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Electrical System Problems of Ford Mustang - part 1

Ford Mustang owners have reported 199 problems related to electrical system (under the electrical system category).

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2007 Ford Mustang 1
Failure Date: 04/16/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2007 Ford Mustang. The contact stated that every time the vehicle wa started, the actuator made a clicking noise and there was no air flow therefore the defrost or heater failed to work, making the vehicle impossible to drive. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician diagnosed that all three actuators needed replacement. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 100,000. Pam.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Ford Mustang 2
Failure Date: 03/23/2015

Driving up hill going about 20. Orange wrench icon comes on and I lose all acceleration. Had to pull over going up a hill losing acceleration fast when cars are parked on the side of the road. Barely made it to a turn and parked my car. Had to turn the car off and wait a minute and turn it back on. Turned around and went home. Called Ford dealership and asked what could be the issue. The mechanic said it could be one of two things. Took the car in to get a dtc code and they couldn't find it. The mechanic said it was safe to drive. 4 days later the same thing happened going 60. Had to pull over and restart the ignition. Almost got rear ended. Took it to the dealer again. No code. They tell me it is safe to drive still. Three days later it happens again on the same road going 60. Certain part of this road have no place to pull over. Have to drift my car for a bit to get to a safe area. Almost get rear ended. Call dealership. They tell me the earliest they can see me is one week away. This morning on the way to work it craps out on me 5 times in 20 minutes. Luckily it was 5 am and there were few people on the road. I do the same thing and restart the car. I used my tuner this time and got a code of p2111 - throttle body actuator code. I know this has been an issue with other Fords as well and checking the message boards for the Mustangs and I have seen quite a few of these incidents, but I did not see where the NHTSA was looking at the Mustangs. Maybe this should be looked into before a lawsuit happens because of this? this car is not safe to drive no matter what they tell me. I will call the dealership this morning and give them the code so they can finally fix my car.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2002 Ford Mustang 3
Failure Date: 02/27/2015

I had just finished fueling up my car and when I got in to start it up I heard a pop and hissing sound. . . . When I checked it had blown another spark plug and coil out of cylinder 7. . . . It blew one out of cylinder 8 and I had it fixed now cylinder 7 did it. . . . Its obviously common for the 4. 6 motor to do this and I don't find it right that us owners have to constantly fix these problems when its Ford's fault for making this motor.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 4
Failure Date: 02/20/2015

Speedometer not functioning. While driving 30mph will register as 50mph or while driving 60pmh will register as 120mph. Emissions trouble light will periodically go on.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2014 Ford Mustang 5
Failure Date: 02/16/2015

This is the second time this has happened. Upon starting the car, the motor revs uncontrolled to about 7000 rpms. I have to turn ignition off to stop the motor from damaging its self. If my foot was to ever slip off the clutch, we would race uncontrolled in reverse! the car is always parked and started while in reverse. Almost afraid to start this car.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2015 Ford Mustang 6
Failure Date: 01/30/2015

I emailed the following to Ford on 2/9/2015 with no response to date from them hello, I don't know who to contact or how to get my point to the right person, I am hoping you will make someone take notice. I rented a 2015 Mustang while on vacation in January. I was driving on the highway when my knee hit the keys ( rental cars always have the extra keys and info tag making it bulky anyway ). The keys turned the ignition to accessory and the vehicle shut off in the middle of the highway in traffic at 70 mph. After the news reports of the other ignition recall that I have seen on abc and my first response training, I stayed calm and was able to get the vehicle off the road without incident. I would just like to make sure Ford knows about this and something is done before anyone gets hurt. I notified the rental company of the issue. Please investigate this issue and let me know that you have at least read my message. I would just like to make sure noone gets hurt and the issue is at least duplicated and investigated. Thank you.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 7
Failure Date: 12/21/2014

Exiting the highway I 93 and entering I 95 s, there is a relative sharp corner to turn. Both my speedometer and tachometer showed incorrect speed and rpm and made me believe I was slowing down to a safe speed of 30 mph. However these gages were not working and I was struggling to make the corner. I have had issues with the fuel, oil pressure and water temp gages not working, but with tachometer and speedometer not working reliable I believe that it is not safe to operate the vehicle. As a precaution, I am using my nevigation system to know what actual speed I am going. Looking at the internet, I am finding lots of people complaining about the dial stepper motors not working correctly. It is a costly exchange of approximately $ 600 + labor and with Ford knowing of the malfunctioning gages and not warning consumers is really unacceptable to me. These clusters should be replaced at Ford's expense and not at the consumer's. These gages were designed to ensure safe and proper operation of the vehicle.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2015 Ford Mustang 8
Failure Date: 12/19/2014

First occurrence (mid December 2014): I was coming up to a red light and the turn was slightly uphill. I approach the light and drop the car into neutral (clutch was fully engaged continuously at this point) and while braking, as I approached the red light to make a right turn my car's rpms just drop completely to 0. It didn't even try to catch idle. This was about 1. 5 months ago. I figured that it might be something with the tune I'm running so I called up bama and had them send me a fresh tune after explaining what had happened. Also, not sure if this helps or is relevant information but I had been driving on the highway for about 40 min before that and did a pull on the highway 2 min before the car died. Second occurrence (2/25/2015): today while driving to work in the morning I was switching lanes and as I merged into the lane I engage the clutch fully and was braking to adjust to the speed of the vehicle in front of me and was preparing to downshift into gear, but before I could downshift the rpms keep dropping and go past normal idle and drop to 0 again without even trying to catch idle again. So I quickly start it back up again and it drove fine after that. This can become a safety issue if not taken seriously. More and more Mustang owners are experiencing this problem and I had to switch dealerships because the dealership where I bought the car from refuses to work on my car since it is lowered. Ford racing offers lowering springs for the vehicle which is a Ford part. If someone was to have these springs installed and the car was lowered with Ford parts does that mean the dealership will refuse to work on it if it doesn't fit on their lifts then as well? I have reported other issues as well which Ford has claimed to be normal just because it is occurring on other vehicles as well. The csm at Ford motor company has been a huge help so thank you for that.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 9
Failure Date: 12/11/2014

. I got in my car an started the engine. I then noticed my fuel gauge and speedometer were not working at all. I have always taken care of my Mustang an I think Ford should recall the cluster. There's been plenty of 2005 models with very same issue. Please recall the gauge cluster it's the right thing to do for a big name company like Ford. Original owner.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 10
Failure Date: 12/10/2014

The speedometer were not working at all. I read in very forum that 2005 models with very same issue. Think Ford should recall the cluster. I read this in other complain and my opinion is the same. "please recall the gauge cluster it's the right thing to do for a big name company like Ford. Original owner".

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2008 Ford Mustang 11
Failure Date: 11/18/2014

Tl-the contact owns 2008 Ford Mustang gt. The contact stated that the key falls out of the ignition repeatedly, whether driving or sitting still. No lights illuminate. The contact has not taken the vehicle to a dealer or independent mechanic and has not been diagnosed at this time. The contact stated that the manufacturer suggested he contact us. The mileage during the failure is 44,000. Nw.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2014 Ford Mustang 12
Failure Date: 11/05/2014

The contact owns a 2014 Ford Mustang. The contact mentioned that the heat that emitted through the vents was above normal temperature burning the contact right hand fingers and wrist. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 500.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 13
Failure Date: 11/04/2014

They get stuck especially in cooler weather. The tach is now stuck hanging in the down position. The odometer can go anywhere from 20 to 40 mph faster than I am going. When stoppef it will be in that position.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2012 Ford Mustang 14
Failure Date: 09/28/2014

Electronic throttle body failure. Dash light came on as vehicle started limping to stop in traffic.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 15
Failure Date: 09/16/2014

Tl-the contact owns a 2005 Ford Mustang gt. The contact stated that while the vehicle being serviced at a dealer, the technician discovered that the a/c emitted a harmful gas into the cabin. As a result, the contact sustained sensations of lightheadedness, severe headaches and heart palpitations that there required medical attention. The dealer advised the contact not to activate the a/c to avoid further health issues. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 38,200. Djr.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 16
Failure Date: 09/01/2014

The speedometer on my Ford saleen Mustang 2005 recently has stopped working properly, the needle on the speedometer sits on 10 mph when idling, when I accelerate the needle is off by 10 mph, this is a safety issue, not knowing how fast you are traveling. I have looked up if there are any recalls available through the web and have only found similar issues on forums.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 17
Failure Date: 09/01/2014

Speedometer and tachometer needle does not function correctly. Speedometer does not move half the time from resting position and the tachometer will rotate all the way around and stay where it is when the car is turned off. The battery, oil, and temp needles do not move from off position half the time. Transmission does not shift smoothly and shifts harder going from second to third.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 18
Failure Date: 07/29/2014

Since about a year ago, November 2013, this vehicle has shown multiple issues. To start, it is an automatic 05 Mustang which, the more I read online, the more that I seem to find that many have these exact same or very similar issues. Initially the dash cluster (everything besides the tachometer) was not functioning properly. The speedometer would get stuck at 20 mph but still move acting as though the 20 mph was the 0 mph mark (so 35 mph = 15 mph). More recently the gas gauge has stopped working, it sits at empty even after plenty of gas has been put into it. The temperature gauge also gets stuck often, still moving as the speedometer does. Not too long after these issues started occurring, when I went to fill up the gas tank it wouldn't take the gas as it normally would. Sometimes only a couple dollars worth would be in before it clicked off. After paying closer attention I have also noticed sometimes gas actually splashes out when filling it up even though it is definitely not full. Much more recently the vehicle has has worrying issues. At one point while driving on the freeway at 70 mph the vehicle suddenly started to decelerate on its own, even while I was pressing on the gas pedal. I pulled it off to the side, shut it off completely, started it up and it was as though nothing happened. Ever since that incident though it has been running a bit louder and now it seems a possible misfire is happening with one of the cylinders occasionally. The vehicle has a delayed and very hard shift from third to fourth gear. It is not as though the vehicle has not been taken care of, and for a 2005 the mileage is pretty low still. At least one or two of these issues seem to be a safety concern, and it is very obvious after researching online that these issues are prevalent in tons of these exact same vehicles.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2014 Ford Mustang 19
Failure Date: 07/17/2014

2014 Ford Mustang. Consumer writes in regards to engine problems. The consumer stated she heard a ticking sound, after driving for 15 minutes. The dealer stated the entire long block needed to be replaced. After the long block was replaced, the engine light started flashing, and the engine was revving higher than normal. The vehicle accelerating by itself in gear and there were pressure issues with the brake pedal. The dealer was unable to replicate the consumers concern. The next time the consumer returned to the dealer, the ignition was replaced. The rpm's continued to rev, idle was very rough, even with the ac off. The ticking noise was still present, and the brake pedal was hard to the touch.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 20
Failure Date: 07/15/2014

After the leaving the car turned off for approximately 1. 5 hours my two teenage daughters, age 17 and 15, got in the car to drive home and noticed that the car smelled a little smoky. They drove down the road for about 5 minutes when the electrical panel went dead, then the power locks began to go up and down continuously and the smell of smoke became more prominent. At this point, they became very concerned that they were going to be locked in the car with smoke pouring out and not be able to get out of the car. So they pulled into a parking lot, immediately exited the car and called 911. As soon as they got out of the car, smoke began billowing out of both doors which were left open. 5 minutes after exiting the car, flames which reached two feet high, began coming out from under the glove compartment. A passerby obtained a fire extinguisher and tried to put out the flames, then the fire department arrived and proceeded to put out the fire completely. The fire department indicated that it was an electrical fire but were not able to determine the source. They indicated that they thought the vehicle was totaled, which was in fact the case. Clearly, this was a very upsetting situation for our entire family. We feel blessed that the girls were able to get out in time, but also upset at the thought of what could have happened had they not acted immediately or were not in a position to do so.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Ford Mustang 21
Failure Date: 07/09/2014

Defective electronic throttle body (etb) as per dealership diagnosis. Ford customer service is excluding Mustangs from the customer satisfaction program 13n03 - which clearly states there is a problem with etbs during this time. Looking over the internet, it is clear that some Mustangs where built with the same type of etb as the models covered under the program (fusion, escape, Mercury mariner and Mercury milan). The program extends the warranty on the throttle body to a total of 10 years or 150,000 miles from the warranty start date, which ever occurs first. This car is extremely dangerous to drive as it basically stalls and cannot be restarted without turning the ignition completely off - which in turn turns off power asset to steering and brakes. Car may take up to 3 or 4 tries to start normally. This stalling condition can occur up to 5 times in an 8 mile trip.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 22
Failure Date: 07/08/2014

2005 roush Mustang gt sport. Manual transmission. Only 24,000 miles. Collector condition. Instrument cluster issue. Tachometer stopped working. Fuel gauge intermittent. Temperature gauge intermittent. Speedometer still working.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2006 Ford Mustang 23
Failure Date: 06/22/2014

A few weekends ago I purchased a very nice looking 06 Mustang gt with 87,000 (apx) miles. Car had just been cleaned up very nicely and looked like a good deal. On the way home I took it through the car wash and came to discover why it had been so cleaned out. Water began pouring in under the passenger side glove compartment. Like a water fall. The water didn't stop until there was a good 4 inches on the floor. What a nightmare. The water smelled terrible. I smell a awful mold/mildew smell now that won't go away. There were small electrical issues at the time that seem to have cleared up. . . For now. An internet search revealed the drainage holes under the cowl were plugged and an investigation verified the problem. Clearing of the drainage holes took only a few minutes, but I fear the damage may be there and will cause serious issues in the future if the wires should ever rust. An electrical failure is scary. Electrical components control. . Well. . The entire car. Cruse control, windows, anti-lock brakes, air bags, etc. I'd hate my air bags to deploy while driving. And the mold in the carpet can't be healthy either. Ford needs to acknowledge this problem and repair these vehicles at no cost to the consumer. This is not only an inconvenience, but the electrical aspect of the situation makes this an extremely dangerous gamble. When this car is paid off, I'm getting a different summertime fun car, and it won't be another Ford. Unless Ford takes responsibility for the issue.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Ford Mustang 24
Failure Date: 06/19/2014

My wife ,who is three months pregnant, was driving down the road when the wrench light came on and vehicle lost power and went into what I am hearing is "limp mode". The car losses power , never shuts off, it reduces the rpms to about 600 and speed to about 10 to 12 mph. When this happened to her she just barely got off the road before an 18 wheeler hit her from behind. When I arrived on scene I cut the vehicle off for about 10 sec. Then started it back up and it ran fine. This happened twice more before the check engine light came on. When I scanned the car trouble code p2111 displayed saying failed throttle body. I reset the computer went to the dealership and was told it would be about $170. 00 andthere was about a 50% chance they would not be able to determine the problem so I kept my money and left. Doing some research on the internet I have found many different forums where people with Mustangs are having the same issue with their etb ( electronic throttle body) on their vehicle but Ford says there is no issue. While doing my research I found where Ford issued a customer satisfaction program no. 13n03 on fusions, escapes, and milians for a defective ebt but the Mustang is not covered or acknowledged even though the problem desribed is the same exact issue that im having. This has happened to us about 10 different times since the first instance. It's a known issue as far as I am concerned and a major safety issue. Please help.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Ford Mustang 25
Failure Date: 06/18/2014

While travelling, the speedometer indicated speed changed from 60 mph to 125 mph. It now reads 65 mph when stopped, even while off, and seems to always indicate actual speed plus 65. There is no way to determine actual speed.

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