Battery Dead problems of the 2001 Ford Focus

Three problems related to battery dead have been reported for the 2001 Ford Focus. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2001 Ford Focus based on all problems reported for the 2001 Focus.

car   Battery Dead problem 1
Failure Date: 10/27/2008

My daughter was driving on the freeway when her car just died, while driving. It started up again immediately, but it has happened several times in the last month. I went online to view recalls, and it stated that 2001 Ford Focus had a recall on this issue. I also found 2 other items that are happening to this vehicle that were also recalls. I made an appointment with the dealer to have these recalls fixed, but when they pulled up the VIN number, they said that there were no recalls for this particular car. The other recall I found was the electrical system, and battery failure. I have already burned up one battery because of this issue. The recall states that the cabes overheat and may melt. This vehicle did this as well. The other recall is where the latch on the back door begins to not latch properly, causing the door to come open while driving. The back door will not latch properly on this vehicle either and at times we have to open and close it several times in order to get it to latch. These 3 recalls are all things that have happened on 2001 Ford Focus vehicles, which our vehicle is, but because our VIN # doesn't match the recalls, they refuse to fix them. These are true safety issues. My daughter could be killed because of these issues. How can I have my vehicle added to these recalls? I am extremely upset and concerned that these items will not be addresses when Ford knows that they are a problem on other 2001 Focus vehicles. I will sue should something happen to my daughter due to this issue and Fords unwillingness to correct the problems.

car   Battery Dead problem 2
Failure Date: 12/30/2007

I have a 2001 Ford Focus. For the past 3 years now I have had a problem with the battery discharging. I have had the battery replaced more than once and this is not the problem. Recently, my car did not start 12/22 and again on 12/26, 12/27 and now today, 12/30/07. I had to have someone jumpstart my car each time except this morning. No one is available this early in the morning. I am tired of Ford saying they cannot find the problem. I know there are hundreds of people out there having this problem. We need Ford to come forward and admit ownership of this problem and either fix our cars at no charge or issue a blanket recall or something. I cannot afford the towing charges, the days off work while the car is in the shop etc. This will go on for a couple of weeks and then I can go 3 months, maybe 6 months with no problems. I have tried not using my dome light and keeping it in the off position. I manually turn off my radio and headlights before leaving the car in case that was what was draining the battery, but that was not the problem. I do notice that a couple of days before the battery goes dead the car will start lunging a couple of days in advance but only about one time per day.

car   Battery Dead problem 3
Failure Date: 05/18/2002

Consumer reported battery failure. On another occasion the brakes failed.

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