Interior Lighting Related Problems of the 1999 Ford F-250

Table 1 shows one common interior lighting related problems of the 1999 Ford F-250.

Table 1. Interior Lighting related problems of Ford F-250

Problem Category Number of Problems
Interior Lighting problems
Interior Lighting problem #1

Interior courtesy lighting comes on intermittently while driving. Also, "door ajar" signal comes on and door chime activates while all doors are properly closed. Main power fuse disconnect temporarily corrects problem.

Interior Lighting problem #2

Door ajar light and courtesy light remaining on after all doors are closed properly. Dealer notified, and informed that was not a manufacturer's recall. Feel free to provide any further details on this matter.

Interior Lighting problem #3

This truck has many problems. Strarting with the transmission going out, the front right side of the truck there is a distinctive "clunk" when put into gear; either forward or reverse. Then going interior; the "door ajar" light comes on it thinks that the doors are not shut, but you can slam all 4 doors shut and it still thinks the doors are "ajar" so that will keep the interior light on while driving. The interior light will go out if you get up to about 20 mph, then when you slow down to under 20mph it will come back on. The "warning bell" comes on and stays on even when the truck is shut off. Next the seat belts will some times work and some times not. Either the are hard to pull out or they will not retract. The tailgate cover has warped in not even 1 year after we had it.

Interior Lighting problem #4

Vehicle experiencing courtesy light intermittentently coming on when applying brakes. Dealer notified, and being inspected as of now.

Interior Lighting problem #5

Interior light & cargo lights/ dome light stay on, even after the key is out of ignition.

Interior Lighting problem #6

The truck has been in the dealers 5 times for the same failure. The interior light comes on at various times and will not shut off unless I pull the fuse. A module was changed by the dealers and now they say they have no idea what is causing the problem, but, admit they have had several of these failures.

Interior Lighting problem #7

The vehicle pulled to the left and the right, the tire were cupping on the edges, the cloth seat were wearing, the radius arms were loose, the lights were inoerative, there was a squeak in the cowel, the engine experienced gasket and seal problems, however once the engine was replaced, it burned oil fast.

Interior Lighting problem #8

The tires are dry rotting with32000miles the dome light stays on had to pull the bulb. The door lock nob on inside of door broke, the brake pad rubber on the pedal I had to replace the new one was worn out the brake pads on the front started squeaking at about 22000 miles the motor uses about one half quart of oil at each oil change and I take it to the dealer( dot number: ? tire size: lt235/85r1 ).

Interior Lighting problem #9

The second gear has gone out of the transmission. The consumer took the vehicle to the dealer. The lights at the bottom of the door were inoperative. The steering wheel was out of alignment.

Interior Lighting problem #10

Whenever driving during the day or during the night interior lights & back lights would come on & then go off. The fuel tank also leaked fuel. Have taken vehicle to dealership & was informed by mechanic there was no way the problem could be corrected.

Interior Lighting problem #11

Door sensors and warning chime keep indictating doors are ajar even with all doors shut. Also, interior lights will come on by themselves. . Dealer cannot determine cause , but has replaced sensors, however, problem keeps reoccurring.

Interior Lighting problem #12

Door light stays illuminated while driving, and whenbrakes are applied interior lights come on. Consumer states the interior lights come on when approaching a stop sign or stop light and they don't turn off until he starts driving, the lights cause poor visibility.

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