Brake Master Cylinder Problems of Ford Fusion - part 1

Ford Fusion owners have reported 100 problems related to brake master cylinder (under the service brakes category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Fusion based on all problems reported for the Fusion.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 1
Failure Date: 05/04/2018

My brake master cylinder was replaced in June 2017. Just had the power booster replaced on may 4, 2018. It is now having the same problem as on may 4th - brakes going all the way down, have to pump brakes in order to stop. I was traveling from oceanside CA to scottsdale az on may 4th and just around town today, may 22 here in oceanside.

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car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 2
Failure Date: 04/25/2018

When driving, particularly in stop and go traffic, it feels like the brakes fail. The pedal goes all the way to the floor and then I have to pump the brake 2 or 3 times before I can get the car to stop. Twice it came really close to not stopping at all. The pads are fine, master cylinder is fine and the brake fluid level is fine as well. Car has approximately 97,000 miles on it and the issue has been happening intermittently for the past 10 days, with the last few days occurring 3-4 times per day.

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car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 3
Failure Date: 04/22/2018

Very soft brakes. - the car kept experiencing soft brakes after the abs would engage or if the car hit a pot hole of solid bump in the road. Not all the times but fairly often. We replaced the master cylinder in 2016 and the brake pads recently as well. In Dec of 2017, I was going about 25mph while approaching the exit of our neighborhood. There was a small patch of ice & water. I was braking for a stop when the car crossed the patch. The abs engaged. From that moment on for about 2 weeks the brakes would go to the floor before they would slow the car to a stop. Then it cleared up. On Sunday April 22 around 1am, we were driving through a town on our way back from picking up our son. It had been raining steady for several hours. My husband was driving less than 35mph approaching a traffic light that had just turned yellow. He tried to stop for the light. The abs engaged but the car did not stop. The light turned red before we got to the intersection but the car was not stopping. We ran the red light. The car did finely slow down to an almost stop but we were already through the intersection. Luckily there were no other cars around at the time but from that moment on the brakes have been soft. After finishing our trip home about 300 plus miles and going to the store where we live about 5 miles, we are afraid of driving the car anymore. It takes too long to stop and if someone stopped quickly while in front of us or if something ran out in front of us while driving, we don't believe we could stop quickly enough; safely.

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car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 4
Failure Date: 04/07/2018

While approaching an intersection, brakes were applied for a red light which lost all hydraulic pressure after front right wheel went over a pothole. To fully stop the vehicle, the brake pedal had to be pushed fully to the floor. Subsequent driving showed virtually no return of hydraulic pressure in the brakes. This occurred within months of having brake pads, rotors, fluid, and master cylinder inspected by Ford-branded dealer.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 5
Failure Date: 03/20/2018

Son was in an accident where he rear ended a vehicle. The car in front stopped short and my son tried to stop but brake pedal went to floor. Accident occurred on rural 2 lane road at about 30 mph. My son tried to swerve off the road to miss the vehicle but clipped him. Over $4,000 in repairs and brakes are still very soft. New calipers, master cylinder and still not right.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 6
Failure Date: 03/12/2018

My vehicle was in motion every time the problem occurs. I lose all braking ability for approximately two to no more than five second periods. This has occurred on six total occasions on different days and months. I have replaced my vehicles master cylinder six months ago. I don't feel safe driving my own car. I have witnesses that can confirm this information. The problem has occurred on highways, public roads, also in private drives.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 7
Failure Date: 03/08/2018

On multiple occasions I have had difficulty with stopping the vehicle regardless of the weather conditions. I have had my brakes checked repeatedly and been informed that my pads, rotors, master cylinder are all in great condition. I have had the brakes bled, brake fluid change and it has not rectified the issue. On more than one occasion I have either ended up on the side of the highway or almost hit another vehicle trying to stop. There is no forewarning as to when this happens. The brake pad is extremely spongy and at times when being pushed goes nearly to the floor. This has happened on the street, on the highway, the worse and most scariest incident was driving highway 77-south through wv, going through the mountains. I have counted 13 incidents of this over the past year. There have been more incidents over the span of 3 years but on each previous occasion I was told that air gets in the brake line and to pump the brakes. This clearly has not elevated the issue. The most recent evaluation by a mechanic assured me that my brakes themselves were in good condition.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 8
Failure Date: 03/06/2018

Initial experience was abs engaging while making a turn thru antiskid gravel. Pedal immediately went soft, luckily not on heavy traveled road. Returned home, disconnected battery, reconnected after a while, issue seemed to have resolved itself. Next incident was 12/9/17 during a snow event here in ne PA. When I crested a slight hill and applied the brakes to slow for stopped traffic. (high traveled road) abs engaged, pedal immediately went soft. I was unable to control the car with braking, so I steered off the road to the right shoulder area. To avoid striking a object head on, (cemetery headstone) I was able to steer back to the left, but then had to avoid a utility pole. I was concerned a) with electrical wires coming down, b) air bag deployment since vehicle is one affected by takata switches. I avoided the pole, but ended up striking a support guy wire. This resulted in over $3,000. 00 damage to front of vehicle, but luckily airbags did not deploy. However, had the guy wire not stopped me I would have slid back out into traffic, as I was on snow covered grassy surface. Vehicle not driven after that. Dealer looked at vehicle in January, no codes in computer. Flushed and refilled brake system, had normal braking. Recently went around same corner as initial entry, (early March) problem immediately recurred, pedal almost to floor. As with other posters, pumping pedal does restore some brake capability, but only for that instance. Pedal is soft again directly after. I have spent $2,000. 00 already, and dealer says either master cylinder or hcu, or both. Seems to be hcu based on other complaints. Car has 95,xxx miles. Nhtsa needs to get on Ford to address this issue pronto, before there is a death. I purchased this vehicle based on cr reports. I am not happy. It seems once they have your money, they don't care. Car not purchased new, had low mileage, one previous owner.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 9
Failure Date: 01/24/2018

The contact owns a 2008 Ford Fusion. While driving 15 mph, the brake pedal was depressed and failed to respond. As a result, the contact rear ended the preceding vehicle. A police report was filed. The vehicle was taken to pittsboro Ford (1245 thompson st, pittsboro, nc 27312, (919) 542-3131) where it was diagnosed and the abm and master cylinder were replaced. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 260,000.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 10
Failure Date: 01/20/2018

For the last few months I have had intermittent problems with my braking system. Many times, when I would apply the brakes as I was going over uneven surfaces or gravel, the abs system would engage and the brake pedal would lose pressure. During this time I would have to apply a much greater force to the pedal to get the car to stop. Almost every time this would happen, I would not stop where I was intending to, but would go by my intended target. Until today, this has not caused problems. However, today, I was traveling at a speed of approximately 25mph as I was going down a hill and approaching a turn. As I was applying the brakes the abs system engaged unexpectedly, the pedal lost all pressure and went straight to the floor, and the car was not slowing down at all. I lost control of the vehicle, went over a curb, hit an embankment and finally came to a stop. I had the vehicle looked at, immediately, by my local mechanic. He told me that the general braking system seemed to be in good working order (pads, rotors, calipers, hoses, pressure, master cylinder, etc. . . ) he mentioned that this model of vehicle had some problems with the abs systems and recommended that I take it to my local Ford dealer. I have an appointment with them this week. In the meantime, I researched the abs issue he mentioned and found the open investigation into exactly my problem. This is another complaint showing that this problem is very real and quite dangerous. Nhtsa action number: pe16017.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 11
Failure Date: 12/29/2017

Driving in light snow approx. 20 mph, stopping at a stop sign pedal went to floor and remained soft, pumping pedal brought it up again slightly but stopping is very slow. After not moving it for a day, pedal came back up and seemed fine. Second time this has happened in 6 months. It is now in the repair shop as I feel it is unsafe to drive. Mechanics have said it is mechanical either master cylinder or abs valve but there is no test to determine what the problem is according to Ford mechanics. There are only 73000 miles on the car. Seems this happens when it is wet or snowing and it is random when it happens, however once the pedal goes to the floor it does not come back up to normal until after the car sits for a day. This is a very expensive repair and if it turns out to be the valve there is a 3 day wait to get the part, in the meantime I am forced to rent a car also. I have heard that Ford is well aware of this issue but is not addressing the situation or taking responsibility for poor design and engineering. In the meantime the consumer is forced to either pay for the repair or get rid of an unsafe car.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 12
Failure Date: 12/22/2017

Issue happened 4 times in last year and a half. Slight skid twice on wet pavement, once on stone driveway, and once on wet metal sensor plate leading into toll booth. All 4 times were at low speed. Two times I was turning. Two times I was just slowing to a stop. Brake pedal went soft and braking distance increased. Soft pedal gradually improved over a period of weeks, but still felt softer than it should be and I questioned the reliability. The first time it happened, I took to a mechanic who couldn't find anything wrong. The last time I took to a Ford dealership, told them the symptoms, and asked them to check the hcu for the abs. They told me the master cylinder was shot and had to be replaced and they could only check the hcu afterwards, which turned out to be faulty. So they ended up replacing both the master cylinder and the hcu. The bill was $2000 but the brakes now feel like they are supposed to.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 13
Failure Date: 12/14/2017

2009 Ford Fusion - brake system: I have been having trouble with my vehicle for over a year. When the anti-lock brake system (abs) engages while my car is in motion due to sudden stops, braking on wet surface, crossing uneven surface (railroad tracks) while braking, or maintaining speed while crossing a pothole my brakes become "spongy" immediately after. The brakes feel as if the brake pedal lost pressure requiring me to press my brake all the way to the floor. This has increased my stopping distance and has become a safety concern. These occurrences happened on a city street and/or highway and has happened going straight or turning. The speeds in which my abs has engaged occurred at or below the speed limit of the road I was on (I. E. 15 mph to 70 mph). At first, I would pump the brakes and my brakes would return to normal within an hour or so. It has gotten worse over the year or so and currently my brakes do not return to normal and are still in the "spongy" state. Last month I had my master cylinder replaced and I thought that had fixed the problem up until yesterday when my abs engaged again crossing train tracks while decelerating. My brakes are currently in the "spongy" state due to yesterdays event. I am uncertain to what the cause of the problem is but can speculate from online forums that it could be the hydraulic control unit. Please contact me if you need any additional information. I do not currently have my invoice from the master cylinder replacement with me but can obtain it if needed once I get home.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 14
Failure Date: 12/13/2017

The car lost braking power. When the abs brakes engaged, I had to push the brake pedal all the way down to get them to engage. My mechanic replaced the master cylinder initially. This fixed the problem temporarily, but later, again when the abs engaged, the pedal got spongy and the pedal had to go all the way to the floor to brake. Then, my mechanic found that this was a known defect and replaced the abs control module, costing me > $1,000. The part cost $805. This problem should be recalled.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2007 Ford Fusion 15
Failure Date: 12/12/2017

After the abs engaged on the car on some ice (going approximately 20mph) the brake pedal sank nearly to the floor. Now I have no abs and the pedal sinks to about 2 inches above the floor before braking starts. I have had the lines and master cylinder looked at and they were fine. The dealer believes it is the abs pump that has a stuck valve. Apparently this is not uncommon and needs to be a recall not just an expensive repair bill for something that could kill people.

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car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2007 Ford Fusion 16
Failure Date: 12/06/2017

My problem is exactly as described in the open investigation NHTSA action number pe16017 called "extended braking distance". After engaging the abs due to icy and snowy conditions, my brake pedal became very "soft" and almost goes to the floor. The typical braking characteristics are changed dramatically, much greater force and distance are required to stop the car. This is very repeatable. Pumpint the brakes did not immediately help, but eventually the pedal did come back to the normal position. During the summer of 2017 I must have had the same problem without realizing it, the shop replaced my master cylinder but as of yesterday it's obvious changing the master cylinder did not help. I see this as a major safety issue, I will not let my daughter drive this car again until this is fixed.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 17
Failure Date: 12/01/2017

When driving brakes became very weak almost to the floor, we replaced the brakes with still no good pedal. Then we replaced the master cylinder, once it was replaced it would not bleed, and still no brakes. We called the Ford dealer and was advised the Fusions were difficult to bleed once master cylinders were replaced. We sent it out for diagnostics at the Ford dealer and were charged $98. 00. They called and said the system needed to be bleed before they could give us an exact answer of what was wrong and the would be an additional $100. They called a few days later and said it needed a master cylinder. We told them we just had replaced it. They said maybe it was a faulty part, so we picked up the car exchanged the part and still have the same issue. Called back to the Ford dealer and was told the only other thing it could be was the hcu and that was about $1600 to change. So 2 tow bills, and $200 later we still have no brakes. After extensive research we have seen this is a very common issue with the Ford Fusions and this is a very dangerous issue. Ford should issue a recall ! losing brakes while driving is dangerous ! I would like a Ford rep to contact me !.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 18
Failure Date: 11/30/2017

Yesterday I was turning left from a 2 lane road onto the one lane street where I work and had to brake suddenly because a car was stopped at the entrance to the road. I believe this engaged my abs. Immediately after that, my brakes suddenly required me to push my brake pedal almost to the floor to engage it. I brought it to a mechanic this morning and they recommended I replace the master cylinder but that there is no test to know if that would even fix it. I googled this issue and come to find out it is a very common issue with a faulty hcu in all 2008 Ford Fusions. I do not understand why this known issue is not a formal recall as it is putting people's lives as risk including mine. Also, because it is not a formal recall, people are wasting hundreds of dollars on master cylinder replacement when that does not fix the issue at all. Please get this extremely dangerous issue addressed so everyone with a 2008 Ford Fusion gets the hcu replaced and can brake safely. Here are some links that describe this exact same issue on other Ford Fusions. Https://youtu. . Read more...

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 19
Failure Date: 11/29/2017

In November of 2017 my break pedal became unresponsive and would go all the way to the floor when�s pressed. It would break after I pumped my breaks but breaking was still compromised. I replaced my master cylinder and bled my breaks, checked for leaks to no avai. I took it to a mechanic and he�s could find nothing wrong but suspected the abs hydraulic control unit. This issue can only be handled by Ford dealerships. No harsh breaking occurred to cause the issue and I narrowly avoided an accident due to the failure (I had to swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid the accident). I feel this is a safety issue and should be recalled because I researched it and found numerous complaints that are similar to mine and I could�ve seriously injured myself or others due to the problem.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2007 Ford Fusion 20
Failure Date: 10/20/2017

On October 20, 2017 my elderly mother had traveled about 150 miles out of town. When traveling a two lane road a funeral procession was coming the opposite direction. She had pull the car half way off the road with one side off the road and the other on the road. When everyone started to go again the car in front of her came to a sudden stop. When my mother tried to stop she had no brakes. She tried to leave the road to avoid hitting the car in front of her but she ended up hitting the right corner of the car. . Thankfully my brother-in-law was behind her. He drove the Ford Fusion 150 miles using the emergency brakes for stopping her car. It was mostly interstate miles to get her home. If the brakes had not failed until she was on the interstate this could have been a fatal incident. Her 2007 Ford Fusion has 85,000 miles. She loved the car because it handles and rides so well even though the dash is buckling and coming apart. Now she is afraid of it. Her mechanic replaced the master cylinder which did not correct the problem. The car was taken to another mechanic who replaced the abs hydraulic control unit which corrected the issue. This is a rare part to fail and it is a real issue.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 21
Failure Date: 10/15/2017

Initially, on a wet city street at 45 mph, the brakes failed with the pedal going to the floor. Pumping the brake seemed to restore the brakes. Several weeks later, travelling at 35 mph on a dry city street, my brakes failed as I approached a yellow traffic light. With the brake pedal depressed to the floor, I travelled through the intersection on a red light. I took a back road to get back to my point of origin and was unable to stop for any of the stop signs. The master cylinder and the booster were replaced but did not solve the problem. After weeks of being checked out by a Ford dealer, the vehicle was returned to me but the brakes are still soft and feel unsafe. It sometimes feels like the car accelerates after I depressed the brake pedal before the braking kicks in. A longer stopping distance is required.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2008 Ford Fusion 22
Failure Date: 09/01/2017

Tucson, az. City driving; potholes and sand on roadways common. No evasive or avoidance skidding preceded poor brake performance. Brake pedal must be pushed nearly to the floor to get brake action, which is only partial brake effectiveness. Brake repair shop replaced master cylinder - no change in brake performance. Brake repair shop then replaced abs hydraulic control unit - brake performance returns to normal. Brake shop advised abs can activate with cause, then hcu valve sticks open, creating reported condition.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 23
Failure Date: 08/28/2017

Takata recall. The brakes seem to not be fixable. I have replace brake pads, master cynlinder, flushed out break fluid, bled brake. Brake are still not working properly. If I hit a bump at a pretty good speed, the brakes get worse and then I have to push the pedal all the way to the floor and still doesn't really slow down. I have spent a lot of money on getting these brakes repaired and still not working properly. I hit on brakes to pull over and I hit a bump on the side of the road and brakes stopped working properly again. I don't know what else to do. I have had Ford dealership inspect brakes and they said I need to replace master cylinder. I replaced it and no change.

car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2015 Ford Fusion 24
Failure Date: 08/20/2017

Soft and low brake pedal. So I have a2015 Ford Fusion se I recently changed my pads and rotor on. While on,the lift my battery died. After putting it back together ansld boosting my car I then had a soft brake and the pedal would not engage until extremely far down, I have shop has bled the system numerous times changed the master cylinder and still nothing. I was told it could,be a caliper doing,this and ialso,seen online it could be the abs mod. Everything I have read is leading to the abs module but nothing can be proved so I'm left to dump money in parts and hope it gets fixed. Fixing tgungs that are not broke is insane in my eyes. . . . . .

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car image   Brake Master Cylinder problem of the 2009 Ford Fusion 25
Failure Date: 08/05/2017

Have had 2 incidents of abs engagement followed by loss of brakes, where pedal went down to the floor. First time was in February of this year. Road conditions were slick and the car slid slightly. Abs was activated and then there was loss of brakes. Had the car towed to a local mechanic and the whole brake system was inspected. All that was found was some air in the lines and brake pressure came back. Rotors, pads, calipers, master cylinder were fine. Second incident happened August 5th while going on vacation. Was about an hour from home when I slowed down to go through a toll booth. Road was wet and I hit a slight bump going through the toll. After I got through the toll, brake pedal sunk to the floor! I then exited the turnpike and headed back home and drove it back an hour with no brake pressure. Fortunately it was early morning and traffic wasn't heavy. I got home, switched all of the luggage into my other car and I called a friend who works on cars and he said I could drop it off and he would look at it while we were on vacation. While he had it, the brake pressure came back. But again entire braking system was inspected and nothing wrong was found. There has to be a glitch in the abs. The first five years I had the car, nothing like this ever happened. Other on line postings I've read describe similar situations happening when the vehicle has 60,000 or more miles on it. My vehicle is at 60,000. Ford needs to look into this! does someone have to get seriously injured or killed before they take any action?.

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