Battery Cable Problems of Ford Focus - part 1

Ford Focus owners have reported 97 problems related to battery cable (under the electrical system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Focus based on all problems reported for the Focus.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2013 Ford Focus 1
Failure Date: 07/28/2016

The contact owns a 2013 Ford Focus. While driving 45 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle was towed to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the vehicle needed a new battery cable. The vehicle was repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the issue. The failure mileage was 35,000.

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car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 2
Failure Date: 03/24/2014

While driving the vehicle the electric dash cluster quit working and the vehicle cut off in the middle of traffic. The alternator was replaced then the vehicle did the same thing a few months later. The battery cables were replaced and the battery and the alternator were replaced as a precaution. The vehicle after 4 days and no driving longer that 35 miles a day the same thing happened again while traveling down the interstate.

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car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2007 Ford Focus 3
Failure Date: 08/24/2013

Nhtsa 10023297 contents negative battery cable corrosion, subsequent heavier guage ref. P/n 14300 / 14301 oem history of alternator/battery replacement beyond normal due to corrosion of cabling foia the freedom of information act, or foia (5 u. S. C. 552, as amended), generally provides any person with the statutory right, enforceable in court, to obtain access to government information in executive branch agency records. This right to access is limited when information is protected from disclosure by one of foia?s nine statutory exemptions. Federal register publications, including the federalregister. Gov website and the various editions of the daily federal register, the code of federal regulations (cfr), federal register/cfr indexes, and the public laws posted on the federal digital system (fdsys. Gov) are not subject to the request for records provisions of the foia. Under the foia, our publications are made available to the public through numerous sources, including this website, gpo?s fdsys. Gov website, the gpo book sales program, and nearly 1,250 government depository libraries located throughout the nation. For more information, see the national archives and records administration freedom of information act reference guide. This guide provides instructions for obtaining information from us (for both operational and historical records) using the freedom of information act. Learn more about our foia regulations (36 cfr 1250). Read the text of the freedom of information act (5 u. S. C. 552).

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car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 4
Failure Date: 01/17/2013

I was starting my car, on first start did not start when retried starting there was nothing tried again nothing opened hood and smoke was coming out from battery cover. Removed cover and battery cables and battery were very hot the positive and negative cables started melting. When had cooled enough to touch removed positive cable and when tried replacing cable there was a lot of sparking, called my mechanic who picked the car up inspected cables found them to be defective contacted Ford and the said they knew of this problem but because of the date and manufacturing place of the car it is not covered under the recall for this problem.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2002 Ford Focus 5
Failure Date: 07/30/2012

Battery cables shorted out causing small fire on battery cables and melting on both battery cables.

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car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 6
Failure Date: 07/16/2012

The battery cable coming from the positive terminal is melted. Upon investigation I found that this was a recall: NHTSA campaign #02v288000. However Ford is claiming that my VIN is not part of the recall, even though it is specific for my model and year, and even though my car is experiencing the exact issue that the recall is for: faulty electrical wiring that can lead to a fire. I have not had a fire in my vehicle, but a melted cable is close enough for my liking. Battery terminal cables should not be melting, period.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 7
Failure Date: 08/05/2011

The contact owns a 2001 Ford Focus. The contact stated that there was a malfunction with the battery, causing the vehicle to stall intermittently. The contact also stated that the battery cables were hot and he was unable to touch them. The dealer informed the contact that the vehicle had not been included in the recall associated with NHTSA campaign id number 02v288000 (electrical system:battery:cables). The manufacturer was aware of the failure. The vehicle had not been inspected or repaired. The failure and current mileages were 130,000.

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car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2002 Ford Focus 8
Failure Date: 08/03/2011

Vehicle failed to start after completing a 30 minute drive and being turned off for about 5 minutes. Clicking noises like starter failing to engage or low battery ensued. When hood was lifted and battery cover removed and cables and connections were inspected, it was observed that the positive cable off the back of the positive battery harness was exposed, the insulation being almost completely melted. The exposed wires showed signs of fraying and burning. After attempting to jump start the vehicle about 3 times and waiting about 20 minutes, the vehicle started. The vehicle was driven about 20 miles to a service station and inspected by their mechanics. It was decided for safety reasons(fire hazard) to leave vehicle. In 45 years I have never known a battery cable to melt even though I have had bad connections, corroded terminals and harness to the battery and even bad starters. All of the above reasons were the only solutions offered to me.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 9
Failure Date: 06/15/2011

The contact owns a 2000 Ford Focus. While driving at approximately 40 mph, the vehicle suddenly stalled. The contact inspected the vehicle and noticed the battery cables had melted. After moving the battery cables the vehicle restarted and the contact was able to drive with constant deceleration. The check engine light illuminated on the instrument panel intermittently. The contact stated that the wires had completely burnt with time and he had the wires replaced. The failure continued. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer for diagnostics. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated there was a recall under NHTSA campaign id number: 02v288000 (electrical system:battery:cables) but the VIN was not included. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 175,000.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 10
Failure Date: 08/10/2010

The key has gotten stuck in the ignition three time now. The first time we could not get the car started in a rough neighborhood, and had to leave it over night. The second time I had to remove the battery cable in order to shut the car off. This last time I also had to remove the battery cable to shut the car off.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2007 Ford Focus 11
Failure Date: 06/06/2010

The contact owns a 2007 Ford Focus. The contact stated that after the vehicle was parked she tried to remove the key and it would not come out of the ignition. The vehicle was taken to a local mechanic who removed the battery cables in order to remove the key. The failure continued to occur whenever the vehicle was driven. The Ford dealer stated that they could repair the vehicle at the owners expense. The manufacturer was notified. The failure mileage and current mileage was approximately 37,000. Updated 10/27/10.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2002 Ford Focus 12
Failure Date: 01/08/2010

At 69,411 miles my 2002 Ford Focus battery cable was defective and had to be replaced. There were battery cable recalls on other Ford Focuses for this problem that caused fires. Of course Ford would not pay for mine.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2002 Ford Focus 13
Failure Date: 12/08/2009

2002 Ford Focus battery cables was burning I was smelling a burning scent when I stated the vehicle an well when I drove the car. I had to take it to the shop who informed me that the battery harness in this car frayed and it had to be replaced as well as the alternator. Ford said this was not a recall part.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 14
Failure Date: 07/15/2009

After stalling out the engine of my 5 speed transmission in 1st gear, the car wouldn't start again and in fact lost all power. It was jump started, but in 1st and 2nd gear, it sputtered and lurched forward, then died again. We had to have the car towed to the shop as it was undrivable. Lucky we were just in a parking lot and not out on the road or it could have been disastrous. Even the emergency flashers would not turn on due to no power. The repair shop said that the battery is completely dead and that the battery cables were melted.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 15
Failure Date: 06/15/2009

2000 Ford Focus se, purchased new 04/2001 --- 06/02 - car died on fathers day, replaced battery with one from auto zone; ?/03 - at service call for recall of harness wiring, complained about led lights flickering, no problem found; 10/05 - car died, towed to Ford, battery replaced; 12/06 - service at Ford, complained about led lights flickering again, no remedy; 06/07 - car died, towed to Chrysler dealer (my employer), could not locate prob, charged battery, 06/07 car died, replaced battery; 06/07 car died, towed to Chrysler - replaced alternator; 09/08, ignition locked/replaced; 02/09 car died, towed to Ford, replaced battery; 06/09, electrical system warning light illuminates at 35-40 mph. Positive battery cable insulation melted. Service at Dodge (employer) - reroute positive cable directly to bolt on connector to battery, problem continues - carried to Ford, they advise alternator is bad and must be replaced. ---- 9 years, 5 batteries, 3 alternators, problem not corrected. Dealer continues to treat the symptoms, not cure the disease. Something is causing this to happen continuously. Numerous Focus owners at least through 2003 experience same issues. Service advisor admitted to me that they "replace a lot of batteries and alternators in Focuses" and that "it seems to be inordinately high numbers". Other problems with this car include 3 sets of inferior brake pads (finally had a good set installed by an independent mechanic) and cracked motor mounts causing intense vibration especially when engine is cold. Seeking remedy for electrical issues - considering consulting attorney to start class action lawsuit. Concerned about potential fire hazard. My daughter was driving this car for past 2 years, finally knuckled and bought her a great Chrysler pt cruiser for her personal safety. I am not in a position to acquire another vehicle for myself and must continue to drive the Focus until otherwise capable of another vehicle. Will never buy Ford again.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 16
Failure Date: 06/08/2009

Heat damage to battery cable, smoke was coming off of battery cables, the cables were so hot they melted. Car now will not start but occasionally cranks very slowly. . This is exactly as the recall issued by NHTSA in 2003 on the same make and model. Your campaign number 02v288000. My car is now a fire hazard and can't be driven. Need help.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 17
Failure Date: 02/16/2009

Battery positive terminal corrosion on my 2001 Ford Focus have replaced battery twice and alternator once because of no start, dead battery and alternator. Battery cable shows battery corrosion.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2006 Ford Focus 18
Failure Date: 12/22/2008

The key gets stuck in the ignition and won't come out. I have to remove one of the battery cable from the battery, remove the key from the ignition, then replace the battery cable back. This has happen more than once.

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car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 19
Failure Date: 10/26/2008

To best describe what is happening your website has a campaign for my complaint here:. . Read more...

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 20
Failure Date: 10/01/2008

2000 Ford Focus zx3 battery cables. Not included by Ford in VIN range for current recall 02v288000 " cause the battery cables to short resulting in heat damage to the cables. Besides heat damage, the "check engine" light may illuminate, the vehicle may fail to start, or smoke, melting, or fire could also occur. " although this vehicle suffers identical symptoms plus stalling in traffic which puts operators life at risk. .

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 21
Failure Date: 05/30/2008

The contact owns a 2001 Ford Focus. Sporadically, while driving at various speeds, the vehicle would stall and then restart moments later. Prior to the failure, the engine and abs warning lights would illuminate on the instrument control panel. The vehicle was taken to a local dealer and they replaced the battery cables. The dealer stated that her VIN was not included in NHTSA campaign id number 02v288000 (electrical system:battery:cables); therefore, she was not entitled to any reimbursement. The failure mileage was 60,000 and current mileage was 68,000. Updated 09/10/08 updated 09/17/08.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 22
Failure Date: 04/01/2008

2000 Ford Focus #1 car has been owned by me since 2001 (bought from a dealer with 13k miles on it), it gets used lightly and never goes on long trips. I use it just for local driving, to and from work. (about 5 miles a day, car has 80k miles on it) this car is a lemon! I have had some of the strangest problems and gone through more recalls then anyone should have to. #2 problems I'm having currently: suspension car's front passenger side spring has broken, makes very loud crunching noises when turning, needs repair. Electrical car has smelled of burning rubber, and electrical system has started smoking on more then one occasion, have come very close to going up in flames. Turning the car off then disconnecting the battery terminal cures the problem temporarily. Was also told by local mechanic front axles are bad, and need to be replaced soon but do not know much more about it. Problems I've had: fuel pump recall, door latch recall, and battery cable recall. Have also had problems with the rear bearings of the car, paid out of pocket to fix those, because dealer told me there was no recall on them. After reading NHTSA campaign #01i017000 I have since learned otherwise. #3 all the problems I'm having with the car currently are not fixed. All the other ones were repaired by the dealer with the exception of the rear wheel bearings. The front spring is still available as is still on the car, and he electrical system is still intact. I will have to replace the spring soon but I'll hold on to it. The same goes for the front axle's.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 23
Failure Date: 10/31/2007

On 10/23/07 I inserted key into ignition of my Ford Focus and immediatley the lights and gauges went haywire-vehicle failed to start. To make a long story short ,after unpluging the battery cables and going back to the stranded car the next evening, it started . 2 days later my wipers came on by themselves and would not stop until I turned the car off and restarted. On 10/31/07 while driving my daughter home, the vehicle began accelerating and deccelertaing uncontrollably. I pulled of the highway and when I opened the drivers door, the seatbelt light began blinking and making a loud ticking noise. This had happened the night prior, but I thought maybe the button was depressed. My dome lights make a screeching noise and blink on and off. This is a serious problem that needs to be looked into. Whenever something like this happens I am driving home late at night and of course the dealer is not open to help me . My car is almost paid off and I will not invest more than what it is worth, which is only about $2,500. Too bad I have paid about $18,000 for it. I would also like to know why I have not received recalls for the following problems: 1. 1st month after purchase, electrical system running airbags, mirrors, doors etc. Failed. 2. 37,000 miles- transmission failed 3. 42,000 miles- power door locks failed and soon after passenger doors stuck in the lock position. 4. All window tracks have failed. 5. Wheel bearings replaced. 6. Trunk latch failed 7. Ignition failed and was replaced and is going again. 8. Brought in for 1 recall (fuel filter) and still didn't correct problem with vibration and lurching. This is a vehicle that exceeds highway saftey ratings? something will be done about this if I must hire an attorney- I am out a lot of money and no vehicle.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 24
Failure Date: 07/01/2007

2001 Ford Focus totally destroyed by a engine fire customer states that he has been waiting for 2 years to get a decision from Ford* the consumer stated that his vehicle was totally destroyed by an engine fire and further stated that there was a recall issued for this vehicle for the same defect. The consumer provided pictures of defect, copy of a recall issued by alldata online, and the description of the damage.

car image   Battery Cable problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 25
Failure Date: 06/10/2007

To the best of my knowledge no recall notice was ever received regarding campaign # 02v288000 , I have a bill for replacement of the exact same parts due to the exact same problems this recall notice stated . I would like reimbursement. How do I go about this?.

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