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Check Engine Light On problems of the 2011 Ford Fusion

27 problems related to check engine light on have been reported for the 2011 Ford Fusion.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 1
Failure Date: 04/13/2014

While driving our car, my wife (along with my 9 month old baby girl) experienced a sudden loss of power and shaking engine. The car was not drivable so she pulled onto a side street and parked the car, leaving them stranded. No engine warning lights ever came on. This is exactly as described (minus the lack of check engine light) in the "Ford customer satisfaction program 13n03" letter that we received a few months ago. This is an intermittent problem, so we were able to take the car in to the Ford dealer. Our local Ford dealer was not able to pull a code as the check engine light never came on. The dealer, and Ford customer service, refuse to replace the throttle body until the code for malfunctioning throttle body is read. My wife and infant daughter must now drive around (twice a day, 5 days a week) waiting for it to fail again, and take the car to the dealer at the time of malfunction. This is a major safety concern as the car will barely move and shakes so badly. It should not be driven across the city to the dealership in this condition, especially with a baby in the car. Ford needs to recall these parts and replace them all to stop putting customers in danger with cars that barely move. As for the "customer satisfaction program"? not feeling very satisfied at all. . .

car   Check Engine Light On problem 2
Failure Date: 12/11/2013

I was driving on the highway, first my check engine light came on, then I drove a little farther and the wrench light came on and the car powered down to 5 mph. I had it towed and took it to the dealership today, and they are telling me that its the throttle body. I see all these complaints and it enrages me that something has not been done about this, I could have cause a major accident due to trying to get over to the side of the road. They need to hurry up and do a recall so someone else doesnt get stuck having to shell out $420 dollars like I did.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 3
Failure Date: 11/15/2013

I was driving downtown and next thing I know my wrench light comes on and I lose all power to my Ford Fusion. I was scared because I didn't know what was going on. I couldn't do anything until I pulled off the road and shut my car off and restarted it. This problem has happened to me multiple times within the past 3 weeks. I would have to say its happened at least 15 times in those 3 weeks. I am starting to get annoyed with this problem because I took the car to the dealership and they constantly tell me nothing is wrong with my car, yet I know there is definitely something wrong. The problem happened again on 11/26/2013 and when it did my check engine light came on with the wrench light so I took it to autozone for them to check the engine light code and the code was p2111 and the description it gave was that the throttle actuator control system was stuck open. I now have proof to take to the Ford dealership that something is wrong with the car. They better fix this problem!.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 4
Failure Date: 09/25/2013

This has happened multiple times varying from accelerating from a stop to highway speeds of 60+ mph. 2011 Ford Fusion sel suddenly loses all power and wrench icon illuminates and no acceleration happens at all. The engine remains at idle with fluctuations from 800-1200 rpms. Had to cross multiple lanes and was almost ran into by three cars going a lot faster than me while I was listing to the emergency lane. Once car is turned off and restarted the problem will go away. After much research and the one time it showed a check engine light I ran the codes and it all was pointing to a defective throttle body. I noticed that there are a lot of complaints with this aspect on this car and just hope someone doesn't have to get killed on the road like I almost did to get a recall on this car and part.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 5
Failure Date: 09/03/2013

Car appeared to have lost fuel power while driving approx. 40 miles per hour. Car jerked and speed reduced to approx. 5 miles an hour. Appeared to not be receiving any fuel even when the pedal was being pushed. Pulled over, turned motor off then restarted. Drove okay for about 5 more minutes than did the same thing again only this time while driving on a highway that had the shoulder of the road being worked on. The time was 5 am and it was extremely foggy. Visibility was poor and the scenario could have been much worse, all things considered. Repeated the process again of turning the motor off and back on, making it to my place of work this time within 5 minutes. Check engine light came on and remained on when the car was started. Took car to dealership after work (approx 8 miles away) without incident although the check engine light was on. Technician called next day stating the throttle body needed replaced and had seen this on multiple occasions lately with Ford vehicles. Although I did not have an accident I can see where this issue has potential to be harmful to the driver and others. I hope something is done soon before something more serious does happens.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 6
Failure Date: 08/25/2013

The engine shook violently. The wrench light and check engine light suddenly appeared. The speed of the car went from 45 mph to 0 in an instant. Then the entire car powered off. I managed to pull over to the shoulder as this happened and not being able to accelerate at all. I turned the car on again with keys in ignition. Started to drive and the same series of events happened again and my car completely powered off. I got my car towed to Ford malcolm cunningham on 8/26/13. They confirmed it was the throttle body that caused the issues. I purchased extended warranty on my car which only covered the actual part and not the labor to replace the throttle body. The dealership service rep, elle, said that they recommended I also flush the engine because they have seen this is related to the throttle body issue. She also said the throttle body issue is a common problem with Fusions and escapes, as she had another person in there for the same issue on an escape. Ford needs to realize this is extremely unsafe and issue a recall ASAP! I cannot believe my car is practically new and I'm out of pocket $400, while Ford doesn't take any responsibility.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 7
Failure Date: 08/18/2013

While driving down a freeway at 55 mph the engine suddenly shut off with no warning. We were able to get to the side of the road without being hit. No engine warning lights were illuminated. We were able to restart the engine and continue on our journey. Five minutes later pulling into a shopping center going about 10 mph the engine "thumped, gurggled, and died. The check engine light came on. We were able to restart the engine and get it five miles back to the house. The car is still under warranty so Ford sent a wrecker to the house to retrieve the car. The engine light is still illuminated.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 8
Failure Date: 08/10/2013

I left from my home in the early afternoon. The car had not been used since the previous evening. About 2 miles from my house I got onto a state route and started to go up a slight hill. I had accelerated up to approximately 45 mph and the engine started running really rough, then stalled. The check engine light lit up. It seemed to go down to idle with no response from engine while pushing the pedal. I glided to the side of the road and crested the hill, then let the engine sputter at around idle as I was able to put it in neutral and let gravity take me to the bottom of the hill where I could glide around the corner into a safe parking lot. I shut the car down, waited a minute and it started back up as though nothing had happened. The check engine light was clear. I have not tried to check to see if it stored any codes yet. I had experienced 2 previous events in the previous 2 weeks with this car. The car has been serviced regularly.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 9
Failure Date: 08/02/2013

Drove a mile from our home to pick up pizza. Went into the shop for about 5 minutes, came out and started the car. Backed out of the space and pulled across a divided road to head home and the car sputtered and lost power so that I had to pull over to the side. The check engine light was lit. I shut down the car and it started right up and the check engine light was clear. It repeated this issue again about 1 week later on the highway for my wife though recovered. Then again for me while accelerating up a state route but did not recover.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 10
Failure Date: 07/31/2013

My 2011 Ford Fusion has repeatedly experienced the same stalling and random shut-downs that I know understand many other drivers have experienced. Usually upon accelerating, my vehicle will buck abruptly and then shudder and rapidly reduce speed until I am able to shut it off. The indicator light for the transmission turns on and occasionally the check engine light. Most of the time, the vehicle will turn right back on and be able to drive as normal, but sometimes it will repeat the same bucking process very shortly after I resume driving. I took it to an auto zone and the engine check they ran returned with an error message saying "throttle body system stuck open" and that is was being held open at an angle larger than needed. Thankfully, this hasn't happened while on the highway or in any place that I could not pull over safely, but it continues to happen with other drivers around, nonetheless. This is an incredibly dangerous and frustrating issue and one that I am shocked and appalled to find happens to so many other drivers. Ford needs to do something to make this right for the great many of us who have been put in harms way by this faulty system.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 11
Failure Date: 07/22/2013

Since January of 2012 when I drive my Fusion the vehicle just would quit and the check engine and tool light would stay on only until I would put the vehicle in park and restart it. I would take it to the local Ford dealership and that the tcs module was bad then it happened again then they changed out the battery. Then two weeks ago it happened again and took it back in now Ford said its throttle body is bad and the part and the labor would be around 400 dollars to fix. This is a safety issue someone could get hurt or even killed. I feel that this should be recalled. I am not the only person that has had this issue. On top of this I don't have a vehicle to drive for over a month and a half. Thank you amy.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 12
Failure Date: 06/27/2013

I was driving down the road and the car just lost power. I would step on the gas and it would just barely move. I had to coast to a side road. I turned it off and then started it back up. It went a couple of blocks and did the same thing. Then tried it again and it would not stay running. The check engine light came on.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 13
Failure Date: 06/26/2013

My wife was driving vehicle at about 65 mph in morning rush hour traffic. While traveling yellow wrench light came on and vehicle slowed down while traveling in the far left lane (fast lane). Had to safely get the car to side of the road as it coasted while traffic still maintained their normal speed. After removing key and letting vehicle sit for a couple minutes, put key back in ignition and started the vehicle back up. Proceeded with no issues. Called dealership and made an appointment for 7/1/2013. Was told that there were no codes and could not get vehicle to perform our stated issue. Was told it may be the throttle body and that they would order one (we are looking at the minimum a two week wait). And that they would not guarantee that this would fix the problem because there were no codes for them to go off of. It should be noted that our extended service contract does not cover this and that we would be looking at around a $400. 00 repair. If we would of had preferred service plan that it would of been covered (imagine that!). So today my wife calls me again to tell me she is on the side of the highway because the issue happened again! and on top of this issue she now had a flat tire probably due to having to coast the vehicle to the side of the highway. We met up and changed vehicles. I proceeded to drive the vehicle back to work, but never made it due to the vehicle not wanting to operate and yellow wrench coming on along with check engine light. Had vehicle towed back to dealership where they offered a loaner car while we wait for part to arrive with no estimated eta? a huge safety concern that Ford seems to not care about and has a casual "we will get to it, when we get to it" mentality"!?!?.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 14
Failure Date: 06/12/2013

Traveling on pennsylvania 476 south (toll road). Construction currently in area I was traveling so 2 lanes of traffic with no shoulder. Emergency pull off ramps located approximately every 2-3 miles along construction. Traveling during rush hour in am, pressed accelerator and received no response. Wrench light and check engine light appeared however car continued to run just with no power (later learned that this is what Ford calls "limp mode"). Had just passed and emergency pull-off when this happened so had to drive at very low speed (approximately 10 miles per hour) to get to next emergency pull off 2 miles ahead. Very, very unsafe as I was blocking traffic on a major highway with no shouklder (jersey barriers on both sides of 2-lane highway). Managed to "limp" to emergency pull off without being hit from behind. Vehicle towed to Ford dealer and was diagnosed with needing a trottle body (known Ford problem for 2011 Ford Fusion vehicles). . . . If Ford is aware of this issue, why no recall? I was lucky as this incident happened in the worst possible area yet I was not hit from behind or injured.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 15
Failure Date: 06/12/2013

The contact owns a 2011 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while driving approximately 70 mph, there was a sudden loss of power as the wrench light illuminated. The contact stated that on another occasion while driving approximately 5 mph, the vehicle stalled and the check engine warning light illuminated. The vehicle was not taken to a dealer for a diagnostic test. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure and current mileage was 80,000.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 16
Failure Date: 06/06/2013

The contact owns a 2011 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while driving 70 mph, the vehicle stalled with the illumination of the check engine light. The vehicle was not repaired and the manufacturer was notified. The approximate failure mileage was 60,000.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 17
Failure Date: 06/05/2013

Vehicle loses all power while driving. Wrench light appeared the first 7 times, but after turning the vehicle off and restarting, it goes away and car drives like normal. Today while driving it happened at around 60mph. Both the wrench light and check engine light came on and after a restart the check engine light stays on. Vehicle barely limped the rest of the 5 miles to my house. This has happened at high speeds on the freeway as well nearly causing multiple accidents. Currently waiting on dealership to come back with a quote to replace the throttle body. Ford needs to issue a recall notice and warranty the cost of the replacement before someone gets killed due to this issue. They are just weighing the cost of a lawsuit due to fatality vs. The cost of warrantying the malfunctioning part. Paying a few million to a family is cheaper than paying to fix ~725,000 vehicles. Work with the throttle body supplier, get your qa/qc under control, and fix the issue guys. ## VIN failed ##.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 18
Failure Date: 05/30/2013

I was driving home from school (this has happened before, just not as bad) and my car stopped responding. The wrench light came on and the check engine light came on. I was on a really busy road, so I had to pray that I would not get hit. I turned off the car, and tried to restart it, but it did not want to restart. I sat for a few seconds and was finally able to get it restarted. This happened numerous (probably 6-8 times) on my 12 mile trip home. I took it to the shop this morning and found out it is the throttle body. I just looked it up online and have found out this is a common issue, and that the dealerships (when the car is under warranty) act like they don't know what it wrong. This is not right. There needs to be a recall! I don't have a warranty now, and I took my car to the dealership before the warranty was up and they said there was nothing wrong with it multiple times!!!!.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 19
Failure Date: 05/02/2013

The contact owns a 2011 Ford Fusion. While driving at various speeds, the check engine light would illuminate and the vehicle stalled. The failure recurred on multiple occasions. The vehicle was taken to the dealer, but the cause of the failure was not diagnosed. The contact indicated that the pcm was re-programmed, but the vehicle continued to experience the failure. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 30,000. The VIN was not available.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 20
Failure Date: 01/30/2013

The contact owns a 2011 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the vehicle jerked and powered off. Also, the contact stated that the check engine warning light illuminated. The contact mentioned the failure occurred intermittently. The vehicle was taken to a private mechanic who was unable to diagnose the failure. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure and current mileage 40,000.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 21
Failure Date: 01/17/2013

The contact owns a 2011 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while driving 50 mph, the engine lost power with the illumination of the wrench warning icon and the check engine warning light. The contact pulled the vehicle over and allowed it to sit for a minute before he was able to proceed with driving the vehicle. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer for inspection. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 23,000.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 22
Failure Date: 01/16/2013

While driving at highway speed on an incline, the car lost all propulsion power. After several seconds, the check engine wrench light turned on and I pulled over to the side. Shutting down the vehicle, waiting 1 minute and restarting cleared the check engine light and restored power. The same thing happened 6 weeks later, while idling at a traffic light. After restarting, the system failed again 2 minutes later while driving on level road at 15 mph. The car rested for 2 hours and was then driven without incident to the dealer for repairs. The service technician performed eec test, ppt and component tests, then replaced the throttle body. No subsequent incidents after 1 week.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 23
Failure Date: 01/01/2013

Driving on the highway at a rate of 70 mph with traffic behind and ahead of me, I lost power and the car went into limp mode. The wrench light and check engine light went on. I could no longer speed up and began to lose speed (rather quickly I might add) the car immediately behind me came very close to colliding with me! I couldn't go faster than 30 mph and had to pull over on the shoulder of the highway. I turned the car off and when I tried to turn it back on, it took an oddly longer amount of time to turn on. (like holding the key turned in the ignition) then sitting at a traffic light, when I started to go when it turned green, I was going 5 mph and the rpm's shot up to 3000 rpm! under 40 mph, it was up near 3000 rpm! Ford, please examine this again! this is dangerous! why wait until an accident actually happens?.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 24
Failure Date: 09/12/2012

It has happened before to my wife on two other occasions. So I took the car out and drove it around and was coming back home and after turning onto our rode and got up to 45 mph the wrench light and the check engine light came on and loss all power. Step on the gas pedal and there was nothing. Rolled over to the shoulder and put in park and waited for a couple of minutes and restarted it. Went about another 300 yards and it did it again. Did some research on the internet and Ford has been having this problem with the Fusion and there other cars like the escape. They all came down to the throttle body being bad and had to be replaced. But my question is if they have been having this problem for awhile why hasn't Ford or someone put a recall on these throttle body's. This can cause a serious accident if a person is going down the highway and this occurs the person could be possibly rear ended. ## VIN passed ## Ford, Fusion, 2011 ##.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 25
Failure Date: 07/04/2012

Pulling into traffic car lost all throttle control wrench light came on engine still running started surging or idled up and down had to put in park and restart acted like nothing happened! next day died twice more engine light on this time stayed on all day then went off and no code found went a week or so no issue till yesterday 7/23/2011 did it twice almost hit in rear twice! it only has 37000 miles help us they want even look until it shows a code! but may b too late then!!.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 26
Failure Date: 07/01/2012

Tl-the contact owns a 2011 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while driving 50 mph, the vehicle stalled with the illumination of the check engine warning light. The electronic failure warning lights also illuminated. The vehicle was taken to a private mechanic, who stated that the failure was caused by the throttle body. The vehicle was repaired. The failure was reported to the manufacturer. The failure mileage was 45,000. The current mileage was 49,000. Kmj.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 27
Failure Date: 06/11/2012

On 6/7/12 was driving car and check engine light and wrench light came on while driving on the road, 30 seconds later, engine shut off completely, could not accelerate and had to get the vehicle towed to the dealership. I was told that the purge valve and fuel filler pipe had to be replaced. On 6/11/12, picked up my vehicle from the dealership and was charged over $500 dollars for the service. 20 minutes later while driving on i45 north at 65 mph. Same thing happened, car completely turned off, had to "coast" to the shoulder and avoid any vehicles. My vehicle, again, was towed to the dealership. This is very dangerous and must be taken care of immediately. The fact that I was charged over $500 to take care of the issue and for it to happen again is absurd.