Engine problems of the 1999 Ford Expedition - part 1

41 problems related to engine have been reported for the 1999 Ford Expedition. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Engine problem 1
Failure Date: 02/05/2011

I have a 1999 Ford Expedition that has continuously blown spark plugs, I have had it repaired several times at a local dealership. I keep my vehicles maintained on a regular basis, and I have no warnings leading up to the spark plug blowing. I am afraid that one of these times it will blow and my engine will catch on fire. I am very diappointed with Ford, that they have not done anything to resolve this issue, except to keep replacing the coil pack and spark plugs and charging me more money. This problem began in Nov 2007, and I have had to have it serviced for the same issure two other times and now as of today I will have to have it repaired again. I have trust in my dealership that they are fully capable of repairing the vehicle as they have serviced my other vehicles with no other problems.

car   Engine problem 2
Failure Date: 01/28/2011

1999 Ford Expedition 5. 4l v8 triton engine. Number 7 cylinder spark plug was ejected from the head while driving in town. Ignition coil on top of spark plug was sheared off of it's mounting on the head. Needed to use a spark plug thread repair kit to repair the threads in the head and a new ignition coil to replace to broken one. Approx $100 to repair.

car   Engine problem 3
Failure Date: 11/29/2010

Ford Expedition 1999 ejected spark plug problem. After having this problem three time already, I start researching about it and seems that 100th of owner of Ford Expedition from 1997 to 2003 are having a recurring problem. Why is not a recall on this when hundreds of owners are spending from $300 to $700 on repairs that Ford should be responsible. It is noticeable that its a manufacture problem not a customer problem.

car   Engine problem 4
Failure Date: 11/25/2010

The contact owns a 1999 Ford Expedition. After driving all day, the vehicle was parked for a few minutes. When it was restarted, the engine suddenly caught fire. There was smoke emitting from the hood and sparks from the engine. The fire department extinguished the fire. The origin of the fire was unknown. There were no injuries. A fire report was filed. Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer had been notified. The failure mileage was approximately 250,000.

car   Engine problem 5
Failure Date: 07/07/2010

On my way home from kansas to colorado when we heard a sound like a flat tire but it wasn't. My spark plug had shot out of my cylinder head. This could have caused fuel to spray out and start a fire. This is a common problem with the triton 5. 4l engines, but there has not been a recall or anything to fix it.

car   Engine problem 6
Failure Date: 11/07/2008

Driving home from work, I heard what sounded like a gun shot coming from under my hood. Come to find out it was the #3 spark plug being blown out causing damage to the coil. I took the car to the Ford garage and they gave me 3 options. 1. Heli coil it, but they will not guarantee the work and that will be $600. 2. Buy a new head, that will cost $3000. 00 3. Buy a new motor and that will cost $6000. 00 I feel that I'm getting the short end of the stick. This is a common problem with the 5. 4l trition engines and from what I gather this is a very dangerous defect. Someone needs to protect the people.

car   Engine problem 7
Failure Date: 08/19/2008

1999 Ford expidition with 5. 4l v8 blew a sparkplug out of the head.

car   Engine problem 8
Failure Date: 03/18/2008

Spark plug # 3 blew out of 4. 6 triton Ford engine in our 1999 Expedition. Looking at internet data this seems to be a very common theme with the triton engines. Cost us over $1,000 to fix.

car   Engine problem 9
Failure Date: 03/20/2007

- the contact owns a 1999 Ford Expedition. He was having problems with the aluminum head spark plugs, the number 3 & 4 cylinder failed, and the mechanic told him it was a design flaw. The failure was caused by not having enough thread in the aluminum spark plug head. He needed a new engine or a head job. It will cost him over $3000. He stated that there was a service bulletin for this problem. The current and failure mileage were both 110,000.

car   Engine problem 10
Failure Date: 09/01/2006

I was driving on a busy road with my three children during rush hour. I heard a loud pop followed by the what sounded like machine gun fire. I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and shut down the vehicle. I was fearful of the safety of my children and had them leave the car. I then had the vehicle towed. A Ford repairman looked at the car and stated that the #3 passenger side spark plug blew out. He stated that this a known problem and Ford refuses to acknowledge the issue. He said that they see many of these each week and that it is usually the #3 spark plug on the passenger side. He stated that it would be $2500-$5000 to repair the vehicle. We were told by another Ford dealer that he could fix it for $300-$500. We had the vehicle towed there and despite informing him which spark plug it was, upon inspecting the vehicle he claimed it would be difficult to repair and increased the repair price to $2100. When we objected he offered to purchase the vehicle for $200-$300. We feel as if the Ford dealers are using this issue to run a bate and switch. We have investigated the matter on the internet and have found many others complaining of the same issue and Ford's failure to take responsibility. Someone is going to get injured if they fail to correct their design defect.

car   Engine problem 11
Failure Date: 08/02/2006

On August 2, 2006, while traveling in michigan, a spark plug suddenly blew out of my 1999 Ford Expedition. There was no prior warning or indication of any problem. I had to have it towed to bay city, mi, where a Ford dealer told me that it would cost approx. $3500 to repair the problem. He said it was a recurring problem with Ford Expeditions. My car had approximately 120000 miles on it at the time. I kept the spark plug and coil attachment, and it doesn't look like the grooves on the plug gave way or were stripped.

car   Engine problem 12
Failure Date: 07/26/2006

Driving at 25 mph in residential area of cleveland OH spark plug #3 blew out of head, leaving me stranded for 2 days waiting to get repairs finished. 5. 4 triton engine, properly maintained with 59,000. Miles on it.

car   Engine problem 13
Failure Date: 06/08/2006

In Feb of 2005 my 1999 Ford Expedition with the 5. 4 v-8 blew the passenger side 3rd spark plug right out of the head. The car had apox. 95,000 miles on it and Ford said warranty would not cover it. It would take 3,500 $ to fix. So I towed it away from grass vallley Ford, a decided to have a mecanic fup a heli coil. That lasted little over a year and in June of 2006 the same plug shot out. I think this is Fords problem and needs to be dealed with.

car   Engine problem 14
Failure Date: 04/13/2006

Spark plug blowing from cylinder head.

car   Engine problem 15
Failure Date: 04/12/2006

I had just left a stop light when I heard a loud pop. It sounded like something blew up! the car was really loud and ran rough after that. I had it towed to the shop. They said we blew a spark plug and stripped the threads that hold it in place. At a cost of $1,600 to repair we are having a friend look at it. He thinks he might be able to order a kit called timesert to possibly fix it. I hope it works because it will save us a great deal of money. After investigating the problem online, it definitely is a big problem for Ford. They must issue a recall immediately.

car   Engine problem 16
Failure Date: 04/04/2006

I am a school teacher that drives a 1999 Expedition v8. I was on my way to school two weeks ago and heard a loud bang come from under my hood. It then started to sound like a john deer tractor. I had my spark plugs replaced last year and thought that it would be the same again. I took it to the same mechanic that replaced spark plugs last year and told me that the plug blew my thread out and that it might need some serious engine repairs because of it. He also told me that this is a common problem with these Ford vehicles. Apparently it is going to cost me 3,000 to fix. I am a teacher and find it ridiculous to have to pay for this when there has been so many complaints over the same engineering problem! Ford needs to do something about this. After seeing so many complaints online, it really makes me upset and feel emotional stress. The need to recall these aluminum engines.

car   Engine problem 17
Failure Date: 01/03/2006

: the contact stated while driving there was a loud bang in the engine. The vehicle immediately lost power and was uncontrollable. The contact pulled the vehicle to the side of the road. It was towed to an independent repair shop and the spark plugs were replaced. One month later another spark plug blew out of the engine. The vehicle was taken again to an independent repair shop were the spark plugs were replaced.

car   Engine problem 18
Failure Date: 12/24/2005

Pulling out from a stop sign in neighborhood when suddenly smoke smell and loud rhythmic banging from under hood. I immediately pulled over and had the vehicle towed to shop. They discovered a spark plug had blown through the head, requiring a head replacement. Subsequently I discovered this is a problem with Ford vehicles with the triton engine-design defect in that their are only 5-6 threads holding spark plugs in leaving them susceptible to this type of failure during normal operation. Ford would not assist me with repairs stating there was no recall dealing with this issue.

car   Engine problem 19
Failure Date: 12/24/2005

1999 Ford Expedition - blow spark plug out of number 3 cylinder. Result is loss of power and very poor drivability at low speeds. Also, gas smell from leading injector in now open cylinder. Fortunately I was not towing when the plug blew, or the loss of power could have resulted in an unsafe situation. Ford dealer recommends replacing the cyl. Head ($3,000), doesn't acknowledge any defect that Ford has authorized. Several other mechanics indicate this is a common problem on this engine, deals with insufficient number of threads to hold the plug in the aluminum head.

car   Engine problem 20
Failure Date: 11/18/2005

1999 Ford Expedition 5. 4l eng. Driving between office bldgs at low speed, hear explosion in vehicle front, heard debris impacting under engine hood and wheel wells. Had truck towed to dealer. Informed of spark plug blowout damaged header. Told this is common on 5. 4l not covered by warrantee. Cost: $3,600.

car   Engine problem 21
Failure Date: 11/07/2005

Driving down the interstate highway heard a loud pop, then a continious huffing sound from the engine compartment accompanied by a severe vibration. Pulled vehicle into the nearest rest stop and checked engine, found the second spark plug on the right bank (passenger side) had forceabily ejected taking the threads with it. The engine is a triton 5. 4l. The engine was repaired at a dealer (Ford country in henderson nv) by replacement of the head.

car   Engine problem 22
Failure Date: 04/29/2005

My husband was driving our 1999 Ford Expedition and had just crossed the state line from connecticut into new york on I-84. There was a loud bang in the engine and a consistent banging thereafter. The car was not drivable and my husband pulled off the highway and called aaa for a tow. We had the car towed over an hour to the Ford dealer near our home. They determined that the #3 sparkplug blew out of the engine. It caused major damage. We had to have the entire engine head assembly replaced which cost us over $3500 and we were without our car for two weeks.

car   Engine problem 23
Failure Date: 03/05/2005

My Ford Expedition blow a spark plug and know requires a head replacement (over $2500) talked with Ford dealership and they indicated that they see at least one Ford a month with this problem.

car   Engine problem 24
Failure Date: 01/14/2005

Right cylinder head was leaking in 1999 Expedition with 56000 miles. Dealer or Ford would not correct problem and cost $2750 from Ford dealer to fix. Learned later that is not an isolated problem but wide spread. Why isn't Ford held responsible???.

car   Engine problem 25
Failure Date: 01/05/2005

My 99 Ford Expedition's spark plug ejected from the head. This has caused emotional distress, not being able to get to and from work and other places. I had it repaired for a price of $300 dollars. This was ridiculous, Ford should pay all expenses. Then I was driving today and another plug blew. My truck is sitting on the side of the road right now. This is terrible!.

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