Automatic Transmission problems of the 2004 Ford Ranger

Seven problems related to automatic transmission have been reported for the 2004 Ford Ranger. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2004 Ford Ranger based on all problems reported for the 2004 Ranger.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 1
Failure Date: 11/01/2010

With less than 70k miles, the 5 speed auto transmission in my 2004 Ford Ranger (3. 0 2wd) frequently refuses to engage gears when cold. When in drive or reverse, increasing engine speed produces engagement with a harsh thunk. Shortly after I purchased this vehicle new, Ford issued a recall for which the dealer placed an additive to prevent harsh shifts and prevent transmission damage. I assume this is a stopgap measure to allow the vehicle to exceed its warranty period. Interestingly, an autoparts store cashier asked me if I had a Ford Ranger based on my description of the problem.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 2
Failure Date: 07/03/2010

"o/d off" light flashing. When slowing down at toll booth transmission down shifted but rpm remained high. Had to stand on brakes to get vehicle to stop. Shifted into neutral rpm dropped slowly. Shifted back into drive and vehicle leaped forward. Found hundreds of complaints on internet regarding transmission problems with Ford Rangers and explorers between 2002 and 2004.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 3
Failure Date: 03/11/2005

Ford Ranger 2004 speed standard transmission, loss of power and stalling during standard operation, known by Ford since 1997 for that type of engine.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 4
Failure Date: 11/13/2004

While driving it felt as if the gears were going to jump. Consumer went out to start the vehicle, and went back into the house, and gears jumped from park into reverse, causing a collision. Consumer took vehicle to dealer several times for this problem, and was told there was nothing wrong with the vehicle.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 5
Failure Date: 08/06/2004

2004, Ford, Ranger XLT, front brakes on driver's side are grabbing. The vehicle has been in repair shop twice. Consumer can mash the brakes down, and hears a grinding sound. Dealership has looked at the truck, and they could not find any problems. When the weather is cool the brakes feel like they are freezing up. Also, has been inspected by the dealership, who still could not find the cause of the problem. In addition, the front seal on the transmission was defective. The truck was having problems with the seal when it was taken to dealer for brake problems. The owner told the dealership to fix what ever necessary, and the seal was not fixed. The vehicle has 40,000 miles.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 6
Failure Date: 07/01/2004

2004 Ford Ranger 3. 0l 5spd automatic transmission changes gears in an excessive amount when inclining over the slightest hill (eg 5th to 4th to 3rd to 4th to 3rd). Is not healthy for a transmission to act this way when not under strain.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 7
Failure Date: 03/29/2004

Consumer was accelerating from a stop sign and without warning transmission down shifted on its own. Consumer was able to shift the gear from park to drive after five minutes. Consumer took vehicle to dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that the transmission needed to be replaced. .

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