the point that it is unsafe to drive and needs to be replaced. I see that there are many complaints showing up on this all in the last 6 months, and at the same mileage range. This is design or manufacturing defect and should be fixed by Ford before deaths start happening.