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Transmission Not Go Into Gear Problems of Ford Focus - part 1

Ford Focus owners have reported 38 problems related to transmission not go into gear (under the power train category).

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2013 Ford Focus 1
Failure Date: 09/02/2015

Stopped in stop-and-go traffic on a major highway, when I attempted to accelerate again the vehicle flashed a warning which said "hill start assist not available" and the engine died completely. I lost all power to the wheels and lost power steering, was able to coast to the shoulder, where the car would not start. All warning lights appeared to come on, including seatbelt, check engine, traction control, etc. The car indicated it was in "drive", in spite of the fact that I had the gearshift in park. It would not shift gears or allow me to start the engine. After sitting for 30-40 minutes waiting for a tow truck, the car suddenly appeared to function normally. I drove home, and 10 minutes later, while parallel parking, the incident occurred again: backing into a parking space and attempting to pull back out, going uphill, the exact same sequence of events occurred ("hill start assist not available", loss of power and steering). This time the vehicle coasted backwards into another car. No injuries or damage. The 2013 Ford Focus cannot be trusted to be driven on the highway. I have read many reports online of other drivers having identical or very similar issues with hill start assist/transmission/traction control errors, loss of power, loss of power steering, and inability to shift gears or restart the car, with this error sometimes happening *while driving at highway speeds* resulting in loss of control of the vehicle. I do not feel safe driving this car. I feel less safe knowing that Fords with this problem waiting to happen are being driving every day by unknowing drivers. This is a safety issue of the highest magnitude. It is absolutely outrageous that Ford has issued no recalls.

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car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2013 Ford Focus 2
Failure Date: 06/19/2015

My car stalled going down the road at approximately 35 mph upon attempting to accelerate the vehicle revved to the red limit, and would not go into gear. I was thankfully able to pull to the side of the road and get myself and my child to safety by rolling in neutral. Ford motor company has had thousands of complaints about the transmissions in these cars stalling or completely malfunctioning while driving yet there has not been a recall on them. My infant was in the car! had I been entering a highway or something the results would have been terrible. All the company will do is extend the warranty to 100,000 miles and then we as consumers are screwed. Basically they "fix" it until the warranty is up. This is not acceptable or safe in any way.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 3
Failure Date: 05/05/2015

Completely stopped accelerating, janky transmission and constant rolling when accelerating from a stop. I have never had any real issues or any warning lights come on with this car until it completely stopped accelerating while on the freeway with a two year old in my backseat. All of my lights/ ac/ radio still worked but the car wouldnt drive, it almost felt as if it was in neutral because the engine would rev but wouldn't move. I pulled over and finally got it started after a few tries. After I tried to start my car again when leaving the house later that day my car wouldn't even turn on. Again, the radio/ lights/ etc all worked fine, but the car would not start. When you try to start it, there isn't even a sound in the ignition when you turn the key. I had to get it towed and brought it to a close friend and very good mechanic who tried everything from resetting the key to unplugging the battery to trying to start it from neutral and nothing worked. So then he said it must me something electrical. They went in and saw there was loose wiring and fuses and once they tightened those up the car was able to start. He also found the kill switch was activated which is a safety measure with these cars when they get too dangerous to drive and he deactivated that as well. Once they got it running to test it for a bit it just shut right back off. He tried to put it in reverse and the dash would light up with a warning saying transmission not in "p" and we are now back at the beginning. There are still no warning lights on and with the car not recognizing gears we saw that it is a transmission issue. I still haven't gotten the car fixed because this just happened, but what I've read many people are having the same exact issue. Filing a complaint and taking it to the dealer! that is way too big and dangerous of an issue to have with no warning and only being at 60,000 miles!.

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car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2013 Ford Focus 4
Failure Date: 04/13/2015

Car would not start, would not go into gear. Clutch has been replaced twice. Car shuttering on acceleration in low gears and hesitates when changing gears and sometimes lurches.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2014 Ford Focus 5
Failure Date: 04/06/2015

The vehicle drives like it is in the wrong gear. It seems like the transmission or something is dragging. It does not go smoothly to another gear. It drives hard for a 2014 car. I don't know what the problem is.

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car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 6
Failure Date: 03/15/2015

This has happened multiple times, but on Sunday 3/15/15. My car has flashed hill assist not working and not in park when it was indeed in park after the rpm go up to 5 & 6 at any given time and forcing me to pull over. My car would start, but would not go into gear. Whe this happen before I was on the interstate doing 70 and the car jumps out of gear and I can no longer go, so I have had to pull over and luckily restart the car and go. I also have been having issues with the car not starting. What if this car causes myself and family to be involved in a accident? what if this happens during rush hour? this is a world wide issues and Ford is fully aware yet they do not have any recalls. I'm not sure I understand when or what will make you Ford stand up and correct the issue by issuing a recall on this unsafe vehicle? death?.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 7
Failure Date: 03/10/2015

This has happened multiple times, but on Tuesday 3/12/15. My car has flashed transmission malfunction, parking aid malfunction, hill assist not working. My car would start, but would not go into gear. Two cops had to push my car to the side of the road since I was in the middle of rush hour traffic. I have had this happen on the interstate doing 75 and the car jumps out of gear and I can no longer go, so I have had to pull over and luckily restart the car and go. I also have been having issues with the car not starting this past week and it keeps flashing parking aid malfunction, service required. I have two young children and this is ridiculous. If this car causes us to be involved in a accident. This is common issues and Ford is fully aware yet I do not have any recalls on my vehicle.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 8
Failure Date: 03/03/2015

Transmission shutters, feels like its skipping a gear, rolls backward down hill in drive. The vehicle's transmission, in the middle of an intersection, stalled and would not shift into a gear. This incident almost caused a wreck. The vehicle has been at 3 different Ford dealerships 7 different times for transmission issues. Ford refuses to admit that there is a serious issue with the transmission and is making customers drive unsafe vehicles during the weeks that those vehicles aren't in the shop.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 9
Failure Date: 02/19/2015

While the transmission does act different than a normal automatic I've never had any problems until now I was driving 35 mph and suddenly the car would not move forward any more the engine would just hits high rpms which is funny cause this car has never hit a high rpm while not in gear it has a rev limiter anyway I coasted to a stop I tried to use the sport option to get the transmission to shift nope so I turn the car off never to start again the transmission indicator on dash said car was in drive even though the shifter was in park my main concern here is with all of the complaint about this transmission and it would take me weeks to read them all why has the national highway traffic safety administration. Has not issue a recall on this transmission that is still being put in new cars today and having the same problems and can cause a very real safety concern why is it that people have to die before something is done and the company is held responsible.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2014 Ford Focus 10
Failure Date: 08/27/2014

The transmission was reprogrammed a month ago for serious shuddering and stalling. Within a week the engine would race and the car would not shift gears. The engine would also stall. In interstate traffic this is a scary dangerous situation. Now the dealership says the clutch is out. I filed a case with Ford and a customer service regional manager was to call me by Thursday. . No call. . . Friday a call was promised. . No call. Monday a promise. . No call. Tuesday a promise of a call. . No call. Wednesday no call. . Get the picture.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2014 Ford Focus 11
Failure Date: 07/29/2014

I have noticed while driving my vehicle that it stutter and makes a loud grinding sound when I am going up incliines and when I am braking. I noticed my car is will be jerking and feels like the transmission is bout to give away when I am in traffic. I took my car back to the dealship because it was still under warranty and explained to them the issues that are going on with my car. They proceeded to tell me that my issues was normal for my car. I asked how could this be normal that a brand new car stutter, grinds, shift gears on it own, jerks when applying brakes or acceleration, and feels like transmission is slipping. I spoke with the mechanic that looked at my car and he said that my model car is like it has a manual engine in and automatic car. He stated that this was normal as far as the manufactuers states but actually this is not normal. Cars should not be shifting gear automatically. This issues that my car is having are very hazardous, especially in stop in go traffic and on inclines, just driving period , in the end I feel something needs to be done about this with this making model car especially being that this is a newer model car (2014).

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 12
Failure Date: 06/10/2014

The transmission is jerking, shifting not smooth, sometimes wont start, sometimes wont shift gears at all. The car has been towed to a repair center twice this month due to the problems and not being safe to drive.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2013 Ford Focus 13
Failure Date: 06/02/2014

The car started experiencing very rough shifting problems after the it reached operating temperature. The car has been to the dealer twice and it still experiencing shifting issues, hesitation, surging, shuddering, vibrating. The only time the transmission is smooth is when the car is at a constant speed and is not shifting gears. I purchased this car so that I could hand it down to my daughter. I'm not going to be able to do that with these issues. It is not safe for an inexperienced driver to operate.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 14
Failure Date: 05/22/2014

Driving down highway, car lost power, the check engine light and the traction control light came on. Would not accelerate, brakes would not function properly to stop. When I finally got the car stopped in a parking lot next to my place of business, the car would not start up again, and when it did, it would not go into any gear. Sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes trying to get the car to start up and go into gear. When it finally did go into gear, I got it to my place of business 2 blocks down and parked it. I am afraid to drive the car as it is a major safety issue. There have been recalls on the electric version of this car, but not the gasoline versions. This needs to be a recall on all of these models as there are several hundred complaints online about the same issue. Ford will not do anything about these issues unless the car is taken to one of their dealerships, which in past experience, they don't do anything at the dealership except overcharge for diagnosing the car, and for them to tell you nothing is wrong with it and that they know there are issues with the cars, but they do not have a fix for them and they can change the parts, however that will not solve the problem and it will happen again. I have been told this by the manager at a dealership and he has stated there is nothing he can do to change the situation. This is a major safety issue and someone needs to look into Ford for the same issues gm is having with their small cars.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 15
Failure Date: 04/15/2014

Faulty powershift transmission would not engage gears properly causing vehicle to stall, shake violently, grind gears, drop first and second gear when accelerating, no reverse, .

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 16
Failure Date: 02/10/2014

Car jerks/hesitates upon acceleration; shifting is jerky; when you go to accelerate the car does not engage into gear; front left vibrates/rattles upon acceleration; car will bog down when you go to accelerate. My concern is that when I go to pull out into traffic the car will not go. I was almost rear ended when I crossed an intersection and then went to accelerate, but my car did not go into gear. When I am on the interstate and in traffic, if I need to get around a car quickly I cannot due to the hesitation in the shifting. I have been to the dealership multiple times and have filed a case with Ford and am told this is how the car is supposed to drive.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2006 Ford Focus 17
Failure Date: 01/01/2014

I purchased this car and recently my car has been bogging down and losing power. I was told it was a oxygen sensor . Now my shift is off , cannot tell what gear it's in . And my drivers door handle has broken not once but twice .

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car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2013 Ford Focus 18
Failure Date: 10/10/2013

Was driving up my driveway which is fairly steep, the engine slipped out of gear (it's an automatic transmission) and started to roll backwards down the hill, the engine was revving/redlining as if it were in neutral. I quickly applied the brakes, and stepped on the gas. The car was still not in gear and continued to roll back, I applied the brakes again, and then the gas at which point the car shot forward, lucky that I was far enough away from the garage or any objects and remained in gear when I pulled into the garage. This same thing happened to me on flat ground in a parking lot one day. The lurch was less, but the car still shot forward faster than it should have, another instance where I was lucky that there were no pedestrians/cars/objects to run into. This car is dangerous and a liability.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 19
Failure Date: 08/24/2013

Since we purchased the vehicle, it seemed to stutter when trying to go from a stop. I was told that this is normal for this transmission. But on August 24th, the transmission started to have even more problems. First the vehicle was having a hard time accelerating past 20 mph. Then it started jerking back and forth, lunging to and fro. It was not shifting gears like it should have, and it felt like it was going to stall, so complainant had to pull over to avoid an accident and allow fast moving traffic to pass. After traffic had passed, complainant turned around to go back home, jerking and lunging the whole time going less than 20 mph. After leaving the car sit for several hours, the vehicle started up again, and seemed to be operating normally. However now the vehicle is having a harder time going up hills, and has trouble coasting. Feels like something is dragging it down. This could be very unsafe, as the problem is not predictable, and could potentially cause an accident. A 2012 vehicle with 39000 miles should not be having transmission problems already.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2007 Ford Focus 20
Failure Date: 07/16/2013

I was driving my 2007 Ford Focus home when my gear shift fell apart in my hand. Luckily I was pulling into my driveway when it happened. It is now not drivable and has to be towed to the shop to be worked on. I do not believe a gear shift should fall apart in your hand as this one did. I got online and read that many other people have complained about this same issue. I think this vehicle needs to be recalled as to this is truly a safety issue. Thank god this happened before my planned vacation with my niece to the coast which would mean traveling curvy roads and if this would have happened then it may have cost us both our lives. I have written and complained to Ford company via their online site but I expect that nothing will probably be done but it's sad that Ford company prides themselves on safety and customer service and would let this go on without being addressed. I will definitely think twice before buying another Ford product as to definitely they do not care about customer safety. Maybe a fatal accident has to happen before this gets addressed.

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car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 21
Failure Date: 12/21/2012

This is an ongoing issue with the automatic dual clutch transmission. Like most everybody else, I am experiencing the same hesitation and shuddering from a stop and the same "clunking" sounds in the transmission. I have had the vehicle into my local Ford dealer, woody anderson Ford, for a diagnostic check and like everybody else, they said that is a normal driving characteristic of the new-style transmission. While I initially accepted that response, I have become increasingly unconvinced of their assessment as while trying to merge onto the parkway, the vehicle failed to respond to a downshift and lost all forward gears. In traffic, the car would not accelerate and when I moved the gearshift lever into the manual position, it would not engage in any gear I selected. I was able to safely steer off to the hard shoulder, place the car in park and then back in drive and it was able to accelerate again. . . With a shudder in first gear, of course. It appears that Ford does not have a realistic fix for this vehicle (unless the costly seal leak is the actual culprit) and therefore, I have not brought it back to Ford for another check even though I did schedule an appointment but was unable to make it. There appears to be a real problem here with this transmission and moreso, the lack of confidence that it's drivers/owners have in it. It is a problem that is not being addressed with action. Like many others, I am concerned about the safety of this transmission.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2007 Ford Focus 22
Failure Date: 12/07/2012

Traveling on an freeway, I downshifted (mtx75, 5sp manual trans) and passed another vehicle. Then went to up shift and found transmission would not enter any gears. Shifter would move side to side, but no up and down into the gates. Towed to a repair shop and tore down to find cause. Found a roll pin had fallen out/sheared off on the gear selector assembly on the transmission. Research showed this is a common issue on this transmission with no fix or updated parts from manufacturer.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 23
Failure Date: 11/28/2012

I purchased Ford Focus used- one year old- with 16500 miles. Three times it stopped as I was turning left in oncoming traffic. One time I backed up and it would not go into gear. Other times it would not shift gears on hills or on ramps two times on my steep driveway it came out of gear. Brought to shop numerous times - told nothing was wrong repeatedly. I got rid of car after 13 months and took a financial hit but now I am driving a safe car. The difference is amazing and I am simply driving a chevy cruze so not an expensive car in comparison. Focus is dangerous to drive!.

car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2010 Ford Focus 24
Failure Date: 10/26/2012

After continued operation in rush hour traffic, the vehicle failed to return to idle speed after coming to a complete stop (manual transmission/not in gear). This occurred twice during a commute home on a signaled highway 10/26/12. I pulled off the roadway and immediately contacted Ford customer care. [xxx], the representative with whom I spoke, stated he would log the concern. Ford has already attempted repair for the problem but the vehicle continues to have idle speed/throttle issues. I question whether the vehicle is safe to operate in close traffic. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

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car image   Transmission Not Go Into Gear problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 25
Failure Date: 06/01/2012

I recently purchased a 2012 Ford Focus in may. I took the vehicle back to the Ford dealership, to report a problem. However, the first thing the repair person did was give me a print out of what the car does. This car has no power, it shakes, and will not go,. I feel that car is trying to stall out. It is worst than my old 1998 Ford contour. It rides better than this car and it is 14 years old. I am very concern about my safety with the car. In addition, everyone else and including myself, which is embarrassing, notices that this car does not change gears. It appears that it is stuck in one gear at the speed of 60 mph. I am very disappointed and afraid that this car may cause me to get into a car accident. I need help. What should I do? in addition, the warranty on this car is 60,000 miles or 5 years, which every comes first.