Unknown Or Other Related Problems of the 1999 Honda Accord

Table 1 shows one common unknown or other related problems of the 1999 Honda Accord.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Honda Accord

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

Driving down the highway and my 1999 Honda Accord ex. Shuts off. The steering whell sometimes tightens up but this last time I was able to pull over without a problem. Good thing I was in the right hand lane close to the shoulder. My car has been doing this for a while and cannot figure out why. At first it would go down to a really low idle before it shut off but now it just turns off. It's even worse now that I changed the spark plugs.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Horn button needs repair but is integral to a very expensive airbag assembly, making the horn repair financially unachievable, resulting in consumers driving cars with inoperable horns, very unsafe.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

Car died as if someone turned the key off. First 5 times it was while slowing down. Last time on 2/7/11 was going 65 mph on freeway and was in the middle lane of traffic when it just quit running as if I turned the key off. It was due to faulty ignition switch. Honda claims that my particular vehicle was not part of a recall for this identical problem, however, many Honda's of that year and other years were included in the recall. There was a recall for another part of the ignition system that covered my year and model. That was not the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Purchased a pr-owned vehicle from power Toyota cerritos and the vehicle has major problems after 6 months of ownership.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

I purchased a new 1999 Honda Accord lx in the summer of '99. Several months after purchase, my husband and I noticed that the black paint was starting to chip and flake. I took the car back to the dealership from where I purchased the vehicle (performance Honda, fairfield, OH) to inquire about the situation. The service supervisor offered many excuses such as that I must have driven through a street painting project, encountered acid rain, used a power washer too often, or didn't keep the vehicle clean. My husband and I take very good care of our vehicles with the intent of keeping them for many years. This vehicle was waxed within the first month of purchase and had been washed and maintained on a regular basis. We continued to see more paint specs missing in the black paint. At each service visit, I complained about the situation. The service manager even came to our house and to my place of employment to inspect the vehicle. All of the excuses pointed to our inadequate care of the vehicle. On my last visit, they asked if I would like a quote on a new paint job from their body shop. I have seen other complaints on Honda web sites and I wonder if there was ever anything done to resolve the situation with this batch of bad paint. Honda seems unwilling to rectify the situation or offer any compensation for the paint troubles.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

I have Honda Accord lx model 1999. I had been experiencing intermittent problem of my car stalling while decelerating. This problem is since last 12-18 months. I have shown this to car dealers multiple times but nothing significant was told to me. Most of the time I am unable to duplicate the problem when at service center but it happens intermittently. Sometimes even on the freeway it stalls during decelerating. Please consider if there is anything that can be done to fix this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Paint on hood is chipping off and has bubble in center of hood close to windshield. Paint is also chipping off in other areas.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

Throttle wire broke disconnecting the accelerator petal from the engine while driving on the highway. I was lucky that I was in the right lane and could get onto the shoulder.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

Noticed lurching and trasnmission slipping. The car was having difficulty changing gears. Next day I had car checked out was advised that transmission fluid was black( burnt) and the motor mount was also weak. The following day I took the car to ed voyles Honda for my 45,000 mile/3 yr service. I was then advised by service advisor, jim vartiak, that large metal pieces came out when the trasnmission fluid was being drianed and was a sign of deterioration of the trasnmission. After my service on 10-28-02 I went to work. On my commute back, I heard a loud noise and then the check engine light came on while I was on the expressway. The vehicle was not accelerating well, the gears were not shifting. When I got to my destination I noticed that I was parked . When I put the car in reverse the engine had to be reved up to make the slightest move. It took several minutes to move three feet. The next morning, 10-30-02, the car was driving about 40 mph then sudddenly dropped to 10 mph during a busy hour approx. 7:30 am. At times the Honda Accord would not even move at all and then it would suddenly jot out. I made it home, but the car is completely immoble the transmission is gone. The worst part is there was no help offered for a resolution. I have made calls and also written to America Honda motor CO. , inc, but I have not yet recieved any response from my. Correspondence. Dt.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

While driving and in motion, the car suddenly and unexpectedly shuts off. It happens after shifting out of gear when coming to a stop. For example, Ill be in 3rd gear (or any gear for that matter) and I have to stop and therefore I shift out of gear and the vehicle shuts off. Due to the fact that it shuts off unexpectedly, I feel that this problem is very dangerous. One time, the vehicle turned off while making a left turn almost causing an accident due to the car turning off. This problem has happened approximately 4-6 times. It started early in 2002 and the problem continues. In 2003 the problem has occurred about 4 times. I have taken the vehicle to the maroone Honda dealer (because I have an extended warranty with them) to have it checked out, the technicians say they cant figure it out and that they do not know what is causing the problem. Please advise if any other owners have reported similar problems and/or if a remedy is known. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

Just prior to a cellular phone ringing, the car makes clicking and buzzing noises which seems to be coming from the driver's side dash in the area of the fuse box. Once the cell phone is answered, the clicking and buzzing noises stop.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

While traveling on highway and without prior warning engine check light appeared on dashboard, engine check light is still on.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

While attempting to accelerate from a stopped position floor mat stuck under accelerator pedal and caused vehicle to crash into a stopped car traveling approximately 5 mph. Please provide any additional information / documentation. Note: 2 individuals in other vehicle are claiming unknown injuries.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

Accelerator pedal sticks when applied. Dealer contacted. Ts.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

First time I received the light 09/18/1999, I went thrugh the driver's manual and followed the instruction. The book told me to tighten up the fuel cap and drive for two to three days. The problem stayed. I contacted the dealer on 09/23/1999 and received the appointment for 09/30/1999. Told them about the 'check engine' light. The dealer found code 1146. The dealer reset the code as required then warmed up the car and road test with wide open throttle and release/no code returned. Tech inspected primary oxygen sensor and all was okay. I got the car back with instruction that if the code appear again they need to order the primary oxygen sensor. On 10/07/1999 just seven days later I recieved the check engine light. I called the dealer and got the appointment for 10/13/1999. The dealer found the same code p1146, oxygen sensor found faulty and replaced it. I got the same instruction, if the light comes back again please bring it back. I got the check engine light again on 12/22/1999. We went out for christmas weekend. Called the dealer on 12/28/1999 and got the appointment for 01/04/2000. This was the third time the car went back to the dealer. The dealer found the same code and told me that it is not worth replacing the oxygen sensor because there are other cars with similar problem and the Honda technical support unit is looking into the problem. They did not close the invoice but returned my car saying that there is nothing wrong with the car except one yellow light with "check engine" on it. In March of 2000, I received a letter from the customer service saying they are still looking into the problem with no solutions to this date. They will contact me later. I believe if an automobile is driven with 'check engine' light it could be deangerous if something really goes wrong. Is this a safety issue? please look into this matter. I am sure your efforts will not be wasted. I plan to contact the dealer on Monday with this issue. Thank you: nitin. *.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

Paint bubbles and peels on hood, trunk, now roof. Company will not fix.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

Rattling noises coming from instrument panel, center panel and moonroof when going over small bumps at low speed. Driver side door misaligned. Excessive wind noise even at 25mph.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Vern bucannan Honda notified of problem / no satisfaction.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

The rear-computerized motor mount on my Honda is defective According to Honda. They are aware of the problem on the 1998 and 1999 Accords, however, they say they can't fix the problem. When the car is started after it has been sitting for two hours or more, or while accelerating, the engine shifts and the rear mount collapses enough to make contact with the stopper on the body of the car. This results in a loud thunk at start up and, while driving, a loud thud and I have recently experienced a weird feeling in my steering wheel. I have been in contact with the dealership and they have been very cooperative in telling me there is nothing they can do until Honda corp. Authorizes a recall or a specific fix for my car. I am currenly in contact with their zone offic in torrance California. The case number for my car is 98-12-23-00001 and their phone number is 800-999-1009.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

Paint on hood and bumper is chipping. Dealer will not fix. No safety defect listed in summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

The middle of the hood has four spots where the paint is cracking. Dealer states that this is secondary to bird droppings and will not be fixed. Dealer states that despite the car whether a BMW or Honda that no manufacturer will back up their paint job. Dealer states that the "shouldn't" rust through.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

The consumer was dissatisfied with the Honda dealership whom performed the recall and other unnecessary work. The dealer disconnected the security alarm but did not cut back on which resulted in an out-of-pocket expense for the consumer. Recall# 1000000.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

The consumer requested all documents related to mechanical and technical problems concerning 1999 Honda Accord v-6 transmission.

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