Equipment Related Problems of the 2012 Ford F-250

Table 1 shows four common equipment related problems of the 2012 Ford F-250. The number one most common problem is related to the equipment (16 problems). The second most common problem is related to the carrier/rack (two problems).

Table 1. Equipment related problems of Ford F-250

  Recently reported Equipment problems of the 2012 Ford F-250

The Equipment problem

The truck has what they call the death wobble its is very scary and dangerous. There are hundreds if not thousands for complaints out the on the internet this is a big problem and Ford should be responsible before people get killed if its not already happened.   Read details...

The Carrier/rack problem

Ford f250 truck - front end suspension and 4 wheel drive problems. Since March of this year 2016, @ 90k miles, while driving down the road, traveling around 50 mph, the front suspension on my Ford f250 started shaking and wobble uncontrollable. This has happened probably 20 times or so.   Read details...

The Air Conditioner problem

I am not sure about the safety issue, but I want this on record. Ford motor company is selling Ford F-250 with sub par air conditioning parts. I sent my truck to estabrook Ford in pascagoula ms because of a foul smell. I was told that my "evaporator inside the cab is leaking freon.   Read details...

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