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Overdrive Light On Problems of Ford F-150

Ford F-150 owners have reported 6 problems related to overdrive light on (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford F-150 based on all problems reported for the F-150.

car image   Overdrive Light On problem of the 2007 Ford F-150 1
Failure Date: 01/08/2015

While driving on the freeway at 75mph a warning light came on saying transmission fault. The overdrive light was flashing. The truck continued to drive normally but the warning indicators kept going on. There were no codes when it was taken to the shop although the shop said they have a retaining clip that wears out and causes all the parts to shift. This resulted in having to replace the transmission. Ford needs to recall the defective parts. Many other f 150 owners have had the same problem. Transmission replacement cost more than I bought the truck for!.

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car image   Overdrive Light On problem of the 2002 Ford F-150 2
Failure Date: 02/09/2008

My 2002 Ford f150 needed to have the transmission rebuilt. My overdrive light was blinking on and off and I later found out the entire transmission needed to be rebuilt. I've been reading online from several people who have had this same problem. It seems like Ford has some type of problem with this year. I don't understand why there can not be a recall in regards to this problem.

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car image   Overdrive Light On problem of the 1999 Ford F-150 3
Failure Date: 07/19/2005

(1) 1999 Ford f150 that has been well maintained, jumps into low gear while traveling at speed limit (45-55) the overdrive light is flashing. (2)it throws you against the steering wheel. This vehicle had not given any indication of problems (3) carried to dealer (malloy Ford, jasper) on July 23 when I could take it. It has not been completed yet. The dealer said it was a heat related problem, but called back and said it would need overhauled for $3604 or replaced for $2281. 52.

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car image   Overdrive Light On problem of the 2001 Ford F-150 4
Failure Date: 05/01/2003

While driving 45 mph overdrive light illuminated, transmission slipped while shifting from second gear to third gear and from third gear to fourth gear. Also, there was hesitation and rpms increased. Dealer replaced transmission with a rebuilt one.

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car image   Overdrive Light On problem of the 1997 Ford F-150 5
Failure Date: 11/21/1999

While driving down the road vehicle was pulling to the right side of the road, and upon trying to catch the steering wheel, consumer accidently hit the shift lever and vehicle went into reverse. Also, when starting up the vehicle the overdrive light would come on and stay on.

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car image   Overdrive Light On problem of the 1996 Ford F-150 6
Failure Date: 06/29/1999

Engine check light keeps coming on, and the abs system light is on. Also, overdrive light blinks off and on. Finally, speedometer/odometer isn't working, and consumer can't determine how fast the vehicle is going.

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