Battery problems of the 2005 GMC Envoy

Five problems related to battery have been reported for the 2005 GMC Envoy. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Battery problem 1
Failure Date: 03/21/2011

2005 GMC Envoy xl has several issues with the instrument cluster. The battery and temperature gauges are reading off the scale past their maximum readings. It should also be noted that this vehicle also had issues with the fuel gauge sending unit and the engine thermostat.

car   Battery problem 2
Failure Date: 02/10/2008

I'm back! yes here we go again a repetitive issue w/GMC here it's July 20012 and yet no reply from GMC or dealership on my continual problems with all gauges located on instrument cluster. Sure reimbursed partially for charges replacing fuel sensor but notified to contact dealer where repair was completed but no return calls from GMC and the so what dealership which they call their establishment. This was only one of many problems. Gauges fluctuate speedometer, rpm, fuel, battery, water temp just say all the damn gauges suck. How does GMC guarantee today try are vehicles today if not satisfied bring them back bs why not take all these GMC Envoys from 2003-2008 back or better yet resolve our issues. Strongly I feel let's all unite & file a major law suit against GMC for hardship, false information, defective product sold, stress, anger maybe they will address our issues ASAP. Disabled vietnam vet who depends on Envoy for medical appointments. Today rarely drive my Envoy due to my personal fear running out of fuel or being in an accident. Please department of transportation & highway safety or safercar. Gov address our issues with extreme urgency, would be appreciated, check my previous issues reported. Yeah, was planning purchasing new GMC truck in 2013 GMC blew this from occurring totally,thank you for your valuable time.

car   Battery problem 3
Failure Date: 06/10/2007

I have a 2005 GMC Envoy. The Envoy began experiencing problems at approximately 58, 000 miles when the gas tank began reading empty no matter how much gas was in the tank. Eventually, after much complaining to my local dealership they stated they would only repair the problem if I paid for half of the repairs. I refused. Later, at approximately 80,000 miles, my speedometer began malfunctioning. The speedometer works intermittently, just recently it was stuck at 120 mph even in park. Now, the battery gauge has begun to malfunction. The battery charge ranges from the lowest to the highest with no real rhyme or reason. It is apparent by reading on the internet forums that this is a major product defect as it happens to many, many GMC owners, especially 2002-2005 Envoy owners. I have filed complaints with GMC directly and received responses that are not satisfactory. These items should be a recall effort and repaired by GMC as they are clearly product default not just general ware and tear of the vehicle. These problems are costly and present safety issues while driving.

car   Battery problem 4
Failure Date: 11/17/2006

At the beginning of Nov there was two occasions that I got into my vehicle and while I was driving to work my headlights and the lights in the dash board would dim and flash every time I let my foot off the accelerator. The gauage to the battery would drop down pass the half point. And I would here clicking in my steering column,this is something that has been going on. I told the GMC dealerabout this,they could not duplicate my concern at that time. He gave me a #02-06-03-008a form and told me it couldnt be fixed. I am very upset by this I am driving a defective SUV. I am afraid of going out to start my SUV and it not start. That is one of the problems it could have.

car   Battery problem 5
Failure Date: 07/06/2006

There are 3 consistent problems with my 05 Envoy. My lights flicker and battery gauge goes down suddenly this happens about once a month. Upon exiting my truck I always get a huge shock!! the knobs on the sides of my front seats keep coming off, I have had one replaced before now they are both off and missing, they must have fell out the door one day.

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