Wheel Related Problems of the 1999 Honda Accord

Table 1 shows two common wheel related problems of the 1999 Honda Accord.

Table 1. Wheel related problems of Honda Accord

Problem Category Number of Problems
Wheel problems
Xxxxx problems
Wheel problem #1

While driving on a 4 lane road in columbus to a doctors appointment & getting ready to come to a stop since traffic was backed up, the front passenger side wheel came off, I found this out after getting out of the car safely with so many cars trying to get around me, I saw what was wrong. I thought the axle was broken, but when I had towed to a mechanic, he found out all the wheel studs were stripped on that side & on the all other 3 tires, there were at least 1 or more wheels studs were totally stripped just like the front passenger side. The mechanic told me, 'if I had gone on the freeway doing the 65 mph or any faster me & my passenger would be dead!' after knowing this information, it made me angry that Honda should have had a recall on this issue, since I'm not the only person in the united states that has a Honda's the same year as mine. My passenger & I had to wait several hours in the cold weather before I got a tow & someone had to come pickup my elderly passenger. We didn't get to our doctors appointment that we really needed to get to.

Xxxxx problem #2

Travelling on interstate when when front-end of vehicle began to vibrate. Moments after the vibration, the car veered hard right on its own. Unable to regain control of vehicle, as steering wheel seemed as it was "locked" in a hard-right enabling position. This malfunction caused the driver to hit a retaining wall at approx 55mph, causing bodily injury. Inspection revealed a faulty/failed steering knuckle, which had completely failed/snapped. Car considered a total, after incident.

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