Transmission Solenoid problems of the 2001 Honda Accord

Five problems related to transmission solenoid have been reported for the 2001 Honda Accord. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2001 Honda Accord based on all problems reported for the 2001 Accord.

car   Transmission Solenoid problem 1
Failure Date: 02/27/2010

The transmission failure of Honda Accord lx 4-cylinder fwd - occurred. The d4 indicator started blinking. I am unable to drive beyond 10 miles or go to 2nd or more gears. Automatic transmission fluid (atf) leaks occurred. An abnormal loud noise from the transmission. The vehicle has 83,000 miles on it. Single owner and all service maintenance completed at the Honda dealer. I contacted Honda dealer, they said, need to change shift solenoid b or linear shift solenoid set. If that don't fix the problem, need to change the entire transmission.

car   Transmission Solenoid problem 2
Failure Date: 07/08/2009

Automatic transmission 2001 Honda Accord no d4 light on the on the dash cluster and the check engine light is on with code 1705 automatic transaxle failure. Being a mechanic and after checking the vss, tcs solenoids ( lock up,shift control a b c & cpc) and even checking the gear position switch, shift interlock system and shift cable adjustment and with no results went to the internet to find out why? I found about 40 pages of problems and complaints about this same issue!! hard shifting, loud noises when shifting, no shifting, throttle stickage, check engine light , and best of all codes 1705 1706 1738 1739 1753 1768 1773 & 1791 automatic transaxle failure !!!!!!! not malfunction or replace part, failure !! Honda has been aware for years with little action ! I hope my wife and kids are not the death they need to fix the problem !! so far no help for the dealer, car will not move now.

car   Transmission Solenoid problem 3
Failure Date: 11/03/2005

My car is a 2001 Honda Accord ex VIN# jhmcg66851c018937 this car has had two major problems. My transmission failed to work and the gear would not shift when I try to take off. The first time my transmission failed I was on the freeway and my transmission would not change gears which made my car go extremely slow and I was almost rear ended (the car in back of me screeched to stop and just missed my car by pulling to the side of the road). I took it to san leandro Honda and they failed to fix it. They charged me $115. 00 to tell me they researched the car and found nothing wrong. They tightened all of my wires and it should be just fine. After I received the car back it did it slightly once again about two months later and than stopped. I called san leandro Honda and they told me not to bring it in until it is doing it bad. Recently my car did it again. I was driving along and the car would not change gears and got stuck in (drive 4) and the light was blinking w/ also the check engine light on. Again I was almost rear ended with my baby in the back seat both times. I now took it back to san leandro Honda and they are now going to replace the lock up solenoid and see if that is the problems. I do not have to pay because I bought the warranty but I noticed and was told from the dealership that 2000 and 2001 Accords have had major problems on their transmissions. I would like you to please investigate Honda that they research why my transmission and I noticed many other transmissions are bad and put a recall on them so now car accidents are caused. Honda should have caught the default the first time I took it in instead of putting me at risk again. If the car does not shift there is something wrong.

car   Transmission Solenoid problem 4
Failure Date: 02/28/2002

Transmission, since day one, has always made a loud metal-to-metal clunking/popping noise at low speeds. Dealer advised there was no problem, was normal. Then at around 28k miles, it started shuddering and slipping on downshifts between 35-45mph. I then took it to right Honda in scottsdale, and they then flushed the linear solenoid, and when I got it back, it was still was doing it. They then replaced the entire transmission, and it came back with a thumping noise when in park or n. They then replaced it a second time. It is shifting better, but the car has not as much pickup and is still making the metal to metal noise, after over $6,000 in warranty repairs! it also lurches through gears sometimes, and is not as smooth as it was when I bought it. The service manager told me that this is a common problem, and that they have had to replace quite a few transmissions. I first spoke with angie williams at Honda corporate, and she would not help nor let me speak to her supervisor, rick thomas. I finally got through to rick thomas, and they said they would not buy the car back, nor was I going to get any help from him. I then asked to speak to his supervisor, and he would not let me speak with ron garner. The receptionist then lied to me and said that rick garner doesnt have voicemail, I caught her in the lie. Under magnuson-moss warranty act, they have had sufficient times to try and repair this vehicle! I have found that I am not alone in dealing with this problem, as almost everyone with a v6 automatic Accord seems to notice this problem with the transmission! the dealership I bought the vehicle from suggested I file a report with the bbb, since there was nothing he could do. That is ridiculous! I did not pay to lease a $28,000 car, and be given a cheap rental to drive around in for a month. How am I going to ever sell this car with a repair record like this? I really hope that you may be able to help. Nlm.

car   Transmission Solenoid problem 5
Failure Date: 02/01/2002

I purchased this vehicle new in November 2001. I noticed that the transmission would not shift correctly from 1st to 2nd and read some complaints from other owners with the same problem. I took the vehicle to the local Honda dealer for inspection and was told there was nothing to worry about. The problem has persisted since and has gotten worse as it gets older. Please advise of any kind of recourse I may have should a transmission replacement be necessary. I did have one solenoid on the transmission replaced a year or so ago as well as a motor mount.

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