Unknown Or Other Problems of Ford F-150

Ford F-150 owners have reported 234 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (234 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Ford F-150

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

I have a 2007 f150 at the time of incident my family and I were in CT and were doing approximatley 45 mph on a highway. The truck began to buck violently and dropped to 20our with out a warning or lights. Then it started to run normal then started the same thing all over 20 minutes later. Come to find out that the spark plugs needs to be replaced. No garage will touch it due to Fords poor design Ford says it will cost approximately five hundred dollars plus due to the poor design the spark plugs can brake in the cylinder heads. They said it can be $50. 00 per broken spark plug and possibly more if the plug cannot remove broken part. I should only pay for plugs not Fords design floor which need to be recalled.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Driving on the freeway a loud bang and the driver side window falls into the door and will not roll back up. Rear driver side window fell into the door three months ago while parked in front of our house. Apparently the window regulator fails and the windows fall inside the door. Upon searching the internet there are hundreds of people that have experienced this same problem with the Ford f150 window regulators. Ford is charging between $250 - $500 to fix the regulators per window. Some people have had to fix the same window more than once.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

I was driving home and slowed down to 15 miles per hr to make a left hand turn and heard a big bang I did not know what happened at the moment I continued to proceed on and the noise was loud like an exhaust leak but to come find out the next two days on thinking what to do I pulled off the #4 plug it was out of the motor already it actually blew out of the engine. What are my rights if any?.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

I was entering an on-ramp onto the interstate and accelerating at the time. As I was nearing the end of the ramp, I felt the truck was traveling faster than I had intended. I removed my foot off of the accelerator only to hear the engine reving and watched the speedometer continue to climb. I was traveling between 80-85 mph by the time I was entering the interstate appoaching a tractor trailer truck. I stood with both feet, straight legged with 130 pounds on the brake while not only trying to avoid the tractor trailer in front of me, but watching another tractor trailer approaching me from behind. My speed continued to climb as the accelerator remained stuck. After approximately half a mile of me standing on the brake, I heard a loud bang as the accelerator let go and my braking took effect. I took it to the closest Ford dealership who "could not duplicate the problem, the peddle must have been stuck on the floormat". As I was not satisfied, I then took it to the dealership where I had purchased it only to be told the same thing. As the person driving the vehicle, I can assure you, it wasn't stuck on the floormat. The same thing occured to my husband as he accelerated to pass a vehicle. However, the period of acceleteration did not last as long as this last episode. Both dealerships were made well aware of both incidents.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

My wife went to get into the truck and her foot slipped off the running board causing her to fall. She had to be under a doctors care for a knee injury for 60 days. I have slipped off these same running boards three times myself. Ford motor needs to do something about this. I have contacted both Ford motor and my sealing dealer about this with no results. ## VIN passed ## Ford f150 2011 ##.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

Driving down the road window just falls down. Window motor failure. Already replaced both rear window motors. Have read on line thousands of complaints about this. Ford motor CO. Has no plans to issue recall or address this issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Major safety issue with f150 ecoboost trucks. .

Unknown Or Other problem #8

I was driving down the highway around February 6th 2011 and my 2010 f150 stalled on me. I was able to crank it back up and keeping moving. This was not the first time this happened. It was the worst one seeing has how I was doing maybe 60. I took it to the Ford dealership and they said they could find a problem while driving the truck, so downloaded some new software to my computer and said that should fix the issue. On April 11th the same thing happened again, I was driving in a parking lot and my truck stalled. I wasn't able to crank the truck back up for almost 30 minutes. When I was able to start it back up there are a burning smell coming from the truck. I this time had the truck towed to Ford and spoke to them today and they stated they again found nothing wrong and couldn't recreate the problem. The have contacted Ford hq for answers. My worry is that I am going to get in a crash because of this problem. I have done some looking around on the internet and found a lot of people having this issue, and nothing seems to be getting done.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

Was told I would have to bring my truck to the dealer twice to have this recall done . One time for them to look at it and order parts . And the 2nd time for them to put the part on . They should have the parts in stock to fix recalls . My time is money . Recall 11c21 Ford . Or NHTSA recall 11v-582.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

The driver and passanger window regulator failure driverside window came crashing down when I was driving down the highway on 12/01/11 all I heard was a loud pop then no window almost wrecked cause of the sound then a week later the passanger side window did the same thing but after I tried to put the window up after I got back home the dealer states that there still are no recalls on this issue after all the complaints I read online that goes back 5yrs why isnt no one doing anything about this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

Yes my 4x4 is not working and I have read over 300 post easy about the same problem people are having. Thousands of people are having the same problem I have had with my truck. Obviously if there are that many people with the same year of truck and same problem why isnt Ford doing a recall? they say the problem is the iwe, solenoid, the problem why it happens in the first place is there isnt a rain cover over the solenoid underneath the hood. I do believe that this is a hudge saftey hazzard and almost caused me to be in an accident about three weeks ago because my four wheel drive went out! Ford please do a recall before someone gets hurt or even die! I do believe that Ford should be responsible for this issue and have a recall to get these vehicles fixed.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

My 2005 Ford f150 needed the spark plugs to be removed. I went to remove them and they were all defective. I had to have the truck towed and repaired. They charged me $941. 00 which crazy. This is 3 times the amount it would cost to repair on my own if the spark plugs on my own which is what I was trying to do. Ford dealership would do nothing for me even after I told them and showed proof of many many many people having the same issue on a forum. There is a problem!.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

There was a "pop" sound, followed by the window crashing down into the door. Upon inspection the point of failure is a small pulley attached to the window lift motor. It is weakly designed with high tension focused at 3 stress points instead of distributed about the whole pulley. I believe this is a common problem, and can startle a driver causing an accident, furthermore, at highway speeds the window could have fallen into or out of the truck causing injury.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

Driving with two kids in truck hear bumping sound pull over strap broken and gas coming out of tank get home call seabreeze Ford hes aware of problem get it their said gas tank strap rusted to the fuel tank so when strap broke it ripped a hole in fuel tank he also said could not have done a replacement on strap because it already bonded to tank rusted together Ford will only pay for straps at this time service man even the said faulty straps breaking ripped the hole in the tank lucky no fire how can they not accept a caused b bad straps caused ripped hole in gas tank.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

Ford has issued a recall for defective fuel tank straps that may corrode and cause a potential fuel leak. I brought my truck in for the recall and sure enough my straps are corroded. The vehicle is at a Ford dealership and they will not replace the straps because the corroded straps have started to corrode the tank. According to the dealer the tank will begin leaking if they replace the straps. The dealer called Ford customer care and they would not cover the tank. I also called Ford and they refused to cover the tank and also will not replace the straps unless I purchase a tank from them to replace. If my straps break I will lose my tank and potentially cause a fire or accident to another vehicle. The recall does not currently address additional damage caused by the defective straps. The damage to my tank is a direct result of the defective straps and should be covered under this recall. I leave in new england and am sure there are many other Ford trucks with the same problem. What recourse do I have to get this resolved? spoke with mark, a customer service supervisor at Ford customer care in florida, case # 607483151. Any assistance would be appreciated,.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

This is the second report I have filed with NHTSA for the same complaint but additional occurrence. While driving on the highway at 1000 at night and traveling 55 mph, there was a loud bang that sounded like the truck had been shot, followed immediately by the passenger front window dropping into the door. The sound was so startling that it almost caused a loss of control of the vehicle. Ford knows that they have a defect with their window regulators; however, they refuse to recall even though it is a definite safety concern. This is the third window I have had fail in the exact manner on my 2004 F-150. A casual search on the internet confirms that Ford has had thousands of complaints for this exact default and is refusing to make a repair or recall to address a known safety issue. Nhtsa needs to take action on this and force Ford to do what a responsible automaker should undertake on their own in order to protect the motoring public.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

On the highway, as I hit 40 mph, the engine didn't upshift and disengaged with the drivetrain. When I pressed the accelerator, the engine revved, but there was no power to the wheels. After a couple of failed attempts of shifting to neutral and back into drive (while on the highway), I turned the overdrive function off and the engine engaged with the drivetrain again. I was able to drive home safely. Today, the same problem is happening. I called the local Ford dealer and they can't get me into the shop for a week due to a high volume (their words to me) of transmission problems. I have found numerous complaints on the web indicating the same problem by other owners. I'm not sure if they are filing a complaint, but it appears that this is a larger issue potentially due to poor quality parts in the transmission.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

My truck was parked on my driveway, and had not been driven in about 2wks. I didn't even think that the battery had a charge. My [kathy] wife and a salesman and I just happened to be standing a few feet away having a conversation, when we smelled wires burning. I quickly raised the hood of the truck to see the plug wires connected to the brake master cylcender smoking. At that time I of course disconnected it.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

While driving in traffic my rear passenger side window, for no apparent reason, fell violently into the door. This was a very distracting incident that nearly resulted in an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

I had noticed a slight restriction in the accelerator peddle for an extended period. On the date above, I pressed down on the peddle. When I took my foot off the peddle it stayed down and the vehicle began accelerating rapidly. To gain control I turned slightly to the right and turned off the key to slow to a stop. I removed the plastic cover that encloses the throttle body. It was securely in place. When I took the cover off the throttle snapped closed. It now operates normally with the throttle body cover removed. All parts are in good condition and exhibit no wear.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

Window regulator failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

The 40/20/40 bucket seat is unsafe due to nin-adjustablity for human size differences. This is an un-ergonomic seat and will cause long term joint and spine arthritic pain. These bucket seats are molded to fit a one size fits all. Very unhealthy. Also the drivers side hand grip is missing. This requires a further reach to the sterring wheel to enter the cab. The extended reach causes joint and muscle pain. Again, another unsafe ergonomic problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

My new Ford f150 has reoccurring issues with thesync system. We drive down the road, hang up the bluetooth connected phone and the radio will begin playing at full volume and the steering wheel controls stop working, or you will be start the car up and the air connditioning will be full blast or you will start the car and you wont have any radio/cd player/ media controls working at all. My Ford rep says that Ford does not have a fix and they dont expect one until maybe the first quarter of 2011.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

During routine road driving, the service advance-trac light came on the dash. This was at 7490 miles. The truck was taken to be serviced. The rcm was replaced. At 9130 miles the service advance trac warning light again came on. The truck was taken to be serviced and the abs module was updated. The truck is currently at the dealer for the same warning light. It has been there for a week. The mileage was about 9400 miles on the third trip for the same problem. I drive snowy and icy roads in the winter and feel that the disabling of my advance trac system compromises my safety on slippery roads.

Unknown Or Other problem #25

While sitting still, using the power window switch to raise driver side window, the window rolled all the way up and then heard a grinding noise, and the window drop into the door in less than a second. This has previously happen on the passenger side window about a year ago.

Unknown Or Other problem #26

Passinger window fell into the door while driving on the freeway.

Unknown Or Other problem #27

2007 Ford f150 @54,000 miles rotors, brakes, top ball joints, bottom ball joints upper lever arm, and now my front breakes locked up lucky there was no accident , and several times I have pressed on gas and brake pedal at same time because they are so close together. Both the locking up of the brakes and sudden acceleration are very dangerous. The mileage is 54,000 and have had all these problems. Is Ford not telling the cusumer of these dangerous problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #28

2010 f150 with 4. 6 liter v8 with 30k miles on it 1. The events leading up to the failure: none 2. The failure, how often it occurs, its consequences; and, truck stalls with no waring. One second it is running the next it is dead. Twice in the last week. Very dangerous. 3. What was done to correct the failure; I. E, parts repaired or replaced (and if old part is available) - taking to dealer tonight - but have read about this same issue described as I have, exact same issue. Dealers are not finding anything wrong with trucks.

Unknown Or Other problem #29

At a stop sign, when getting ready to take off, realized the truck had turned off with out a reason, second time it did the same thing. The third time was this Saturday 12/03/11, when I came to the red light, of course truck was running, when the light turned green I got ready to go, the truck was turned off once again, stuck in the middle of traffic I had to turn it back on and go, problem is this has to be a major safety issue, as a single mother with my son's father deceased, last thing I need is to be in a fatal accidents to his, would like to know if manufacture or a dealer can or will fix this, truck still under warranty, just very concerned with this issue, called dealer left voicemail, and no call back.

Unknown Or Other problem #30

I have a 2007 Ford f150. All of the tire valve stems are cracked. I had one replaced and a couple of weeks later another tire went flat. An inspection of the remaining tires showed that they are all bad.

Unknown Or Other problem #31

2001 Ford F-150. The truck had an under hood fire while it was in a parking lot. The business owner found me after the fire was started and put out. The truck was totaled.

Unknown Or Other problem #32

I was traveling on a main boulevard when all of a sudden the drivers side window slid down with a loud sounding bang. The window did not break. However, what seems to be a spring loaded mechanism, must have broken causing the window to collapse down inside the door. The sound was so loud, it caused a nervous reaction in me which resulted in pulling on the steering wheel to one side. Thankfully, there were no vehicles to that side and I was able to correct my steering to get back into my lane. As if one experience was not sufficient, it happened again 9/1/11. This time on the passenger side door. The same exact experience repeated except that this time I was driving at 75mph on I-25. I expected to find a recall to this dis-functional mechanism. What are the chances of this happening almost back to back within a 6 week period?.

Unknown Or Other problem #33

I own a 2005 Ford f150 XLT w/ electric windows. My truck has 82,000 miles on it and has been serviced by the dealership regularly since I bought it new. I was driving to run errands and my drivers side window made a large pop noise and started to slide down inside my door. I was traveling about 40mph on a busy two way street. I used one hand to hold my window up and the other to steer until I could find a spot to pull over. I eventually had to let the window drop to the bottom of the door to return home.

Unknown Or Other problem #34

The steering wheel locked up and the tierod end leaned out to far.

Unknown Or Other problem #35

Faulty window regulators on f150 trucks. Driving back from California to nevada with my two year old granddaughter in the back seat and the window fell in to to door. We had to drive 300 miles in a rain storm with the window down, and this is the third time this has happened since I bought this truck new in 2005 and Ford will not take responsibility for the issue. This is not except able by the manufacture and because this has happened to so many people we need to boycott buying Ford products.

Unknown Or Other problem #36

Window regulator on 2004 f 150 lariat drivers door broke allowing the window to drop scaring me so bad that I went off the road just missing crashing into several trees. It sounded like someone had shot out my window, while I was driving in a thunder shorm. The roads were wet, but there was know warning when the windowbroke, then I was getting hit in the face with rain it felt like glass hitting me in the face. This should be a recall by Ford, I have reseach this problem and have found it to be massive in numbers with a big expense to Ford customers. This many cases seems more than just a fluke incident. This should be looked into, I'm so lucky to be here now I just missed those trees and my wife is now scared that it may happen to one of my other remaining windows and does not want to ride with me anymore. .

Unknown Or Other problem #37

Dear NHTSA, this is regards to the Ford recall on fuel tank straps. We live in northeast nebraska & have a 2001 Ford F-150 truck which has one fuel tank strap that has rusted through and the other is rusted. We contacted Ford service station and they said our vehicle was not included in the Ford recall. We contacted Ford and they said it was not under warranty, but you might want to get it fixed! I asked how they determined who qualified for the recall and I did not get a response to my question. Could you please explain why our truck was not included in the recall. It is obvious that it should have been included in the recall. We would appreciate you looking into this matter and include our truck in the recall. Sincerely, j & r.

Unknown Or Other problem #38

Two of the four window regulators have broke causing safety and security issues. The parts are expensive and defective. The last malfunction occued when I was driving down the road and the passenger window fell when the vehicle was parked. I heard a popping noise like somebody threw something at the truck and then the window fell into the door. My wife and I have two young children and this poses a large safety risk to them. These parts are obviously defective and should be replaced by Ford motor company.

Unknown Or Other problem #39

The window started making noise while rolling up and down and seemind like it was coming off the track. . While driving down the road the window fell completely in the door. We repleaced the window regulator and seems to work fine, until 3 months later another window did the same thing. I cannot afford to keep replacing the same part on my truck when there are obviously defects in the parts. I see many other Ford owners with the same problem and think that something needs to be done! god forbid the window shatter while my children are in the truck.

Unknown Or Other problem #40

I was driving along in my 2005, Ford F-150 pick-up truck about to make a stop when the passenger side window just fell into the door, it sounded like a small explosion frightening myself and my wife who was a passenger. I have read to many stories concerning the problems with the windows falling to not report this one. If it have not happen yet, there is the possibility of one of these glasses breaking and flying out of the window frame because my glass temporarily hung at an awkward position prematurely before dropping down into door frame.

Unknown Or Other problem #41

Parked car after having driven approximately 45miles. Spontaneous engine compartment fire occurred approximately 1 hour later in parked, locked vehicle. Apparent origin of fire was in engine compartment quadrant closest to driver. Internet search of similar fires suggests speed control deactivation switch. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #42

After a professional baseball game. . I walked back to my truck in a huge parking lot to findi find my right rear window down. My first thought was my truck was broken in to. . But after looking around, I find that my window regulator broke "again"!! this is the third window that has done this!! I never even roll the back window down so it cant be from abusing the hardware. . Ford needs to do something about this soo!! my brother has the same year truck and he had two window regulators go out!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #43

This weekend we heard a loud pop under the hood followed by a loud ticking sound while driving on the freeway. We pulled over and waited for a tow truck to take our car to the dealership where it was examined today. We learned that this common issue in Ford f150 trucks will cost approximately $1000 (low end) to $3500 (high end) to fix. A spark plug simply "popped out", tearing up the threads in the cylinder, causing the dealer to recommend cylinder head replacement. There is something else that can be a less expensive fix to the problem, but Ford does not guarantee that fix. My vehicle is 3 years old and has 70k miles on it. We are very meticulous about the maintenance on our vehicle and as the dealership explained, this is a defect in this engine design and not something that we could have done to prevent the problem. They recommend a tune up to replace all spark plugs because of this issue. My warranty has expired and I do not have an extended warranty. After driving my last Ford f150 for 200k miles with no issues, I have a difficult time paying $4,000 when it is all said and done on a vehicle that I am still making payments on that is only 3 years old.

Unknown Or Other problem #44

The left rear window, right rear window, right front window abruptly dropped into the door cavity. The service center at the Ford dealer informed me that the cause of the malfunction is failure of the window regulators on all three doors. According to the Ford dealership service center and my own investigation it appears that the window regulators on the 2004 Ford f1 50 pickup trucks are defective. Ford motor company acknowledges that the window regulators on the 2004 f150 pickup truck are indeed defective but they are unwilling to recall and replace the defective part unless your organization orders the recall. Searching the internet I have come across scores of other Ford owners with the same problem. There have been numerous requests for Ford motor company to recall these vehicles and replace the defective window regulators. Although Ford motor company does not feel that this is a safety issue we Ford owners do feel that it is. Driving at 65 to 70 miles an hour and three windows abruptly drop into the cavity of the door it could and probably as been the cause of accidents. We urge you to petition Ford motor company to recall the 2004 through 2006 Ford f1 50 pickup truck and replace the manufacturers defective window regulators.

Unknown Or Other problem #45

I have a 2005 Ford f150 4 door. While driving, I heard a loud pop and my drivers door window fell to the bottom of the door. The loud noise was a shock and a possible safety hazard. Approximately a week later, the right rear window did the same thing!! I have read several things on line about this stating that the window regulators going out on these vehicles is a common problem. I have not had either fixed due to the cost. There are numerous issues with this problem on line and needs to be recalled.

Unknown Or Other problem #46

Window regulator problem. Windows falls while driving. Replace it once at dealership under warranty. . . . It failed again while driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #47

Fire under the hood of a Ford F-150 supercrew in our parking lot burned this vehicle and caused fire damage to four other vehicles parked adjacent to it.

Unknown Or Other problem #48

Tl- the contact owns a 2010 Ford F-150 super crew cab. The contact stated that she received a recall notice in the mail. The letter from the manufacturer stated that parts were available for the failure to be repaired. The contact made an appointment to get the vehicle repaired and the dealership told the contact that it would take a month - two months before the parts come in. Recall#: 11s15. The current mileage was 12,269. Nw.

Unknown Or Other problem #49

2004 Ford f150 supercrew starts shaking horribly at highway speeds when pulling a travel trailer. It doesn't matter if you slow down, speed up, or take out of gear the only way to make it quit is to come to a complete stop. This has happened 3 times to me so far and it feels as if all the wheels are about to fall off. I called my dealer and they said that they haven't heard of this problem, but if you do a search on it there is a lot of people concerned of this dangerous issue. Luckily I haven't been on an interstate with my travel trailer because I would believe that this could cause me to possibly lose control at those kind of speeds.

Unknown Or Other problem #50

The paint is peeling off down to the metal on the roof of my truck. This is a $38,000 truck that I have kept washed and waxed since I bought it. Ford will not claim responsibility.

Unknown Or Other problem #51

It was a scorching sunny florida day when my window on my 2005 f150 would no longer work due to a window motor regulator assembly failure that the dealership would like to repair it at the wonderful cost of over $300 american dollars. The window motor regulator assembly has been intermittently working in the truck for the past few months, not to mention the window switch which had to be replaced at my own expense a couple about a year ago on my truck which is was only 4 1/2 years old at the time. The window would no longer roll up, causing severe sun burn to arms. Ford should repair this issue at no cost, especially since it is a known problem already.

Unknown Or Other problem #52

Have had a spark plug ejected twice now within 3000 miles. After some research this seems to be a common problem with some Ford engines. It was actually pretty scary due to the strong odor of gas afterwards with the engine being so hot. It now seems like its going to be a costly problem to fix. Even worse, the fix is no guarantee that it won't happen to the replacement cylinder heads.

Unknown Or Other problem #53

2005 Ford F-150, right rrear window mechanism pops real loud,window falls into the door. I was not rolling it up or down,just driving down the road. The truck just turned 34,000 miles. It has been garaged and taken care of all its life.

Unknown Or Other problem #54

Heard loud pop when rolling window up and then window fell into the door. This was the passenger side window. I had the exact same thing happen in September 2009 with the drivers side window. The cause of that was broken regulator in the window. The windows just fall down into the doors. Could be very dangerous if there is a defect with the regulators and someone was traveling at any rate of speed. Luckily my windows did not shatter in the door when they fell.

Unknown Or Other problem #55

At a stop with my foot on the brake the truck lunged foward.

Unknown Or Other problem #56

3 out of 8 spark plugs broke during a routine spark plug change incurring hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Unknown Or Other problem #57

I own a 2001 F-150 Ford truck. I have experienced 3x now in a year the spark plugs blowing out of the heads. The first 2x it scared me half to death to the point I lost control for a few seconds ( thank god no one was on the road at the time). I have had the plugs heli-coiled in twice and waiting on the 3rd one now. The Ford dealership I take the truck to says, "it is a poor design in the heads of this motor that causes the plugs to blow out and Ford motor company knows about the problem. " I am concerned that it will happen to someone else and cause serious injury or even death due to the "explosion" sound at first and the extremely loud knocking noise.

Unknown Or Other problem #58

In may was at a stop light when the light turned green I accelerated and the plug blew at seconds later I got it towed to the shop fixed it with the heli-coil kit days later as I was going up a steep hill heard a poping sound brought it right to the shop another plug was ready to eject they pulled all plugs anti seized them good for a couple months now in sept it is ready to lose another plug. My truck is a 1999 Ford F-150 triton.

Unknown Or Other problem #59

Slowing to change lanes into a west bound turn lane; truck brakes and power steering suddenly heavy and unresponsive. Brought truck to a halt by stomping on emergency brake, while fighting steering and drifting into on coming traffic. Truck completely stalled! put into park and cycled the ignition key to re-start truck. Scheduled service visit with local Ford dealership for 5/10/2011.

Unknown Or Other problem #60

Air vent adjustment failure, required replacement of plenum chamber. Cause of this problem was the falure of the adhesive on two foam pieces attached to two air blend doors which jammed because the foam fell off and prevented the doors from moving. In order to repair the problem the entire dashboard needed to be removed at a cost of just under $1000. I have contacted Ford for help in covering this expense and they have denied it since there is no recall notice outstanding. On line sites about this issue and the extensive repair cost are in the hundreds.

Unknown Or Other problem #61

The truck had been parked with ignition off for 4 hours in the parking lot behind my office. I was inside and heard the horn blow. About a minute later I smelled something burning and thought the building was on fire. I was in panic state running room to room trying to find where the smell was coming from. I then noticed smoke coming in the air vents of the building (my truck was parked less than 3 feet from the air conditioning central unit). I went out the back door and the truck was engulfed in flames. This all happened in 10 minutes or less. Two employees parked next to mine had just left 15 minutes prior to me finding the truck in flames and had noticed nothing. There was a recall a cruise control switch and I had taken it to the dealership to have mine disconnected a few years back. I have no idea what started the fire but apparently it is quite common in Ford f-series trucks around the 2001 year model to spontaneously catch fire even if they have been sitting for a while with the ignition off.

Unknown Or Other problem #62

Airbag light lites up on dashboard, odometer does not always light to see milage.

Unknown Or Other problem #63

Rear gas tank strap rusted out and broke. The tank did separate from the truck but dropped down about 4 inches.

Unknown Or Other problem #64

I heard on the radio about a possible upcoming recall on Ford f150 pickup trucks (1997-2001). This is in relation to gas tank straps getting rusty and breaking. I then decided to look under my truck which is a 2002 Ford f150 and discovered two gas tank straps completely rusted through/off with the tank no longer being supported by straps. The truck is only a 2002, but I think the problem goes beyond the 2001 trucks per the potential recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #65

Strap holding my gas tank on my 2003 Ford 150 rusted thru and broke it was noticed by one of my fellow employees fortunately before the other strap broke. I went to the Ford dealer in my area and had it repaired asking if there was a recall or reported problems with this and they said no. I was charged $195 to repair it.

Unknown Or Other problem #66

My truck has been vibrating horribly when around 30 - 60 mph like I was on a washboard road. It is intermittent. I have not repaired my truck yet, but found out it is my rear differential clutch and possibly my e-brake.

Unknown Or Other problem #67

I'm a 16 year veteran in law enforcement. Sometime in April 2011, I was driving down the road and my rear driver side window fell down inside the door. The window falling made a loud noise. I could hear the wind and I looked back and didn't see a window in the door. My first thought was someone shot the glass out. My attention to driving was lost for several seconds. I believe this to be a safety issue. I pulled over at the first parking lot I saw and realized the glass was not broken but had fallen inside the door. Today 9/2/2011, I was repairing the rear window regulator and the front driver side window fell. I thought how ironic is this. I drove to the Ford dealership and purchased the part and returned home. I have fixed both window regulators, but I feel this could cause a traffic crash. I searched the web for this repair and found several forums with people having this same issue. I would like to see Ford address this issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #68

Just driving my 1997 Ford F-150 and have had 2 spark plugs fly out the truck. Motor then runs rough and continues to operate for some time before you get any engine light. Affraid to let wife use truck cause it could catch fire.

Unknown Or Other problem #69

2000 Ford F-150 caught on fire at about 2:30 am, location is houston, TX , vehicle was parked, houston fire dpt engine #26 investigated an determined no arson was involved, report # 1104090096 records #714-247-5000.

Unknown Or Other problem #70

2000 Ford f150 caught fire in the engine compartment and completely burned engine and part of interior cab. No pre existing problems. Had driven vehicle about 1 and a half hours earlier. Fire department thought fire started above brake master cylinder area.

Unknown Or Other problem #71

2006 Ford f150 5. 4l only 32k miles, must spend over $400 due to bad spark plug design.

Unknown Or Other problem #72

I know have to replace my third window motor/regulator, this is not right. The first time I was driving and the window just dropped down. The second time same thing only it was raining, now this third time my daughter was in the back seat putting the window down and it dropped down causing her to scream (she is only 8) with her doing that I almost wrecked us all. I did not keep the parts from the first two but will keep the third when I get it fixed later this week.

Unknown Or Other problem #73

I have a 2004 4-door f150, and have now had to replace 3 window motors, one in each door. The 3rd one happened yesterday. The first two happened back to back in 2010, so if the pattern follows, I'll be forking out more money to replace the final one. On the first 2 occurances, the car was moving, and the windows just fell down. The 3rd occurence happened when the car was parked. I have 2 small children, and if these windows fall down when they are near, it is a major concern of mine. There is a obvious sign that these window motors are defective. I can understand 1 of them breaking, but I'm going on 3, and just waiting for the final one to break here shortly! then after reading all the 2004/2005 f150 complaints about the same thing happening, there needs to be a recall because this isn't just a coincidence amongst all f150 owners! it's sad that Ford cannot stand by their "so called" #1 selling truck. People spend a great deal on their cars, and this shouldn't be an issue that people need to be spending their hrad earned money on, especially since it seems to be a rather regular issue for so many people!.

Unknown Or Other problem #74

2005 Ford f150 spark plug ejected from engine.

Unknown Or Other problem #75

2004 f150 truck. Ii had plugs changed and the mechanic broke three of them, dropping one down on the head. When I complained he said everyone knows that these engines do that. I'm looking at $6000 to pull the motor and get the rest of the plugs in. Evidentally everyone in the world knew about the plug problem but me. No more Ford products for this old boy. 3/16/2011 campbellsville,ky.

Unknown Or Other problem #76

2005 f150 supercrew 4x4 lariat; with a 5. 4 3 valve/cylinder engine; check engine light came on and indicated cylinder 5; mechanic went to pull the plug which broke in two with the bottom part still in the block. Had to have it towed to a Ford dealer; $150 to remove the plug plus $29 parts and labor. Plug has a design flaw that Ford has known about since at least 1997. For most triton egnine owners, you find out the hard way when the engine light comes on or when you go in for a tune up; minimum cost $150; for every broken plug - $150 to remove it; if it can not be removed, the engine and/or front end has to be pulled (per Ford repair bulletin) to remove the head(s). Cost: $1,000 - $3,000. Most vehicles are "out of warranty" by this time which Ford then dismisses as not a "warranty problem" but rather a "service issue". The dealerships make a killing off the customers because of an inept, incompetently designed spark plug. Ford has known about this problem since the late 1990s but refuses to do anyting as the ntsb has done nothing to issue a recall. Duh.

Unknown Or Other problem #77

On my 2003 Ford F-150 XLT regular cab, short wide bed pick-up I noticed a few months ago that the abs brake light came on and stayed for a short period then went off again. This happened a few times. Sometimes when I would shut off the engine the abs brake light would go out and not reappear again for a few days to weeks. Approximately 2 weeks ago the abs brake light on the dash came on again and this time it stayed on. This time I also noted that after I turned the ignition switch off I could still hear what appeared to be the sound of small electric motor continuously running under the hood. I opened the hood and determined the noise was originating from the abs brake control module. I felt the module and it was warm. I phoned the local Ford dealer and was told that sometimes if the battery is disconnected the module will reset itself. I disconnected the battery for a moment then reconnected it and the abs brake module light on the dash went off so I assumed it had reset itself and was now ok. I continued to drive the truck for approx 1 1/2 weeks with no trouble then suddenly the abs light on the dash again came on. As before when I shut off the engine the noise under the hood of a small electric motor running was again heard. The abs control module was hot to the touch and a hot smell was noted also. I visited the local Ford dealer and the service manager stated the abs control module needed replaced at a price of somewhere around $700. 00 up to possibly $1200. 00 since when the abs control module goes bad then the hydraulic portion of this system is likely also bad. The truck only has 68500 miles, looks like new, and has been treated extremely gently since I purchased it new in 2003.

Unknown Or Other problem #78

The drivers window fell down into the door while truck was moving. I was unable to get the window back up. I was in a remote location, driving over a snowy mountain pass. When the window regulator failed, and I understand this is a common occurance, and I can expect more of the same in the future. This is a potential for a crash as it is a startling event, and a serious immediate distraction.

Unknown Or Other problem #79

The drivers window fell down into the door while truck was moving. I was unable to get the window back up. I was in a remote location, driving over a snowy mountain pass. He window regulator failed, and I understand this is a common occurance, and I can expect more of the same in the future. This is a potential for a crash as it is a startling event, and a serious immediate distraction.

Unknown Or Other problem #80

Truck was parked in hotel parking lot and caught fire.

Unknown Or Other problem #81

Parked my Ford f150 in front of my house last evening about 6pm. Nothing out of the ordinary about the way the truck was running or operating. Was awakend at 3am this morning to my neighbor banging on my door,screaming "your truck is on fire!" I woke my husband, he and the neighbor put the fire out before fire dept showed up. All said and done. The investigation continued after day light, to find out that it was the cruise control recall part! recall was in 1999, I bought the 2000 Ford in 2003 used. Never recieved a letter about the recall and assumed that it had been repaired prior to me purchasing the vehicle. I called Ford. They gave me a case number and told me that the legal department would send me a packet to fill out. But it would take 15 days before I would recieve the packet.

Unknown Or Other problem #82

We have a 1999 Ford F-150 and the gas tank fell out! fortunately it was at home in the driveway, but this is crazy. We were backing up our driveway when we heard a thud and the truck was shaking and jittering. We continued up the driveway, which caused a deep gouge in the driveway. We're going to have to have our drive way repaired, and we just had it put in on October 16th, 2010. The straps that hold the tank in place, rusted out, they are a crumbled mess. We are currently trying to find a way to get the gas out of the tank so we can lift it back in to place and use new straps.

Unknown Or Other problem #83

2004 Ford f150 power window regulator failure. I live in a hot and humid part of texas so windows are seldom rolled up and down. However this is the third window regulator to fail on this vehicle. Each time there is a low pop and the window suddenly drops and you cannot roll it down. The 2nd time this happened it was the driver side window while I was driving on I-30, in downtown dallas in the pouring rain. Try telling me that wasn't a safety issue!.

Unknown Or Other problem #84

The third window regulator in my 2004 Ford F-150 lariat just failed causing the window to fall. The dealership claims that this is not a defect but thousands of other F-150 owners have had the same problem. The first two fixes cost $450 each.

Unknown Or Other problem #85

I was driving to work in my 2003 f 150 and heard a kind of tapping noise and strong vibrations coming from engine. . Pulled over and had truck towed to my house. . . As a friend of mine is a mechanic he came over and had me start the truck. . . As I did so the #3 spark plug shot out of the engine and bounced off the hood. . . . I started to research online and found hundreds of reports about the Ford f150's doing this exact same thing and the majority of the problems seem to come from the #3 plug. . . Several peopl have spent 100's of dollars to upgrade at the dealerships. . . Only 3 thread on my head and all trucks now have 7 threads. . . Why did Ford change it? must have known about this lil problem. . . .

Unknown Or Other problem #86

Just replaced my back passenger window motor/harness and now my front passenger window has done the same thing a month later. I have twin boys that I take with me on a regular base just a saftey hazard I thought that would have or should have a recall. Happened in my Ford 2004 f150 fx4. The thing is I barely use the windows and I was on the highway my window just falls down thank god. My kids weren't with me. Not safe and sounds like a lot of people have complained about the same thing on blogs and forms that I have read. Also it cost almost 400 bucks to have it fixed ever time it happens not a cheap fix for a father of two. So im at 800.

Unknown Or Other problem #87

I have a 2004 Ford f150 with a defective window regulator. I already know Ford has put in a defective part causing the windows to collapse and have seen many cases where this happens to people with Fords. There are thousands of complaints that I read for the same problem. I do not understand why you don't push Ford for a recall? its not right for customers to pay for repairs due to a manufacturer defect.

Unknown Or Other problem #88

Just driving down the road and the window came down by itself. This is the second power window to go out on our truck. Had Ford replace it once and need it done on the other door now.

Unknown Or Other problem #89

Date of incident: 1/20/2011 vehicle: 2004 Ford F-150 complaint: passenger window suddenly descended into door and shattered. Driver side window had this issue in August of 2010. Replaced by dealer at my cost (approx $400). Internet search showed over 1000 complaints on this issue and no recall from Ford. This is a potential safety issue and needs to be addressed by Ford!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #90

I parked my vehicle in the garage and left and when I returned it was on fire and the fire department had ripped the garage door open and draged it out the garage. . I have been told by several people that there is a recall for the brake switch. I find that interesting seeing how o had call Ford last summer around july2010 for I had just moved to this address I am at now. And I was told there is no open recalls. . . Hmmm. . . So, I do still have the truck at this point but do plan to have it towed out at end of this week. . Would be great if there is any recourse to this. I am out a vehicle and no money to replace it. . .

Unknown Or Other problem #91

I have a 1999 Ford f150 that while driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour, the #3 sparkplug suddenly blew causing the truck to tremendously jerk. I have read numerous complaints of this happening and Ford denying it is a issue with their motors. I cannot afford $800 that Ford wants to charge me to fix a spark plug issue. I'm not mechanical inclined and do not know how to do it by myself. My truck has been sitting for 2 months because of gross negligence by Ford motor company by not taking responsibility for an issue that clearly needs to be recalled and repaired before (if it has not happened already) causing death. Luckily, it was late at night and no other cars were near me when it jerked my truck so badly that someone clearly would have rear ended me.

Unknown Or Other problem #92

2 window regulators in my 2004 Ford f150 crew cab were defective.

Unknown Or Other problem #93

Attempted to have spark plugs changed in accordance with vehicle maintenance manual at 100,000 mile. While this was being done 3 factory installed motorcraft spark plugs broke off. As a result I was charged a total of almost $700 for the removal of these broken plugs. The dealership technician informed me that 100% of all 2004-2007 f150 trucks that have the plugs removed as required at 100,000 miles have plugs that break. Ford nor the dealership would cover the cost of this defective product and defective Ford design.

Unknown Or Other problem #94

Truck would idle extremely bad, when you cut it off it wouldn't start. This started happening on Friday, December 31, 2010. I took the truck to firestone and they run a diagnostic test which at the time did not show the throttle body problem because the "check engine" light was not on at the time. However, firestone replaced the fuel filter, did a tune up and replaced the battery and removed the gas tank to clean it but this still did not resolve the problem and this cost me $369. The truck was then taken to a Ford dealership and on the way there the "check engine" light did come on. The dealership advised us after the diagnostic test that we needed a throttle body and electronic egr valve which will cost $1330. 00.

Unknown Or Other problem #95

2002 Ford f150, 4x4, 4 door. Was driving home from kansas city kansas to emporia kansas, lucky I was stopping by a friends house in lawrence KS. I was stopped @ a red light in downtown, when the light turned green I gave my truck gas, heard a pop, smealed gas & lumped to a safe place to stop. Ended up having to call a friend & rent a trailor to drag my truck home. Found out that it had "blowin" a "spark plud"! what the heck??? the consumer report book said nothing about this!!!!! after reading everyones stories, I am sure, Ford pays them off! not just the "best" truck in America!!! but the "world"!!! but no I listened to my husband. . . I myself am a mopar person. Ladies don't let them men pick your ride for ya. . . Hate to see you get stuck with a Ford like me. . Because we all know "Ford" is not going to address this problem for us. But don't give up hope there is a: "world's best Ford spark plug thread repait kit". Now don't we all feel "cozy". . . . . Haha (sorry guys, girls just pick better rides!) 1/6/2011.

Unknown Or Other problem #96

In approximately November 2009, as we were driving our 2004 Ford f150 super crew pickup truck down the highway the window in the passenger door fell into the door with a significant crash. When we attempted to roll the power window back up it would not roll back up. When we returned home we had to wrap plastic wrap around the door because it was the only vehicle that we had at the time. I work 40 miles away from home and had to drive it with the window down to and from work in winter for several days before Ford could get it into the dealership to be worked on. The Ford dealership charged us over $400 dollars to fix this issue. Later I found that this issue is caused by faulty equipment installed at the factory. Here it is, winter time, and it has happened again. Today as my husband was driving to the grocery store the driver window crashed down into the door. He didn't try to open it or anything, it just came loose on its own. This time he believes that the window has broken inside the door. I could not imagine what kind of harm this may have caused him or other drivers if it had shattered before the window made it completely into the door. This is the 2nd window on this truck. There are 4 doors all together. We are worried about what may happen when the next window assembly fails.

Unknown Or Other problem #97

Window regulators failing repeatedly.

Unknown Or Other problem #98

Due to the close proximity of the gas and brake pedal and the low sink when pressing the brake pedal-it is very easy to press the gas pedal when pressing the brake pedal. I have asked Ford to look into this matter and the potential safety issue and they will not. I feel that this matter deserves immediate attention and should be reviewed by outside agencies to see if there is in fact the need for a recall and a redesign.

Unknown Or Other problem #99

Three of the four window regulators have broken in my truck, and let the window come down byself. This is on a 2004 Ford F-150.

Unknown Or Other problem #100

2010 F-150 XLT tail gate.

Unknown Or Other problem #101

I have had 3 window regulator failures in less than a year. My local Ford dealer claims that it seems like bad luck. In one case, I was driving down a highway and the window just dropped into the door. In a 4 door truck, both front windows have dropped and the regulators needed to be replaced and the passenger rear window also fell.

Unknown Or Other problem #102

Gas tank is leaking and straps are rotted.

Unknown Or Other problem #103

2005 f150 just dies without any warning. Driving down the hwy and just dies. It happens frequently, just dies, it always takes a few tries to get it restarted. We were told that the throttle body needs to be replaced. We know at least 4 other familys that also have 2005 f150's and they have experienced the same problem. My CO-worker has hers in the Ford shop right now and they are charging 1300. 00 to fix it. It seems to me that with all of the complaints this should be a safety recall and replaced by Ford CO.

Unknown Or Other problem #104

I have a 2004 Ford f150-lariat purchased in sept 2004. Since purchase I am now at my third window regulator replacement. The front window regulators were replaced 3/2007 and 5/2008. Now I am required to replace the right rear regulator at $400 a pop.

Unknown Or Other problem #105

While driving down the road, I heard a loud pop and the driver side window went crashing down inside the door. Had it replaced under warranty. A few days after the maintenance warranty ended (1yr 2 days). . . . The same problem happened to the same window and it happened while I was driving down the road again and almost caused me to wreck. This is a very unsafe issue that I am finding out about with a lot of 2005 Ford vehicles. Please do something about this issue Ford.

Unknown Or Other problem #106

Driving my 2010 Ford F-150 down the highway. Truck stalled and quit for no reason. It started right back up but scared the crap out of me. The truck seemed like it always idled rough from day # 1. It currently has under 13,000 miles on it. No engine light came on. Calling Ford dealer first thing in the morning.

Unknown Or Other problem #107

While driving, my son sitting in the back passenger seat pressed the window switch to lower the window. When he did, there was a loud sound and the window dropped down. I found out from our mechanic that the window regulator broke. Later in the year, I went to lower the drivers side window while stationary, and I heard the motor moving but the window did not lower. It finally slowly fell as I started driving and it would not go back up. Again, it was the window regulator that had failed. Yesterday, while driving from my place of work and moving about 25 mph, I accidently hit the back drivers side window switch, and I heard a loud noise and saw that the window held fell part way down. Again, the regulator had failed. So, within the past year, three of the four window regulators have failed and I have had to replace them.

Unknown Or Other problem #108

Had just rolled up front pasenger side window when I heard a loud thump. I was in heavy traffic and nearly @&*^ my pants. I realized the window had fell from it's track and won't go back up. Dealership is closed, will be driving with plastic on the window. Not good. Researching this problem I see it is a major issue, and likely a safety hazzard.

Unknown Or Other problem #109

My 2005 Ford F-150 front passenger window fell inside the door. This is the second time I have had this same problem, first time it was my front driver side window, the dealer repaired it, it was the regulator. This time I disassembled the door panel so I could 'attempt' to fix the problem myself. Upon looking inside the door at the regulator/motor, all I saw was the cable wrapped around the regulator.

Unknown Or Other problem #110

I month ago, I had the driverside window regulator replace on my 2004 Ford 150, today my daughter and I are on our way to the store and the window on the rear passengers side comes crashing down. If this is sa know defect why is frod not replacing them. Someone is going to get hurt soon or later by this.

Unknown Or Other problem #111

Driving down a busy downtown interstate, smooth pavement, bumper to bumper traffic and I hear a loud pop and sound of glass breaking from the left side of my vehicle. Lot of road rage in the city I live in, so for a second I thought someone shot thru my window so I reacted with a quick swerve and almost collected the car to my right. After I got to a place to stop and investigate the drivers side door glass was gone. I took the vehicle to my mechanic and he informed me the window regulator had failed and let the glass fall to the bottom of the door and shatter. I understand from info from my mechanic and on the net this is a common problem for Ford products. I could have easily collected the other car in my situation and caused a major accident. No telling how many have been killed because of this and Ford gets off scot-free because the persons in the Fords it happens to are dead and can’t tell the window falling caused them to react and cause an accident. Now their family’s not only have to deal with their loved ones death but may be dealing with the fact the accident may have caused other deaths.

Unknown Or Other problem #112

This is the second time my window regulator failed in my truck. I was on the freeway and the regulator popped and the window fell. This, alone, scared me enough to make a jolt in my truck and secondly created quite a problem while driving on the freeway. If the weather conditions were not as good as they were, it would have been a serious problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #113

I have a 2005 Ford f150 super crew pickup truck. As driving in a parking lot heard a very loud crash coming from a drivers to work a raise my arm to protect myself from flying glass that was expecting to contact me at my looked at the and/or glass it was still intact. The sound startled everyone in the car and including small children in the back seat. I stopped the car and checked to make sure everybody was okay which they were. I had to disassemble the door panel so that I could get the window and up as it was chilly outside. The following day I checked on the internet to see what was involved and replacing this broken window regulator and found that this is an extremely common problem on Ford truck's from 2004 - 2008. I contacted the Ford dealer and they stated that there was no recall or service bulletin. I suffered no injury but the potential is certainly there for a very large number of vehicles.

Unknown Or Other problem #114

Was on my way home from the store and the spark plug in my 1996 Ford 150 blew out, damaged the coil and srtiped out spark plug threads on the head. Ford says no recall in process of tryng to get it fixed I undersatand there have been numerous complaints about this and no action has been taken. .

Unknown Or Other problem #115

The window to the Ford F-150 was down about half way. I pressed the button to pull it back up but instead there was a clicking noise and it fell down completely. I pressed to bring it back up but it was useless because it didn't function correctly anymore. This problem has occured 3 times: the two back seat windows and the driver's window. The first time it happend I took it to the Ford dealership to get it fixed and was charged 400 dollars. This malfunction could cause saftey hazards.

Unknown Or Other problem #116

2004 Ford F-150 slt supercrew 4-door. . . Power window fails, window falls down into door. . . This is my fourth incident, once for each window. . . The fix is to replace the "power window regulator assembly" which costs over $450.

Unknown Or Other problem #117

Third time in 5 years power window regulator on my 2004 Ford F-150 has failed. Failure usually occurs while driving. Window simply falls into the door and there is nothing you can do to pull it back up. Were this type of incident occur during adverse weather, on the driver's side, serious consequences are highly likely.

Unknown Or Other problem #118

2004 f150 super-crew Ford window regulator/motors and cable/pulley assemblies. I've had three windows fall into the door after making a very loud noise while driving. This has cost me over $1,275. 00.

Unknown Or Other problem #119

Window regulators failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #120

My third power window regulator broke. Each time it was a different window. I had them replaced at the Ford garage.

Unknown Or Other problem #121

Vehicle was parked and not in use. Owner returned home while away with his son to find that vehicle fire was extinguished by local fire department. The extent of fire was the front engine area. Vehicle was used night before without any incident.

Unknown Or Other problem #122

Black paint, chipping from under the gas door.

Unknown Or Other problem #123

Windows would roll up and down normally with no problem. One day in Feb. Of 2010 my pasenger backseat window fell down halfway into the door. I could not use my power switch at all. In fact when I tried it gave off a burnt smell. I was told to replace the window regulator. I couldn't find one locally so I temporaraly fixed it by putting a heavy duty piece of cardboard in the door to hold the window up. No more than about 2 weeks later, my driverside backseat window did the exact same thing. So I searched online and found a new pair to replace the broken ones. Then on 3/22/2010 while driving, my driverside front window began to creep down. I tried the switch and slam! the window fell all the way into the door. I can't even pull it out enough to tape it shut. I am truely upset because not only is this a huge inconvienience, but a safety hazzard. Each window regulator is roughly $130-$145 depending on which side is needed. This price is picked up, not an installed quote. My parts are ordered and on thier way.

Unknown Or Other problem #124

During winter storm 2010 (January 30-31, 2010) the passager window on my 2004 F-150 suddenly fell down and would not go back up. Took this vehicle to cavilier Ford in chesapeake, va and was told that the window regulator/pulley assembly was broken and that the cost of repair would cost $535; reseached this on the web (carcomplaints. Com) and this seems to be a big, big, costly and dangerous problem. This should be a recall fix. This could happen to the other 3 windows and could happen repeatly.

Unknown Or Other problem #125

While driving my f150 on the interstate at approximatly 70 mph, in temp at 33 degrees I heard a bang and observed my rear window start to spiderweb on the right side the rear window defroster was on to clear the blowing snow off the windo from the bed.

Unknown Or Other problem #126

As I was driving on the freeway, I heard a very loud pop, or bang inside the car which startled me as I was driving, and made me swerve a bit as I thought I was being attacked. As I pulled over the the shoulder, I saw my rear windows go down by themselves. The window repair place had to do something temporary to lock my windows and unplug the window motor. They told me I need to get the regulator for the windows, and I had to do so as soon as possible because the temporary fix may not hold and could cause the window to shatter which may cause damage to people. I looked everywhere for the parts, and cannot find them. Not even the dealer has them.

Unknown Or Other problem #127

Fire under the hood of my 2001 Ford f150.

Unknown Or Other problem #128

08 Ford truck 150 truck. One episode of the truck suddenly accelerating and run into my barn. The truck was stopped by hitting the barn and getting stuck in a ditch. I have had this type acceleration on 3 additional episodes. The dealor and Ford say thereis no problem. No injures have occured up to this time.

Unknown Or Other problem #129

I bought a 2004 Ford F-150 supercrew truck last October. When I took it home from the dealer, I rolled down the passenger-side rear window and it just dropped inside the door. I took it back to the dealer and they fixed it. I thought it was just a random incident or that it just came off the track and no big deal. Well, a couple days ago (now that I've had it for 1 year and no warranty) I picked up my kids from school and as we were driving home the driver-side rear window (the other one this time) fell down inside the door. I had no warning, didn't hit any button, and suddenly wondered where the wind was coming from. At first I thought my kids rolled it down but hey didn't. I tried to roll it up with the power control button on my arm-rest and nothing happened. All I heard was a grinding sound and remembered what happened the first time around and went "awww great!" this is the second window in a year and after researching heavily online I discovered I'm not alone. I am dumbfounded as to how this issue with Ford window regulator/motors and cable/pulley assemblies has not forced a recall!!! how is this possible with all of the complaints posted with NHTSA and online forums? I have been told this isn't a recall issue because it doesn't affect emissions or safety, but if that's the case, how is this not a safety/security issue??? I'm lucky that my window didn't shatter and hit me or, more importantly, my children! not only that, but what if this had caused an accident? nobody should be driving down the road, hear a loud clunk, freak out, and swerve off the road! not a safety issue? seriously? and what about this being a security issue? how in the hell do I keep my window up and lock my truck while I'm shopping for groceries or something? not only could someone steal something inside but they could steal my truck! if this isn't a security issue then why do I have remote locks/alarm? something has to be done about this! I don't have $400 to throw away in this economy!.

Unknown Or Other problem #130

Window regulator failure: I have now replaced 3 out of 4 window regulators. My out of pocket cost is slightly over $900. 00. The failures have been sudden with no warning. One occurred in traffic at 55mph. I live in colorado and weather could pose a health and saftey issue. More important is consumer protection. Three failures in just a couple of years is indicative of manufacturer using substandard parts or components. Ford should correct this potentially dangerous situation and compensate those who have had to bear the cost of repair for substandard workmanship and materials. The date of the first and second incidents were close to the listed date the most recent was September 1 of this year. Repair work was done by a local shop records are available to refine the dates and exact mileage.

Unknown Or Other problem #131

Ford 2004 f150 crewcab driver side window will not roll up. This is a safety hazard.

Unknown Or Other problem #132

First incident: August, 2009 I was driving down the highway going approximately 65 miles an hour when the back passenger side window started decending without anyone pushing the button. I was then unable to use the window again. My infant son was in the back seat next to the window and it was raining. I took the vehicle to the Ford dealership and had the window regulator replaced. Second incident: January, 2010 once again I was driving and the front passenger side window went down without prompting and never worked again. I am an attorney and was on my way to the courthouse and was forced to leave my car unattended for a short amount of time and obtain continuances on all of my cases that day in order to have my window repaired. I was informed that it was the window regulator and the part needed replaced. Third incident: August, 2011 same scenerio, my husband was driving the vehicle on the highway at approx. 55 mph when his window decended without prompting and we were unable to make the window work again. I had to have the window regulator replaced. Besides the cost of repairs ($350. 00 each window), I believe that this is a safety hazard. I had an infant by the window in the first incident and driving at speed the window could have shattered. Also, all incidents occured while I was driving and proved quite distracting. It could have caused an accident. Last, because I was unable to make the window(s) go back up I had to leave my vehicle unsecured.

Unknown Or Other problem #133

Windows suddenly falling down while traveling on public roads. Poses potential hazard to occupants and driver.

Unknown Or Other problem #134

2006 Ford f150 4x4 ck harness and switches found defective solenoid and vac leak to left frt hub. Isolate vac leak repair vac line.

Unknown Or Other problem #135

The contact owns a 2002 Ford F-150. While idling for approximately three minutes, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle was unable to be restarted. The contact is in the process of having the vehicle inspected to determine the cause of the failure. The failure and current mileages were 83,000.

Unknown Or Other problem #136

Blowout of tire with 20,000 miles on vehicle and tire. Started researching why a perfectly good tire would blow out and found an ongoing investigation concerning faulty valve stems. I had all my valve stems checked when getting the new tire installed and found a faulty valve stem on another tire. I spoke with 3 different people at Ford who all said they were unaware of any faulty valve stems. I had to purchase a new tire and valve stems to correct the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #137

Driver air bag exploded instantly upon entering the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #138

The contact owns a 2004 Ford F-150. The contact noticed that the paint on the hood and the front end of the vehicle was abnormally chipping. He took the vehicle to the dealer and they stated that the failure resulted from when the vehicle was manufactured. The coating of the paint was 10-12 mm. As a result, the thick coating inevitably led to the paint chipping. The contact is in the process of notifying the manufacturer. The failure and current mileages were 86,000.

Unknown Or Other problem #139

I have a 2008 f150 pickup with 348 miles. This has happened 3 times already. I put my foot on the brake to shift from park to either reverse or drive and the engine revs and the car lurches. All times, I've been able to put quickly into park then turn off the engine to fix the problem. When the car is restarted, the engine is running normally. One of the three times, it happened with my husband driving. I can't be sure I believe it's because the brake pedal and gas pedal are close enough together that my foot touches the gas when braking. The first time I had shoes on and don't know. The second time was with bare feet and I felt the right side of my foot touch the gas. My husband can't comment on the third time. I measured and my Honda civic brake/gas distance is 2. 75". The truck distance is 2 3/8". I called the dealership twice and they claim there's nothing they can do. I know I'm going to run somebody over or get in an accident some day and this will be to blame. I'm afraid to drive the truck. I've had it over a month and am still on the first tank of gas. I'm really glad I kept my Honda civic.

Unknown Or Other problem #140

I own a 2004 f150 supercrew. I purchased the vehicle with 24000 on it, and I also purchased an extended warranty that was suppose to cover the vehicle bumper to bumper. Or, so I was told when I purchased the coverage. In addition to having the rear window repaired twice the side windows also seem to be defective. My first window fell when I only had 37000 on the vehicle. So much for an extended warranty. I still had to pay $100. 00 to cover the deductible. I now have 43000 on my truck and window #2 has broken. I was sitting in a parking lot when we heard a loud bang. I pushed the button to roll down the passenger window and that was it. Window number 2 had broken. It's was 115 degrees, and I had a 40 mile trip home. Not only could my tools and the medical equipment I carry be stolen but, its possible the truck could be stolen as well. I am now not comfortable taking my truck any where. Its very disturbing to pay for a new vehicle and have things like this happen. I have built race cars and trucks, and I have never seen door window regulators fail like this. The window has maybe been used 20 times. I rarely have anyone sitting in the passenger seat. This indicates to me that Ford installed defective window regulators in the newer style f150 trucks. After looking on the internet, I see I am not alone. This problem has happened to many others. It seems to me that this qualifies as a recall or bulletin at the least. You can imagine my anger when I found out that I had to pay for the repair. Not only should this not happen in a new vehicle, now I am not sure I should even take the chance to drive it anywhere for fear it could be stolen. Please know that if anything is stolen out of my truck or the vehicle it self is stolen, because the window has broken, I will alert my insurance carrier of the window situation. I would appreciate an explanation why this is not considered a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #141

Parked truck at approx 8:45pm, 7/15. Found truck completely burned, some plastics still burning, upon waking at approx 6:30am, 7/16. Truck was parked 4 to 5 feed from house. House only slightly damaged; however, it is a miracle house and surrounding trees did not catch fire.

Unknown Or Other problem #142

The contact owns a 2006 Ford F-150. The contact received a recall notice for the brake boost vacuum hose and took the vehicle in for repairs. A few days later, he noticed that the rear bumper was hanging down slightly. After further inspection, he also noticed that the rear quarter panel on the passenger side was dented. He called the dealer and they stated that the damage must have been done after the repairs were made. The manufacturer stated that each dealer was responsible for damages done at the time of repair and advised him to speak with the dealer for compensation. The vehicle has not been repaired. The failure mileage was 18,950 and current mileage was 19,000. Updated 09/15/08 updated 09/18/08.

Unknown Or Other problem #143

Upon starting the engine, oem spark plug (motorcraft platinum awsf 22e) came apart and was ejected from cylinder on 2000 Ford F-150 5. 4l engine. Ejection of spark plug damaged spark module. Spark plug separated into two parts with center electrode being ejected but leaving the threaded portion of the plug inside the spark plug hole.

Unknown Or Other problem #144

The 97 F-150 had been parked outside not started for 2 days. Sunday morning we went to go to the lake and the truck started but would not go out of park,an issue I have had before,but this time the abs light was flashing. I have been in the automotive repair business for 15 years, so I had a good idea were to start looking. The first place I looked was the brake safety switch located on the top of the brake pedal itsel. Every thing checked out fine. That is were I have had the problem before so I thought it was another broken wire but that was not the case. So I decided to check brake fluid level,and noticed that the electrical plug located at the front of the master brake cylinder had caught fire and melted the entire plastic plug and wires. Now I don't know when this happened but I feel very lucky it went out by itself!I live in the colorado mountains and could not imagine the damage it could of caused if it would have gotten out of control, as it was parked by trees ,shed, jet skis,etc. At this time I am going to try to replace the plug and or wiring harness and the electrical component on front of master cylinder that I believe was the cause of the small fire. I will call Ford dealer ship in morning to see if they have any info on problem. I have all old parts and have documented the issue with pictures. I have also noticed that the cruise control switch box is located about 3 inches from the electrical brake switch that caught fire. I do know about the cruise control recall and it makes me wonder if all of these tragic Ford fires reported really did start from the cruise control switch?.

Unknown Or Other problem #145

One day my 1998 Ford F-150 with only 37,000 miles (I am the original owner)was working just fine. Several days later I get into the truck and I noticed the electric windows wouldn't go down,I assumed it was a fuse. No luck on that, all fuses good except the lighter fuse,which I don't use. When I got to my destination I couldn't get it into 4-wheel drive. When I was getting ready to leave I couldn't get the windshield wipers on when it was raining. I had no choice but to drive 30 miles home with no wipers in the rain,extremely hard to see to drive and very dangerous. I found info on the internet that pointed to the generic electronic module. A lot of other people were complaining of the same problem and worse on a online forum. This problem goes back to 1994 when Ford first started using this device. I ended up paying $600. 00 for the dealer to replace the gem that was obviously defective from the start,not to mention the danger of driving in the rain with no wipers. Ford has a recall on the 99 on up 250 and 350 with the same device,but they wouldn't honor this on the 98. They have decided to retool the device by taking the 4-wheel drive control out of this device as a stand alone control. I feel Ford should have replaced this at their expense in light of all the problems this has caused. Some have reported that their trucks have jumped into 4-low while driving on the road,others have said that they can't disengage 4-wheel after using the feature off road.

Unknown Or Other problem #146

The left front window regulator failed and window fell down into door 06/09/2010 at 39738 miles. Causing the vehicle to be vulnerable to theft. (at the time vehicle was parked overnight) repair at the dealer was $384. 00 - second failure was to the right front window regulator while driving. 11-13-2010 @ 61400 miles loud pop while window was being rolled up. Window dropped into door. This action caused an immediate distraction to me while driving the vehicle. This could be very unsafe and cause an accident! I truly believe these regulators are not sufficiently designed to reliable standards. I believe Ford should be made to replace the regulators with a new designed part at no cost to the customer. There are hundreds if not thousands of testimonials for this bad order part. Ford is not willing to aid in this matter.

Unknown Or Other problem #147

I have had all four window regulators go out on my 2004 Ford f150 truck. This is ridiculous that there has not been a recall because they are obviously defective. Tons of people are going through this and I am fed up with driving with two broken back window that fall down when they are not taped up.

Unknown Or Other problem #148

I own a 2004 Ford f150 the windows in my truck have fallen damaging window tint scratching windows the part that holds the window up is made of plastic and the replacements are made of the same materials as oem which causes the same problem to occur again each time the part fails the cost is $160 only from the dealer I have researched this problem on different Ford sites and many Ford f150 owners are having the same problem I don't think this is fair to the consumer to have to keep repairing at their own expense with a replacement part that will fail the same as the original part. I only have 24,000 miles on my truck the lowest of the group of people I have found while researching, of my windows back passenger side* was rarely ever opened so it begs the question why a part would just up and break for no reason. Please help consumers we are not getting any help from Ford. Thank you in advance.

Unknown Or Other problem #149

I was at a complete stop in a construction zone, when my brake pedal went completely to the floor (gave out) this causing me not to be able to figure out what happened fast enough before I ended up rearending the car in front of me and that was pushed into another car. The vehicle was towed, still under warranty new master brake cylinder was installed.

Unknown Or Other problem #150

I own a 2007 Ford f150 truck. On three occasions the truck accelerated when braking to a stop. The first incident happened to my wife and the second to me. We each thought that it was a fluke. The third occurrence resulted in an accident. My wife was driving and when she applied the brake to stop at a stop sign the engine surged and she was unable to stop the truck. She struck another vehicle already stopped at the stop sign. She was very upset. She was cited for not stopping with assured clear distance. We had the truck towed to the dealer where I bought it. The service people said they could not replicate the problem and gave us back the truck. We took it to an independent garage for evaluation. Still nothing was found. The truck is clearly a safety problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #151

2002 Ford F-150 supercrew bought new from rivertown Ford. Paint is blistering. Small pieces of "?" are showing everywhere on the vehicle. Ford says its too late and not their problem. Paint job "blistering" less than 5 years old. . . . . . Sounds like another late 80's - early 90's Ford paint problem again.

Unknown Or Other problem #152

No events leading up to failure;sudden failure of spare tire retaining cable on personal truck. Cable snapped suddenly and without warning causing spare tire to fall from its stowed position beneath the truck. This caused the truck to become airborne briefly as the spare tire caught the rear bumper and lifted it. Had the spare tire not been additionally secured by an anti-theft cable the tire would definitely have been sent into other traffic behind me or in the oncoming lane. New tire was purchased by me but no other corrective action;dealer and manufacturer refused.

Unknown Or Other problem #153

State of nevada traffic accident report. 2004 Ford F-150. Collision occurred in which the passengers were ejected from the vehicles. Updated.

Unknown Or Other problem #154

I own a 2001 Ford F-150. On December 16,2006 it caught fire and is now considered a total loss by our insurance company. It has completely burned to the ground. Only the shell of the vehicle and the two flat rear tires are left. The insurance company at this time has not told me the reason this has happened. On Dec. 16th my fiance had driven it into town that morning and returned home and parked it in the yard next to our mobile home. He arrived back at home at about 9:30 am. He took another vehicle down to our neighbors house to do some work on it and about 2:00 pm someone else in our neighborhood came to get him saying his truck was on fire. The fire department said the fire did start in the engine compartment. As a result of the fire our siding on our house was melted and we had a motor home parked in front of it also that had some damage to it. If it was a windy day the flames would have reached the house and it would have burnt to the ground. We have not had any problems with the truck before this had happened. Now that this has happened I have heard of people talking about other truck fires and have found other incidents of this happening while doing research on the internet. This is how I found out about this site and I thought I should report our fire.

Unknown Or Other problem #155

I was viewing property in another county. I left my wehicle parked on a ranch road in order to ride with the realtor. When I returned to my vehicle (2002 f150 super crew) it was engulfed in flames. I had a camera because I was taking pictures of the property, so I have pictures of the truck on fire as well as pictures after the fire dept. Put out the fire. All contents and the vehicle were destroyed, but there were no injuries to any people or other property. There was an off duty police officer at the site when I returned, but I didn't get his name. He called the fire department and told me there wasn't anything else I could do. The realtor, a friend, and I left to view more property. We returned to take more pictures after the fire department had left as well.

Unknown Or Other problem #156

Nothing to warn me of the impending failure. The spare tire cable snapped causing the spare to drop, flipping underneath the trailer-in-tow, causing the trailer to buck. Fortunately, the trailer recovered and no one was behind me. Should this have happened at a higher rate of speed with someone behind me and while carrying a load, it could have turned fatal. The failing part, the spare tire winch, has been replaced. I have counted a minimum of 10 other reports on this site of this failure. I believe a recall is in order.

Unknown Or Other problem #157

My husband was driving his Ford truck F-150 and suddenly crashed into a tree. He was seriously injury and still in the hospital he was in critical condition for two days and he will be disable for the rest of his life. The accident happened last week on March 4,2006.

Unknown Or Other problem #158

2004 Ford F-150 . . . All 4 of my window regulators have failed ! also my 5th rear window is going out too . . . I'm tired of paying out so much money for them to just fail again ! 2 of my windows won't even go up anymore and the inside of my truck is getting dirty dirty dirty! I hope nothing flies into my truck when im driving or someone is going to be hurt! the windows just stop working no reason at all ! please help this is out of control and Ford needs to step up before someone gets hurt not after!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #159

The contact stated the cable holding the spare tire snapped. The tire bounced on the road. The vehicle was repaired. Updated 1/19/2006 - the consumer has the failed cable in his possession. There were no injuries and no damage.

Unknown Or Other problem #160

Truck was parked in drive way for approximately. 18 hours not running. Truck caught fire , 2000 f150.

Unknown Or Other problem #161

I own a 2001 Ford F-150 with 82,000 miles on it and I have had problems with the spark plugs on the heads. There is no recall on the heads which I've read in many different websites this seems like a common problem that many 99-03 Ford F-150 owners are going through. Ford motor company needs to make a recall and fix this problem soon or else they will lose a lot of customers.

Unknown Or Other problem #162

The odometer of a 2001 f150 Ford supercrew shows intermittently on the instrument cluster. The dealer wants to replace the cluster stating it is required by the state to see the odometer mileage and it may be tied into the vehicle anti-theft device. I was under the impression the the fmvss had a requirement that the odometer should normally work for the life of the vehicle. Ford does have technical bullitins internally that show they know of the wire cracking problem on the clusters.

Unknown Or Other problem #163

The dealership liedto me they told me that I was buying the car and not leasing it. I have gone plenty times to the dealership but they don't put any attention to me. I had talkedto the sales peron gustavo maya. I also talked to j. R. Starika the manager of the dealership but he never tried to give me a solution for my problem. What I wanted was a purchase and not a lease.

Unknown Or Other problem #164

Problem occured on 5/27/05 while vehicle was parked in the driveway. After opening and shutting the door, the back glass shattered. No previous problems with vehicle. The vehicle was taken to dealership, who reported that the glass was not under warranty. La west is the manufacturer and were supposed to send a glass but has not done so yet.

Unknown Or Other problem #165

Smoke in house. Owner investigated problem. Saw fire coming from under the hood in pickup. Gas tank exploded. Burned down attached garage and house, killing one person and injuring another.

Unknown Or Other problem #166

Consumer of a 2001 Ford f150 wants recall notices sent to them instead of their neighbor ( the previous owner of the vehicle). The consumer was not recieving recall letters; recall campaign# 01v082000, 00v396000, 01v227001, 00v348000, 01v095000 and 01v258000.

Unknown Or Other problem #167

My 2004 f 150 shakes / vibrates so bad it looks like there are 5 cars following me (when there is only one) in my review mirror. The tires have been balanced @ 3100 miles. Tires replaced @ 3300 miles. Vibration damper@ 3200 miles. Now they want to put a split drive shaft on it. How am I going to replace these non standard parts 3 years from now? my wife refuses to ride in it-calls it a death trap!! I've owned the truck for a year now and only have 4400 miles on it. I'm afraid of it to. Will someone please help. My truck is a 2004 standard cab XLT 5. 4 litre auto 4x4.

Unknown Or Other problem #168

The truck had a heating system failure. The door located in the heating unit (that opens and closes when the temperature is adjusted) became stuck in the open position which allowed only cold air to enter the air vent. The consumer had to turn off the heat system to prevent hyperthermia. As a result the defogger system couldn't be used which caused poor visibility. The dealership replaced the door and other components. The dealer also replaced the temperature potentiometer and actuator.

Unknown Or Other problem #169

Safety Ford F-150. The consumer wanted to thank the manufacturer for sending him a safety brochure.

Unknown Or Other problem #170

See odi 10091339 -in examining the failed part there was no evidence of corrosion causing a weakness of the cable. Rather, the retaining lug at the end of the cable appears to have sheared as a result of routine driving conditions over time. In purchasing a replacement part from Ford, I found that they have changed the design of the lift mechanism to add a tension relief spring to prevent the likely hood of a cable failure such as I experienced. Old part: f75z*1a131 new part 2l3z*1a131 this indicates their recognition that there was a design defect in the original part. As these vehicles age there will be increased chance of future failure from cable strain incurred during routine use.

Unknown Or Other problem #171

I had my 2000 Ford f150 at the dealer before the bumper to bumber ran out with 31000 miles on the truck there was recalls on it for the back window leaking and other things like the speed control I notice the frame and crossmembers rusting out at this time the paint was not doing its job all they had too do was to paint it but they refused to do it, now there is a recall on just the fuel tank straps what about the tank and the frame and crossmembers this truck is a hazard to be on the road this truck should have been fixed at the time when I noticed the problem. The truck has about 78000 original miles on it now and the body looks like it is in real good shape but the frame and crossmembers look like they have 250000 miles on it. Is there anything that can be done about this because Ford did not do what they should have done back when there was only 31000 miles on it. I only use the truck to go to the doctors and tow a boat 4 or 5 times a year the truck sits in the driveway most of the time. Toyota recalled a lot of trucks with this problem frames rusting out beyond repair they had to replace the owners with new trucks or refund the money they paid for them. The Toyota's was about the same year as my Ford there is a defect in the steel that they used for my truck please help.

Unknown Or Other problem #172

An excruciating high pitch noise is produced from the dashboard area of my 2004 f150 heritage at speeds between 20-40mph. The noise produces an earache equal to a small migraine after 30 minutes. The dealer has overhauled the transfer case and taken the transmission out to replace bearings but the problem still exists. Dealer has stated that they hear the noise but doesn't know how to fix the problem. My truck has less than 1000 miles on it currently.

Unknown Or Other problem #173

Was driving my 2004 Ford F-150 supercab pickup truck (4. 6l v8 2wd) at highway speed when I heard a loud bang and scared me enough to nearly lose control of my vehicle. The sound I heard I thought was someone shooting out my drivers side power window when it turns out it just fell into the door because of a faulty power window regulator. Now it will cost me nearly $400 to replace when it is just a plastic clip. Turns out that this is a very common problem with Ford trucks and am shocked that this has not been recalled by the NHTSA since this is a serious safety issue as the doors and windows, as well as the seatbelts, are what keeps the driver and or passengers in the vehicle. . . I am extremely upset not at the repair cost but that my safety is being compromised at Ford motor company's expense with nothing being done about it. Just how many people need to complain about this before it is recalled or are we just waiting for a serious injury or a death for something to happen.

Unknown Or Other problem #174

While driving at 30 mph, vehicle was involved in a rear end collision . Then, it collided with a utility pole and erupted into flames. Consumer sustained cracked ribs and was hospitalized. Police arrived on the scene.

Unknown Or Other problem #175

On the below date my passenger door window fell down in to the door. This is the 3rd window to do this. It happened while driving and scared me so bad I almost drove off the road. There was a loud pop and the window was gone.

Unknown Or Other problem #176

The spare tire housing cable broke loose and the spare tire fell off. This occurred while driving on a dirt road at a very low speed. As a result, the rear of the truck lifted off the road. The cause of the cable breaking is yet to be determined. The cable had a clean break and had no rust. Please provide any additional information.

Unknown Or Other problem #177

I was wiping the interior of my truck and cut myself on a sharp edge. The item that cut me was a badge/logo which is affixed to a soft cover on the center console of my truck. My truck is a 2003 Ford F-150 harley davison edition. I would not normally complain about a bump or bruise I would get working on a vehicle. This decorative badge on the console is so sharp that it cut through the towel I was wiping with and then into my finger. This badge is in an area where people would normally contact the vehicle to open the console, and it is very unsafe.

Unknown Or Other problem #178

While driving 20 mph, the spare tire fell off in the middle of the road. The dealer stated the cable corroded. This occurred when the consumer was backing out of the driveway.

Unknown Or Other problem #179

Lost the plug on the number 3 cylinder on the passenger side. I own 2001 F-150 lightning. I have no mods. The vehicle has 24,300 miles.

Unknown Or Other problem #180

The paint on the tail gate is coming off in sheets. Leaving just the primer coat. Not caused by rust or damage.

Unknown Or Other problem #181

Fax e-mail fm greg johnson (ky) the consumer was concerned of a potential health hazard to occupants in his vehicle in which they inhale white particles that come from the ventilation system.

Unknown Or Other problem #182

1997 Ford f150. *******dims 11 ivoq entry posted after 12/12/******770803.

Unknown Or Other problem #183

1997 Ford f150 XLT supercab. Dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut-over to artemis--------------770779.

Unknown Or Other problem #184

Consumer states vehicle was parked in drive way, when the vehicle rolled into the street. Consumer states the emergency brake was on when the vehicle rolled. Ts.

Unknown Or Other problem #185

This was a recall. It was replaced but now it leaks. ****dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut-over to artemis****76953.

Unknown Or Other problem #186

I have a 2001, Ford, F-150 pickup. The vehicle has had steering trouble since it was new. It was in the shop in may of 2001 and no problem could be found. A second dealership reviewed my concerns and found the alignment was off. The toe in and toe out was properly adjusted. The cast and cambor was 5 degrees out and there was no adjustment available.

Unknown Or Other problem #187

Consumer states while driving the vehicle the gas pedal would get stuck the vehicle would pick up speed. Consumer states the brake pedal also did not slow vehicle down. Dealer notified. Ts.

Unknown Or Other problem #188

Oil leaking from headgasket onto motor. Motor is new, and this problem should not occur. Dealer stated engine gasket needs to be replaced. Consumer statedthere might be a manufacturer's defect. Please provide any further information.

Unknown Or Other problem #189

Fatal accident involving a 2001 Ford svt F-150 pickup. While driving the vehicle entered a curve to the right which resulted in the driver losing control of the vehicle. The vehicle continued to skid uncontrollably until it ran off to the right shoulder, struck a street sign before striking a driveway culvert and vaulting into the air. After the first contact with the ground the vehicle rolled over ejecting both occupants. Neither of the two occupants were wearing a seat belt. Speed may have been a factor in the accident. (nar).

Unknown Or Other problem #190

The factory-supplied floor mats on this vehicle have an approx. 2 wide strip along the side of the mat. On the drivers side, this strip is along the rear portion of the rh side of the mat and makes an approx. 2 wide square corner several inches back from the front edge of the mat and just behind the gas pedal. The mat has a tendency to slide forward over time. Ive now had 2 instances of this square corner sliding forward and engaging the gas pedal, holding it fully depressed (accelerator stuck wide openengine rpm pegged when clutch was depressed). Both occurred in dense, high-speed interstate highway traffic. The first had to be cleared by reaching under the gas pedal with my toe and pulling back on the pedal to free it. In the second, I had to shut down the engine and coast to the shoulder before I could clear the problem, and was fortunately in a position in traffic to do so. I believe this floor mat shape is hazardous and the shape of the drivers side mat should either be altered to preclude this condition, or the drivers side mat should be removed from the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #191

Windows scare me when they dont open. Afraid that door cracks will fail more on highway.

Unknown Or Other problem #192

Floor mat on driverside is reversible, has a hook on one side. Consumer was driving at highway speed, pressed down hard on accelerator, and pedal got stuck wide open on hook of floor mat. Consumer had to turn ignition off to get vehicle to slow down.

Unknown Or Other problem #193

No summary listed for abov evehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #194

Poor front end alignment from factory caused severe tire wear, leading to tire failure. (tiresize: 18 295vr45)( dot number: tire size: 18 295vr45 ).

Unknown Or Other problem #195

No summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #196

Orange overdrive button flashing while driving at 65mph. No safety defect listed in summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #197

Driver side elec. Remote cntrl. Mirror glass has cracked 2 times almost same place each time, top to bottom.

Unknown Or Other problem #198

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #199

My instrumental panel just stop working. No gas guage, speedometer, odometer, oil pressure, temp gauge, charge gauge, etc. Checked fuse but ok. But like no power dealer knows of no such defect. Also wipers come on at all different times without activation by driver . Beat several times at very high speed then stop. This has happened over 20 times over the last several months.

Unknown Or Other problem #200

Oil light keeps coming on at anytime when driving . The oil gauge will drop down to low.

Unknown Or Other problem #201

Instrument cluster blows fuses, when this happens speed is not known and brake/abs,temp. ,fuel,warning lights are all dead. Checking internet chat groups indicates this is not uncomon and is caused by a bare wire exposed inside the steering column. Replacing fuse only last till column is moved in the position to cause it to blow again.

Unknown Or Other problem #202

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #203

Paint on hood and roof of cab is blistering, this should not happen on a three year old truck. No safety defect mentione din the summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #204

This 1997 Ford F-150 truck was purchased in November 1996 with 6,000 miles from national auto sales. In may 1999 we noticed the paint on the roof of the truck was chipping away. The paint is gone and the gray primer is now showing in an 18 inch area. We took the vehicle to our Ford dealer (holmes tuttle Ford) and were told that this was not the first time the technician had seen this problem and that it is called "crazing". However, due to the mileage it would not be covered under warranty. We then contacted the Ford customer care center and were told the same thing, it was out of warramty and would not be covered. The vehicle is parked in covered parking and is only driven abouit three times a week. No safety defect.

Unknown Or Other problem #205

When driving and applying the gas or brake pedal the floor mats will curl up and get caught between the pedals. Contacted the dealer.

Unknown Or Other problem #206

Factory programmed computer was made to run diagnostic engine check upon engine start-up. The computer will make a misdiagnosis that engine is not running on all cylinders causing engine light to stay on. Ford motor company knew this and now supplys dealer with computer software that recallibrates the computer to wait 240 seconds after inital start-up before making diagnostic engine checks. Notified dealer. They reprogramed computer and charged me (the original owner) $57. 60+tax.

Unknown Or Other problem #207

Floor mats slipped. Yh.

Unknown Or Other problem #208

Driver's side floor mat bunches up 3/4 from top of mat under brake and gas pedal which makes hard for pedals to operate properly. Dealer contacted and cannot remedy the problem. Problem still exists.

Unknown Or Other problem #209

Ea98018, the orignal floor mats slipped through, pushing the acclerator pedal which may cause an accident unexpectedly. Consumer stated when drivers floor mat slips foward toward the firewall, the accelerator pedal will stick and pull open when pressed to floor to pass another vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #210

Pe98; alleged loss of throttle control; consumer states that the floor mat moves under driver's feet while driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #211

Driver's floor mat continually hung up throttle pedal causing throttle pedal to stick.

Unknown Or Other problem #212

Ashtray cover failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #213

Ea980018; while driving floormat slided underneath the gas pedal which caused acceleration, almost causing an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #214

Both the driver and passenger captain chairs have arm rest that can release the seat belts. The passenger loaded the arm rest on the p-side which pressed the red release button causing the occupant to be ejected from the vehicle. The driver's side did not unlatch but was killed when the driver side door opened. Cw the vehicle rolled over and the arm rest released the seat belts.

Unknown Or Other problem #215

Consumer requesting a deploy certificate for the 1999 Ford f150.

Unknown Or Other problem #216

Center armrest does not lock in the down position.

Unknown Or Other problem #217


Unknown Or Other problem #218

Check engine light indicator failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #219

The paint was oxidizing in several places. The dealer was contacted but did nothing because the vehicle was out of warranty.

Unknown Or Other problem #220

N o summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #221

1997 Ford f150. **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**770822.

Unknown Or Other problem #222

1997 Ford f150. **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**770804.

Unknown Or Other problem #223

Driver carpet type floor mat will not stay secured to floor. Keeps sliding forward and bunches up under brake/gas pedal. Dealer replaced clip/post to floor but still doesn't hold. I nearly had a bad accident because of this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #224

Floor mat sticks underneath accelerator pedal, causing the pedal to stick to floor. Vehicle lost control, ran into ditch.

Unknown Or Other problem #225

The cable that holds the spare tire beneath the truck snapped and the tire bounced out onto oncoming traffic.

Unknown Or Other problem #226

Accelerator pedal got caught in the floor mat, resulting in unwanted acceleration.

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