Automatic Transmission Control Module problems of the 2002 Ford Explorer

Seven problems related to automatic transmission control module have been reported for the 2002 Ford Explorer. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2002 Ford Explorer based on all problems reported for the 2002 Explorer.

car   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem 1
Failure Date: 11/22/2010

2002 Ford Explorer transmission failure with only 87,899 miles on vehicle , I complained to the dealer 4days after having the about hard shifting and gears banging . They made adjustment to the pcm ,but a month later it started again,3yr later without putting over 30,000 on the tranny is broken.

car   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem 2
Failure Date: 03/11/2008

The contact owns a 2002 Ford Explorer. The contact stated that the overdrive light illuminates intermittently and then the vehicle accelerates without warning. When the overdrive light is blinking, it cannot be shut off with the overdrive switch unless the vehicle is shut off and then restarted. The contact also stated that the transmission was slipping gears. The failure occurs randomly while driving 10 mph or greater. The dealer and the manufacturer have not been notified. The failure mileage was 79,000 and the current mileage was unknown.

car   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem 3
Failure Date: 03/20/2007

The transmission in my 2002 4wd Ford Explorer failed at 73,000 miles. I was traveling on a highway when the problem occurred. I was fortunate that the highway was empty at that time when the transmission failed. The problem occurred suddenly and I feel that my life could have been endangered if more automobiles were present on the highway I was traveling on. I read that sudden transmission failure is a very frequent occurrence among 2002 Ford Explorers and also read that Ford has not addressed the problem through any sort of safety recall procedure. When I called Ford to submit a patron complaint Ford confirmed that no safety recall had been issued.

car   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem 4
Failure Date: 11/05/2005

I bought a new 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. At 13,743 work order writes my complaints as "when going from park to drive trans clunks into gear and delay up shift a slow speeds". Dealer wrote on completed order form "cause: inop, correction:reprogram pcm, tech notes:roadtest trans engagement are harsh intermittent upshifts are firm, reprogram pcm. . . ". At 16,482 miles I again complained of clunking when shifting gears. Dealer said could not reproduce. At 24,613 I complained of trans clunking, and hesitating between shifting, again dealer said could not reproduce. At 35,976 miles they said there was a trans problem and rehauled (rebuilt) trans. At 50,295 miles car was hesitating again between shifts and clunking again. At stopping the car would jerk hard. They said the trans was bad again and rehauled it again. At 52,900 miles I was going to stop at a light, I thought something had happened to the brakes as the car would not slow any further (I was at a low speed at this time) for a few seconds and the brake pedal was shuttering and grinding. I immediately went to the dealer. The brakes twice more the way over felt strange but not as much as the first time. I would step on the gas, the car would hesitate before going faster and then would jerk forward. The rpm needle during this time would not move and then jump forward and then jump down. Three times on the way to the dealer the car would on it's own go slightly faster without me depressing the gas pedal further. This was on Saturday and I told the person writing up my paper work I could not except that they can not reproduce the problem, I need an answer since this is beyond being a time consuming problem and bother into a safety issue and I will not drive that car as is. Since there was no service manager there, I returned on Monday to talk with him. He was very nice and said they would look into it. But again, I am without my car for I do not know how long.

car   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem 5
Failure Date: 07/12/2005

2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 control module goes out. There are hundreds of posts talking about this problem in forums. They remade the part 3 times because they knew they had a problem. I got stuck 2 miles on a beach with my wife and 2 children because the 4 wheel drive wouldn't kick in. There is no warning that it is broke until you try to use it.

car   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem 6
Failure Date: 05/23/2005

4 wheel drive will not engage. Has been used one other time since I purchased the vehicle in 2002.

car   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem 7
Failure Date: 04/08/2002

Module that controls the "control trac" 4-wheel drive system, failed at 3000 miles causing system to assume rear wheels were slipping. This caused the system to intermittently cycle the front wheel drive to assist even though rear tires were not losing traction. Owner complained to dealership 4 previous times of control trac problems, but dealership did not admit problem (told owner everything was fine with drive train) until 7000 miles when owner demanded a fix. Dealer then told owner that Ford knows about bad part, but that they have no idea when part will be available for repair. Currently, Explorer's 4x4 system is unpluged by dealer and is 2wd only. Dealer said they "don't know how much damage has already been done with 4000 miles of driving with bad system. " Ford says module for fix, is on backorder, and don't know when fix will be available.

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