Diesel Fuel System Related Problems of the 2012 Ford F-250

Table 1 shows one common diesel fuel system related problems of the 2012 Ford F-250.

Table 1. Diesel Fuel System related problems of Ford F-250

Problem Category Number of Problems
Diesel Fuel System problems
Diesel Fuel System problem #1

Exhaust gas sensor # 2 on 2012 f250 - I had no warning that the sensor had gone bad - truck had to be towed - I'm concerned that this could happen again when I'm towing my trailer and that I won't be able to get safely out of traffic - I often travel to national parks where I have no shoulder or cell service or am not near a dealership - I would be stranded with my family I had to pay have this sensor replaced - may have to pay for tow service as this issue is not covered under extended warranty or as a recall I feel that this issue should be covered under warranty or as a recall as it is a safety concern if one cannot safely get out of traffic - there are 4 sensors - perhaps one sensor should be used as "spare" so that truck doesn't just "stop" and leave one stranded - how many accidents has this issue caused? is this a safety issue similar to gm that has just now been addressed after several accidents and deaths? I sent the following e-mail to Ford. I was told that they do not keep records on these type of problems after the 50,000 warranty has expired. I was told that if enough of these concerns were "registered" with you then you would notify Ford of a recall if warranted. The same thing happened again on 9-12-14. Egt sensor #4 failed this time.

Diesel Fuel System problem #2

Vehicle stalled and stopped running in traffic on highway 231 in montgomery al. About 1 hour after second incidence of violent front end oscillation [see previous complaint (odi number) 10559219 ] . Called Ford roadside assist [I have 125k extended warranty] and had vehicle towed to nearest Ford dealership. There were no warnings of any kind from on board diagnostic systems . Vehicle was diagnosed with "evidence of water in fuel system" . There was no water present in system , no "water in fuel system" warning light , [has never lit up on this vehicle , had it checked in the past ,was told was functional], was told repairs were "not covered " . All service has been done to Ford specifications and at Ford facility. These repairs would not be necessary if the warning system was operable . I am in a business that sells, operates and uses diesels every day and all modern diesels have water in fuel sensors . Case is still open with Ford customer care . This needs documentation . There would have never been an issue if the truck's systems were operating properly. The repairs are more than I can afford for a truck that is under warranty. This is clearly a system failure .

Diesel Fuel System problem #3

I was safely operating my Ford f 250 on a concrete bridge in pine island florida . I was traveling @ 63 mph and was making a slight left bend . The truck crossed an expansion joint and went into uncontrollable violent oscillation of suspension and steering . The oscillation was such that the steering wheel was difficult to hold on to and my first thought was multiple flat tires or a wheel came off the vehicle . Hard braking to under 30 mph was what was required to stabilize steering to "normal" . That was the first time this occurred and I discussed with my service adviser at the Ford dealership that I purchased the truck from. I inspected vehicle and could see no damage of obvious problems . I monitor tire pressure regularly , have no modifications to suspension or steering on vehicle . The next time this occurred 12/26/13, I was traveling approx. 65 mph and again was in a slight left hand turn and crossed an expansion joint near birmingham alabama on highway 65. I was surrounded by dense 65 mph traffic and the truck was uncontrollable. This time there was a near accident as I has a semi tractor trailer both close behind me and to the right side of me . Once again I had to brake rapidly to avoid crossing lanes putting my family at risk of serious accident . This is a hazardous condition and the dealer has no explanation. The force is violent enough that it could easily damage parts of the truck . As a side note , the fuel pump came apart and slung metal fragments throughout the fuel system in truck within one hour of the violent oscillation.

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