Front Suspension problems of the 2000 Ford Expedition

Seven problems related to front suspension have been reported for the 2000 Ford Expedition. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2000 Ford Expedition based on all problems reported for the 2000 Expedition.

car   Front Suspension problem 1
Failure Date: 01/10/2004

When turning the front tires are rubbing against the axle. Dealership is puzzled as to how to repair the defect. The consumer believes this is a design defect.

car   Front Suspension problem 2
Failure Date: 12/26/2001

During wet road condition truck hydroplanes. Consumer has no control . Consumer has contacted Ford. Please provide any further information.

car   Front Suspension problem 3
Failure Date: 08/01/2000

Vehicle wanders mostly at 60-70mph. This problem is intermittent. Vehlice almost flipped over. Dealer has looked at it 3 other times. Delaer said that because they were highly sentitive they will do this. Dealer will inspect vehicle once again.

car   Front Suspension problem 4
Failure Date: 07/19/2000

Consumer is taking in vehicle in for the 5th time. Vehicle wanders to the left. Dealer has no remedy & that they have done everything they could for the vehcile. Manufacturer sent dealer some adjustments to do to vehicle. Right side was adjusted so far. Vehicle was now going to the left & right. Independent front end specialist said vehicle should be pulling to the right.

car   Front Suspension problem 5

While pulling out of parking space at low speed consumer heard a noise from front end. Dealer has been contacted, and replaced different parts, however, problem returned few days later. Please provide further information.

car   Front Suspension problem 6

The vehicle violently pulled to the right, which caused the consumer to lose control of the vehicle.

car   Front Suspension problem 7

When driving at highway speed 60 mph or over consumer noticed vibration coming from the front end. Also, vehicle shook, causing poor steering control. Consumer has contacted dealer, dealer has replaced the tires and rims, but problem still occurs. Please provide any further details.

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