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Most Fuel Efficient Small Pickup Trucks


The following table shows the top 36 most fuel efficient Small Pickup Trucks. FFV vehicles are included in the list. The annual fuel cost is based on 15,000 miles, 55% city driving, and the price of fuel is $2.0 per gallon.

Table 1. Most Fuel Efficient Small Pickup Trucks

BrandModel YearVehicle

Ford2011 Ranger 2WD 242227$1,250
Mazda2009 B2300 2WD 232126$1,304
Ford2009 Ranger Pickup 2WD 232126$1,304
Toyota2015 Tacoma 2WD 232126$1,304
GMC2015 Canyon 2WD 222027$1,325
Chevrolet2003 S10 Pickup 2WD 221925$1,408
GMC2003 Sonoma 2WD 221925$1,408
Chevrolet2002 S10 Pickup 2WD FFV Flexible fueled 221925$1,408
GMC2002 Sonoma 2WD (FFV) Flexible fueled 221925$1,408
Isuzu2002 Hombre Pickup 2WD (FFV) Flexible fueled 221925$1,408
Chevrolet2015 Colorado 2WD 222027$1,325
Suzuki2012 Equator 2WD 211923$1,455
GMC2012 Canyon Crew Cab 2WD 211825$1,456
GMC2015 Canyon 4WD 211925$1,408
Chevrolet2012 Colorado Crew Cab 2WD 211825$1,456
Chevrolet2015 Colorado 4WD 211925$1,408
Nissan2015 Frontier 2WD 211923$1,455
Isuzu2008 i-290 Extended Cab 2WD 201824$1,479
Toyota2015 Tacoma 4WD 191822$1,530
Nissan2015 Frontier 4WD 181621$1,674
Chevrolet2012 Colorado Cab Chassis inc 4WD 181621$1,674
Chevrolet2012 Colorado Crew Cab 4WD 181621$1,674
Isuzu2008 i-370 Crew Cab 2WD 181622$1,644
Isuzu2008 i-370 Extended Cab 2WD 181622$1,644
GMC2012 Canyon Cab Chassis Inc 4WD 181621$1,674
GMC2012 Canyon Crew Cab 4WD 181621$1,674
Mazda2008 B3000 2WD 181621$1,674
Chevrolet2012 Colorado Cab Chassis inc 2WD 171520$1,775
GMC2012 Canyon Cab Chassis Inc 2WD 171520$1,775
Ford2009 Ranger Pickup 4WD 171520$1,775
Isuzu2001 Hombre Pickup 2WD 171520$1,775
Ford2011 Ranger 4WD 171519$1,810
Isuzu2008 i-370 Crew Cab 4WD 171520$1,775
Mazda2008 B4000 2WD 171520$1,775
Suzuki2012 Equator 4WD 161519$1,810
Mazda2009 B4000 4WD 161519$1,810

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