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Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises Problems of Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus owners have reported 9 problems related to engine clicking and tapping noises (under the engine and engine cooling category).

car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 2010 Ford Taurus 1
Failure Date: 05/01/2014

The contact owns a 2010 Ford Taurus. The contact stated that the service engine sensor illuminated intermittently. The contact heard a noise upon turning on the temperature controls for a/c or heating and heard a clicking noise upon starting the vehicle. The contact stated while driving, the a/c control was turned on and the vehicle stalled without warning. The contact had to wait a moment and was able to restart the vehicle. The vehicle was not repaired or diagnosed. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 60,000.

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car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 2006 Ford Taurus 2
Failure Date: 03/31/2012

After taking a right turn, the vehicle began accelerating on its own. I had to fully apply the brake to maintain control. It was terrifying. My whole body shook. I thought I would hit something because I did not think that I could stop the car. Even while pushing the brake pedal all the way down and shifting into d I could not keep the car under 40 mph. The engine kept revving and the car kept gaining speed. Luckily, the only light I had was green. I pulled into a parking lot and slowed the vehicle down to a stop by applying all my force to the brake. I shifted into park hoping that would keep the vehicle from moving. It caused a loud sound that sounded like an explosion and startled everyone in the parking lot. Still not sure what to do, I turned the ignition off. A parking spot opened up so I turned on the ignition, that caused an even louder explosive sound. I was still terrified but I had to act - so I forced the brake pedal down as hard as I could and shifted to d and was able to navigate into the parking spot. I put the vehicle in park again and again it caused a loud explosive sound. By now I was a spectacle in the parking lot but I was just thankful that I was alive and that no one was hurt. I looked down at the gas pedal and noticed that it was fully depressed and loose. I pulled the pedal up but there was no tension to hold it up and it dropped back all the way down. I drove the vehicle back home, in much the same way - transmission in d, applying a lot of force to the brake and hoping that I would not have to stop suddenly or get pulled over for speeding since I could not get the vehicle slower than 40 mph even while pushing on the brake as hard as I could the whole trip. And when I parked the car at home, it made the same loud sound and I also heard ticking noises coming from under the hood. I am still shaken up by the incident.

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car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 2005 Ford Taurus 3
Failure Date: 11/15/2011

I attempted to start my car, the engine will not turn over, there is a clicking noise under the dash, and all the interior, exterior and dash lights flash.

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car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 2005 Ford Taurus 4
Failure Date: 08/20/2011

First, I want to say that this vehicle is well mantained and serviced on a regular basis. It was a pleasent summer day but had more of a autumn feeling wether. I was driving on the interstate in east tennessee, I had just merge onto the interstate and had been driving for maybe 10 minutes. I slowed down for traffic to about 40 mph as I crest a hill. When I stepped back onto the gas (going down hill now), I felt the car shift into 4 gear. I then felt, and heard a pop similiar to a blowout, but in reality it was the car sliding out of gear. I had only managed to reach about 50mph when the car stop accelearating, (I put on my hazards) I was trying to coast to a safe place, but the constrution projects made no place to pull off. Within 5 seconds, a car traveling behind me was bumped by a tractor trailor and was knocked into me. My Ford mechanic says the transmission is shot and the catalytic converter went out (was that the popping noise? I wonder. ) $3500 to fix this problem. I have google 05 transmission problems and have found numerous over 500 problems that have to do with. I don't know whether Ford was trying to save a few dollars, or if they were trying to save fuel mileage, but this transmission is a serious problem. I will not buy another Ford if this problem doesn't get resolve by Ford recalling these transmissions. Last laugh, insurance compainies will repair any car to the quality it was just before the wreck (no better, no worse. ). Since my transmission went out before the car wreck, they can replace it, ergo. . . The insurance covers the body work, but will not cover the transmission. My question to Ford is does someone have to die before you fix your errors. My father worked at Ford for 22 years; he would be. . . . Really disappointed to see what Ford pass for quality.

car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 1996 Ford Taurus 5
Failure Date: 09/21/2001

Based on info read from other Ford Taurus sho owners, camshaft problem is occurring in a high number of these vehicles. The Ford dealership that did my cam replacement showed me the defective cam and the sprocket that was attached to it, that moved freely. It was not supposed to be a moveable part. Most complaint appear to be for the same type of camshaft engine failure. Problem is, I have begun hearing the same clicking noise again. There are 4 camshafts in this engine and only one was replaced for the $2200. 00 fee. If another one goes, I will have a vehicle with payments, that will be of little value without the sho engine, it was purchase for. Your help please.

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car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 1996 Ford Taurus 6
Failure Date: 07/16/2001

Ticking noise from top of motor diagnosed as camshaft sprocket failure by Ford technician on my 1996 Ford Taurus sho, 3. 4l, 207 ci v8. Dealership reccommends replacement of the entire motor as parts may take up to 5 months to arrive. I've heard that this is now becomming a common problem on these cars with more reports of them being made known on the internet.

car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 1999 Ford Taurus 7
Failure Date: 10/25/2000

Vehicle had a ticking noise in engine since March of 2000. While driving about 55-60 mph black smoke started coming from all areas of vehicle, and it caught on fire. Vehicle was towed to the dealership, and the engine was replaced. Please provide any further information.

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car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 1996 Ford Taurus 8

Consumer states while driving vehicle, there was a ticking noise, consumer continued to drive vehicle after a couple of days the engine cut off without warning.

car image   Engine Clicking And Tapping Noises problem of the 1997 Ford Taurus 9

Camshaft makes a ticking sound that is not at all normal.

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