Brake Master Cylinder problems of the 2000 GMC Sierra

Five problems related to brake master cylinder have been reported for the 2000 GMC Sierra. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Brake Master Cylinder problem 1
Failure Date: 03/14/2012

Complete hydraulic brake failure without warning. Check engine light only came on after the vehicle was stopped with the emergency brake. The dealer said that the front brake had stopped working sometime ago, only the rear brake had been working. The dealer "replaced rear pads and rotors and parking brake shoes, found four busted brake lines, replace all front brake lines, master cylinder to abs module (2) and from module to front brakes(2). ".

car   Brake Master Cylinder problem 2
Failure Date: 10/30/2010

While applying the brakes, the brake pedal went to the floor. The vehicle braking power was diminished and the braking distance was substantially increased. Had another vehicle or structure been in front of my truck there would have an accident with airbag deployment and injuries. A visual inspection of the braking system by this writer revealed a ruptured brake line. The area of the rupture as well as the balance of the suspect brake line was in poor condition due to corrosion. The remaining brake lines were found in a similar corroded condition. The corroded condition was found on the entire length of the brake lines up to within 6" of the master cylinder. The corrosion was also in areas including what this writer would consider "protected areas".

car   Brake Master Cylinder problem 3
Failure Date: 02/18/2006

Slave cylinder on hydraulic clutch failed instantly resulting in loss of stopping ability. Occurred at home in drive without an accident. Could have been catastrophic if traveling on public highway in traffic.

car   Brake Master Cylinder problem 4
Failure Date: 07/01/2000

Brake pedal intermittantly feels as though there is air in the line and needs to be pressed all the way to the floor to stop. Happens regardless of ambiant temperature or engine temp. The local dealer replaced the brake master cylinder at 1515 miles problem still exists. I have talked to other owners who have experienced the same loss of brake pedal feel. I am a little more than concerned that the brakes will fail in an emergency stop.

car   Brake Master Cylinder problem 5
Failure Date: 09/27/1999

Brake system: while driving on avenue at 35-40mph, I crossed a railroad crossing while braking and brake pedal appeared to go to the point of least resistance, or near the floor board. Also, while stopped at intersections, noticed brake pedal very slowly moving to the floor while foot on brake pedal. Immediately took truck to the dealer service dept. And the service dept. Diagnosed it as a leaking master cylinder. The master cylinder was replaced however I still notice brake pedal seeking point of least resistance while crossing railroad crossings and dips/moderate bumps in the road. I feel that this is a safety issue due to the fact that I bought this truck as a family truck and it carries my children on a regular basis. I feel that master cylinder should not have leaked at 822 miles. Other issue>>> highway speed vibrations: truck has had a persistent highway speed vibration (40-45 mph and 60-70 mph). The truck was serviced for this problem on sept. 27 and oct. 5. Sept. 27 they balanced the wheels. On oct. 5, they balanced the wheels again and suggested that the wheel weights are "coming off" causing unbalanced tires. Wheel weights have remained intact as of this date but vibration still exist. The vibration feels like it starts at the rear of the truck and migrates through the truck to the steering column and wheel which on occasion has exhibited moderate to heavy shaking including seats and dash. While in turns at times and going over bumps, steering wheel shakes giving the sense of not in control. I feel this is a safety issue since vehicle shakes and vibrates while at highway speeds and something should be done to correct. The gm factory rep. Would like to change the tires to the same brand, goodyear wranglers, however I suggested to him that the truck was in for vibration twice and I suggested swapping tires/wheels to see if this would solve problem and they indicated they did swap but it did not solve problem. This vehicle is not safe.

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