Gasoline Fuel System Problems of Ford Windstar

Ford Windstar owners have reported 13 problems related to gasoline fuel system (under the gasoline fuel system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Windstar based on all problems reported for the Windstar.

car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 1995 Ford Windstar 1
Failure Date: 07/10/2014

The contact owns a 1995 Ford Windstar. The contact stated that gasoline fuel was leaking from under the vehicle. The failure was not diagnosed nor was the vehicle repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and stated that the VIN was not included in NHTSA recall campaign number: 99v309000 (fuel system, gasoline). The approximate failure mileage was 110,000.

car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2003 Ford Windstar 2
Failure Date: 11/17/2013

The vehicle stops in the middle of traffic. It will stall out when stopped. The car will not restart. It is not anything that pertains to a tune up or oil change or transmission fluid. The radiator got low a;little but that was not the problem. There was a recall on 2003 Ford Windstar limited edition but mine was not in this recall. I feel that my car should be fixed because it his a safety hazard. Plus the front wheel bearings are bad, which causes my tires to go bald. Ford will not fix the life threatening situation.

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 1999 Ford Windstar 3
Failure Date: 09/19/2013

My 19yr old daughter was traveling to new jersey from indiana on rt. 70. When using the cruise control attempted to exit for a rest stop when she applied the break the abs light came on and the cruise control did not disengage. She had committed to the exit ramp thank god she was able to move back off the ramp just in time to miss the over pass barrier. She had to ride the shoulder shutting down the ignition once she did that she was able tob resue. She did not use the cruise control again and but then the engine light came on a cold start. I check the code and dtcs found wade bank one and two lean found a bad pcv valve and replaced it. But when reading the codes found 9 additional codes c1185 c1198 c1194 c1254 c1256 c1250 c1242 c1214 and c1210. I then called the Ford dealership and checked for recalls. Finding 3 I followed up having two being serious and having to do with speed control rear subframe and rear support. When asking the service advisor what these codes meant he had no clue he said and without a costly scanner charge the tech had no idea. So as always I hit the inter net andeasily found numerous complaints . . . I was a service advisor for Honda for 5yrs and a tech for 10 prior. I never put my customers life on the line wth? is Ford teaching these men? I will have to inspect and repair this vehicle myself being disabled this will not come easy. I don't trust them at all anymore. My family's life is to important to have a money hungry company kill them. And once repairs are finished I will sell it and buy a Honda. Yes Honda is not perfect but I have never seen the company ever mislead customers intentionally as this and when they messup they cover their customers and fix it right. Unreal.

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2003 Ford Windstar 4
Failure Date: 01/05/2013

There was a safety recall initiated by Ford for corrosion of the engine cradle - 2003 Ford Windstar structure: frame and members:underbody shields NHTSA campaign #11v030000. Ford repaired the left side only, leaving the right side rusted and now several significant rust holes have appeared on the right side. Ford disclaims any responsibility saying that they made the repair properly but I claim they made the repair inadequately. Bad metal is bad metal and regardless of the fact that the holes were discovered over a year later is inapplicable as good metal does not rust through to the point of creating a safety hazard. If the engine cradle fails, the engine will fall from the vehicle, potentially while moving. Gas will spew across the road and a fireball will ignite. Other drivers will either hit the engine, swerve to miss it and hit other vehicles, and/or get caught in the inferno which will cause significant damage, human harm and needless deaths. Ford initiated this safety recall because there was this safety issue and the issue remains. Safety was not improved by simply repairing one side of the engine cradle allowing the other side to corrode to the point of sizeable rust holes being created in a short period of time following the initial inadequate repair. Once a safety recall is initiated, it is in the best interests of the public to ensure that the repair is properly and completely made and therefore that the safety issue is fully resolved.

car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2000 Ford Windstar 5
Failure Date: 02/03/2012

2 weeks after I bought, what I thought was going to be the best car I ever owned, the check engine light came on. Since I'm a single mom with 5 kids, im very tight on money, therefore, I went to the auto part store, put it on the machine, hoping I could do what I did with all other vehicles I owned, buy the parts, go online and read up on fixing it my self. I had just put all my savings into buying the van. The store clerk, gives me a list of 4 codes and the list of possible fixes. I get home go online and found out that not only is it not easy for someone like me to do, but its going to be a good $1200-$1500 for a mechanic to fix. And worse of all, it as been a major issue with this make and model, Ford knows about the problem and even put out a repair kit just for the issue, but still refuses to recall the vehicle after numerous complaints. Well your little kit maybe inexpensive for people who can fix it them selves but when you have to pay a mechanic to do the work its more then a simple repair. If a car as been treated good by its owner, as not been abused and maintenance kept up with over the years, then the only major (above $1000) repairs that we should have, are repairs due to accidents or normal wear and tear. When almost ever one who owes one of them as the same problem, around the same time, then it is a defect in the making of the car and should be the responsibility of the Ford company. The fact that Ford had to come up with a repair kit, is admitting there is a defect with the van. I should have check this website before I bought the van. Do your research people!.

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2000 Ford Windstar 6
Failure Date: 12/01/2011

Cel on, ecm throwing p0174 codes, many many complaints on internet of this problem with 3. 8l v6 engine. Apparentnly no help from Ford or dealer to assist customers with a fix for this. Ford what a joke this 2000 Windstar is. No more Fords for me, total lack of support for product failure.

car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2001 Ford Windstar 7
Failure Date: 03/01/2011

2001 Ford Windstar. Consumer writes in regards to vehicle recall the consumer stated she took the vehicle to the dealer because she received a recall letter in the mail. The dealer inspected the vehicle and informed her she would receive another letter in the mail stating when to return with the vehicle. The consumer stated she has not received a letter. The consumer stated the vehicle is emitting gas fumes. . Updated 04/26/11.

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 1998 Ford Windstar 8
Failure Date: 01/03/2011

1998 Ford Windstar. Consumer states issues with repairs the consumer stated the gas he put in his vehicle, turned out to be bad, which caused the vehicle shake. (consumers handwriting is extremely illegible. ).

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2002 Ford Windstar 9
Failure Date: 05/17/2007

The contact owns a 2002 Ford Windstar. While examining the vehicle, the contact noticed rust along the filler pipe on the driver side of the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to the dealer but the contact was not informed what was causing the failure and the vehicle was not serviced. In addition, while traveling 30 mph, the contact noticed that the front end of the vehicle would begin to sway left to right. Moments later, the rear of the vehicle had also begun to sway from left to right. The contact examined the vehicle and discovered that the front torsion bars were hanging off of the vehicle and the rear axle was partially separate. The vehicle was not diagnosed by the dealer nor repaired. The current mileage was 100,000 and the failure mileage was 65,000.

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2002 Ford Windstar 10
Failure Date: 07/20/2006

The contact owns a 2002 Ford Windstar. Whenever the engine was running and the temperature is very high, the contact can smell gasoline inside the passenger compartment. The vehicle has not been diagnosed by the dealer. The current mileage was 65,552 and failure mileage was 48,000. Updated 08/31/09.

car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 1997 Ford Windstar 11
Failure Date: 06/01/2002

Fuel odor entered into vehicle. The fuel vapors enter into the passenger cabin frequently. Dealer says there are a lot of complaints concerning the fuel vapor odor and that it is only a problem in that locality because of the high altitude. Consumer only experiences this odor problem in the summer. The solution given by the dealer is to run the air conditioner at maximum.

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 1996 Ford Windstar 12
Failure Date: 01/23/2002

While driving approximately 65 mph windshield started to fog up. Driver rolled down window for driver's door when a "popping" noise could be heard, and flames could be seen coming from vehicle. When vehicle was stopped, heavy smoke started coming from under the hood, and vehicle was engulfed in flames. A fire lieutenant suspected that fire was due to leaking fuel in engine compartment. Vehicle has not been inspected by the manufacturer or insurance company. Please provide any additional information / documentation.

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car image   Gasoline Fuel System problem of the 2000 Ford Windstar 13
Failure Date: 07/19/2001

Severe fuel odor gets into vehicle during hot weather condtion while driving or parking. Vehicle been to dealer on four occasions, and problem was reoccurring. Feel free to provide any further information.

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