Engine Knocking Noise problems of the 1997 Ford F-150

13 problems related to engine knocking noise have been reported for the 1997 Ford F-150. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 1
Failure Date: 04/12/2015

Driving at normal speed (45 mph), no abnormal noises or vibrations present. Loud bang noise came from within engine bay, and truck began to sputter and stumble very badly. Check engine light came on and preceded to flash, put truck into neutral and rolled to the side of the road where truck was shut off. Excessive fuel was found on top of the engine at the third cylinder from the front on the passenger side (4. 6l v8 engine). Spark plug was separated from the wire and lying on top of engine. Spark plug boot was melted and smoking suggesting it was previously burning. Spark plug was %100 covered by burnt sooty material.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 2
Failure Date: 08/05/2011

The contact owns a 1997 Ford F-150. The contact stated that while driving 30 mph, a loud banging noise emitted from under the hood and the check engine light illuminated on the instrument panel. The front end of the vehicle also began to shake. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer, but the manufacturer was notified. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was unknown and the current mileage was 211,000.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 3
Failure Date: 05/15/2006

: the contact stated while attempting to start the vehicle, there was a loud knocking noise coming from the engine followed by the illumination of the check engine light as well as smoke from the exhaust. Although the problem persisted, the vehicle was not inspected by a dealer.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 4
Failure Date: 01/24/2005

Started the truck one morning it had a rough idle but seemed to smooth out. Drove it out to a jobsite and parked it for a couple hours. Started it and white smoke came out and there was a banging and knocking sound. Turned it off and had it towed to a repair shop. They told me I had thrown a rod.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 5
Failure Date: 08/19/2004

While driving, the consumer heard knocking noise coming from the engine. The engine then seized up.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 6
Failure Date: 06/12/2004

When trying to start the vehicle the consumer heard a loud banging noise in the engine. The consumer drained the oil pan and found a half a cup of water before the oil came out. The consumer found on a web sight that this vehicle had a problem with two gaskets on the engine. The dealer is not claiming responsibility for the problem.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 7
Failure Date: 05/06/2004

Consumer stated the battery seemed to be dead. The next day the driver attempted to start vehicle again. The driver could hear a loud banging noise coming from the engine. The mechanic stated water had seeped down into the cylinders.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 8
Failure Date: 03/24/2001

Upon start up engine was making a knocking sound. Problem was diagnosed as a bent rod for the number one piston. Blown intake gasket caused a leak.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 9
Failure Date: 03/14/2001

Engine would be making loud knocking noises. Took vehicle to mechanic and was informed that engine pistons were knocking within cylinders. They were wobbling. The defective engine was replaced.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 10
Failure Date: 06/01/1997

The contact owns a 1997 Ford F-150. While driving 45 mph, the contact heard a knocking noise coming from the engine. The vehicle was brought to the dealer and the engine was replaced. As a result, the engine began to overheat and a significant lost of coolant resulted due to a reservoir failure. At 80,000 miles, the contact began to experience oil pressure failure, which the dealer stated was caused by a bent piston rod on the crank case. The manufacturer would not assist the contact because the VIN excluded the vehicle from the recall. Ford claimed to have only issued a partial level b recall. The failure originated 6 weeks ago, but has been ongoing since June of 2006. The technician suggesting waiting until the engine fails to have it replaced again. The current mileage is 850 and failure mileage was 108,000.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 11

While traveling heard a knocking noise coming from engine. Vehicle was serviced, and technician stated that engine head gasket needed to be replaced. Please provide further information.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 12

Engine motor was making a knocking noise, and has no oil pressure. This could result in the engine blowing up. Cause unknown.

car   Engine Knocking Noise problem 13

The engine was replaced because of a knocking noise.

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