Brake Fluid Leak problems of the 2001 GMC Yukon

13 problems related to brake fluid leak have been reported for the 2001 GMC Yukon. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2001 GMC Yukon based on all problems reported for the 2001 Yukon.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 1
Failure Date: 03/12/2016

Brake lines extremely corroded and line to rear brakes completely failed leaking fluid. Vehicle failed while driving and attempting to stop. Vehicles stopping distance greatly increased.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 2
Failure Date: 08/04/2015

While coming to stop, brake pedal went to floor. Brake line erupted and brake fluid began pouring out. No pressure and brake light came on. Repair completed, but ase shop confirmed there is a safety notice about rusted lines. Awaiting recall.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 3
Failure Date: 06/07/2014

We were traveling north up the saw mill parkway from bronx NY. This parkway is two lanes with 3-4 lights depending where you get on, so I had 3 lights going north. At the first light I notice the brakes were week. Second light had the same no pressure brake peddle, and then the third light I had no pressure on the brake peddle couldn't stop at the red light and had seen the cars coming from the left into the intersection so that made me swerve hard to the right and finally came to a stop. The right front brake line blew and fluid was leaking all over. I had both of my daughters, brother in-law, and a friends son in the truck going to a family party in connecticut around 12pm. I had a couple things going for me other than being lucky, a good driver and knowing the highway very well. I made it to the mechanic shop and saw that all my brake lines are rusted up that the mechanic didn't want to touch the others cause they might be very brittle and will break very easy. This truck is not my main vehicle and is in very good shape till I looked underneath.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 4
Failure Date: 03/12/2014

Was driving and a police car pulled out in front of me from a shopping center. I applied my brakes and a rear brake line burst. I stopped about 1 foot from the police cruiser. Had enough fluid left in system to get off the road. Had lines inspected within the last 6 months and there was no indication that they were bad. Had to replace both rear brake lines.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 5
Failure Date: 01/01/2014

Brake pedal goes all the way to the floor with decreased stopping ability. Shop found corroded brake lines with fluid leaking. All lines heavily corroded and are currently being replaced.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 6
Failure Date: 06/01/2013

At home, started truck, drove short distance on driveway and applied brakes. Brake pedal went to floor. Saw puddle of brake fluid on driver's side mid way below truck. Could hear brake fluid escaping when brakes applied (pumping), then saw fluid dripping from under truck. Had truck towed to dealer, who found brake line leaking above fuel tank and noted all brake lines very rusty (except line above rear axle, which had been replaced on 2012). Dealer fabricated and replaced all brake lines from frt to junction above spare tire.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 7
Failure Date: 02/13/2013

Driving vehicle at approx 45mph, came to stop at red light and brake pedal went completely to the floor. Pumped the brake pedal again and nothing. Down shifted transmission to slow down and pressed the emergency brake to come to a stop. Pulled over to the side of the road, lifted the hood no brake fluid in rear section of master cylinder. Noticed brake fluid dripping under the front of the drivers door on the ground. Had the vehicle towed home and looked under the vehicle and the brake line was dripping fluid. The brake lines are completely rusted and the frame is really rusted. Just got the vehicle out of the GMC shop for routine service. Can't figure why they didn't notice or at least tell me that I might have a problem. I called them and advise what issue I was having. They advised that gm would not cove the issue and 1300. 00 would maybe cover the line replacement plus. I am not happy. Worked hard to buy this vehicle and now that I am retired from the military I really do not have the funds to replace the lines and do something about the rusty frame.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 8
Failure Date: 01/01/2013

Brake system failed while driving. Brake pedal immediately went to the floor while driving at about 35 mph. Pumped brakes to get slowed down and eventually stopped. Exited vehicle on drivers side door and found fluid puddle under the drivers side of the vehicle. Upon pumping the brakes while stopped, I noticed brake fluid squirting out under the drivers side door. After towing the vehicle home, I have confirmed a severely corroded metal brake line has rusted through and broken open.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 9
Failure Date: 08/13/2012

I was driving on route 287 north, in morristown, NJ when the car in front of me stopped short and I needed to apply my brakes. When I used my brake pedal, the pedal went all the way down to the floor and I could not stop. I was able to avoid the vehicle in front of me, and I swerved to avoid other cars. I rolled to a stop on the grass shoulder of the highway and found a puddle of brake fluid under the car. After inspection of the brakes done by a certified gm mechanic, he found that all of the brake lines in the car burst open due to heavy corrosion leading to the complete failure of the system. His recommendation was to replace all brake lines in the vehicle as none of them were able to be salvaged.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 10
Failure Date: 07/07/2012

I was driving my Yukon in rush hour traffic when I found it necessary to attempt a panic stop. I pressed on the brake pedal and felt somthing give way and the pedal went to the floor. I attempted applying the brakes again and again the brake pedal went to the floor. I nursed the vehicle to a parking lot and looked underneath and found brake fluid dripping from the frame on the drivers side just before the rear wheel. I inspected the brake lines and found them to be very corroded and the one line leading to the rear brakes was split open. I have since replaced the brake line from the abs unit under the drivers seat to the junction near the spare wheel. I have inspected the other brake lines and found they are corroded also.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 11
Failure Date: 11/05/2011

I applied the brakes on my vehicle in the driveway and felt a pop and the brake pedal went to the floor. I pumped the pedal a few times and it went to the floor each time. I looked around the vehicle and there was a puddle of brake fluid under the drivers side rear door. I felt around the frame where the leak was and felt a very corroded brake line. I searched online and found that many gm truck owners have had this problem and there is an NHTSA investigation and engineering analysis. I'd like to know if gm is going to recall these trucks for this issue.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 12
Failure Date: 06/11/2011

On June 11, 2011 I drove my 2001 GMC Yukon xl from carle place NY to summit NJ. The trip consisted of mainly highway mileage. Everything seemed fine until I reached my destination. I made a left into a parking lot and the brake pedal became unresponsive. I pulled into a spot and jammed on the brakes. The vehicle rolled and hopped the curb and bumped into a fence. I broke a few boards. I put the truck in neutral, rolled back into the spot, and used the parking\emergency break to stop. I got out, open the hood and saw I was low on brake fluid. I looked down and there was a large puddle of brake fluid under my vehicle. I looked under and saw brake fluid dripping out. I reached under to see where the drip was coming from. It appears the line burst. Called aaa and had the truck towed back to NY. Upon further inspection, I noticed all the break lines completely rusted. It was a matter of time the other lines would fail. If I drove another mile in NJ I would have been in an accident. Thank god I was not on the highway when this happened. This definitely need to be investigated. There should be a high standard when it comes to brakes. Stopping a vehicle is more critical than making it move. I called GMC and they said no recalls exisit for my vehical. They're solution is to visit a service center for repair. 99% sure I will be eating this expense.

car   Brake Fluid Leak problem 13
Failure Date: 10/22/2010

Pulling horse trailer with 2001 GMC Yukon xl, brake pedal went to floor, took long distance to stop. Made it back home, saw dripping brake fluid around left rear wheel well. Put truck on floor jack, pulled wheel. Applied brake, observed brake fluid squirt from pinhole in severely corroded brake line (the line attached to the top of the rear axle on driver side). The hole is located in the steel brake line where it joins the junction with the flexible hose and the steel line running to the opposite wheel (near center of rear axle). Will replace line today, will keep old part (corroded line) available. All other steel brake lines have rust in places.

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