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Steering Problems of Ford Fusion - part 1

Ford Fusion owners have reported 681 problems related to steering (under the steering category).

car image   Steering problem of the 2011 Ford Fusion 1
Failure Date: 11/23/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2011 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while driving 30 mph, the power steering seized without warning. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not made aware of the issue. The failure mileage was 80,000. Ad.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 2
Failure Date: 11/22/2015

While in motion, at 40 mph, the front panel error messages, "service power steering now" & "service advancetrac" displayed. I fortunately avoided traffic and pulled into a parking lot off a major roadway in the city of suwanee, georgia. All power steering was lost. This seems to fall under the following preliminary evaluation #pe14030.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 3
Failure Date: 11/18/2015

I was pulling out of a parking lot when I realized I wasn't able to turn my steering wheel. I saw the alert message "power steering assist fault. " I pulled back into my parking spot, restarted my car, and was able to drive and use the steering wheel just fine. This has actually happened several times before when starting my car but I thought my car just needed to 'warm up. ' this was the first time it didn't work after waiting a few moments. I researched other complaints online and I'm seeing that this issue has happened to other Ford Fusion 2010 owners while they were driving, and many of the cases resulted in accidents. Also, issue with impaired lug nuts. Some car shops have been unable to rotate my tires because they couldn't get them off.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 4
Failure Date: 11/17/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2010 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while making a right turn the vehicle power steering seized causing the contact to crashed into a concrete gad rail. The vehicle was driven to the contact resident. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The vehicle was not included in NHTSA campaign number: 15v340000 (steering). The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 111,000. Aw.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 5
Failure Date: 11/14/2015

While driving my car my steering wheeling locked and I could not control the car . When I took it to the shop the mechanic told me that my car does not have a standard hydraulic steering wheel system but instead it has an electronic one that will cost over $1000 to repair . I'm considering suing the Ford motor company because I almost died in my car due to this faulty system they provided in my car . After doing research I found out that a lot of Fords customers with a 2010 Ford Fusion are going through the same issue and Ford is not willing to help . I will be in contact with a lawyer on Monday. I live in buffalo NY while driving my car I was on a busy street intersection why my power steering went out .

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 6
Failure Date: 11/13/2015

Well I could have seriously hurt someone else or my loved ones and my vehicle because without any warning once so ever my car stopped turning. Meaning it was 20 times harder for me to control my vehicle. The warning that flashed in the instrument panel in the split second of me trying to fix whatever was going on was that I needed to get my power steering serviced immediately! so in return my car's steering abilities just abruptly stopped. Luckily, I was at a gas station and not moving too fast, able to turn on my hazard lights and honk at everyone in passing not to come near me while my sister waved everyone away. The issues with the 2010 Ford Fusion is beyond ridiculous and quite frankly too dangerous! now the electronic power steering control module needs servicing. Ford has issued a recall for the problem but only for 2011's and up. This car is highly uncontrollable and terrifying to operate w/o power steering. This is going to cost me towing to a dealership, rental car fees, a diagnostic test of $99 dollars, parts and labor and of course my time. All with the hanging carrot that I might be reimbursed if they do issue a recall down the line or at least that's what the Ford relations customer service people told me. Not only will this cost me upwards $2000 and more but the parts are on back order too. This is my only car and I have to still make car payments during this. What a headache!!! and for the life of me, I just can't understand why there's no recall for 2010 Ford Fusion models pertaining to this problem when there's significant research that states many 2010 Ford drivers are experiencing this. Ford built cars with electronic power steering which doesn't take fluid so if there's an electronic software issue that persists with one make and model give everyone the courtesy of being able to have their cars updated/fixed.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 7
Failure Date: 11/13/2015

The eps system malfunctions at speeds that could result in dangerous accidents. I was traveling at 40 mph and the steering locked up. Message center stated clearly that the power steering needs service now. The steering was manual at this point, so I tried hard to pull it over to the side of the road and get out of the way of traffic. I then had it towed to my repair shop. This is going to cost $1000's of dollars! this is a major problem that could cause major accidents.

car image   Steering problem of the 2012 Ford Fusion 8
Failure Date: 11/06/2015

Tl- the contact owns a 2012 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while at driving 50 mph, a warning indicator illuminated with a message that stated that the power steering needed to be serviced. The contact mentioned that the vehicle was parked and restarted but the steering wheel became difficult to maneuver. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic where it was diagnosed that the lower control needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired. The VIN was not included in the NHTSA campaign number: 15v340000(steering). The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 74,600.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 9
Failure Date: 11/06/2015

On Friday November 6th 2015 after doing some appointments and errands, I started my car in the parking lot and a warning lit up "power steering assist fault" and the car would not steer. When I put it in drive another warning came on "advance trac failure" with a picture of a car swerving. I drove it to my mechanic steering with great difficulty and care about three blocks away. He told me I needed a new drive train but the Ford dealer said the part was on national back order, they could not say how long it would take to get. My car is 5 years old with 136,000 miles. I have never had any other issues with this vehicle and this happened very suddenly for the first time. My car is well maintained and serviced regularly. Ford motor CO and two dealers say this is not under warranty because of the mileage and the part alone cost $1649. 00. They all said they have never heard of this problem happening before now but their are many complaints of this problem that have been reported to NHTSA. Is this being investigated for possible recall?.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 10
Failure Date: 11/03/2015

The electronic power steering on this vehicle is defective. I've only had this vechile for about a year and a half and heve had several major issues with it. The power steering problem has been the biggest issue. I was originally told the the part was on recall, then after jumping through several hoops I ended up having to pay $1314. 17 to have it fixed myself. Less than 24 hours after picking the car up from the dealership the same problems are occurring, the electronic power steering completely went out again while driving on the highway. This part needs to be recalled on all vehicles, it is very dangerous to be driving and completely loose control of your vehicle on the highway. Thankfully, I was able to gain control of the car this time, but it could have been much worst. I have and will continue to file complaints against Ford until this defective part until something is done.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 11
Failure Date: 11/03/2015

I was driving the car and the advanced trac light came on. Service power steering now. I was in the car with my 9 year old son and I am 5 months pregnant. This is very dangerous and need to be fixed this is my only transportation.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 12
Failure Date: 11/02/2015

As I was driving the power steering stopped workin. And couldnt turn the wheel. While I had my children in the car. Also the gas tank whenever I get gas the car shakes & when I turn the car on after the gas is done, the car stalls & have to restart it twice before it stays on.

car image   Steering problem of the 2011 Ford Fusion 13
Failure Date: 11/01/2015

I filed a previous complaint on this vehicle. I looked into a forum and discovered this particular model has had previous incidents like mine before. I am concerned there had not been a recall for this reason. The power steering going out while driving is dangerous. I am very concerned that it will take a tragedy for a recall to take place.

car image   Steering problem of the 2012 Ford Fusion 14
Failure Date: 10/31/2015

Saturday, oct 31st, the low tire pressure was indicated and verified the right-front tire was low when the car was started. I drove the car 3000 feet about 25 mph and service advancetrac and power steering assist fault displayed. Brought the car to the dealership and they claim the tires need replacing. Excluding the low pressure in one tire, there should have not been a failure and the tires are not bald.

car image   Steering problem of the 2011 Ford Fusion 15
Failure Date: 10/20/2015

Over the past 4 months my 2011 Ford Fusion started losing the ability to steer my car. It always seems to happen when I am driving under 15mph and turning. This is really getting out of control and unsafe for myself and anyone I am driving around. The first time this happened I was inches away from hitting a little girl and her grandmother as I was turning to park my car at the mall when I suddenly lost control of the car. This has happened at least 15 times since that day and just yesterday I was making a turn onto a rather large street when this happened again. Thank god other cars were able to avoid me as I went into on coming traffic. The car ended up in the ditch. This is becoming very dangerous and I can't do anything about it because Ford says my car was built a few weeks too early and is not covered in the recent recall they did. My car is effected 100% as those cars included by they refuse to repair mine. Something has to be done about this for the sake of everyones safety. I know I am not alone in this, and I would hate to see someone get hurt before they take these complaints serious.

car image   Steering problem of the 2012 Ford Fusion 16
Failure Date: 10/10/2015

My steering wheel power is flashing in my dash board and it is hard to turn my wheel. I was putting air in my tire and when I started the car back up the power steering appeared and I wasnt able to turn the wheel.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 17
Failure Date: 10/05/2015

Power steering is defaulted while driving. It became so hard to turn. Thanks god there is no crash. It happened 3 days ago in winston salem nc and I now parked the vehicle in my driveway thinking about where to find money to fix it.

car image   Steering problem of the 2014 Ford Fusion 18
Failure Date: 10/04/2015

My son and his friend were driving his 2014 Fusion on a two lane road that makes a 90 degree turn to the right when his power steering went out. As he came to the turn he was unable to turn the wheel and the vehicle went straight and left the roadway. The vehicle struck a small tree and sustained minor damage to the driver's side front fender and the under carriage of the vehicle. An accident report was made. We were able to drive the car home without any power steering and I took it to the dealership the next day. The dealership informed me that there was no recall for the power steering assist and that the could put the vehicle on a computer to determine the problem. However, it would cost me $135. 00 per hour for the diagnosis and it could take 2-6 hours. I was also told that if the power steering assist module needed replaced it would cost approximately $2,000. 00. The vehicle has 50,000 miles on it at this time. I drove the car back home and contacted Ford customer service and customer relations. It has been past the 15 working day period for a representative to contact me and I have still hear nothing from Ford. Today I had the vehicle towed to a repair shop.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 19
Failure Date: 10/03/2015

As I was backing out of a parking space, a warning sign popped up on my dash requesting that I service power steering immediately. It was then that my steering wheel locked up and I was unable to turn, almost hitting cars in the rows behind me. Thank god that I have backup sensors because it could have been nasty! anyways, it was difficult for me to steer throughout the parking lot and for me to get to where I needed to go.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 20
Failure Date: 09/30/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2010 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that the power steering is malfunctioning. The vehicle was taken to a dealer to be repaired. The manufacturer was not made aware of the issue. The failure mileage was 100,000. Ad.

car image   Steering problem of the 2014 Ford Fusion 21
Failure Date: 09/25/2015

Engine or transmission knock. Steering knock from turning wheels all the way to the left and right. When in park, reverse, or neutral the knock behind the firewall is not heard. When it is in drive and stopped at a light or with the electronic ebrake on while the car is in drive there is a knock behind the firewall around the transmission area (location is close to the lower front of the center console area; where it is predominantly heard). It is not heard until you are in the car with the doors closed (no music on just the odd knock when stopped while in drive or in drive with the ebrake on). I had the engine checked for noise; mechanics at opelika Ford al stated it may be my fuel rail and fuel filter which may be causing cabling behind the firewall to rattle. If that is the case I should hear the hard knock while in reverse or park. They stated they tied both down including the cables to see if the noise subsided (took them ten minutes to do this which is quiet fast to access the fuel rail and filter when the area is tight to access in order to tie cables down). I also had the transmission checked; they stated nothing is wrong with transmission. I got it checked because of the knock and the transmission jerked hard into second and third gear. Also started to idle hard (this is around 21000 miles). They may have re-flashed the transmission but no mechanic came and spoke to me about it. I also asked for the transmission software to be updated. Not sure if they did that either. The car still idles a bit rough from time to time. The issue is still on going and I am in search of a "Ford certified mechanic" to actually show me what is wrong so it can be covered by warranty. Ford hq stated they do not keep track of information done on the cars it is local to the dealerships which is stupid. So how are their recalls done if they aren't required to keep track of problems?.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 22
Failure Date: 09/23/2015

There is a problem with my power steering. It failed on me when parallel parking. An error referring to advancetrac appeared on the dash. I had to turn my car off in order to reset it, but I fear it may happen when driving on a freeway.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 23
Failure Date: 09/20/2015

Tl- the contact owns a 2010 Ford Fusion. The contact stated that while driving at any speed the vehicle steering seized and the dashboard displayed an error message "power steering assist fault". The contact stated that he contacted the manufacturer about a recall (15v340000) for the same issue that his vehicle experienced. However, his vehicle VIN was not included in the recall. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 50,200. Bd.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 24
Failure Date: 09/20/2015

Complete loss of steering assist fault. Luckily my wife and daughter were parked when this fault popped up otherwise something bad could have happened. 2011 through 2012 Fusions have been recalled for the same exact issue. It is completely unfair for me to have to pay for this safety issue.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Ford Fusion 25
Failure Date: 09/20/2015

Power steering assist and check advance trac came on! had to drive home with no power steering. It appears there are several Fusions that have the same problem. It cost $1300. 00 to fix. Ford should reimburse for parts or and at least have a recall on these cars. I was parked when it happened! the power assist has came on before but they couldn't find the problem until it actually quit working. I helped my granddaughter out so she had a way to get to school! who could I contact to see if Ford will help with the cost?.