Interior Lighting Problems of GMC Jimmy

GMC Jimmy owners have reported 10 interior lighting related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common interior lighting problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's interior lighting (10 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Interior Lighting related problems of GMC Jimmy

Problem Category Number of Problems
Interior Lighting problems
Interior Lighting problem #1

(1)no events leading to failure. (2) dome light quit working when doors are open. Power mirrors quit working. Power seats quit working. I checked the fuse (a 20 amp) and it was burned out. When I replace the fuse it immediately blows the fuse, I've tried multiple 20 amp fuses and all have instantly blown when I try to replace it. I'm not sure if this is a related problem but the rear hatch will also not open by pressing either the button on the dash or the button on the tailgate. (3) haven't had the money to repair the laundry list of problems with this vehicle.

Interior Lighting problem #2

Intermittent issue with the dome lights, they will turn on by themselves while driving and the only way to shut them off is push the dome override button. Alarm system has also gone off by itself with no one near the vehicle or trying to enter the vehicle. The cigarette lighter and the two multipurpose plugs work intermittently. Intermittent wipers sometimes work and other times may stop while in use. It appears there is a short somewhere in the sytem causing these issues.

Interior Lighting problem #3

The paint of the car is chipping, the electical is not working (brake lights, turn signals, and interior lights), the windshield wipers are not working (motor), and the fuses keep breaking, and the seat beal buckles are not working as well.

Interior Lighting problem #4

Upper & lower ball joint snapped while driving had to replace both along with idler arm pitman arm & tie rod ends , had received notice about possible failure on these when I called GMC they reported my car was not included in this possible recall. Cost of 1500. 00 also fuel pump failed cost of 700. 00 now driver side door is defected will not close , probems with electrical system locks ,windows, lights interior & exterior,wipers will only work occasionally, fuel gauge sticks.

Interior Lighting problem #5

While driving, all panel lights came on while speedomoter & tachometer went to zero.

Interior Lighting problem #6

I previously reported 2 other failures refr to odi number 748064 this time my dome light stayed on and would not shut off I pushed the dome override button several times to shut the light off when I did all of my headlights and dash lights went out. I had to us the override headlight switch to turn on my lights. We took it to the dealer and they ordered a new headlight switch. As of the present time they have replaced my turn signal switch, my ignition switch, and now will be replacing the headlight switch. I feel these problems could endanger other owners. Could someone please contact me and let me know if I am the only person who is having problems so I can tell if this is just my vehicle or are others having problems. Thank you, you may call during the daytime at my work. Again thank you for your help.

Interior Lighting problem #7

Dash and interior lights go out intermittently. Dealer cannot find a cause.

Interior Lighting problem #8

When driving down the road headlights and interior lights flash on and off which could cause an accident. Contacted dealer.

Interior Lighting problem #9

Interior light failed.

Interior Lighting problem #10

Lamp switch failed causing overhead map light to stay on.

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