Gasoline Fuel System Related Problems of the 2008 Ford F-150

Table 1 shows three common gasoline fuel system related problems of the 2008 Ford F-150. The number one most common problem is related to the gasoline fuel system (two problems). The second most common problem is related to the tank mounting (one problem).

Table 1. Gasoline Fuel System related problems of Ford F-150

Problem Category Number of Problems
Gasoline Fuel System problems
Tank Mounting problems
Fuel Pump problems

  Recently reported Gasoline Fuel System problems of the 2008 Ford F-150

The Gasoline Fuel System problem

Gas gauge in 2008 Ford f 150 fails to read correctly. I fill up and it doesn't show the correct amount of gas in the truck. I recently found out this is a common problem with these trucks. Why isn't the company doing anything to help fix the problem. I am sure this is not a cheap fix.   Read details...

The Tank Mounting problem

Smelled odor of gasoline while driving. Drove approximately 3 miles and when exited vehicle, strong odor of gasoline. Walked to rear of vehicle and saw a trail of gasoline splatters behind 2008 Ford f150.   Read details...

The Fuel Pump problem

Fuel pump control module failed without notice, stopping vehicle. Dissimilar metals in contact caused corrosion of electronic component. A known problem with every engineer and mechanic.   Read details...

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