Timing Tensioner problems of the 1999 Ford Explorer

Six problems related to timing tensioner have been reported for the 1999 Ford Explorer. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Timing Tensioner problem 1
Failure Date: 05/15/2010

The single overhead camshaft (sohc) v6 engine may have as many as four timing chains with associated tensioners and guides. I have been receiving a rattling sound from my engine for years and it use to come and go, but now it has gotten worst. I had notified Ford motors corp. , about this problem back on 6-30-10 and didn't get any help on this matter, the person I spoke with told me that my VIN# wasn¿t covered. I recently found three documents on this problem, with a NHTSA # on each document. Item number #630022, #620173 and article # 02-7-6. I have also been by a local dealership and was told the same. I would like to know if the Ford dealership is responsible for fixing this problem. I would like to have my vehicle fixed, and is hoping to can help.

car   Timing Tensioner problem 2
Failure Date: 05/19/2006

Noise coming from under the hood. Repairman said it is a tensioner in rear of engine and is common problem in the Explorer. He thought it was under recall. This requires engine to be pulled to fix with only 85000 mile on engine.

car   Timing Tensioner problem 3
Failure Date: 08/02/2003

Service bulletin 00m12 from Ford called for replacement of timing chain tensioner. Tensioner was replaced but did not solve problem. Returned to Ford and was confirmed to be coming from tensioner. Was directed by dealer that ther was no other fix for problem but would not cause damage. Was told that if part failed Ford would warranty for 5 yrs or 75,000 miles. Part failed causing timing chain to slip and break, causing #6 cylinder piston to strike valve and put hole in piston. Ford now states that they are not responsable and will provide no relief for repair. Ford dealer advises that should have been covered but Ford makes final decision. Ford's final position is that age/mileage of vehicle problem is now my problem. Vehicle is 1999 Explorer with 60,000 miles which meets both of their cryteria in their service bulletin. Now Ford wants me to pay $4500 for new motor.

car   Timing Tensioner problem 4
Failure Date: 04/09/2003

Service bulletin oom 12 from Ford was for the replacement of the camshaft tensioner in my 1999 Explorer. It was replaced on 11/27/01 and now needs to be replaced again. The Ford service center refuses to see the same componet continues to fail again and again as their problem.

car   Timing Tensioner problem 5
Failure Date: 04/11/2001

Camshaft chain malfunctioned, causing engine to fail. Consumer states camshift tensioner failed, camshaft chain slipped, camshaft went out of time, pistons bumped valves, engien failed abrubtly on hill endandering passengers, engine was recalled previous years on different models, consumer states manufacturer does not want to acknowledge same failure.

car   Timing Tensioner problem 6
Failure Date: 05/01/2000

Engine began producing sounds of dieseling or rattling at roughly 50k miles. Camshaft tensioner replaced under recall shortly after, mechanic said this would eliminate noise. Noise grew progressively worse over time - brought into a Ford dealer, had veh. For a week and replaced front cam chain guide. Went to p/u vehicle and was informed noise is still there due to rear cam chain guide needing replacement. Would have to pull motor for about another $1000. Two independent mechanics informed me both guides failing due to cam shaft tensioner. Both guides would not fail at same time on opposite ends of motor unless joined by common part. Dealer and Ford motor CO. Basically said that's my problem.

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