Transmission Not Go Into Gear problems of the 1997 GMC Suburban

One problem related to transmission not go into gear has been reported for the 1997 GMC Suburban. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

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While turning corner in subdivision transmission would not shift into 2 gear. Jumped into 3rd gear and the truck jumped forward. Proceeded to drive on highway to get home and once slowed the truck continued to roar until jumping into 3rd gear. Once the truck was stopped, I had no reverse. I was told the reverse housing broke,which causes the gears to slip and this happens without any warning. . . No previous "transmission slipping" and is a common thing in this model Suburban . Transmission tech also showed me where this reverse part broke and said general motors is aware of the problem and has made a stronger part for the transmission. If gm knows this is a problem why is this not a recall? it is caused from a faulty part. To fix this problem is costing me over 1500. 00 dollars. The abs brakes have to be held to the floor and then the back wheels skid. I thought the whole purpose of the abs braking system was to stop the skidding. It is as if the locking system does not work on sudden stops. Because the locking does not take over, the front brakes have to much weight to stop because the rear drums are not enough to complete the stop. They do not work together, causing the pads and shoes to wear out and grind the rotors and drums. The passenger back door electric window while rolling it down makes a clunk noise and then it will only roll back up to the point where the noise is. You have to have 2 people get the window up. One holding the window and pulling at it upwards while the other holds the button to get it to catch.

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