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Service Engine Light On Problems of Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion owners have reported 9 problems related to service engine light on (under the engine and engine cooling category).

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 1
Failure Date: 01/29/2016

The contact owns a 2010 Ford Fusion. While driving at any speed, the steering wheel seized and was extremely difficult to turn. In addition, the service engine warning light illuminated. The vehicle was taken to a repair shop. The cause of the failure was unable to be diagnosed. The contact was advised to check with the manufacturer for diagnostic testing. The contact received notification of NHTSA campaign number: 15v793000 (fuel system, gasoline), but was unable to determine when the part would become available to receive the recall remedy. The contact was waiting on the manufacturer to supply the part to the dealer to receive the recall repair. The failure mileage was not available. VIN tool confirms parts not available.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 2
Failure Date: 09/28/2014

Twice the vehicle ran properly and was parked. Upon starting the vehicle, it ran fine for some seconds. As I pulled into traffic, the vehicle inexplicably lost nearly all power. The engine ran extremely rough and the car would barely move at all. I could barely get off the road because of the extreme loss of power and very rough idling. The wrench indicator light came on both times, but the service engine light did not come on either time. After shutting off the car and restarting it, the car operated normally.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 3
Failure Date: 06/18/2014

We had been driving for 175 miles on the highway with the cruise control set. The car suddenly lost power with no warning and started slowing down. The service engine light came on as did the symbol of a wrench. I pulled off to shoulder. The car was idling very rough. Stepping on the gas did not raise the engine speed. I shut the engine off and looked under the hood. There was nothing obviously wrong. I tried to restart the engine. It started and ran just fine. The warning lights were off. About 16 miles later the same thing happened. There was a small Ford dealer a few miles away so I took it in. The person I spoke with was aware of this issue and indicated there was a service bulletin about it. Apparently the problem is with the throttle body. They did not have one available. He said the car should always restart and we should be able to make it home. We drove the next 300 miles wondering what would happen. The car was fine for the rest of the trip. When we got home I looked this up on the internet and found countless postings of the same issue. It is obviously well known. Given this, I think there should be a recall. This is very dangerous. We were on vacation (myself, wife, children) on a rural highway when the engine failed the first time. A semi truck was behind us and and started catching up fast as I drifted off to the shoulder. They were blowing the air horn at me because there was another truck coming the other way and he could not move over.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2011 Ford Fusion 4
Failure Date: 09/07/2013

I was driving on a main thoroughfare going about 45 mph when my vehicle lost all power and slowed down to about 2mph. The car began sputtering and shaking so I had to immediately get off the road and turn the car off. I waited for a few minutes and started it again, but it would not go over 2mph. A family member happened to be behind me and had to help me get off road with traffic passing by us. He thought perhaps I had water in the gas so we bought an additive to see if it helped, and it seemed to work for about a week and a half, but then it happened again two more times. This time the service engine light came on as well. I went to an auto parts store where they tested it and got an error code of p2111. I had to go the Ford dealership where I was told that the throttle body needed to be replaced. I have a friend who had this exact same issue with her Ford Fusion just a few months back. She paid over $500 to get hers repaired and I had to pay about $400 to get mine repaired. I understand that this seems to be an issue, and I believe Ford needs to issue a recall.

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car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2011 Ford Fusion 5
Failure Date: 07/08/2013

While driving on I-95 south approximately 65-70 mph in moderately heavy traffic, at exit 180, the car sounded like it dropped out of gear while accelerating. I was able to merge to the shoulder of the highway. The car continued coasting and the "wrench light" appeared. The car would not accelerate at all. When stopped, the car rattled and idled very hard and was shaking. The service engine light came on. I turned the car off and I waited a few minutes and cranked the car back and all was fine, wrench light and service engine light was off. This has happened 6 more times since July 8th 2013, yesterday it happened 4 times in the 1 hour, almost got slammed by two 18 wheeler trucks. This really should be a recall due to this type of situation can get people killed.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 6
Failure Date: 05/15/2013

I had been driving my 2010 Ford Fusion sel for about 15 minutes on the highway at speeds of 65mph when suddenly I lost the ability to accelerate or maintain speed. There was no prior warning anything was wrong, and when it happened it was not accompanied with a loud noise or jolt. Instead, the wrench light on the dash illuminated and I began slowing down. Applying pressure to the accelerator had no effect. I quickly had to navigate across three lanes of traffic while quickly slowing as I coasted to the shoulder of the road. As the car slowed below 20 mph, it began noticeably shaking and surging. This continued once at a complete stop. I then shut the car off and waited approximately 10 minutes before trying to start it again. It cranked for a while before finally catching. I was then able to drive normally again and get off the highway to a safer location. Since this occurrence, I have taken my car to the Ford dealer twice. The first time they could do nothing for me as "the service engine light did not illuminate and thus no code was registered". As the issue continued and increased in frequency (now occurring at speeds as low as 20mph and 45mph, and as quickly as 2 minutes after leaving my house), I took the car back to the dealer where they were able to get it to replicate the issue while driving it. They determined it was a bad throttle body. I am now waiting on this part which is currently on back order. I was told there are over 8,000 orders ahead of me and it could be over a month before the part is ready. As a result, I have a car which is unreliable and tends to stall every time I drive it.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 7
Failure Date: 05/01/2013

Tl- the contact owns a 2010 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that the vehicle stalled while driving 55 mph without warning. The service engine light illuminated after the failure occurred. The failure was experienced several times; however, the vehicle regained some acceleration after it was restarted, but continued to stall during acceleration. The vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnostic testing and the throttle body system was reset; however, the failure was not corrected. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 63,000 and the current mileage was 64,000. Rvk.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 8
Failure Date: 07/18/2012

My 2010 Ford Fusion lurched forward and then stalled while on the highway driving with the cruise control on. The service engine light and a wrench appeared on the dash. I was losing speed and had to get to the side of the highway causing the semi and other vehicles behind me to slam on their brakes. . . The semi narrowly missed me. Once to the side of the highway I turned my car off waited a second and restarted it. It ran fine for about 5 miles and it did it again. It did this a total of 4 times on the way to work and 5 on the way home. I took the car in to a service center and the code they got was "p2111 throttle actuator stuck open". I looked online and found that 2011 and 12 Fusions had been recalled for this problem but not the 2010 but see that many 2010 owners have had this same issue as I have had. Why are 2010 Fusions not being recalled for a bad throttle body? it is a very scary and serious problem and only a matter of time before someone is injured or even killed. I was lucky.

car image   Service Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 9
Failure Date: 09/04/2011

Selling / servicing dealer began advising of carbon build up in throttle body ~15000 mi. ~20000 mi with cruise control engaged engine lost power, service engine soon light and throttle control / transmission light both illuminated, vehicle rough idled. Shut off engine and restarted after ~ 30 seconds. Engine ran normally. Read/cleared dtc p2111. Reported to dealer on 07 sept 2011 but was unable to diagnose any problem. Problem has been intermittent since. Due to battery failure prior to 35000 mi service (19 Nov 12) engine codes were lost. Dealer performed induction service. After 40000 mi service (24 may 13) had multiple instances of the above failure with dtc p2111 with increasing frequency. On 8 June 13 had 3 occurrences at vehicle speeds of less than 45 mph with one at less than 25 mph while accelerating (entering traffic). Vehicle was diagnosed by a different deal with a failed throttle body requiring replacement.