Power Train Related Problems of the 2008 GMC Sierra 1500

Table 1 shows three common power train related problems of the 2008 GMC Sierra 1500.

Table 1. Power Train related problems of GMC Sierra 1500

Problem Category Number of Problems
Power Train Driveline problems
Automatic Transmission Floor Shift problems
Differential Unit problems
Power Train Driveline problem #1

My vehicle has a thump while applying and releasing the brake pedal and the manufacturer has tried to repair the drive line/ shaft several times. Now the manufacturer is saying that there is no repair parts for the problem that I'm experiencing.

Automatic Transmission Floor Shift problem #2

The contact owns a 2008 GMC Sierra 1500. After the contact parked and exited the vehicle, it began to roll forward in his garage. The vehicle crashed into the garage door and the contact sustained injuries. He took the vehicle to the dealer and they could not find any failures. The contact called GMC and a representative came out to take pictures and inspect the vehicle. The purchase date was unknown. The current mileage was 27,000 and failure mileage was 13,202.

Differential Unit problem #3

2008 GMC Sierra 1500. Consumer writes in regards to thump under the right rear wheel the consumer was informed the front differential had a crack in it and the rear middle leaf spring was broken.

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