Electronic Stability Control Related Problems of the 2012 Ford F-250

Table 1 shows one common electronic stability control related problems of the 2012 Ford F-250.

Table 1. Electronic Stability Control related problems of Ford F-250

Problem Category Number of Problems
Electronic Stability Control problems
Electronic Stability Control problem #1

Experienced 'death wobble' while driving a highway 287 (same speed no stop and go with traffics). Truck was suddenly violently shaking and wobbling caused my husband almost lost control. He was able to pull over the tuck but scared him to death. We had it towed to a dealership and they confirmed the death wobble provided a quote.

Electronic Stability Control problem #2

Two different problems: first I was left stranded about 2 1/2 hours away from home because of a simple egt sensor defect shut down my truck. Had to pay a tower $350 to drive my truck to dealership and they tell me it was a little sensor that left me stranded. This type thing shouldn't happen when you pay $60,000 plus for a vehicle. Now months later I have another issue that from all the blogs say is a problem most 2012 models have called the "death wobble". It is now happening at least once on every drive I make. I have had over 8 situations where I have had to slam on breaks to make the vibration stop and the car behind me almost slam into the back of my truck. Because once the wobbling starts you have to come to almost a complete stop before the wobbling will stop. My wife now refuses to drive my truck because she is scared to death to drive it. I don't even like to drive it, but it's necessary because it is the only vehicle I have to drive. I am at the point of wanting to trade it, but what kind of trade in am I going to get with this problem happening. My 2012 just has a little more than 40,000 miles, not very much when you are talking about a diesel engine. It is happening more often now than before, and I fell it will just continue to happen more. No one in my family wants to drive or ride with me in my truck anymore. It seems as though Ford is refusing to admit that this is a problem on every online site I go too, I assume it will take a few people getting killed before they realize there is a problem. What are owners to due with this, because if we trade the truck know one is going to want to buy it. So once again the consumer gets shafted. Nhtsa we are looking for you to help us with this problem before someone gets killed. Please help us with this problem! please!!!!!!.

Electronic Stability Control problem #3

I currently have 122,000 miles on my truck and it's all stock, even the tires are the same type as oem. For over 2 years and about 60,000 miles I continually have the same dash warning lights come on; hill decent control & advanced track. The bad part about this is that they don't just come on and remain as active system warnings, they will flash on, alert me, then go off and then come back on. So when I click "ok" to silence them, they only stay silenced for that occurrence. So when they go off then come back on, it alerts me again and again, and again. I've been on road trips where it will continue this the entire road trip. There is no established or average time that the stay on, it's random. When these alerts appear, while they are active the airbag light comes on. I don't get an alert that the airbags are in fault, I just get a dashboard light. So I can only assume that the airbags aren't working while these faults are active. I've taken it to Ford dealers multiple times for this while it was still under warranty and they claim that no fault codes appear and that they couldn't duplicate the issue. I've even had a dealership try to charge me for this. I took it to one dealership and they said it would be a $100 diagnostic fee to attempt to find it. I mentioned the safety issue but they didn't seem to care. Upon request I can provide pictures of my dash while they are active and possibly dealership receipts where they documented it.

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