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Ignition Problems of Ford F-150

Ford F-150 owners have reported 57 problems related to ignition (under the electrical system category).

car image   Ignition problem of the 2002 Ford F-150 1
Failure Date: 03/05/2012

The contact owns a 2002 Ford f150. The contact was driving 35 mph when the ignition caught on fire and melted the area where the ignition key was located. The contact merged onto the shoulder as the fire independently diminished. The contact received burns to the fingers. He then attempted to reinsert the key into the ignition however, to no avail. The vehicle was pushed to the contact's residence and later towed to the dealer. The dealer informed the contact that the ignition would need replacing. The contact also received notification of NHTSA campaign id number: 11v385000 (fuel system, gasoline: storage: tank assembly: mounting) for corrosion of one or both of the fuel straps. The contact stated that the dealer would not repair the vehicle under the recall but was not advised as to why. The manufacturer was notified who offered no assistance and could not provide a reason why the dealer would not repair the vehicle under the recall. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 101,000.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2010 Ford F-150 2
Failure Date: 11/22/2011

The "downhill decent control fault" light comes on at random times while driving down the road. When the fault light comes on and remains on. , it also causes the brake lights on the vehicle to come on and remain on until you can the fault light decides to go off. So while driving down the road, and even worse, when in traffic, the fault light may come on and cause the brake lights on the rear of the vehicle to shine, signaling to other drivers that this vehicle is slowing or coming to a stop, when it is not. This can, in certain instances, be very dangerous. Turning the vehicle ignition off will at time alleviate the problem, but that is not always an option while driving down the road, or in traffic. The light also comes on with no warning, and with no use of the system that is indicated is faulting.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 1999 Ford F-150 3
Failure Date: 07/16/2011

The engine surges or quits as I am driving. This happens every 8 to 10 miles. I can be going 75 mph on the freeway when it quits and I have to shut off the ignition to restart it. This is at least the ninth time this truck has done this since it was new. I think you can imagine what it's like to be going 75 miles per hour and your engine quits and you are left with no power steering, or brakes. This will be the ninth coil I have replaced on this motor. Ford is completely aware that there has been a problem for years with this size motor. I can't believe an engine that shuts off at 75 miles per hour has not been considered a safety concern before.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2008 Ford F-150 4
Failure Date: 07/01/2011

The contact owns a 2008 Ford F-150. The contact stated that the vehicle would smoke when the ignition was started. The dealer diagnosed that there was a computer defect, which caused the vehicle to blow black smoke out of the exhaust pipe. The manufacturer was not contacted and the vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 26,000 and the current mileage was 28,000.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2005 Ford F-150 5
Failure Date: 08/10/2009

"electronic throttle control" failure causes the engine to lose all power, power steering is inoperable and vehicle must be stopped, ignition turned off and on again before vehicle is able to proceed. This has happened on 4 occasions in the past year with no warning. This defect poses a seriously dangerous situation, especially at highway speeds, as the operator has no control over the vehicle until able to pull to the side, turn ignition off and then restart the engine. Ford service says they are unaware of this problem but, it is reported numerous times in forums on Ford vehicle safety as a $500-$600 repair. This doesn't seem like a normal wear & tear issue but rather a factory defect that Ford should address before someone is injured?.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 1998 Ford F-150 6
Failure Date: 05/05/2008

My 1998 f150, for no apparent reason, the dome and box light would remain on after removing the ignition key. By researching on the net, I found the cure. Apparently the magnetic contacts in the door posts were dirty and would not function. Using windex which removed the wax and dirt, corrected the problem. Hope this helps others.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2005 Ford F-150 7
Failure Date: 04/21/2008

Purchased a used 2005 Ford F-150 from the dealer ship, truck has 80,000 miles on it. When I changed the plugs 5 out of the 8 broke off in the head.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2004 Ford F-150 8
Failure Date: 04/08/2008

Ford design on 3valve engines in my case f150 with 5. 4 and mustang with 4. 6 has caused plugs to break in cylinder head. Ford has issued 3 TSB's. This is their problem and they are making consumer foot the bill which can run in thousands.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2005 Ford F-150 9
Failure Date: 03/12/2008

Driving on the freeway at approximately 70 miles per hour I activated the vehicles' cruise control system. Without warning the vehicles' interior lighting came on and I subsequently noticed that the vehicle had died ( engine, was no longer running). In a panic, I attempted to turn the ignition key with negative results. I cautiously pulled to the shoulder of the freeway, placed the transmission in park and turned the ignition key to the off position. I then turned the key to the starting position and the vehicle started again. This occurred on two separate occasions. An additional issue with the vehicles air conditioning system has happened several times wherein (usually within the first couple minutes of start up) when the air conditioning is turned on, on the "auto" setting, for example at the 60 degree setting on high, the system will intermittently turn off and then turn on displaying 72 degrees, then turn off, maybe back on again etc. , blowing at a much lower speed. Addressed complaints with Ford dealership, however, (as always) they were unable to duplicate problem. Inquired about any service bulletins and informed that there were none. Thank you for your time.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2007 Ford F-150 10
Failure Date: 12/01/2007

The contact owns a 2007 Ford F-150. The vehicle was rebuilt. The ignition key becomes stuck in the ignition after the vehicle is parked, while attempting to shut off the engine. The brakes only operate normally after driving two miles. The failure mileage was 12 and current mileage was 6,300.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2001 Ford F-150 11
Failure Date: 02/26/2007

My 2001 Ford F-150 truck had a spark plug eject from the cylinder and hit the fuel rail while on the highway on 9-1-06 (70,000 miles on odometer). I had the truck hauled to nearest service center where they fixed the cylinder with a repair kit made for this problem. On 2-26-07 at 79 thousand miles another plug ejected with the same consequence. Now the entire head has to be replaced at a cost of $3600 to me.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2002 Ford F-150 12
Failure Date: 12/26/2006

2002 Ford f150 lightning, three blown spark plugs. Two were repaired under warranty, one out of my pocket. Ford did not acknowledge any problems with the triton cylinder head and did nothing about it. Ford left me stranded three times, twice on the freeway. Thanks Ford.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2002 Ford F-150 13
Failure Date: 12/07/2006

On thurs. 12-07, I was driving 40 mph when I heard a loud pop, the truck was running rough and loud. I pulled over, it blew a spark plug(#4). Towed it to the dealership, was told the head would be replaced, then when I returned for the truck was told they would only repair the hole with a helicoil, which I found a service bulletin #0214 that states engine assemblies with aluminum cylinder heads repaired in vehicle have been found to leak coolant and/ or oil from the cylinder head gasket area. The dealership seems to think this is trivial, and refuses to replace the head under warranty. Truck is an '02 F-150 lightning. 5. 4 motor.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2005 Ford F-150 14
Failure Date: 08/21/2006

: the contact stated the vehicle's factory key was defective and does not start the vehicle. The vehicle included 3 keys; 2 good and 1 defective. Any time a good key was used to lock the door, the defective key does not work at all when attempting to start the vehicle. The defective key worked if it used to lock the door before starting up. The vehicle was taken to a dealer, who programmed another key, but the problem persisted. The vehicle was brought back to the dealer who expressed that another key could not be reprogrammed because of the way the vehicle was manufactured. The manufacturer was contacted three times and suggested that the vehicle be taken to another dealer. The other dealer could not duplicate the problem, and offered no resolution.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2001 Ford F-150 15
Failure Date: 08/06/2006

Blown out spark plug on passenger side of 2001 f 150 with 102k miles.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2004 Ford F-150 16
Failure Date: 06/24/2006

1) unknown events leading to failure, normal driving, events happened when I first turned on vehicle and during backing up . 2) the engine raced out of control and lurched until ignition key was removed (it grabs the gas pedal from the driver like cruise control does) if someone or something is in vehicle's path it or they will be crashed into. Then the vehicle and 8 cylinder runs like its on 4 cyl and the air conditioner doesn't work. 3) taken to Ford dealer coastal Ford in mobile al,they rebooted computer but would not replace computer board, they said just bring it back for reboot if it happens again, diagnostic did not reveal reason for racing engine they were not concerned that if the events happened again an accident could not be prevented or the truck being destroyed which means it could not be taken back for reboot or how to prevent this event . I wanted them to replace the supposedly defective computer board (in my opinion that's the problem) old part still in vehicle . No damages yet but since I professionally bass fish, I could be run over,the truck might race into the water,or someone else and their equipment could be run over and if backing into the garage with a boat the house and boat could be damaged or if the boat trailer has to be dealt with the person behind the truck could be run over. 2004 f150 extended cab v8 engine truck is the vehicle. 6 events over the last 4 months (it just came out of some of its warranties, Ford dealer said the computer was warranted for 8 more years).

car image   Ignition problem of the 1997 Ford F-150 17
Failure Date: 10/31/2005

Spark plug blew out while running. I have only had the plugs changed once by the Ford dealer. I have read on the Ford f150 forums that this is very common on the 5. 4 engine as they have very few threads holding the plug in. I am told Ford fixed the problem in 2002 but has not recalled the earlier trucks.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 1998 Ford F-150 18
Failure Date: 10/01/2005

I changed my spark plugs at the recommended mileage and since that time they do not stay tight in the cylinders. They loosen up and I have to re-tighten them everyday so that they do not blow out of my cylinder head.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1997 Ford F-150 19
Failure Date: 06/23/2005

Our 1997 Ford f150 pickup truck had been turned off for at least 6 hours, sitting in our parking lot, when it caught fire on the night of June 23, 2005. The key was not in the ignition. Upon hearing the fire and coming out to the parking lot to investigate, we called the fire department, who came and extinguished the fire. No other cars or buildings caught on fire, although some nearby hoses and bottles of automotive fluid were damaged.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2002 Ford F-150 20
Failure Date: 06/16/2005

Spark plug blown out/striped out of cylnider head.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1997 Ford F-150 21
Failure Date: 06/11/2005

The vehicle was sitting 20 min. There were no lights or warnings that a problem would occur. The vehicle was regularly serviced. The owner was inside the house and heard a pop sound and then looked outside and saw flames coming from a hole in the hood. Flames were about 2 or 3 foot high. There was a fire investigation #0002302 which states the origin of the fire was technical processing center and cause of fire was the ignition of an unspecified short circuit arch. Police report was filed. It was also reported to insurance company. Vehicle was a total loss. Vehicle has not had other problems before. The police report # 7619.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1997 Ford F-150 22
Failure Date: 05/31/2005

My 1997 Ford f150 started on fire after being parked for 10 hours. The keys were not in the ignition.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1997 Ford F-150 23
Failure Date: 05/29/2005

My 1997 Ford pickup burned up in front of my house on may 29th. No keys were in the ignition. It had been parked for 10 hours.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2000 Ford F-150 24
Failure Date: 05/16/2005

2000, Ford, f150 XLT, cruise control without the keys in the ignition caused vehicle to catch on fire. No prior problems before. Just found out that Ford had a recall on the vehicle, was not notified of a recall. The vehicle was parked and turned off. This was during the night. Vehicle was parked in the owner's garage. The maintenance records were kept up to date. Owner was asleep when this happened. There was no indication that there could be a problem. There were no injuries. Vehicle was totaled. This happened on 6-16-2005. Owners had contacted Ford, who had not responded. But they did say that some one would be in contact with consumer in 3-5 days. There was other property damage involved. A police report was issued stating that the fire was electrical, because they didn't see any signs of foul play.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 2001 Ford F-150 25
Failure Date: 01/12/2005

The consumer was unable to start the vehicle. The dealership repaired the lock cylinder.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1996 Ford F-150 26
Failure Date: 08/09/2004

My wife came home from work, was talking on the phone and notice smoke drifing by the sliding glass windows. She went out onto the back deck and saw that the 1996 Ford F-150 (4-wheel drive) was on fire under the hood. (August 9, 2004) the truck was parked at the basement level on our house. She heard the truck repeatly trying to start as if someone was in side, she thought that I had come home and saw the fire and was trying to move it away from our house. She call 911. The front of the hood was completely engulfed in flames. She went to the bedroom window to see if I had pulled up but I had not arrived home yet. She went back out of the deck and the truck was still trying to start. The fire had broke the front windshield and had melted the tires. Our sons truck was parked beside it. He had damage to the headlamps, front hood and rear view mirror of his truck. The vinyl siding which was on the second level of our house had melted. We had driven the truck on Sunday August 8th to get grocery. The truck had not been driven since then. The vehicle had previously been parked in my mother-in-laws carport. She is 79 years old and is widowed, has slight dementia and lives alone and is no longer able to drive. If this had occurred in her carport, her house would have caught fire, with her inside. We live next to her and she wanted to keep the truck at house because she lives on the highway. The truck had recently been paid off and insurance was dropped to liability, since it was seldom ever driven. The truck is a total loss. Luckily no one was hurt. I am very interested in finding out what cause this fire. We have two other Ford vehicles. A 1996 Ford explorer and 1994 Ford thunderbird. I am concerned about the safety of driving these vehicles.

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car image   Ignition problem of the 1998 Ford F-150 27
Failure Date: 07/16/2004

I was driving down the road when I heard a big explosion from under my hood. I poped the hood and found that my #2 coil was blown out of the cylinder. After getting my 98 f150 home I found that the plug was blown out of the cylinder. I have not gotten the problem fixed as of yet but Ford says the only way to fix is a new head.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1997 Ford F-150 28
Failure Date: 07/03/2004

I had a tune-up performed by the five-star Ford dealership in north richland hills, texas in July 2001. On July 3, 2004, I was driving on a highway when I heard a loud popping noise from the engine. I later found that the #3 sparkplug had blown free from the engine and had stripped all threads from the aluminum head. The Ford dealership denies any responsibility for the defective head or for damaging the head by improper installation of the sparkplug.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2000 Ford F-150 29
Failure Date: 07/01/2004

2000 Ford f150 caught on fire. ** answer required***. The consumer was told the source of the fire was likely from the ignition column or control panel.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1999 Ford F-150 30
Failure Date: 06/13/2004

1999 Ford F-150 blown spark plug. I replaced the spark plugs on my F-150 approximately three months ago. I replaced the original plugs with autolite double platinum plugs. Yesterday (June 13, 2004) while accelerating from a stop light, I heard a loud bang from under the hood. Luckily I was only about a mile away from home. Once there, I raised the hood and found that the number two spark plug had been blown out of the cylinder head. It destroyed the coil pack as well. It appears that when the plug blew, it shot up into the coil pack thereby destroying the coil. Since the ignition wire is part of the coil pack, it further appears that the compression of the rubber insulator acted like a spring and pushed the plug back into the oriface with enough force to break the white insulator at the bottom of the plug and and slam the tip into the electrode. I was able to remove the plug without incident. I did not find any remnants of aluminum in the spark plug threads. Since the plugs were changed only a few months ago, I still had the old plugs. The damaged plug was replaced with one of the old plugs. The threads felt as though they were still intact, and I was able to get the replacement plug back in without any modifications. It was tightened down, just snug, not tight. The coil pack on that cylinder had to be replaced. The cost from autozone was approximately $45. 00. I will continue to watch and listen for any tell-tale signs of the plugs backing out as described on the F-150 web page. I do recall a "ticking" noise about 2-3 days prior to the incident.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2002 Ford F-150 31
Failure Date: 04/15/2004

Since purchase of vehicle three coils have gone bad and had to be replaced. I was told by the mechanic at a Ford dealership to not wash the motor on the vehicle. I was also told that they have had several problems with the coil configuration on all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles since they switched to individual coils for each cylinder. This is very expensive to replace and it has to be checked on the computer to tell which one is bad.

car image   Ignition problem of the 2000 Ford F-150 32
Failure Date: 04/05/2004

Ford f150 xl 2000. 11/28/03 coil #2 had to be replaced. 07/08/03 coil #4 had to be replaced. 03/06/03 coil #3 had to be replaced. On 04/05/04 my wife bessie was driving and the truck stalled. The steering wheel locked up and she had no control over the vehicle. Luckily, she did not get into an accident. She came to a complete stop, put the truck in park, turned the ignition off, then turned the ignition key and the vehicle started up. My wife was very upset. I contacted chapman Ford rep. Bob 609-646-2000 concerning this matter. He asked me if I had the vehicle detailed lately. I advised him I had the vehicle washed last week. He advised me that water probably got into one of the coils and is causing the problem. I did not have the engine washed. These coils are defective. The vehicle bucks when the coils go bad and has very little power. On 07/02/03 the sensor and processor had to be replaced. Vehicle stalled while driving 65 mph on 2 occasions. I lost complete power of the vehicle. Luckily, there was no accident. It costs over $200. 00 to have the coils replaced. I have spent well over $600. 00 in coil repairs. Ford nor chapman Ford have compensated me for the defective coil repairs. I have a total of 8 coils and they are going bad one after another. After doing extensive investigating gentillini Ford tim champion in woodbine advised me that chapman Ford should have fixed the sensor and processor for free because it was under warranty. Chapman Ford charged me for the sensor and processor. I communicated with service mgr. Jim bailey @ chapman Ford for several months concerning this matter. Chapman Ford finally reimbursed me for the sensor and processor.

car image   Ignition problem of the 1998 Ford F-150 33
Failure Date: 02/19/2004

"blown spark plug" 1998 Ford f150 5. 4l engine. Dealer wants $3700 to repair something that should never have happened.

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