Unknown Or Other Problems of Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer owners have reported 218 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (218 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Ford Explorer

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

The rear liftgate window hinge broke off and the entire rear window fell on my wife. The hinges are made of a white type of metal that has corroded and sheared off. The pins inside apparently broke and it didn't appear to be falling off, it just came off. The window hit my wife in the arm and leg. We were lucky it wasn't one of our kids closing the gate at the time or that they weren't inside when it happened or this could have been a lot worse. After searching online for information about this issue I found thousands of complaints about this exact issue and hundreds of post of injuries incurred from this. Ford recalled other vehicles with the same issue with the same part and yet the 2004 was never included. Something needs to be done. A part over time shouldn't break off and cause a safety hazard.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

While coming off a freeway my car suddenly jerked and the transmission failed. Causing my vehicle to stop. When trying to move forward the car began to try to roll backwards into the car behind me. I was lucky I was coming to a stop rather then going full speed on the freeway. After much research I have found that this is an all too common problem with this make model and year. The transmission now needs to be completly rebuilt according to 2 mechanics.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

Intermittently, while driving, the advanctrak and terrain management system warning light illuminated, and the "service advanctrak" warning appeared. At the same time, the power steering failed to work, and the "power steering fault" warning appeared. The turn signals also stopped working during these episodes. This has happened 5 times since September 9, 2012, all while driving the vehichle, inlcluding yesterday. In all cases, I had to take the truck off the road and completely shut down the vehichle - upon restarting, the warnings disappeared and the power streeing was restored. I have had the vehichle to the dealer twice now, with no issues found. I have a 3rd appointment with the dealer today.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Tl- the contact owns a 2003 Ford Explorer. The contact stated that the hinges on the back lift gate fractured and allowed the glass to become disengaged. The vehicle could not be driven. The dealer was notified and informed the contact that there were no recalls on his vehicle. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure who stated that the vehicle had been repaired under the recall NHTSA campaign id number: 04v442000 (structure:body:hatchback/liftgate:hinge and attachments) 8 years prior and provided no other assistance. The failure and current mileage was 130,000. Pmb.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

I just had my car serviced for a recall at cherokee Ford in woodstock GA. Just 3 days later, my vehicle stopped working in the middle of a very busy street and I was unable to restart it. I was very lucky not to be hit. It would have been tragic.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

This is an update to complaint no. 10459987. After looking at the car records, we discovered that during a service of my transmission, Ford factory required the dealership to cut the metal transmission line and installed a rubber line with a filter. If they did not install the filter, then the warranty would have been void. After installing, no one ever inspected or replaced the line or filter. It was simply forgotten. 75,000 miles later the rubber line was resting on the exhaust, which burned a hole and caused transmission fluid to leak and spray onto the catalytic converter and caught fire. We were lucky in that we saw the smoke early and no one was injured. I am concerned there are more cars out there with this retro-fit filter on the transmission that no one is inspecting or maintaining because it is not on an official maintenance schedule.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

While at work my rear lift gate window exploded. At first site I thought it was vandalism but nothing (car chargers/cd's/ road side kit etc) was taken. After further investigating, things just didn't add up nor were consistent with the site of my destructed rear window and uplifting of the panel underneath the shattered glass (which was mostly on the ground as opposed to being inside my vehicle. ).

Unknown Or Other problem #8

While driving my car to work, I came to a stop sign at the end of my road, like I do every morning. However, on this morning, as I tried to accelerate from a complete stop, my car bogged down which left me in the road for seconds longer then was safe. There was a car speeding around the curve, and my car would not accelerate like it should. Finally, and thank god, it jammed into gear, and me and my one year old son were not injured. Also, on that same day, my car starting skipping while in first gear, which also was a safety hazard because it was jerking so hard, it was hard to keep in under control, plus it also slowed my progression across highly congested areas down, which also put my safety at risk. We took my car to the shop, and the repairman stated that my transmission was having problems with first gear and overdrive. There had been no previous warning or indicators that something was wrong with my transmission until the day of. We had the fluid checked and the engine checked. Nothing was wrong that we could have prevented.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

I went to leave for work one morning & I noticed the rear panel was cracked. It wasn't like that the night before, so it literally happened overnight. My mechanic said it was cosmetic & common problem with these trucks. I was told the window would be fine, but there is a chance of the panel piece falling off. I haven't had it fixed yet due to the expense, but I am afraid a piece may fall off while driving which could injure someone. To add insult to injury, a week later, my transmission started slipping & the o/d light was flashing. I had it towed & sure enough, it had to be rebuilt. It also needed a new hub bearing and both front ball joints had to be replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

Despite my maintaining the vehicle in perfect condition, like many other Ford Explorers, mine developed a crack along the Ford logo on the rear lift gate, running from the window to the bottom of the lift gate. Temperatures have not been extreme in our area, yet the crack appeared within a time frame of 5 hours. Ford motor company should be held responsible for this obvious defect in the Explorers.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

Hi I have a 2002 Ford Explorer that I have only had for 7 months and approximately 1 week ago my car started to have problems shifting gears while driving. Not long after that my check engine light came on and my o/d light came on, so I took it to autozone to get the code read and they told me it was a pressure control selenoid b (code-p0775). I went home and started searching on the internet about the code and found what it was and I also saw thousands of people complaining about the same problem. Ford knows about this issue about their faulty transmissions and they refuse to issue any recalls to fix the problem. I think its outrageous that we, the owners, have to pay for this expensive repair when its not our fault. I feel like since the transmissions for this car is faulty and is known to fail at various times and miles, which are too low for a transmission to fail, fors should be held responsible for this problem because it is definately a safety issue because the transmission can fail at anytime which have caused many accidents and will cause more accidents and deaths until Ford take responsiblity for their actions and recall the transmissions. I have two small kids that are in the car with me on a daily basis and I travel on the highways all the time and this is going to be very dangerous for me to do now. I dont know what to do becuase I dont have any money to repair or replace the transmission and this car is the only car that we have for transportation. We all need help to get Ford to do a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

. .

Unknown Or Other problem #13

I was driving 45 mph when the accelerator went all the way to the floor, I put the car in neutural and then speedometer went all the way up to the max, and coasted off to the side as soon as I could. This caused the engine to be damaged and the car is not driveable.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

When I drive my vehicle, I press the gas pedal and it feels heavier than normal. Then when I press the brakes to slow down it has a clocking sound. And it pulls back when I press the gas pedal to go faster.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

This transmission isn't due for it's first service until 150,000 miles. With no way to check fluid levels there is no way for the owner to prevent failure. There has never been any indication of leaks ( no oil spots on driveway). Transmissoin just quit.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

Timing belt tensioner. . . . . . My car is making noises and every mechanic I take my truck to either tell me to get a new motor or sell it and no mechanic wants to work on it because its so complicated. . . :/ as a single mother either option is not an option. . . . Both my driver and rear pasenger window motors broke, I already put in a new transmission 3 months ago. . . And now this. . . . . I took it to the dealership on 11/10/11 and its funny how they kind of laugh abou this model of vehicle and give me the same look that other mechanics give me about how the tensioner is on the back of the vehicle and they'd need to take the entire engine out to repair it, and if you dont repair it there is a chance that the tensioner will break and cause the entire back part of the motor to break. . . . . . This needs to be looked into and recalled since there are so many drivers with the same problem on the same model. Please help. . Please refer to the thousands of complaints at the following site. . . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #17

In the words of one of the several Ford motor CO. Customer care case manager I've spoken to since I purchased this vehicle about 6 weeks ago, Ford's mytouch system is "totally dysfucntional". The software upon which this system is based was apparently CO-authored by microsoft and Ford is currently telling customers they have to wait for the next release, supposedly due to be released in "the first quarter of next year". Has anyone ever heard this kind of message before. . . Think ms vista! my Explorer has an approx. 8"x5" touchscreen in the middle of the dash. It is supposed to come on when I start the vehicle and many functions of the vehicle are controlled by touching icons on the screen. Unfortunately, when the screen fails to come on, usually for about the initial 20 minutes after starting the vehicle, the driver controls are unavailable. This includes features like being able to view the rear-view camera, turning on the heated seats, climate control features, dealing with phone calls and selecting music sources and radio channels, etc. . Mytouch also includes a feature where its supposed to sync to the driver's mobile phone, but this only works intermittently at best. The worst problem with this system, which I believe makes the vehicle unsafe for nighttime driving, is when the touchscreen, which cannot be turned off or dimmed, starts flickering (Ford's term is "strobing") very rapidly while driving after dark. This can continue for up to 30 minutes at a time, and is incredible distracting while trying to drive. I've posted a video on youtube under the heading "Ford mytouch stobing". This problem has been known to Ford since the 2011 model year and they continue to sell these problematic vehicles without telling customers until after they take possession.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

In my 2002 Ford Explorer, the cel came on, along with the o/d off light blinking. It started to make a whining noise, and the next day, the car would not shift into second gear. It would only stay in 1st gear and would only go about 20 mph. I now have to replace the transmission or have it rebuilt.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

The hinge on the glass hatch broke as I opened the hatch. There was no damage to the hatch hinge prior to this.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

Transmission was working just fine till one day it wouldn't shift into overdrive and then it was shifting hard from 2nd to 3rd. Rear window hinges broke. Rear tail gate cracked right down the middle by Ford symbol. Also just the other day my passenger window stopped working no signs nothing of anything wrong. I'm going to start buying chevy this is just unexceptable. No wounder America is not doing good our car company's can't make good products anymore.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

Cracked rear door panel just below the window, in the middle of the Ford emblem. May cause rear window to fall out unexpectedly. Ford is aware of the defect but refuses to recall and fix it.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

While driving the vehicle, the smell of antifreez started coming into the car. My fiance' checked the radiator and overflow bottle and found out it was gas mixed with the antifreeze. My car's milage is 80100. I do not believe the car should have this issue at only 5 years. This problem/complaint should be investigated and damages should be covered by the dealership or manufacturer.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

Water is leaking through the switch for the interior dome light in the driver's compartment of the vehicle. Vehicle has a sunroof not sure if that is where it's coming from or not. Searched online and found a TSB for this. TSB 07-20-6 water leak in headliner / dome lamp area - revised.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

The rear lift glass hinges on my 2004 Ford Explorer broke during use of the lift glass. The pin broke right through the hinge on both sides. This happened while car was parked and lift gate window was open. Left side just fell, and then right about 1 minute later, I just happened to to have some 2x4's in the back which prevented the window from falling to the ground. This seems like a pretty dangerous defect. Internet research has revealed this issue was cause for a recall on the '02 & '03 Explorer and seems to be wide spread on the '04, yet no recall for the '04.

Unknown Or Other problem #25

I was at a grocery store with my young children, came outside, popped the tailgate (top half of the trunk on Ford Explorer) and loaded my groceries in the car. My 12 year old then went to close the trunk (top half only) and the left side of the tailgate came off of the hinges. The window/tailgate was extremely heavy, so I had to run to the back of the car and help her to hold the window up. Then, as we were trying to put the window/tailgate back onto the hinge, the other hinge broke and the whole window came down. The window was only connected by the wiring and the shocks that are inside the window. We easily could have been injured by this falling window/tailgate. Mind you I had no warning that these were going to fail. . . No cracks, no problems closing the tailgate, nothing! my daughter, a woman who was in the parking lot, and I could not get the window back on so I could drive it home (45 minutes away), so I had to call my brother in law to come help me because he was closeby. He ended up having to take the shocks of the window/tailgate off completely, so that we could put the window/tailgate into the car so I could drive it home. The wiring was still connected. I have contacted Ford directly, and they will not take responsibility for this failure. . . Even though they have done recalls on the 2002 and 2003 Ford Explorer plastic hinges for the tailgate. Same problem, different year. I have researched online looking to find if my 2004 Explorer had a recall, and found that many people had this same things happen to them on their 2004 Explorer. I am not the only one.

Unknown Or Other problem #26

While driving on the highway, transmission slippage occurred switching suddenly from drivinig to neutral, gear could not be changed unless vehicle was parked and break pedal was pressed down. Scary situation considering that I could be driving on the left lane. Please consider this as a safety complaint and request for safety recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #27

The transmission has a 5 second delay when going into reverse or drive. The car transmission jerks forward suddenly and randomly shifts into a higher or lower gear while driving. There is a loud grinding noise while the car is running and while the gears are shifting.

Unknown Or Other problem #28

When I was switching the gear from reverse to drive at a gas station, the shifter lever was snapped off. I cannot move the car any more, and the key got stuck in the steering column. I find loads of others have same problem happened and Ford is not doing anything on this dangerous/could be fatal problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #29

I agree about the microphone on the my touch system. It picks up wind noise, air conditioning/heating fan noise & when it rains, driver can not be heard. It seems that the roof does not have insulation to allow the driver to speak to the microphone without shouting. I did mention this to the Ford service department at our local Ford dealer and was told that this is the way it comes from the factory.

Unknown Or Other problem #30

I had a accident on sept 10 2011. I had my seatbelt on when I crashed but it didn't catch and actually came undone. The deputy investigating also noticed that the seatbelt would not even catch into the receiving part of the seatbelt anymore. This is a real safety matter.

Unknown Or Other problem #31

Heat component: tried to defrost the windows on my vehicle, when I adjusted the controls to the heat I began to hear a loud clicking noise and no heat was coming out of the vent. Winter is in and it is extremely difficult to see when driving due to this issue. Two other individuals with the same make & model have the same exact issue with there vehicle. I feel that it is a failed piece of equipment that causes a high safety risk.

Unknown Or Other problem #32

I have a 2004 Ford Explorer, about a month ago I noticed the plastic hinge for the back tailgate glass was breaking off. After visiting several Ford used car lots, I seen several Explorers with the broken hinge and realized this is a very common problem. I have contacted Ford and expressed my concerns, but they are standing by their product. I recieved an estimate of $360 to repair the hinges, but being a single parent of four there is no way I could afford to have this repair done. I hope that Ford will step up and recall this issue but no luck yet.

Unknown Or Other problem #33

I have found out that it is a common issue that Ford has a problem on several of its models that the sun visor mirror pops out when you try to use it as a shade. This is a dangerous situation for a driver while driving in heavy traffic to have this surprise distraction. My wife almost ran off the road when it happened. I currently have it taped up on drivers side and now it happened on the passenger side. Ford will not replace with any discount leaving the owner in a precarious situation. I guess once someone has a wreck maybe then Ford will do a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #34

2010 Ford mountaineer stopping at a red light, putting the brake on and the car would not stop. The engine was reving and had to take it out of gear to stop the car.

Unknown Or Other problem #35

While being parked on an inclined hill, my Explorer would not get into gear. Had to call aaa to tow to transmission specialist who adjusted the gear but stated you might have more transmission problems. Since then my car has had problems where the gears have been grinding as I'm driving. I'm afraid I might have more serious problems in the future since I've been reading reports from Ford owners that this is becoming a major problem with Ford vehicles.

Unknown Or Other problem #36

Timing chain tensioner failure with valve cover damage provoking oil leak and heavy smoke out of the engine, wich lead to spill of oil in the highway (oil dropping) and engine out of sequence due to a plastic "casset" tension break, I have read over the internet alot of complains about the same incident.

Unknown Or Other problem #37

The rear hinges gave way, and the back half glass exploded.

Unknown Or Other problem #38

The transmission on my 2003 Ford explore is gone.

Unknown Or Other problem #39

Leaking radiator at 42,000 miles. Very common with this model Explorer.

Unknown Or Other problem #40

Vehicle transmission slips when climbing elevation. Starts clunking noise and won't shift. Rpms go way up and vehicle still will not shift. Hard to get vehicle into park on the gear shifter. Have thought the vehicle was in park only to have it roll when I take my foot off the brake. Took vehicle to mechanic today who says a new transmission is needed. Appx cost 3600. 00.

Unknown Or Other problem #41

I purchased a 2004 Ford Explorer brand new from the dealership. At 70,000 miles I started to notice a change in the transmission slipping and suddenly kicking when going into gear. I took the vehicle to the dealership and they advised that the transmission would need to be replaced at my cost and there is no recall at the present moment. This is a safety concern because no transmission should start having problems with such little mileage. This matter really needs to be investigated and Ford needs to correct this issue promptly.

Unknown Or Other problem #42

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT, my transmission just recently went out. It has about 142,000 miles. I took it to a transmission specialist, to get it fixed, they took it apart, and told me it was costing $3,786. 60 to get it fixed/rebuilt! as of right now my truck is still in the shop, it has been there for 2 weeks now. There is no way can afford to pay that, I"m just a student. I did some research online and it turns out that there is thousands of people with the same problem; transmissions go out and the majority on the 2002 model. They rebuild the transmission, only for it to go out again. Some people have replaced/rebuilt their transmissions 4 or 5 times. I also read that these trucks can stop at any moment; anywhere. This is very dangerous, especially if on the freeway. I don't see why Ford, didn't recall this truck or this transmission. They need to take responsibility and fix the problem. I have no idea, what I am going to do to get my truck fixed. . Or maybe even replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #43

Bought pre-owned Explorer and after $84,000 miles (when I noticed - so, probably well less) the wheel bearings need to be replaced. I'm finding way too many occurrences online for this to be an occassional thing.

Unknown Or Other problem #44

The paint on the roof of my 2004 Ford Explorer is chipping. I spoke with two auto body shops and 1 Ford dealer, and they all said that the chipping is due to the fact that the primer did not adhere properly to the vehicle, so the paint is chipping. In reviewing this issue, I read online that there is a multitude of people experiencing the same issue. I spoke with Ford, and they told me that there is no financial assistance available to help me, although they acknowledged that this issue is their fault. I would like there to be a recall so that I can get this issue resolved.

Unknown Or Other problem #45

I was riiding along the highway in my 2002 Ford Explorer with my two kids on vacation. We had been driving for about 4 hours . I was using the cruise control. I came to a red light then contiinued on for about 2 miles than all of a sudden the check temp gauge came on and the guage was all the way hot. I waited for a safe place on the side of the rode to pull over. As soon as the truck was put in park smoke started coming in through the glove box and the hood. My son who was sitting in the passenger seat said his legs felt hot. A passerby pulled over and yelled get your stuff and get out of the truck. We had enough time to get what we could and run. The truck started to burn and all we could do was watch. We were stranded 4 hours from home. Luckily for us the good samaritans probably saved our lives. The truck went from hot to fully involved in a matter of a few minutes. By the time the fire dept. Came the truck was a total loss.

Unknown Or Other problem #46

My vehicle surges forward when the brakes are applied. This has happened several times this month.

Unknown Or Other problem #47

I bought a used 2004 Ford Explorer in September 2009. In June 20111 my husband and was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We both could feel the transmission slipping as he drove but figured that it could not be the transmission because the vehicle only had 57,177 miles on it. We arrived at our destination 10 minutes later and by that time we could no longer reverse the vehicle at all. I called the local Ford dealership and they said to drive the vehicle over there and they would take a look at it. The paperwork I have from them states "verified concern, performed electronic transmission diagnosis, pulled code po731, checked fluid level - full. Dropped the transmission oil pan and found excessive metal debris indicating internal failure. Tech recommended replacing with a Ford reman unit. " the Ford dealership's estimate for me was almost $5,000. 00 for the transmission to be replaced. I called around to other shops and had the transmission replaced with a jasper unit which cost me $3467. 30. It has a three-year warranty on it. I have been reading online about this problem with 2004 Ford Explorers. For almost a year before the transmission died it would often have delayed shifting when going in reverse and I just assumed it was a touchy pedal, looking back now I realize it was most likely the transmission. This never occurred to me because of the vehicle only having 57,000 miles on it. I no longer feel comfortable driving this vehicle knowing that it has the problems that it does but I have no other choice because we still owe more on the loan than the vehicle is worth.

Unknown Or Other problem #48

The trunk of my vehicle has developed a sizable crack in the rear panel only through normal use. I have seen this on a number of other similar vehicles and know it is not only me with this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #49

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer that I purchased 8 months ago. I have had to replace the switch that controls the windows 8 times now. The driver side window goes down while noone is touching it and will not go back up. I have jumped the window up and disconnected the plug until I could afford it every time that this has happened. The cost is about $200 to repair. I feel that this is a safety issue because it is so frequent and until a person can afford to fix the problem you have to jump your window and disconnect the plug, allowing none of the windows to go down. What if there was an accident and putting a window down was the only way for an adult or a child to get out of this vehicle? to me that is dangerous! and terrifying! in 8 months of owning a vehicle that I paid $6,500 for I have now put $1,600 into on top of it! and I will continue to have to do so if this problem is not recalled. I have taken the vehicle to 4 different garages and the only "fix" option I am getting is to replace the switch! there has to be something more than this if the switch is going bad every month or more! this last time it took a whole 3 days for the switch to go bad again! I understand that some people may feel as though this is not dangerous or is not a safety issue, but lets be real here. . . . . If the plug is not connected the windows cannot got down. So if there is a fire or an accident and this is the only way out people may die!! some people may say to just keep paying to have the problem fixed, however it is getting expensive and it is not truly fixing whatever the problem is! Ford made this vehicle and should have to fix this issue!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #50

Driver & passenger mirror lids on sun visors have broken apart. It is clear that the plastic used was of inferior quality. After reading many online posts I can see I am not the only one with this problem. Lids break off, mirror light stays on and: 1) runs battery down or 2) potentially causes fire due to overheating of materials.

Unknown Or Other problem #51

Pin on rear hatch window broke,which can cause window to fall out.

Unknown Or Other problem #52

Over this past weekend the upper support pin (right side) of the liftgate strut broke off and the liftgate fell right on my head . Yes it hurt, as the thing is quite heavy. It appears that the pin was just rusting away, and the one on the left side doesn’t look healthy either. The strange part is there is no rust anywhere else on the liftgate and no other rust issues with the rest of the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #53

2004 Ford Explorer XLT, mileage at time of failure 28,819 left front bearing hub failed prematurely vehicle started to pull to the left. No injuries, repair cost $270,00. Vehicle off warranty due to age. All vehicles should be warrantied for 36,000 miles or more with no years . Wheel bearings should last at least 75,000 miles.

Unknown Or Other problem #54

My wife was preparing to take our 3 children to school. She put our 2002 Ford Explorer in reverse and backed out of our driveway. After stopping, she attempted to shift into drive. The gear shift lever broke, leaving her with a car stuck in neutral. The keys are locked in the ignition and cannot be removed. After researching this online, I was very surprised to discover this is not a recall item and that Ford motor company's recommended fix is changing out the entire steering column. Is this really true?.

Unknown Or Other problem #55

The car stalls while driving at various speeds from 25 mph to 55 mph without warning. The loss of power brakes and steering at these higher speeds is extremely dangerous especially in close traffic. After coasting to a stop the car restarts easily. This stalling occurs with the cruise control on and off and does not appear to be a factor. Weather in all cases was dry and warm. The stalling has occurred several times ,weeks and months apart. Two Ford dealers have looked at the car but cannot find a computer code problem, they also haven't been able to recreate the problem thus they say they cannot fix the problem. A web search divulges that others have reported this similar problem to Ford for the 2002,2004 and 2005 Explorer. Please look into this before someone gets injured or killed!.

Unknown Or Other problem #56

I have had the shifter lock actuator replaced twice in less than 2 years. This actuator defect prevents my Explorer from coming out of park.

Unknown Or Other problem #57

Crack in rear hatch body panel containing Ford emblem. Defective part has not been replaced. Crack occurred by itself, no additional physical damage to hatch itself or rear end of vehicle. Ford had received over 900 complaints about this item and there is an ongoing class action lawsuit for this defect in California.

Unknown Or Other problem #58

Over the years we have had repeated problems with the transmission. It jerks and struggles to change gears. When you travel at freeway speeds it whines and jerks when it changes gears and when you're stopped at a light it makes weird noises and hesitates when you put your foot on the gas. We have repeatedly had the transmission repaired over the years.

Unknown Or Other problem #59

Gear shift in my 2002 Ford Explorer broke off while trying to put my car in gear. I have been informed by the local dealer that the part is part of the steering column and it would cost approx. $1200. 00 to replace. The part that broke is made of alumiumn and is only about 4-5 inches long. This was a danger to me because my driveway is on a slight incline. In addition if the vehicle went into reverse, I could of had cause property damage and how would I put the vehicle back in park?.

Unknown Or Other problem #60

My 2002 Ford Explorer has a rear end noise it is really loud ive noticed many Explorers have the same problem. I have replace rear axle the whole rear end and the nise comes back I think its rediculous that I have to pay all this money to fix it when its a wide spread problem for Ford Explorers. Ford should have a solution by now and should fix it for free. The noise is a constant when driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #61

Blend door motor for the heat melted. . . Apparantly this is a common problem for Explorers. . . Is this not a fire hazard???? the piece is plastic and melts. . . Could this not cause a fire?.

Unknown Or Other problem #62

In sept 2009 the transmission on my 2004 Ford Explorer failed an needed to be replaced. The vehicle had an extended warranty and the cost of the repair was covered. 18 months later the rebuilt transmission failed at 60,400 or 20,000 miles after the rebuilt transmission was put in. The extended warranty expired on 1/30/11 or 60,000 miles. The rebuilt transmission according to Ford expires with the vehicle warranty even though if you purchase a rebuilt transmission for a Ford vehicle not under warranty they will offer a 3 year/100k mile warranty. I called Ford with my dilemma and explained that the rebuilt transmission went 33 days after the expiration of the warranty or 400 miles above the 60,000 mile limit. I was told that they were very sorry this happened but there is nothing they can do. Outside the issue of not being very fair since if I had purchased the transmission on my own the repair would have been covered, this 2004 Ford Explorer is now on its 3rd transmission and the vehicle only has 60,000 miles on it. Something seems inherently wrong with that. Thanks for reading my complaint.

Unknown Or Other problem #63

Tl - the contact owns a 2011 Ford Explorer. The contact stated that when he tried to pressed the brake his foot rest on a bar thats next to the brake pedal instead of the brake pad. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who stated that was the way the vehicle was design and they could not alter it. The manufacturer was not contacted. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure and current mileage was 60. Pm.

Unknown Or Other problem #64

My transmission failed while trying to cross a busy intersection. It would not shift and I was unable to accelerate. It was a scary moment; luckily there was no crash. Ford knows about the high failure rate for transmissions in the 03 Explorers, but refused to do anything other than offer to put in a new transmission at an exorbitant rate. They should have issued a recall on these transmissions, but have refused to do so, in spite of many complaints.

Unknown Or Other problem #65

I own a 2006 Ford Explorer with only 64000 miles and the tone rings on the abs brakes have both cracked, not costing me over $1000 in repair bills. This is an item that should not crack with only 64k miles of use.

Unknown Or Other problem #66

The sun visor on the 2004 Ford Explorer has a weak bracket that holds the visor. If the bracket fails, that can cause the driver to lose control and have an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #67

Purchased 2004 Explorer in November 2007. 95489 miles. No prior indication in drivability, noise or lights coming on. Going along, most speed available was 20 mph, rpms on 6; then jerked to change gears. Driving on highway in town during rush hour, overdrive light and check engine lights came on. Limped into nearest repair shop, which happened to be a transmission shop,. Transmission had to be rebuilt. Obviously Ford knew about these problems because they had sent shop update notices and what to do with transmission problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #68

2004 Ford Explorer: 1) plastic exterior panel below rear window is cracked, in 2006 Ford had a repair assist program, thereby acknowling the failures. It no longer is offering that repair assistance?? there are numerous reports of this failure on internet forums. 2) left rear window hinge broke free from the window when I opened the window, I was fortuante it did not fall on my head (the riser piston was the only thing that kept it attached to the vehicle). I had to pay $50 for new hinges. I am waiting for the non-replaced hinge to fail as well. There are numerous reports of these hinge failures on the internet. The Ford dealer nearest Ford world headquarters in deaborn, mi where I bought the new hinges told me they have sold 10 new hinge packages in the last 2 months to customers due to the same failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #69

I've had to replace two ball bearings in my 2002 Ford Explorer xls. First the back left and now the back right. With the latest, the back left, the tire on the back left was almost seizing up from the problem and my car was leading to the left and right from the grinding.

Unknown Or Other problem #70

Noise coming from steering, felt in steering wheel while turning, in the form of a shudder accompanied with a pulsating groaning type noise. This occurred more frequently as time has gone by, now it happens more frequently and with an additional sound of fluid bypassing in the steering rack, like what will happen with any vehicles steering system when the wheel is turned all the way full right or full left. It sounds just like that only turning the wheel normally, not to its wheel stops. Also it feels like some power assist is lost and not there like it should be, causing increased steering wheel effort. I am concerned that total loss of steering may happen at some point in time! had it in to dealer and they ignored my concern they said they found nothing wrong, steering pump pressure tests should have been performed but I don't believe they did this.

Unknown Or Other problem #71

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer and the transmission just went out on it. I will tell the story from the begginging. Ok so I was about 30 mins away from my home and driving on the freeway back home when the od light started blinking very fast. Then I get off the freeway and stop and the red light then when I started to go the transmission started doing all sorts of crazy shit it was changing gears like crazy and finnaly settle out. Then right before I turn in my drive the transmission just quits! it just stopped! I put it in park then drive and nothing. . . No sound. . No movement it would just roll backwards. So now it sitting on the side of the road where I pushed it to. All of this happened in 30 mins! nothing was wrong before this happened. !!!! please someone help and lets get this to be recalled!.

Unknown Or Other problem #72

My 2002 Ford Explorer back rear window eploded the glass hit the top of my head and cut my face and a peice got in my eye, glass went every where, it was like a bomb went off. I am not the only one this has happen too. I feel this really needs to be address asp. And a recall on it. What has to happen some one lose a eye for anything to be done. Just check the report on this, its not a one time thing. . It has happen to lost of them why isnt any thing being done about it ? is Ford paying someone off.

Unknown Or Other problem #73

Driver side wheel bearing failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #74

The hatch back cracked down the middle. Right below the windows.

Unknown Or Other problem #75

There are many cracks below rear window which are getting larger and larger. The safety concern is that the entire window will fall out because obviously the hinges are being affected by these large cracks. There have been many many concerns on this exact problem and for safety reasons, Ford needs to recall all vehicles that this affects before someone gets killed or hurt really bad.

Unknown Or Other problem #76

Paint on hood bubbling with corosion under hood.

Unknown Or Other problem #77

One of the rear lift gate hinges has failed. The pin has pushed through the hinge. The structural strength of the aluminum used as seemed to failed. The other hinge shows similar signs of failing but has not completely failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #78

Transmision failure, replaced at dealership. New transmision failed within a week, replaced at dealership also replaced all hub bearings, excessive noise. Rear end also has excessive noise. Rear back up sensor frequently turns off and does not work.

Unknown Or Other problem #79

At random times and not often, when I put the SUV in park, and turn off the truck and remove my foot from the brake, the truck will continue to roll. It is as though the SUV is in netural, put it is in park. The SUV will roll until something stops it like a curb or applying the brake. To fix the problem, I have to place the shift gear to from park to another gear and back to park. At that time, the truck will catch. Over the past year or so, it has occured 6 or 7 times. I took the truck in for service and they checked the transmission and gear box and found no issue. The problem occured again last week. Since the dealer cannot see the problem, they say there is no problem. However, it is a matter of time of when it occurs and I am not aware of it not locking and it rolls when there is nobody to stop it or a curb. There is no pattern since it has occured at work, grocery store, home, etc.

Unknown Or Other problem #80

I bought a Ford Explorer, v-6 4x4 and the transmission light started flickering and the transmission started shifting hard when I tried to drive it home.

Unknown Or Other problem #81

Car suddenly lurches forward and rocks back and forth. Car was parked in driveway when started, it suddenly lurched forward, rocking back and forth leaving a bruise across my shin from the running boards. Two days earlier, my daughter closed the back hatch which caused the truck to lurch back and forth, luckily, just bumping her. This has happened numerous times over the past several years, even though the gear shift was always properly in park when it happened.

Unknown Or Other problem #82

2010 Ford Explorer rental from hertz. Approx 3500 miles. After 10 miles dashboard red warning said "service rsc immediately" also audible alarm repeated every few minutes. Took it to Ford dealer who said it was a loose wire. After 10 more miles, warning repeated then stopped. Then car began to pulsate braking pull to the left. Had to drive that way 45 miles to airport to exchange the car with hertz.

Unknown Or Other problem #83

About a year ago I noticed the panel below the rear window start to crack. As time went on the crack continued down the entire panel next to the Ford emblem. The rear window now makes a rattling noise. I don't know if it will loosen enough for it to pop out if I hit a bump in the road. It has certainly reduced the value of the vehicle. I went online to see if anyone else was having this problem and was shocked to see hundreds of comments. I contacted Ford and they said there was no recall from you and that until there was I should go ahead and have it fixed. Repair costs seem to be around $400. For the panel plus painting. I really think a design flaw should not be my problem. They know it was a flaw since the newer models are designed completely different.

Unknown Or Other problem #84

The radiator was leaking on my Explorer and Ford refused to fix it, eventhough it was still under warranty. I see that there are many complaints on the 2006 Ford Explorer for the radiator leaking.

Unknown Or Other problem #85

We purchased our 2006 Explorer used with 61,000 in summer 2009. The dealership did a complete inspection and replaced everything we found as defective or as a recalled item. The coolant system wasn't one of these issues. Drove vehicle all summer and into the fall without issue. By late fall of 2009 vehicle had anti-freeze leak, just after the first frost in ne. Local auto service providor replaced radiator twice in one month with napa parts without remedy and then eventually they had to replace with an authorized Ford radiator to get it not to fail. Also replaced the water pump, all hoses, pullies, and fluid to make sure there were no other issues. Still leaked but minor and finally was corrected in spring of 2010. By late fall 2010, again after the first frost the vehicle was leaking anti-freeze again. Took it to Ford dealership this time where they went through the entire cooling system and replaced the thermostat and upper intake housing they said was leaking. They also flushed the entire system again and added what they deemed was the correct antifreeze for the vehicle assuring that this would stop the problem. Vehicle still leaked and we had to periodically tighten the hose clamps but by spring of 2011 the leak again stopped. Just brought vehicle back to Ford dealership fall 2011, again after the first frost. Was told the now 2 year old Ford radiator was failing at the joints between aluminum and plastic. This was the same failure as originally noted in fall of 2009. There appears to be an ongoing problem with 2006 Explorer radiators with over 50k miles. Along with environmental issues, this condition affects the transmission and the safety of the occupants if the engin runs out of coolant.

Unknown Or Other problem #86

2006 Ford Explorer XLT w/4. 0 l had a coolant leak and needed a new radiator. Mileage was 40,005. Radiator was replaced on 11/16/2009. Two years later (1/1/12) the radiator is again leaking and needs to be replaced. Current mileage is 54. 435.

Unknown Or Other problem #87

The paint on the roof is all peeling off it looks like crap I was told that it would cost about 600. 00 to 1,500 to repaint and fix itcar paint should not peel off the roof I have read that other people have had the same trouble with the paint on there Explorers.

Unknown Or Other problem #88

In April of 2009 I bought a 2004 Explorer from car connections in palm bay florida! this has been nothing but a nightmare! but my "main" complaint 2 weeks ago I took the truck in for regular service to find out that my "over drive" gear is gone. Aamco explained to me that Ford knew that and it is a defective part! so, to get a 2nd opinion I took my truck to meineke, they also made the same comment of "that is a defective part from Ford" and they will not recall the part! well, I am being charged from $3,400 to the lowest of $2,800 for repairs "excluding" tax! why am I and thousand of others paying for something that Ford knew was going to be a costly repair for us consumers in this horrible recession! I feel that we/I should be compensated in some sort of way just to help for something bad they sent out. I can't even trade the truck in due to the value has decreased tremendously! I am stuck with a vehicle that is basically going to rust in my driveway for being so costly! please let Ford know that they should honor what they knew was wrong! please help!.

Unknown Or Other problem #89

I have a 2006 Ford Explorer and when your at a stand still it feels like someone hit u from the back and it fails to switch gears when its suppose to and not only that when u try to go it just hums then finally takes off and I almost cause me to hit a tree. . . . The dealer says nothing is wrong. . . . Im very upset!.

Unknown Or Other problem #90

Ford Explorer transmissions slipping and going out will get u killed if u pull out in traffic and it starts slipping and want go someone may hit u and get u killed.

Unknown Or Other problem #91

Back glass breaking upon shutting door , drviers door.

Unknown Or Other problem #92

The back panel of my 2003 Ford Explorer cracked right down the middle. It is the panel just below the back windshield. It was fine one day, and split down the middle the next. I know it is nothing I did. I googled to see if anyone else had this problem and I was shocked to find hundreds and hundreds of complaints for the exact same thing! this needs to be recalled. Ford should be responsible for this defect, not the customer. Please, please, recall this for us. We put our trust in Ford by purchasing their vehicles and we would hope they would take care of their mistakes. Thank you very much.

Unknown Or Other problem #93

The brackets holding both the driver and passenger sun visors broke in 2008, just four months after we bought the vehicle (may 2008). We had them replaced on 09/19/2008. The new sun visors on both the driver and passenger side are again cracking as of 09/02/2011, with the driver's side again almost falling off. This will be the third set of visors on this vehicle since we purchased it in may 2008. This is ridiculous. Ford will not replace them, even though they are under warranty. Many other Ford Explorer/ranger owner's are experiencing the same problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #94

I bought my 2002 Ford Explorer in 2005. At about 85000 miles I noticed the transmission started to slip and often jerks real hard when shifting into 3rd. I had the transmission fluid changed by an authorized Ford dealer in my area and they told me there are no metal shavings in the fluid, however, they did tell me that the 2002 Fords are well knows for having transmission problems and they see it all the time in this make model and year. I called Ford and they told me there are no recalls on the transmission, however, reading all the problems on the internet about owners who have complained, I feel there should be a recall on this because it is a safety issue!.

Unknown Or Other problem #95

I payed 18,000 for my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT with the flex fuel in 2006. Its a very nice looking SUV but I only drove it for 2 years before the transmission started to fail. I beleave a transmission should last more than 2 years. My concearn is that its defective all around the transmission and I could still drive it if I wasnt in fear for my life. I have had it to Ford dealership and they could not diagnose the problem, they wanted me to pay them to taket out the tranny and wanted way to much for any parts,so I had it looked at by a transmission place that been around a long time and he had no idea what was wrong. Replaced the selenoid for like 900 and my it ran fine for like 2 weeks until I put in 4 w/d than my o/d light started bliking again and the transmission slipped, the o/d light eluminated the first time my transmission ever slipped. And if I went and drove it right now it would cause an accident and some people might still depend on there defective Explorer to get somewhere. It accelerates by its self it sometimes dosnt want to go in gear and if this is electrical someones vehicle could stop in the middle of a highway with no warning but a blinking o/d light. And worst thing is, if Ford would reconize this problem with out selling new transmissions that will eventually have the same problem with I could have it fixed but no one but Ford knows what is wrong and they obviously dont know how to fix it or know if they admit their mistake it was a design flaw I want my money back. I bet you they wouldnt even take my Explorer on a trade in. And if you just google Ford Explorer anything from 1999 to 2007 I think. . . . Its going to have like thousands of people with the same problem as mine and probaly like from 40,000 miles up, way to early for transmission replacement.

Unknown Or Other problem #96

The heater no longer works and no matter where the heat dial is turned, it makes a constant ticking sound. I looked into getting it fixed at a local shop and was told it was going to be at least a $1,500 charge.

Unknown Or Other problem #97

The contact owns a 2006 Ford Explorer. While driving at an unknown speed, the contact accidentally struck the safety valve switch with his foot. The switch is located directly underneath the firewall near the glove box. Minutes later, the vehicle lost all power and shut off. The vehicle was towed to the dealer and they replaced the entire component. The switch is easily accessible to his foot, which may cause him to accidentally strike it without knowing. The contact filed a formal complaint with the manufacturer. The current and failure mileages were 48,000. Updated 03-04-08.

Unknown Or Other problem #98

I just recently took my 2003 Ford Explorer XLT 4. 0l v6 to my local dealer because of a cold draft coming from the glove box and or floor panel on the passenger side. Upon not even going into further explanation about my problem they knew exactly what the problem was; stating it is the "blend door. " they said "the pins from the door break off and causes the door to fall making it not function properly creating a cold draft and the heater or air conditioning not to work properly; is a "common problem". ¿ when I called down there two days later, to get my quote on fixing it, the manager in parts said the part was $50. 00 and was going to require 4 hours of labor because of having to take the whole dash off to get to it; I was looking at roughly $330. 00 with parts, labor, and tax. ¿ I personally feel this is a manufactures defect and why should the consumer have to pay for a manufactures defect? also, if this is such a common problem why is there not a recall for it being faulty; other than because it's not a safety hazard. I appreciate any time you put into my question and dilemma. I will be looking forward to an explanation as to why it isnt a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #99

I am attempting to rectify a well know problem on my 2003 Ford Explorer regarding the heater blend door for the front heating unit. In this particular instance I have no heat here in michigan of all places. Does Ford have a recall for this problem? I have spoken to several Ford people and they say this is a very common problem. If the air blend door breaks and the system is locked in the a/c mode, defogging/defrosting the windshield will be a challenge. Ever tried to melt ice with an air conditioner? we have a responsibility to report safety issues. When the dealer called back , the first question was the vehicle?s mileage. When I reported 79k miles they said sorry, the cut-off for assistance was 75k miles. I argued that the problem was logged at 40k miles with numerous follow-up calls. They refused. I called the 1-800 assistance number again and got a real bonehead. She confirmed that 75k miles was the cut-off. I asked to speak to the gentleman to whom I had previously registered my complaint, giving her his identification number. She refused. I hung up and dialed the 1-800 number again. This time I got a kind lady who told me that the field engineer had the authority to offer compensation. I contacted the dealership to schedule an appointment and then learned that the field engineer had backed out of the deal and I was about to fork over $700 for replacement. How in the world does the customer get hosed for this amount of money. I bought the truck, kept it insured, did my maintenance and due to a factory defect, I still have to pay? unless the vehicle is in a crash or fire, an air plenum should last longer than the body of the vehicle. The on-going saga continues, as this becomes a safety issue, now I can't see out of my window due to snow and ice.

Unknown Or Other problem #100

Paint is bubbling up and peeling on my roof in 3 areas. I can see the metal.

Unknown Or Other problem #101

Dealer letter stating to take to local dealership to have recall fixed. Letter was sent in August and each time I've taken my vehicle to be repaired, which has been at least three times, there were no parts available. It's now October 4, 2007 and I called to check on the status of parts and the dealership says mid November to early December. My question is this, if my car catches on fire because they never get parts, will Ford replace my vehicle at their cost?.

Unknown Or Other problem #102

Rear mix canister causes a knocking noise in the rear driver side. This equipment was replaced last year at the beginning of summer. Found a crack in the container along the seam was the cause. Cost $800 to replace. Now my complaint is the problem has recurred this year indicating a defect in manufacturing.

Unknown Or Other problem #103

Spare tire lost from lift/hanger. At the time of purchasing new tires I learned my spare tire was missing. The cable used to lift the tire was broken, it did not appear to be cut. I don't know when the tire was lost, but this could be a very serious hazard to other motorists if it happened while driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #104

Automatic windows - rear windows - motor went out - replaced once - doing it again, have to take it back in. Rear air system does not blow out heat. Again, needing to take it in again. Had I not gotten the extended warranty on my vehicle I would be without rear heat.

Unknown Or Other problem #105

The vehicle's paint is bubbly/blistering on the front edge of the hood. The vehicle was taken to a german Ford dealership who noted the corrosion, took pictures, and initiated a report to Ford motor company. At this time the dealer refuses to repair the vehicle at no charge because the vehicle's 36/36,000 warranty had expired, and is awaiting a formal response from Ford motor company. The vehicle was not involved in a crash or fire.

Unknown Or Other problem #106

Transmission died Ford would not warrenty.

Unknown Or Other problem #107

1998 Ford Explorer radio (electronic, with single cd) display periodically fails to operator. All lighting fades out, cannot cause it to return. No know cause or preceding event. . . But it might be temperature-related. Radio/cd/tape still functions well. This is an ongoing event. An internet search for comments from other drivers results in many replies, appears this may be more common an occurrence than just me.

Unknown Or Other problem #108

Radiator fail caused cat death.

Unknown Or Other problem #109

On July 25 my 2000 Ford 4wd Explorer XLT caught on fire (per finding of bexar county fire inspector) sitting in my garage and destroyed the vehicle, garage, all its contents and all the surrounding trees and landscaping. The car had been driven 5 miles about 30 minutes before the fire started. There was no Ford recall on the Explorer and there still isn't.

Unknown Or Other problem #110

I returned from a trip to notice that the spare on my 1997 Ford Explorer had "disappeared". Seems that the cable that holds it had rusted out and given way dropping the spare who knows where. I had never used the spare and had only noticed thinking I had seen fluid under my car. I have the car inspected for state purposes and nothing was ever said to me. I mentioned the occurrence to an online buddy and he said the same had happened to him. Another acquaintance said he had it happen with his pick up truck. I called my Ford dealer and was told they had a replacement "winch & cable" in stock so I thought what happened to me was not a rare occurrence and was recall worthy. It certainly is a safety hazard and I have no clue what havoc my spare may have created on the highway or wherever it dropped.

Unknown Or Other problem #111

On April 4, 2006, my 1998 Ford Explorer caught fire and was totaled. I arrived at work at approximately 3:15 pm. I went in and went to work. At about 3:55, I was paged over the intercom to get to the north entrance immediately. When I got there the security guards told me that my truck was on fire. As I looked out the doors, the front of my truck was engulfed in flames. The fire department had got there and was in the process of putting the fire out. When the fire was put out, all that was left was a big mess. My truck was gone. The vehicle had been running fine. My cruise control had went out about 1 month prior to the fire. I was unaware of any recalls except for a screw in the drivers seat (which was the only recall letter that I had received. ) for days that they can't speak to me about the vehicle or incident because I have an insurance claim and my insurance adjuster says that they won't speak to him either. What are we as consumers supposed to do when the products we purchase, and for the amount they ask for their product , are lost due to the manufacturers defects? how are we as consumers protected?.

Unknown Or Other problem #112

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. My ac blend door failed this winter. I can get either full heat or full cold and no in between. From what I have read, this costs about $1000 to have fixed. It is a ridiculous problem that seems to happen fairly often in Ford vehicles. The affected models should be recalled and fixed. Thank you.

Unknown Or Other problem #113

We own a 2003 Ford Explorer XLT. We were driving on I-79 and all of a sudden the car lost power so that we could not go above 25 mph on a very busy highway. We were towed over 100 miles back home to the dealership and were told that "for some reason the air mass system went bad and caused the catalytic converters to go bad. " the mechanic stated that he would try to get the dealership to pay for the catalytic converters since they are so expensive, however, I believe this offer was made in order to cover up an issue with the manufacturing of the vehicle. The car is still in the shop 5 days later and we do not know anything more as to how this could have occured. We have been diligent at keepingup regular maintenance and the car only has 43,000 miles on it, so this is not something that should have occured with no warning whatsoever. We have two small children and are very greatful that no large trucks were right around us as the time of the incident or we could have been seriously hurt as they can not slow down from 75mph to 25mph in a quick manner.

Unknown Or Other problem #114

1) check engine light came on. 2) dpfe sensor was found to be defective 3) dpfe sensor was replaced at my cost even though there is a recall for vehicles with same year, make and model.

Unknown Or Other problem #115

2004 Ford Explorer - I bought this vehicle new in Dec. 03. Starting at approximately 14 months old, it starts stalling out, just dying completely. No signs, no symptoms, just die at a slow rate of speed. The first time it happened, I chalked it up to bad gas or something? finally, on the 3rd. Dead time, I took it into the dealer. They said they changed a fuse and it should be fine. It died again . . . And again. I took it back. They installed a black box (flight recorder & told me to drive it until the machine regestered "3". I had to keep the button by the steering column so I could push it quickly when the vehicle stalled. The first stall, I pushed the button & it registered "2". It died again just a block down the road (rush hour traffic on casino row, hwy 90). I pushed the button again & it registered "3". The next week I took it back to the dealer. They had the car 4 days this time & couldn't figure it out. Finally they called the engineers who said to "clean & tighten the grounding straps". That Friday, it died again. A couple of times it has dies, my newly licensed daughter was driving & now she is affraid of my car! the steering column locks when it dies. We were coming back from walmart & I kept telling her "turn, turn", she yelled "I can't". The car had died again! because of the hurricane, I couldn't take the vehicle back in. It died a total of 6 times during evacuation. 5 in slow traffic jams & once when coming 60 mph off the interstate onto an exit. I have since taken it back in to the dealer again (at the urging of Ford customer service) and they kept it 10 days & still do not know what is wrong! they gave me my car back & suggested I take it to another dealer. ?! I am a united states air force instructor and I do not have the time to take it in constantly to the dealer. Plus, I pay an outrageous car payment just to have my vehicle sit in repair.

Unknown Or Other problem #116

Cracked panel under rear window 2005 Ford Explorer.

Unknown Or Other problem #117

My wife was driving our 2000 Ford Explorer to work when smoke started coming out of the steering column. It cost $212. 57 to get repaired at the Ford dealership (victory Ford). Dealership called it a "multi function switch".

Unknown Or Other problem #118

None - just driving and engine stops without a sputter on highway at 55-65 mph or just idleing, 2/3 dealer determines idle air bypass defective, 2/3 - driving home from dealer it does the same thing, 2/8 - dealer gets vehicle back and reprograms power control module, now it runs rougher than before and dies out more frequently. 2002 Ford exploer 49k miles VIN 1fmzu73e12ub05049.

Unknown Or Other problem #119

Front passenger window (automatic windows) stopped working. My Explorer was just a little over the mileage limit on the warranty. I took it to the local Ford dealer and was told that it would cost over $300 to repair. The modulator in the window had failed. I called Ford and they agreed to the repair for $100. That satisfied me. Now, the same thing has happened with the rear passenger window. If I used these two windows excessively, I could see something possibly happening. But, I don't - I'm the only occupant of this vehicle 98% of the time. Is there anything that I can do to get Ford to repair this obviously defective part?.

Unknown Or Other problem #120

When the air conditioner is on, there is a loud squeak each time the clutch engages. When taken to the dealer(john chandler Ford amarillo, TX), they state it is a normal occurance. You can hear the noise over the stereo and any talking. The vehicle has been to the shop @ 6 times, and no corrective action has been done for this issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #121

I bought a used 2002 Ford Explorer (used) on 2/8/03, with @43,000 miles, and at times, I experienced a lurching in my car, with banging between shifts most often when switching from drive to reverse, but sometimes when strictly in drive, even at complete stops, such as red lights. As it was becoming repetitive, I brought the car in for service with the dealer I purchased it from - larson Ford in lakewood, NJ. The first service was on 5/24/04, in which they said it was a transmission problem, and replaced the driveshaft and yolk, with a cost of $879. 75 to me. As the problem was not corrected, I brought my car back on 8/2/04, at which time they told me that the solenoid was not responding, they replaced it, and tried to charge me another $900. 00, which I refuted, because I had already paid for this to be "fixed". Unfortunately, the lurching when switching from drive to reverse (with brake on)still occurs, although not as violently; however, I have experienced sudden rises in rpm for no apparent reason, even at complete stops with my foot on the brake. This happened as recently as last week, but since it does not happen every time I am stopped, I am hesitant to bring it for service, because it will probably not be apparent during a test drive since it is a sporadic occurrence. The car is a 2002 Ford exlporer, 4. 0 liter, v6 engine, automatic with o/d.

Unknown Or Other problem #122

Paint on hood and roof of SUV bubbling and cracking. Purchased SUV only two years ago on 4/11/01. It is a 2002 and is only one year old and the paint is cracking and bubbling terribly on the hood and starting to crack and bubble on the roof as well. Took to dealer, crouse Ford, hampstead, MD and they told me it was probably birds! please tell me that's a joke! (: if birds are going to scratch the paint that badly then that still indicates that it is a faulty paint job. I also had the truck in for body (fender) work . The body shop (showcase) also brought to my attention the cracking and bubbling of the paint. They also contacted crouse, and again crouse never responded. Showcase (the body shop) had to call a few times before they received a response, and nothing was resolved. I think that crouse should cover this expense being that the truck is only a 2002. I also have given crouse, hampstead much business getting my vehicle serviced at least 6-8 times. The paint on my one year old SUV should not be cracking or bubbling!.

Unknown Or Other problem #123

The spare tire which was located underneath the vehicle, snapped and fell to the ground while driving. (the wench system) the passenger side mirror was replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #124

2 1/2 days our car is at the dealership because they could not find out what was wrong, said heads need to be replaced along w/ the #4 valve $350. 00 for labor. $1600 total. A few months ago we had to put a new radiator on the Explorer $600. 00, purchased Explorer brand new only has 60,000 miles supposedly the Explorer is only worth $6500. 00 we owe $15000. 00. This car is used only to go to and from work, we took a 900 mile trip to san antonio, TX (that is about the only trip we took in this Explorer, beside very minimal mileage small trips. I think this Explorer is a defect. I am also upset that is does not have a "powertrain warranty" to cover these defects that are beyond our control and seem to be ridiculous that were having to fix them when this vehicle is only a 1999 and has 60,000 miles. I will never buy another Ford product. I also think that these Explorers have lost their value due to the firestone recall. They are not safe and it appears to be a piece of junk.

Unknown Or Other problem #125

Tl-the rear end or the transmission and they cannot find the problem. You push on the accerlartor the engine revved up and then it slammed into gear. It you come to a stop sing some times it will go and sometimes no it feels as it some thing drops from under the trunck.

Unknown Or Other problem #126

I was traveling in reverse (less than 1mph) when I struck a tree. The entire back window of my 2003 Ford Explorer shattered sending shards of glass into the rear third row seating area. The glass wasn't safety glass. The amount of damage (glass and body) is over $2,500. 00. There are two areas of concern. First, if there were passengers in the 3rd row seat, they would have been covered in glass especially in the facial area? number two. Why shoul there be so much damage at less than 1 mph? if I was rear ended at let's say 40 mph, the car would be totalled. I find this incident points out a design flaw and a safety problem. James hutchison.

Unknown Or Other problem #127

The vehicle started to make loud noise, the consumer learned there was a recall, but the recall notice was probably mailed to the original owner.

Unknown Or Other problem #128

Rear window/hatch, including hydraulics and steel frame exploded while I was driving my 2002 Ford Explorer. Glass and debris flew about 15' behind my car and was all the way up to the front seats. Thankfully I was alone in the vehicle. Someone sitting in the middle or back seats would have been hurt. A baby in a rear-facing car seat might have been blinded, or worse.

Unknown Or Other problem #129

Leakage around the back window. Ph.

Unknown Or Other problem #130

The blend door on my 1996 Ford Explorer broke due to a defective design. From the Ford owners groups web sites, I have seen numberous other owner's with the same problem. My heating is stuck in hot unless max air is turned on. There is no in between. Although it is not an extream safty issue, it is very uncomfortable for my infant child. The Ford dealer will fix it but from what I understand it will cost arround $1000. I simply can't afford that kind of money to fix Ford's defective parts.

Unknown Or Other problem #131

1996 Ford Explorer heater/ ac blend door failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #132

Paint on hood and roof bubbling and cracking.

Unknown Or Other problem #133

Headlights too bright (low beams specifaically).

Unknown Or Other problem #134

While consumer was parking the vehicle, the gas pedal broke completely off of the pedal bracket. The dealership do not know how to fix the problem. Please provide more details. Ts.

Unknown Or Other problem #135

While driving at 35 mph the vehicle suddenly accelerated at a speed of 70 mph. The consumer applied brakes but they didn't hold. Consumer had to put vehicle in park gear to stop vehcile, while vehicle was coasting. Ts.

Unknown Or Other problem #136

Radio display went out investigations on web have proven this is a wide spread problem on 98-00 Explorers. A circuit board in the radio overheats causing it to melt the power supply board in the radio. Who knows this could cause a fire at the worst, and cause the loss of all radio display at the minimum. Since this is such a widespread issue I feel there should be a recall on the radio. Dt.

Unknown Or Other problem #137

Issue: Ford Explorer has fuel cut off switch directly below the glove box against the passenger side pillar (directly above the carpet on passenger size) approximately 1 foot above floorboard. Passenger may be able to knock the connector or switch loose, causing fuel shut down and loss of power in the vehicle. Connector is on bottom of switch; cable runs directly below carpet and can be tugged loose with enough force (connector is standard Ford locking blade type). Incident occurred on interstate 10 w in los angeles on the interstate 5 north on ramp. Heavy traffic caused wife to straighten legs and kicked the connector loose at 60 mph. Vehicle lost total engine power and stalled in traffic. Vehicle was towed to dealership once before this incident. Fortunately it was in a parking lot. Dealer mentioned issue was resolved after plugging switch back in. Resolved issue using cable ties, but a more suitable recall should be done to ensure other owners do not encounter the same situation. Recommend a plate or fastener that makes it impossible for plug to come loose when hit with foot or other objects. Also recommend repositioning switch to rear of vehicle, or underneath rear seat on newer models, if it has not already occurred. Discussed this with a friend who recommended I file a complaint, even though it occurred almost a year ago. Thank you.

Unknown Or Other problem #138

Odometer problem, and costly repairs on a car/SUV not disclosed as being from canada. Within 18000 miles, transmission failed, odometer didnt work, been through 2 sets of plugs and wires in 6 months.

Unknown Or Other problem #139

In the unlikely event there is a problem that is totally "unfixable" then Ford has sold me a product that is faulty, and the product should be replaced. However, I would like for the car to be fixed and I am willing to leave it in the shop as long as it takes to correct the problem so that the car will be safe to drive again.

Unknown Or Other problem #140

The idle air control valve keeps freezing up, keeps making the vehicle stall when coming to a stop, cost around $77. 00 to replace, searched the internet and found other people with the same problem. Nlm.

Unknown Or Other problem #141

I puchased a "certified" Ford SUV from a local dealer. I was told at the time of purchase that the vehicle was a lease trade-in. After the salesman told me about Fords 115point check list to "certify" its vehicles I felt that this would be a wise investment. From the begining ive had problems, some of which the dealer did repair. But as time when on, bigger problems arose. What cauight my attention was that my trucks clearcoat has begun to peel away. I brought my truck to two body shops to have the problem looked at. Both claimed that the vehicle must have been in a accident and not repaired correctly. After hearing this I purchased a report from carfax. To my surprise I found out that the SUV was bought at auction and was in a serious front end accident where the air bags did deploy. I attempted to contact the dealer about the situation, but was told there was nothing they could do. I also attemped to contact Ford, but was told that Ford does not handle complaints like this. So im in the postion where the dealer nor Ford are willing to help me. Not I am paying for a SUV which I dont feel safe in, nor do I know what other problems are going to arrise. Any help or advice you may offer would be great! thanks.

Unknown Or Other problem #142

Transmission is whining and needs to be replaced.

Unknown Or Other problem #143

Engine check light comes on frequently. Ford says is normal and over 100 things could cause it. Service people say loose gas cap or fill while running could cause. Charged $86 to run test to determine nothing is wrong. Gas cap might have been left loose after fill. . . Ford has a significant, frequent problem with engine light and should be responsible to take care of these nuisance instances without charge to customers. . . Especially while under warranty.

Unknown Or Other problem #144

While driving around engine check light came on dashboard. Took vehicle to dealer for a tune-up to correct the problem, but did not help, engine check light still popped up. Please provide more information.

Unknown Or Other problem #145

While driving engine check light will come and stay on. Had taken vehicle to dealer for repairs, and could not determine what had caused the situation. Please provide more information.

Unknown Or Other problem #146

Consumer stated the check engine light illuminated on several occassions, the first time the vehicle overheated and the dealer replaced the thermostat, when it happened again the dealer cleaned the injectors.

Unknown Or Other problem #147

Engine check light comes on whenever it pleases. Have taken to dealer 3 times to fix problem, and they have been unable to do so. Light would stay off for up to 1 week after repair, then come back on. Dealer advised they had replaced an O2 sensor, and reprogrammed the computer which should have fixed the problem, which it didn't. Vehicle then taken to an independent service garage where another O2 sensor replaced. That time light stayed off the longest it ever had, but it still came back on. Battery cables have even been disconnected to allow computer to reset, but light always comes back on. As of now I have spent over $500 out of my pocket to try and fix problem, but it still exists.

Unknown Or Other problem #148


Unknown Or Other problem #149

Ticking noise in engine since purchase. Had the SUV in a Ford service center several times for recalls etc. Had only 21,000 mile at purchase. Went to another Ford service center with engine service light on at 36,200. Told I needed the timing chain replaced at my cost. According to your web posting a service bul. Has gone out on this problem long ago. Ford should have had a recall . If not fixed in other engines this will couse major engine failure and major expense to others. Ford should have covered this! according to your web customer complaints I am not the only one that has had this problem. Ford needs to be pushed on this problem before major engine failure happes to others with possible injuries etc.

Unknown Or Other problem #150

My 97 Ford Explorers paint is checking very bad on all horizontal surfaces and rear gate, and is traveling down the sides getting progressively worse.

Unknown Or Other problem #151

No summmary listed for abov evehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #152

No summary listed for abov evehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #153

Need to secure custody of vehicle left in texas - please contact us( dot number: ).

Unknown Or Other problem #154

At such a low mileage it seems to me that this repair should be necessary. It was reported by my mechanic that other Explorers have demonstrated similar problems. If so, why has this not been on recall by Ford. It is a costly part and repair fee.

Unknown Or Other problem #155

Five warranty work orders and four recall (99s18, 00s04, 30382, 99s09) work orders causes concerns with safety and manufacturer quality control. I have written Ford motor company, and have not received response. Please contact me with any questions. No safety defect mnentioned in summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #156

Engine check light keeps coming on, dealer cannot remedy problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #157

I was driving on highway at 55mph when heard slight thumping noise, followed by huge noise, when I realized my right rear tire blew out. The Ford Explorer remained very straight and I pulled over. The tire was shredded into pieces. At the time I thought it was a strange blow out because it didn't seem instantanous. I also thought it was strange because the tires were in good shape. Always rotated, etc. . Since the tires had 42,000 miles I replaced all four tires. Unfortunately with the same brand!! it wasn't until I heard about the tires on the news that I realized why it happened. I wonder how many others there are that never even reported a problem. ( dot number: tire size: p235-75/15 ).

Unknown Or Other problem #158

Been back to dealer numerous times. Chronic problems with this product. No safety defect listed in summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #159

I was driving along and heard a big thump, like someone threw something and hit the side of the truck. I took it into Ford and they couldn't find anything wrong. In the meantime my engine check light came on (second time within 16000 miles) and my window washer was broke so they had to order the part. I went in a week later and they put it up on the rack and that's when the bolt fell out holding my front end together. I was told I was lucky to be there for them to fix it. If it went out on me when I was driving I would have be killed. I was also told that seeing how they couldn't find the problem the first time I would have to wait until it did it constantly . If I would have waited , I wouldn' t have been around for them to find the problem. No one could explain to me why this happened. I was told by Ford motor company that this isn't a recall item. $500 plus later I was also told that they couldn't pay for it because it was out of warranty. How would they like my family owning Ford motor company for their shoddy workmanship??? that could have been a nice law suit. I have owned this vehicle for 2 years and I'm constantly putting money into it (besides my monthly car payments) to keep it on the road. I am very dissatisfied with this vehicle and will never buy a Ford product again. I just want the buyers to beware!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #160

Check engine light comes on repeatedly. Sometimes will go off by its self,sometimes battery has to be disconnected. Will not idle properly. We have had it in the garage several times to be put on a scope with absolutely no results at all. I feel it is some kind of a sensor problem. Please help!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #161

3 weeks after having my vehicle inspected by the state of texas and 4 weeks after inspection by Ford dealership the tread was off my two front tires. Luckily this was caught before it killed someone. I replaced the tires with more wilderness tires thought the firestone dealership had no explanation for the instantanious tread loss. Ford was also notified at the time. After it came to light on the tire problems I got with Ford who says it's firestones problem. Firestone says it's my problem. I feel the 16 inch wilderness should be recalled before more are killed. Please do what you can !!! (tiresize: p255/70r16)( dot number: tire size: p255/70r16 ).

Unknown Or Other problem #162

Ford was willing and actually paid the repair bill of $800+ dollars for the first repair. 25,000 miles later the same problem arises. I've done considerable research on this problem and the problem occurs frequently. Dt.

Unknown Or Other problem #163

Part has been replaced and broke again after a few uses. I have asked if stronger material was considered. A few of my friends that also own this particular model have also had failures with this component. No safety defect listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #164

I have contacted firestone about this failure and have been stonewalled at every turn. I keep explaining that I replaced the tires at my onw cost over a 1 year ago and they keep asking me to send it to me. Need some help to get them to respond constructively. ( dot number: don't know tire size: ? ).

Unknown Or Other problem #165

The very first time I went to use the spare tire on this 97 Explorer the winch failed and had to be replaced. ( dot number: tire size: p235/75r15 ).

Unknown Or Other problem #166

When consumer was trying to turn off the engine the vehicle suddenly accelerated. Driver couldn't stop vehicle by applying brakes, and he had to move the pawl to neutral and turn switch off. Cruise control failed. The entire keyless entry electronic system failure caused the starter kept turning over and over, but the engine did not start.

Unknown Or Other problem #167

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #168

Check engine light comes on. Repaired 4 times ready to take back for 5th. Dealer replaced part. Just had in last week, did not fix properly, doing it again.

Unknown Or Other problem #169

Anecdotal description emailed to NHTSA webmaster 5 minutes ago.

Unknown Or Other problem #170

Consumer says the navigational temperature system above the rear view mirror flash a bright light. When the outside temperature reaches below 38 degrees light is so intense that when flashing it is blinding while driving, it obstructs the consumer's view. Dealer has been contacted.

Unknown Or Other problem #171

Wind blew vehicle sideways. Hit median barrier rolled over six times. Driver was not negligent according to new hampshire state police and mass. Dept. Of motor vehicles. How do you protect against wind causing accident because of a design flaw? pickup truck was traveling behind me, wind blew it, but not to the extent it blew the Explorer. I suffered horrendous injuries and still cannot walk properly or be without pain.

Unknown Or Other problem #172

I am making this report as I had paid for the repair back in 1998 and will pursue Ford for a credit. No safety defect listed within summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #173

While driving about 15 mph the Explorer began to travel at a speed of 80 mph because the floor mat got stuck under the pedal. Driver shifted the transmission into neutral to stop the SUV while using the brakes. Problem has not been reported to dealership.

Unknown Or Other problem #174

Would you like original part??.

Unknown Or Other problem #175

The vehicle was taken to be fixed. After it was picked up. I have found out that the window is still defective and I am finding problems with other parts as well.

Unknown Or Other problem #176

Compass inoperative.

Unknown Or Other problem #177

Evaporation system keeps failing, causing gas fumes to come into vehicle and overflow gas from top of tank. Also engine check light keeps coming on.

Unknown Or Other problem #178

Engine light on continually.

Unknown Or Other problem #179

Consumer requesting information on any recall on the 19999 Ford Explorer XLT.

Unknown Or Other problem #180

Safety recall 03s03 and 03s04 2001 Ford Explorer.

Unknown Or Other problem #181

Consumer has given 1998 Ford truck to a family member and wants to update information.

Unknown Or Other problem #182

Consumer requesting service bulletin on the 2002 Ford Explorer.

Unknown Or Other problem #183

Customer states that Ford unplugged the cruise control and did not fix it. She stated that they will not have the part until December.

Unknown Or Other problem #184

No summary listed for above vehicle. ( dot number: tire size: 235/75r15 ).

Unknown Or Other problem #185

Bought car new 1/2000. 5/2000 noticed sidewalls turning brown and very bad handling on road bumps. Shortly thereafter noticed that on dirt roads (normal country road driving, not off-road) car tended to slide out on corners, and jerk to side if bump not symmetrical. Brought to Ford's attention, told them I thought the suspension was incompetent. When the recall was announced, bought michelin tires. They have not turned brown, and the safety/handling was immensely improved. Something is wrong with the firestone tires, which I still have, and the Explorer suspension. (dot number: vdcu 1px tiresize: 255/70r16).

Unknown Or Other problem #186

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #187

This is in addition to previous communication. . . I have very strong evidence that, Ford is not only negligent in not admitting wrong doing and, or just doing what it takes to fix my vehicle. I can see now, with your website info and information recently given to me, that there is gross negligence in other service issues and a "buyback" (recently learned procedure) which should have taken place on my 1995 Ford Explorer bought from sharp Ford which had very serious problems. Then, further insult to injury, I am being told that there was a "disappearing trade-in" (another recently learned term) on that 1995 Explorer. Please try to contact me or have one of your representatives do so to try and stop this from happening to others. No afety defect listed.

Unknown Or Other problem #188

In early March of 1997 the Ford assembly plant in louisville, ky flooded. This plant produces Ford Explorers, Mercury mountaineers, and Ford ranger pickup trucks. Ford estimated that "approximately 2000 vehicles were affected. " Ford also stated that "none of the damaged vehicles will be shipped to dealerships. " not true. I bought one of the damaged vehicles at don reid Ford in maitland, florida. Don reid Ford failed to disclose the material fact that my truck had been flooded and cleaned as a result of the flood. My guess is that Ford sold all or most of the 2000 damaged vehicles. My truck is rusting, on the bumper and the underside of the car. I also have an electrical problem: my windshield wipers come on of their own volition. I assume that the other owners of these damaged vehicles might be having electrical problems, or other unexplained problems related to the flood, which could pose safety problems. The problem is that these owners don't know that their vehicles had been sitting in the floodwaters of kentucky. My guess is that Ford has secret warranties for these cars.

Unknown Or Other problem #189

According to NHTSA my car has had recalls but delear says their aren't any I was just looking for some help,thank you.

Unknown Or Other problem #190

Maufactures should alert customers that using a fuel not recommended for California emission could result in damage to vehicle. Yh.

Unknown Or Other problem #191

Windshield washer intermittently comes on its own. Airbag and seatbelt lights stay on.

Unknown Or Other problem #192

No summary listed for abov evehicle. ( dot number: dhl1pm116 ).

Unknown Or Other problem #193


Unknown Or Other problem #194

Leases a 2002 Ford Explorer. Was notified by Ford finance manger that it was mandatory to purchase two insurance policies totaling over $1000.

Unknown Or Other problem #195

Body rust found roof, under hood, hatch hinges,bolts, doors. No safety defect.

Unknown Or Other problem #196

Check engine light continually lighting for no apparent reasons.

Unknown Or Other problem #197

Back order since January because replacing bad on all Explorers and no recall. No safety defect mentioned in the summ ary.

Unknown Or Other problem #198

Dealer claims not to know how to fix problem. No safety defect listed in summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #199

The vents which released cold and hot air into the vehicle was broke, the consumer was not able to defrost the windows.

Unknown Or Other problem #200

Temperature blend door is made of weak material and is proned to shatter inside the air plenum heat assembly.

Unknown Or Other problem #201

While traveling and without any indication engine indicator light flashed throughout travel. Dealer has been notified, repaired once, but problem returned. Please provide further information.

Unknown Or Other problem #202

Get this message out to the public! light trucks crashing into cars accounts for the majority of fatalities in vehicle-to-vehicle collisions 2,000 people would still be alive if their vehicles had been hit by a heavy car instead of an SUV 80 percent of car and SUV owners strongly that automakers should make safety changes to suvs that would make the roads safer for car occupants are SUV's safe? overall safety on America's roads has increased over the last decade. However, sport utility vehicles (suvs) threaten to reverse the trend. There is increasing evidence that suvs are not as safe as they appear. Recent studies show that suvs pose a significant threat to drivers and passengers of other cars on the road. In addition, there are indications that safety problems threaten passengers and drivers of suvs themselves. Most drivers want to feel safe on the road, but choosing an SUV for safety may be making the situation worse. Partly, it's an issue of escalation. Like an arms race, as more drivers choose heavier cars, those who choose lighter cars are in more danger. The national highway traffic safety administration, the government agency studying the safety of suvs, describes two characteristics of suvs and other light trucks that have the potential to increase fatalities: rollover propensity and crash compatibility. (1) rollover and unsafe features the propensity of sport utility vehicles to roll over is major safety concern. Sport utility vehicles are more than three times more likely to roll over in crash than normal passenger cars. The higher roll-over propensity may also lead to higher fatalities. Suvs are heavier and ride higher than regular cars. The high ride contributes to a propensity of suvs to roll over in accidents. According to NHTSA, suvs rollover in 37 percent of fatal crashes, compared to a 15 percent rollover rate for passenger cars. Rollover crashes accounted for 53 percent of all SUV occupant deaths in single vehicle crashes in 1996.

Unknown Or Other problem #203

You are giving the public a false sence of protection, they think after the tires are replaced on the Ford explores they will be total safe. You should be releasing information on Ford Explorers that rollover without the tire failure. You know that dam vehicle did not meet the rollover test and it will continue killing people, not only people driving the vehicle but people like me that happens to be near one when it rollover. Get those dam vehicles off the highways of the USA. Do what you are paid to do. Get off your buts and get this message out to the public!.

Unknown Or Other problem #204

I have been to three tire dealers. One a firestone dealer, two tire dealers, and my Ford dealer. The Ford dealer and the two non firestone dealers have told me these tires are dry rotted and seperating from the caseing with a lot of cracking on the sidewalls. All four tires are visiblely in the same condition as described. Both these dealers and Ford have told me these tires should be replaced. I just got off the phone with a patty in firestones consumer affairs office (800)367-3872 after waiting 20 to 30 minutes to talk with. After explaining my problem to her she said she could do nothing as these tires were not recalled or at present being recalled. She said I could possibly have the tires replaced on a prorated basis at my expense. I am totally discusted with the attitude of firestone, both at a dealer level and patty at the consumer affairs office. You people at ntsa need to get on the stick and get to the bottom of these 16" firestone tires. Something needs to be done immediately. Before someone get seriously hurt. (dot number: w20co1px20 tiresize: 255/70r16s).

Unknown Or Other problem #205

I am very concerned that yes firestone tires caused deaths but what if I blow a michelin the design of the Explorer creates the deadly rollover not necessarilly which brand tire you have I am worried any time we drive what if a tire blows theres a what 50 % chance we die and that is making me want to never buy the Ford product again. . . And everyone is freaking out in the nation about no confidence in the firestone name my question is what is Ford going to do? why doesnt anyone notice the problem is Fords not neccesarily firestones.

Unknown Or Other problem #206

No summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #207

Consumer received recall notification (00e11) consumer immediately set up an appointment shortly before the schedule date, consumer received a call from dealership stating they had to reschedule, consumer has received two more calls to reschedule consumer was advised that dealership was backed up with their work schedule, consumer also received another recall notification (00s58) consumer was advised to drop off vehicle and they would get to it on Monday because of scheduling problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #208

Check engine light comes on frequently.

Unknown Or Other problem #209

Check engine light illuminates intermittently.

Unknown Or Other problem #210

Continued problems with the entire vehicle. Purchased through overseas military sales while deployed to persian gulf, accepted delivery in oregon. Attempted resolution with mfgr and notified of drb on the day of the board. Request assistance in filing lemon law with or state.

Unknown Or Other problem #211

The truck doesn't come with a cargo net or a device that can be used to separate the cargo area from the trucks cabin. Which in the event of an accident can cause serious injuries to the occupants because the cargo can fly forward and hit the occupants. Consumer was told at the time of purchase that they can purchase a net, but has now found out the net cannot fix this truck.

Unknown Or Other problem #212

While driving 35 mph the spare tire that was mounted underneath the vehicle fell off into the road and vehicle ran over it. The dealer has been contacted.

Unknown Or Other problem #213

While driving engine light illuminated on dash. Took vehicle to dealer, cause unknown. Engine light continued to illuminate dash. Please provide any further information, and vehicle identification number.

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