Fuel Injection Problems of Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger owners have reported 9 problems related to fuel injection (under the gasoline fuel system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Ranger based on all problems reported for the Ranger.

car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 2005 Ford Ranger 1
Failure Date: 02/24/2009

The fuel inertia cutoff switch in our '05 Ford Ranger pickup has had to be replaced twice since it's purchase in Aug. Of '05. One month after purchase was the first failure when driving over a speed bump at 5mph. The truck was towed to the dealership, the dealership adjusted the sensitivity. The following spring the ficos tripped again when driving on a two lane road at 25mph. The dealership replaced the switch. Dec. '08 the ficos again tripped while parked for 8 hours. Jan. '09 the ficos tripped while on a two lane road at 40mph causing the necessity to coast to the side of the road but not off the road, on a blind corner. During the Dec. '08 and Jan. '09 incident the emergency fuel injection pump, under the dash, was implemented. After several attempts over a duration of 30 min. The ficos reset and allowed the pickup to start. In Feb. '09 the ficos tripped again after the pickup was parked overnight. The pickup was again towed to the dealership. The ficos had to be replaced again. My concern is this will continue to happen and at some point I will not be in a position to avoid an accident as others have found themselves in. . Read more...

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car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 1998 Ford Ranger 2
Failure Date: 08/19/2005

Purchased truck used in may 1999 with 15,000 miles on it. Problem started after having 25,000 odometer miles on truck. Vehicle would accelerate upon stopping or slowing. Had idle adjusted next scheduled maintenance (30k). As of this date, August 19, 2005, vehicle still accelerates on very rare occasions. After a few months from the 45k maintenance check the vehicle then started to stall at random when stopping or slowing. At regular maintenance checks I would tell tech about stalling problems. Most often tech could not duplicate problem on road test. Vehicle would be serviced, stalling problem would stop for a very short time, and then problem would come back. July 12, 2005- I went on road with tech on road test and found tech was down-shifting at stops. Told him not to and then vehicle did stall when coming to stop. Dealer: inspected and verified complaint, checked and found idle air control faulty, removed and replaced iac motor and concern. Tech notes: still acting up. Found idle speed adjusted too high. Readjusted idle screw, road tested and rechecked ok. Problem was solved for a brief three weeks and resurfaced. As of August 19, 2005- the stalling problem stills exists. Is a very real safety issue, as I have had several close accident calls. Examples: 1) turning off a very busy street (45mph) into parking lot, having vehicle stall and losing all power steering into turn, having to avoid hitting trees, buildings, people, and others cars in process. 2) coming to a red stoplight, my vehicle stalls, stoplights changing to green as approaching, cars behind me having to avoid hitting my truck as I restart. 3) vehicle stalling at yield sign. No cross traffic and cars behind me expecting me to pass through.

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car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 2004 Ford Ranger 3
Failure Date: 12/27/2004

Truck has been sent to the shop three times already; 1. Transmission problems, back window popped out, check engine light remained on-----put in new valve body in, put window in and reset check engine light. 2. Transmission problems, check engine light on------new purge valve canister in engine, fuel pump, new fuel tank. 3. Transmission problems(transmission slips), rear window out again. 2. Transmission problems, check engi.

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car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 2003 Ford Ranger 4
Failure Date: 07/23/2003

Rough idle at normal or cold temperatures either in gear or out and also if air conditioner is on or off. This is occuring on a 2003 Ford Ranger v6 3. 0l . . Ford dealership gave me a copy of a service message under 618400 rolling idle special service messages 16180. . It states if the condition is still present, make sure your wds is updated with the lastest calibratuon files, wds release b20. 10 or later and reprogram the pcm. They did that and I am still having the problem. I have been doing some reseach and it seems they have had this problem since nov02. According to the mechanic I talked to stated if it didnt fix the problem dont worry Ford is trying to correct the problem. It has been 8 months now. Do we know if they are actually going to fix the problem?.

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car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 2002 Ford Ranger 5
Failure Date: 06/17/2002

As I was driving on an interstate highway, I attempted to pass another vehicle. The other vehicle sped up; I slowed; he slowed; obviously a game of some kind was being played that I wanted no part of, so I tried to get away and when I hit 85mph, my vehicle ceased to accelerate and began acting like it was starved for gas. I spoke to my dealer and Ford motor company and learned that the vehicle has a "rev limiter" which is apparently a governor that stops all acceleration at 85mph. As far as I have been able to determine, Ford is the only vehicle made that has such a limiter and it cannot be removed or altered. When I asked Ford why, I was told it was for my own good since speed limits are maximum of 70-75 mph across America . I then asked why the speedometer went to 120 mph and they said the vehicle was designed for it but Ford chose to not let drivers exceed 85. I asked why Ford felt compelled to hold a driver to 85 when every other manufacturer did not and how safe was it to allow me to go only 10mph over the maximum speed when that also meant I could go 55mph over in an area posted for 30mph. Same answer--for my own good. One of the many problems with this is that in rare emergency occasions (such as passing an 18 wheeler and someone ahead pulling out from a side road coming in my direction--there are probably better examples), I may be past the point of being able to slow down or another car may be behind me, and we all get killed because Ford decided their cars should go slower than every comparable vehicle on the road. I could understand all cars topping off at 85, but not only one--and not one that has every indication it would go faster in an emergency and Ford never telling you anything to the contrary until the emergency occurs. This may be the first, or only, complaint you ever receive about a car going too slow, but it was a real problem and I found it extremely frustrating and dangerous.

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car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 1998 Ford Ranger 6
Failure Date: 05/06/2002

Accumulator failed prematurely because of a manufacturing flaw. The accumulator was fabricated with an insulation attached to it which in turn trapped moisture between the accumulator and the insulation causing the accumulator to corrode prematurely and causing the system to leak and become disabled.

car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 2000 Ford Ranger 7
Failure Date: 09/09/2000

Consumer was traveling on highway and saw smoke in rearview mirror. He pulled over to the shoulders ,and he jumped out of vehicle. Vehicle was on fire. Vehicle was totaled. Fire department was notifiied, and stated that fire was caused by a mechanical malfunction of the fuel injection system.

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car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 1998 Ford Ranger 8
Failure Date: 06/01/1998

While driving at low speeds the vehicle will stall which almost caused an accident. Dealer cannot determine problem. Cause unknown. Please provide details.

car image   Fuel Injection problem of the 1998 Ford Ranger 9

Fuel injection system malfunctioned, causing vehicle to surge/hesitate during cruise.

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