Interior Lighting Problems of Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger owners have reported 70 interior lighting related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common interior lighting problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's interior lighting (70 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Interior Lighting related problems of Ford Ranger

Problem Category Number of Problems
Interior Lighting problems
Interior Lighting problem #1

Consumer stated the driver side door ajar light comes on intermittently. The vehicle has been taken to the dealership, and they stated it was a bad switch in the door. They want to charge consumer $127 to fix it. . This started approximately one to two weeks ago. This could cause dome lights to stay on and drain the battery.

Interior Lighting problem #2

On frequent occasions the interior overhead cabin light comes on for no apparent reason and will stay on for long periods of time along with the door ajar light even though the doors are securely closed. If left unattended with the bulbs in place this will run your battery down and cause your vehicle not to start.

Interior Lighting problem #3

Door ajar light/ dome light comes on. Also buzzer comes on whenever making right or left turns . Even going over bump can trigger this on 2000 Ford Ranger.

Interior Lighting problem #4

Wipers didn't operate correctly - was recalled fix and worked okay for a while now currently come on all by themselves or when you put high beams or blinker on. My door ajar light came on without a door open and the dome lights came on and drained down my battery. Ford has not been contacted yet.

Interior Lighting problem #5

I had to replace all four door jam switches due to switches getting gummed up and failing. Also latches on the bottom of the rear doors where the switch is mounted had alot of corosion on them.

Interior Lighting problem #6

Dome lights stays on for extended periods of time. I had to remove the bulbs, now I have no dome light.

Interior Lighting problem #7

Dome light stays on as well as the door ajar light. A Ford dealer has already fixed this and it is doing it again.

Interior Lighting problem #8

Windshield wipers intermittemntly turn on when I make turns. Another problem: the 'door ajar' light comes on and the dome light won't turn off. Had the truck taken in before for the domelight problem.

Interior Lighting problem #9

Dome light does not turn off when door is shut. Sometimes light stays on for more than 2 hours; door ajar warning light does not turn off.

Interior Lighting problem #10

Door open sensor/switches are defective. Door ajar dash light and dome light remains on.

Interior Lighting problem #11

The windshield wipers came on by themselves and the washers did not work. Also the dome light stayed on after the door was closed for at least 30 minutes or more. The wipers would come on when the turn signals were used. The dome light was distracting at night. Scc.

Interior Lighting problem #12

Consumer called complaining while driving the vehicle. The interior light is intermittently and can't see the back of the vehicle. Dealer has been notified and nothing they can do. Please provide further information. Ts.

Interior Lighting problem #13

The contact stated while driving his 1998 Ford Ranger the interior doom light came on and off frequently. The vehicle was repaired on several occasions, but the problem recurred.

Interior Lighting problem #14

The interior light in my truck does not go out when the door is shut and the engine is running.

Interior Lighting problem #15

Windshield wipers come on automatically (without driver turning them on), and interior dome light stays on for about 2 hours after the doors have been closed.

Interior Lighting problem #16

Dashboard lights on left side have failed, also, lights on steering column. Vehicle not taken to dealer yet.

Interior Lighting problem #17

Dome light comes on when the vehicle doors are closed and stay on. Also the windshield wipers come on as they please when I do not activate them.

Interior Lighting problem #18

Interior light will stay on even w/all doors closed, door ajar light shows on dash, did hear popping noise from under dash, when lights did go off after 10 minutes of driving, parked vehicle in p-lot at work with light still on, went to check an hour later the light was off, seems to happen randomly.

Interior Lighting problem #19

While driving at night, the driver was unable to see the ashtray because vehicle did not have a light near the ashtray. Owner has contacted the dealership. The dealership had no option to add a light to the ashtray. The consumer purchased led lights and installed them himself. Consumer feels any vehicle equipped with an ashtray should have lighting to make it visible.

Interior Lighting problem #20

Interior dome light will remain on for long periods of time. Nearly impossible to drive at night. Replaced the interior light relay. This did not work. There is no way to turn the light off. This causes servere dangers at night.

Interior Lighting problem #21

Consumer's second vehicle is experiencing the same problem with door ajar light and courtesty light staying on,.

Interior Lighting problem #22

Door ajar and light staying on for 45 minutes or more before shuting off. Dealer/manufacturer notified. Feel free to provide any further details on this matter. A seal in the transmission keeps leaking and has been replaced twice, place where car was purchased is going to replace vehicle because in order to fix the problem, the transmission, computer chip, and driveshaft would have to be replaced.

Interior Lighting problem #23

Interior light fails to shut off occasionally after door is closed;presents problem for night driving when this occurs.

Interior Lighting problem #24

Door will not register as being closed while vehicle is in operation. Dash sensor states that "door is ajar" when door is closed. Also, dome light will come on and off while going around turns. The door is ajar stays on sometime and goes off in a while at other time.

Interior Lighting problem #25

Won't go in any gear this morning seemed fine yesterday. The dome light stays on all the time even with the door closed, it has been like this for quite a while and is very inconvenient.

Interior Lighting problem #26

The information I have provided is in regard to the interior dome light of my vehicle. I drive mostly at night and in the early morning hours. The dome light will not turn off in a reasonable time frame. I have driven home from work on a few occassions with the dome light on the whole way. The light gets very hot and it makes seeing out of the rearview mirror difficult at best. I am concerned that this could lead to a vehicle accident or worse, a vehicle fire while I am driving down the freeway. This does not happen all the time, but often enough to cause concern. Thank you.

Interior Lighting problem #27

Dome light stays on, and is very distracting at night. Consumer owned a 1993, Ranger and had same problem. Consumer will contact the manufacturr to see if they will pay for it.

Interior Lighting problem #28

While driving windshield wipers turn off and on whenever they want to. They sometimes will not run at all or they will stop running during use. The dome light also stays on and will not turn off causing a glare on the window. It started doing it with the passenger door then the driver's door started the same problem. I checked with a dealer and it seems to have been a problem with Rangers for many years now and still troubles many owners right up to the 2001 models. *dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut-over to artemis**739942.

Interior Lighting problem #29

The relay to the dome light shorted out. It's happened twice. I know 3 other people who also drive Rangers , and have all had the same problem. One of them has had the same failure twice.

Interior Lighting problem #30

Windshield wipers come on by themselves, dome stays on, door chime stays on.

Interior Lighting problem #31

When getting inside of vehicle dome light stays on all day, and there is a binging noise. Dealership is aware of problem.

Interior Lighting problem #32

The dome light wouldn't shut off and caused the pinging sound as if the door was ajar. I called carriage Ford (where I bought the vehicle). They said the problem was not necessarily in the dome light but in the door switches--they've had to replace a number of these already. My daughter, who lives in TN, also has a Ranger and she's having the same problem. I've noticed people in other Rangers driving with their dome lights stuck on, too. I reasoned this must be a common problem and checked to see how much the parts were to replace it. I was told it was minimal for the parts--but the labor was $160+. I called customer service at Ford to see if there were any recalls with these parts. Because this is part of the safety and security features, (dome light as well as rear high mount brake light) I hoped they'd take care of it. I was told they were not able to help me. Can you? where do I go from here? thanks, chrisquire@home. Com.

Interior Lighting problem #33

Dome light stays while consumer is driving. Then, it may go off after an hour. Dealer can't find cause.

Interior Lighting problem #34

Dome light stays on all time. A couple of times smoke came from dome. Truck has been seen by dealership about 4 or 5 times. Light stays off for a day or two, and comes right back on. Please list any other information.

Interior Lighting problem #35

Intermittent problem with the courtesy lights and trunk cargo lights staying on while driving or parking. Blower motor would come on and go off while the switch are in the off mode or in the on mode. Dealer and manufactrer were not notified at this time. The abs brakes lock up on wet pavement.

Interior Lighting problem #36

Interior dome light fails to turn off when door shut/"door ajar" light stays on while door is shut.

Interior Lighting problem #37

Door adjar light comes on with no doors open and dome light stays on and heats up causing and could cause fire please recall and fixed it.

Interior Lighting problem #38

Windshield wipers came on without manual operation, and windsheild wiper fluid released. Cause unknown. Door ajar light / dome light remained on.

Interior Lighting problem #39

Interior light stays on while driving. If driving at night it may cause a reflection on the windshield and visual difficulty which could result in a crash. Common problem. Dealer says that this is a design flaw that needs to be corrected. . Et.

Interior Lighting problem #40

Dome light inside of vehicle would stay on at all times, and run the battery down. Also, dealership changed the driveshaft and transmission . When using transmission, consumer heard a noise. Noise was not there at first until dealership replaced transmission.

Interior Lighting problem #41

The dome light has failed within a year of the original repair, shop claimed it was a common defect. Have an e-mail from Ford's customer service urging me to have the problem fixed for my own safety among other reasons.

Interior Lighting problem #42

Dome light comes on by itself and fails to turn off.

Interior Lighting problem #43

Dome light stays on after ignition turned on. Chimes when key is inserted in ignition switch.

Interior Lighting problem #44

I have a 1997 Ford Ranger XLT supercab. I purchased the car brand new in 1997. That year I noticed that the dome light in the car began to stay on. I would be driving at night and the light would stay on. Sometimes the only way to turn the light out is to pull the fuse out. I think this is very hazardous to myself and others driving. I have tried to fix the problem but nothing seems to fix this. This has happened the last two years around the colder months, but not in the warmer months. I think this is a defective part from Ford. The reason why is that I have two friends of mine who have 1997 Ford Ranger, they have and are experiencing the same problem. I have contacted Ford customer assistance on the internet and they have no idea what the problem is. I also called my dealership and they were no help. I am very frustrated about this. This should really be considered a safty recall. The fact that driving at night with your dome light on is illegal, and this can cause a serious hazzard to drivers at night. ( dot number: ? ).

Interior Lighting problem #45

Windshield wipers seem to have a mind of their own. The dome light also seems to have a mind of it's own. They both come on and go off when they want to.

Interior Lighting problem #46

Door ajar - false reading. Dome light stays on with door closed.

Interior Lighting problem #47

Interior light stays on all the time, causing problems with night driving.

Interior Lighting problem #48

Interior dome light does not go off sometimes. Dealer fixed dome light ywice, and same problem is still occurring.

Interior Lighting problem #49

Windshield wipers come on for no reason, won't come on sometimes, dome light and door beep stays on for several minutes, accelerator sticks often.

Interior Lighting problem #50

Repeated problems with dome light on always whether the vehicle is on or off, key in ignition or not; door chime always on if key is in ignition, vehicle on or off; both cannot be corrected unless fuse is removed, resulting in loss of speedometer/odometer. This is a common problem with Fords and needs to be recalled or at minimum, fixed free each time.

Interior Lighting problem #51

Experiencing problem with intermittent windshield wipers stop working during operation or are not operating at all. Also, dome lights would intermittently come on while driving with switch in the off mode. Dealer notified.

Interior Lighting problem #52

Windshield wipers come on at high speed without ever being turned on by the switch. Sometimes wipers fail to come on when switch is turned on. Dome light comes on without being turned on by the switch.

Interior Lighting problem #53

Interior light staying on while driving. Vehicle been in/out of dealer shop on four occasions, and problem still reoccurring. Please feel free to provide any further details on this matter.

Interior Lighting problem #54

The dome lights and door ajar buzzer come off and on. The windshield wipers come on by themselves. If the sun is shinning in the window it my cause an accident as I can't see. I also had to pull the fuse on the dome light as it was on so much it was res hot and running my battery down.

Interior Lighting problem #55

We have had nothing but problems with the door ajar light and dome light staying on, plus the wipers are irradic and the windows will sometimes go down on their own. It was fixed once and now it's has started doing the same thing again. It seems to me there are an awful lot of similar complaints out there on this very same item and I feel Ford should have to recall this vehicle to correct the situation. I called them and asked if this would be something they would fix seeing as it's one of their mechanical defects and they replied with a 'no'. I am to the point that I just want to get rid of this vehicle. I also noted they have a mention of how this vehicles leans. That is also true. My Ranger leans. I think this truck is a true lemon.

Interior Lighting problem #56

Dome light does not go out when key is turned on or door(s) shut. No particular indication as to why.

Interior Lighting problem #57

Dome light will not shut off. When it does shut off, thier is a clicking sound and the light will blink on and off. Also, once it goes off it comes back on ,and heats the light cover up. Deale rhas been contacted.

Interior Lighting problem #58

Dome stays on creating a fire hazard. I believe this to be connected with a failed door ajar sensor. I know of at least two other owners of this type of vehicle who are exprerinceing the same problem and it seems there problems started occuring with the same mileage and age as mine. Since I have discovered two other Ranger pickup owners with the same exact issue there appears to be a problem. I was also wondering if it could be a design problem to get owners into their repair shop to increase profits.

Interior Lighting problem #59

Consumer states that the dome lights will not go off inside the truck. Driver has to pull the fuse to turn them off. Please provide more information. Mr.

Interior Lighting problem #60

A dome light comes on after door is opened and stays on for 25 seconds. This light is so bright that driver is unable to see the road. Also, unable to cut light off or dim it. Dealer contacted.

Interior Lighting problem #61

Dome light stays on, and the door ajar light comes on intermittently. This problem existed after the warranty expired. Vehicle was not repaired correctly the first time.

Interior Lighting problem #62

The speedometer/ the interior lamp, and the windshield wipers don't work. Dealer can't find the vehicle.

Interior Lighting problem #63

Interior dome light stays on. Also had the same problem with my 1994 Ford Ranger.

Interior Lighting problem #64

Courtesy lamp failed.

Interior Lighting problem #65

When sensors in door accumlate dirt it causes dome light to come on. Light will not go out until consumer takes out fuse. Contacted dealer, and dealer stated it was not covered under warranty. Please provide VIN.

Interior Lighting problem #66

Interior door light intermittently remains illuminated when doors are shut, and when vehicle is being driven. This problem becomes more of a safety concern when driving at night.

Interior Lighting problem #67

The fuses for the interior lights fail constantly. Yh.

Interior Lighting problem #68

Door was ajar and light came on intermittently. It was repaired once, but has recurred.

Interior Lighting problem #69

Door ajar light stays on which causes the interior lights to stay on and up to 40 minutes. Contacted dealer. They have cleaned the switch and replaced interior lights. But, vehicle still has the identical problem.

Interior Lighting problem #70

The dome light and door ajar light stay on when the door is closed. Happens intermittently. Dealer would not address issue until it was constant.

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