Other Fuel System Related Problems of the 1996 Honda Accord

Table 1 shows one common other fuel system related problems of the 1996 Honda Accord.

Table 1. Other Fuel System related problems of Honda Accord

Problem Category Number of Problems
Other Fuel System problems
Other Fuel System problem #1

My alternator is not charging my battery. My wire harness is having a faulty and I can't figure it out.

Other Fuel System problem #2

Consumer states because she has been unable to satisfy her recall notice , all of her oil leaked out of her auto, and her engine seized up. It stopped on the highway, and she had it towed to the nearest Honda dealer. No injuries. The auto was able to roll off to the side of the highway. Consumer states she has been to more that 2 places and has been told that the part is on back order. Ts.

Other Fuel System problem #3

Gas gauge, and sending unit did not work properly. This caused gas gauge not to give an accurate reading.

Other Fuel System problem #4

This problem has exsisted since my purchase of the vehicle. I have read and even been informed by my dealer that this failure is common to my make model and year vehicle. I have also been told this is at my cost to fix, and I feel that Honda should be responsible for the faulty part(s) not me. I am hoping that enough people will file complaints so that Honda is asked to perform a recall to fix this problem. This failure causes a false fuel reading which could leave me stranded on the side of the road because I might think I have enough fuel to go some where and end up not having enough. This failure should be Honda's cost to fix not mine, and maybe by filing this complaint all of us with this problem will get our vehicles recalled to be fixed.

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