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Most Fuel Efficient Standard Sport Utility Vehicles


The following table shows the top 100 most fuel efficient Standard Sport Utility Vehicles. EV, Hybrid, Diesel, Plug-in Hybrid, FFV vehicles are included in the list. The annual fuel cost is based on 15,000 miles, 55% city driving, and the price of fuel is $2.0 per gallon.

Table 1. Most Fuel Efficient Standard Sport Utility Vehicles

BrandModel YearVehicle

Tesla2017 Model X AWD - 60D Electric vehicle 939194$324
Tesla2017 Model X AWD - 75D Electric vehicle 939195$323
Tesla2019 Model X 75D Electric vehicle 939195$323
Tesla2017 Model X AWD - 90D Electric vehicle 929094$326
Tesla2017 Model X AWD - P90D Electric vehicle 898990$335
Tesla2017 Model X AWD - 100D Electric vehicle 878689$343
Tesla2019 Model X 100D Electric vehicle 878689$343
Tesla2017 Model X AWD - P100D Electric vehicle 868192$350
Tesla2019 Model X P100D Electric vehicle 858389$350
Audi2019 e-tron Electric vehicle 747473$407
Lexus2019 RX 450h AWD Hybrid 303128$1,014
Lexus2019 RX 450h L AWD Hybrid 292928$1,051
Toyota2019 Highlander Hybrid AWD LE Plus Hybrid 293028$1,032
Toyota2013 Highlander Hybrid 4WD Hybrid 282828$1,071
Toyota2019 Highlander Hybrid AWD Hybrid 282928$1,051
BMW2016 X5 xDrive35d Diesel 272431$1,122
Volvo2019 XC90 AWD PHEV Plug-in Hybrid 272630$1,084
Nissan2015 Pathfinder Hybrid 2WD Hybrid 262528$1,142
Infiniti2017 QX60 Hybrid AWD Hybrid 262528$1,142
Nissan2015 Pathfinder Hybrid 4WD Hybrid 262527$1,160
Infiniti2017 QX60 Hybrid FWD Hybrid 262628$1,116
Jeep2019 Grand Cherokee 2WD Flexible fueled 252230$1,200
Mercedes-Benz2016 GLE350 d 4matic Diesel 252329$1,182
BMW2018 X5 xDrive 35d Diesel 252329$1,182
Mercedes-Benz2015 ML250 Bluetec 4matic Diesel 252229$1,215
Volvo2019 XC90 FWD 252229$1,215
Volvo2019 XC90 AWD 242228$1,232
Mercedes-Benz2016 GLE300 d 4matic Diesel 242229$1,215
Land Rover2016 Range Rover TDV6 Diesel 242228$1,232
Porsche2016 Cayenne Diesel Diesel 242129$1,251
Land Rover2016 Range Rover Sport TDV6 Diesel 242228$1,232
BMW2018 X5 xDrive40e Plug-in Hybrid 242325$1,257
Jeep2019 Grand Cherokee 4WD Flexible fueled 242128$1,267
Volkswagen2017 Touareg Diesel 242129$1,251
Land Rover2019 Range Rover SVA 242228$1,232
Land Rover2019 Range Rover Sport 242228$1,232
Land Rover2019 Range Rover 242228$1,232
Ford2019 Explorer FWD 232028$1,307
Subaru2020 Ascent 232127$1,285
Toyota2019 Highlander AWD LE 232027$1,325
Mercedes-Benz2014 ML350 Bluetec 4matic Diesel 232027$1,325
GMC2019 Acadia FWD 232126$1,304
GMC2019 Acadia AWD 232125$1,325
Land Rover2019 Discovery 232126$1,304
Land Rover2015 Discovery Sport 222026$1,344
Audi2019 Q7 222027$1,325
Subaru2020 Ascent Limited/Touring 222026$1,344
Toyota2019 Highlander AWD 222026$1,344
Hyundai2020 Palisade FWD 221926$1,387
Chevrolet2019 Traverse FWD 222027$1,325
BMW2018 X5 sDrive35i 221927$1,368
Porsche2018 Cayenne S e-Hybrid Plug-in Hybrid 222124$1,348
Mercedes-Benz2016 GL350 Bluetec 4matic Diesel 221926$1,387
BMW2019 X5 xDrive40i 222026$1,344
BMW2019 X6 sDrive35i 221927$1,368
BMW2019 X7 xDrive40i 222025$1,365
Volkswagen2015 Touareg Hybrid Hybrid 212024$1,387
GMC2013 Yukon 1500 Hybrid 2WD Hybrid 212023$1,411
BMW2019 X6 xDrive35i 211826$1,435
Mercedes-Benz2020 GLE450 4matic Hybrid 211924$1,430
Hyundai2020 Palisade AWD 211924$1,430
Buick2019 Enclave FWD 211826$1,435
Cadillac2013 Escalade Hybrid 4WD Hybrid 212023$1,411
Chevrolet2013 Tahoe Hybrid 4WD Hybrid 212023$1,411
Ford2019 Explorer AWD 211826$1,435
Dodge2019 Durango AWD Flexible fueled 211825$1,456
GMC2013 Yukon 1500 Hybrid 4WD Hybrid 212023$1,411
Porsche2014 Cayenne S Hybrid Hybrid 212024$1,387
GMC2013 Yukon Denali 1500 Hybrid 4WD Hybrid 212023$1,411
Mercedes-Benz2018 GLE550e 4matic Plug-in Hybrid 212023$1,411
Dodge2019 Durango RWD Flexible fueled 211926$1,387
Cadillac2013 Escalade Hybrid 2WD Hybrid 212023$1,411
Porsche2019 Cayenne 211924$1,430
BMW2018 X5 xDrive35i 211826$1,435
Chevrolet2013 Tahoe Hybrid 2WD Hybrid 212023$1,411
Mercedes-Benz2019 GLE400 4matic 201823$1,503
Mercedes-Benz2019 AMG GLE43 4matic Coupe 201723$1,557
Lincoln2019 MKT FWD 201724$1,533
Porsche2019 Cayenne S 201824$1,479
Mercedes-Benz2018 GLE350 201823$1,503
Mercedes-Benz2015 ML350 4matic Flexible fueled 201823$1,503
Ford2019 Explorer 2WD FFV Flexible fueled 201724$1,533
Honda2013 Pilot 4WD 201724$1,533
Ford2019 Flex FWD 201825$1,456
Buick2019 Enclave AWD 201725$1,510
Mercedes-Benz2016 GLE450 AMG Coupe 201723$1,557
Mercedes-Benz2015 ML350 201823$1,503
Mercedes-Benz2019 AMG GLE43 4matic 201723$1,557
Chevrolet2019 Traverse AWD 201725$1,510
Mercedes-Benz2015 ML400 4matic 201822$1,530
Ford2019 Expedition 2WD 201724$1,533
Mercedes-Benz2019 GLS450 4matic 191722$1,584
Dodge2013 Durango 2WD 191623$1,618
Ford2019 Expedition MAX 2WD 191723$1,557
Lincoln2019 Navigator 2WD 191623$1,618
Toyota2019 4Runner 2WD 191722$1,584
Dodge2013 Durango 4WD Flexible fueled 191623$1,618
Land Rover2015 Range Rover L FFV Flexible fueled 191723$1,557
Mercedes-Benz2018 GLE350 4matic 191822$1,530
Ford2019 Expedition 4WD 191722$1,584

Most Fuel Efficient Standard Sport Utility Vehicles by Model Years:

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